Augmenting Automaton


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Common

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Augmenting Automaton

Artifact Creature — Construct

: Augmenting Automaton gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

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Augmenting Automaton Discussion

Hobbez9186 on

4 months ago

I like more Red actually. Scrap Trawler has great recursion with the very diverse mana curve and it can edge in pretty decent damage with Pia's Revolution If you put your opponent in the right spot. Going back to the hand to avoid damage from Revolution still hits the graveyard to trigger the Trawler if there are legal targets. There are many sac outlets to exploit, such as Metalwork Colossus. Pitch the Colossus to something like Key to the City to get a hit in and then bring the Colosus back to hand by killing off two Constructs that will trigger both things and either keep your hand nice and full or edge in more damage and it's completely sustainable. If you ever actually play the Colossus it can die and bring back literally anything and then buy itself back as well. Good idea to run Hedron Archive for the mana and cost reduction just in case. He's also a construct, so there's that. All of this gives good reason to run Cathartic Reunion too to help draw through everything.

It's expensive, but I also like the idea of Aegis Automaton being able to bounce things with ETB abilities like the Gearhulks or even Ballista.

Also, there might be some power behind Augmenting Automaton and Crackdown Construct. Good old fashioned Looming Shade but it pumps both.

You can't overlook my favorite Construct in Standard either: Hedron Crawler, because mana :)

Just tossing ideas around. I'll throw together a Red build because I think that's where I'm most comfortable and see what happens.

Tenlor on White Black Budget

4 months ago

I'm not exactly sure what you're trying theme you're trying to go with. I'm going to assume you want to have B/W aggro-zombies, and base my suggestions around that.

First of all, I would recommend putting some more land in there. I know you're deck does have much mana cost, but you can still get mana screwed. Secondly, I would put in some dual colored lands, if you have any.

Secondly, I would personally make this a Zombie tribal deck, so I would remove Augmenting Automaton, Devoted Crop-Mate, Fourth Bridge Prowler, and Gonti, Lord of Luxury, as none of them help your zombies at all.

There are quite a few zombie cards that I think would have a good place in this deck. Particularly Wayward Servant and Graf Harvest. Wayward Servant would allow you to deal some damage to your opponents each time you play or bring back a Zombie, and let you gain some life as well. Graf Harvest would make it much more of a pain to prevent your horde of zombies from eating your opponents brains, as they would all have menace.

I feel like this deck needs a little more removal, so I would look at Cruel Revival as it kills your opponents things and allows you to bring back your own. Dark Salvation would let you create more zombies and potentially kill a creature, or weaken it enough to kill it with a token.

A few more cards to look at for general zombie purposes would be Shamble Back, Cemetery Recruitment, and From Under the Floorboards.

If you decided to upgrade your budget, a few pricier options are Liliana's Mastery, Relentless Dead, Diregraf Colossus, and liliana, death's majesty.

The7thBobba on Grixis Improvise Control

6 months ago

Oh boy... when I said I'd be happy to take a look, I wasn't prepared for this. Standard and control, are two of the things I have the least experience with xp but none the less, I shall endeavour to offer up my 2 cents :)

Improvise enablers:Consulate Dreadnought: cheap artifact for early enabling. Can become a huge threat later on.

Hope of Giraphur: intense value packed into a 1-drop.

Merchant's Dockhand: cheap, can block, and offers a cool card-filtering alternative to improvise.

Augmenting Automaton: cheap critter and enabler, and a pump-able threat.

Prophetic Prism: cheap, can manafix, and nets you a card.

I'll get back to you on other elements like instants and the like ;) stay frosty

LithiumHD on UB Artifact Combo (DUELS)

7 months ago

Servo Schematic is a great card. its basically giving you 3 artifacts for 2 mana which is great in this format. @iglesia777

Universal Solvent on the other hand is just bad. really bad. i like adding Key to the City in its place, especially since you are running some decently big creatures.

the one copy of Evolving Wilds in your land doesn't actually help you 90% of the time. in most cases, by the time you would draw it, you would already have both colors available and so having to go and fetch for a land to come in tapped wastes a turn more often than not. i'd remove it for just another basic.

i also don't like Renegade Map at all. and its probably ok here because of the ramp you need to cast your higher mana creatures, but i feel like replacing them altogether for more utility based artifacts would be better. whether that's more artifact creatures like Augmenting Automaton, or just more artifacts in general like extra copies of Servo Schematic or what have you.

iglesia777 on UB Artifact Combo (DUELS)

7 months ago

Like the theme. Think you might want closer to 23-24 land. Sunken Hollow would be the best addition. I even like it more than choked estuary as it'll come into play untapped more often.

I like the padeem, might add another. Don't think chief of the foundry is great for you. I'd rather have a Foundry Inspector or two. Would probably drop the Baral as you only have 3 spells in the whole deck that he benefits. Not a huge fan of Servo Schematic or Universal Solvent. I know they're cheap artifacts for improvise. What about Augmenting Automaton, Key to the City Explosive Apparatus Pacification Array Prophetic Prism or maybe even equipment like Captain's Claws. Remember, equipment doesn't tap even when it's creature is attaching.

Good luck!

Panzerforge on heavennicole

7 months ago

I'm reviewing your card list! It seemed easier to do it here, where I can take full advantage of all the CSS/HTML tags and such. I'll do this in installments, so without further silliness, I will begin!

Cultivator's Caravan

This is a good card, and great in Commander, after you've already included a Darksteel Ingot, since it's double usage as both a standard fixer ( for an artifact with ": add one mana of any color to your mana pool.") and a handy 5/5 vehicle to smash people with. However, in your Standard Mono-Black deck, you don't need mana of any color but black, and if you're going to have a 3 drop vehicle in your deck, there are far more scary ones to include than the Cultivator's Caravan.
Final rating: /

Grasp of Darkness

A powerful card, for sure. It has a mana cost you can easily afford, and it hits nearly every major threat in the current meta. You can kill a Felidar Guardian before it becomes a threat, smash The Heart of Kiran right after it's been crewed, and even kill one of my poor Wretched Gryff before it explodes into a giant pig. That being said, it's also an expensive card, and it rotates out as soon as Amonkhet comes out, making it difficult to want to spend the $16 for a playset of them.
Final rating: /

Harsh Scrutiny

A great sideboard card for you. Perfect for grabbing that early game Winding Constrictor, or a Felidar Guardian, or, if you're feeling spiteful, even their poor, cute, giant Decimator of the Provinces. This is cheap, and sideboards in well without altering your mana curve.
Final rating: /

Herald of Anguish

These guys are well feared, but not the easiest thing to cast, and vulnerable to Lightning Axe, and Caught in the Brights. You already have one in your deck, and running a second one could mess up your curve a lot. In my opinion you're better off having one as a nasty surprise for your opponent than you would be using them as a win-con.
Final rating: /

Hope of Ghirapur

A good 1-drop for your deck to sideboard in instead of Augmenting Automaton. As a sideboard card they fill a double-role, with being an okay little flying blocker to stall vehicles that you can bring back from your graveyard and keep casting to block with, or against "burn" style decks, you can sacrifice them and stop your opponent from hitting you with Alms of the Vein, Incendiary Flow, and other such nastiness. A very good addition.
Final rating: /

Lost Legacy

Another great one for your sideboard, in particular against decks that are heavy on enchantments, or combo decks that really, really need their Felidar Guardian and Panharmonicon in order to get an auto-win. It has a slightly high mana cost, but the effect in round 2 is devastating to the right deck.
Final rating: /

This is only the first 6 cards! I'll keep working on your list!

Firebones675 on Token Swarm

7 months ago

Really not a fan of Augmenting Automaton as it's super inefficient. I'd replace them with Merchant's Dockhand instead.

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