Coldsteel Heart


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Uncommon
Coldsnap Uncommon

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Coldsteel Heart

Snow Artifact

Coldsteel Heart enters the battlefield tapped.

As Coldsteel Heart enters the battlefield, choose a color.

: Add one mana of the chosen color to your mana pool.

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Coldsteel Heart Discussion

lagotripha on MDN - Damned Child

23 hours ago

Ok, I have a multicolour blades list here (Colour matters aggro) running on different principals- I'd reccomend Naya Hushblade over hackblade as shroud will be more useful for dodging removal rather than rushing down an opponent. When running multicolor matters mana rocks, while useful, are usually better as manadorks, multicolour creatures to stall, or ramp enchantments. The tron artifact core does enable the dope Shivan Reef type pain lands, particularly if they all produce green for mana fixing and search, as they are significantly less painful when you can pay colourless often outperforming City of Brass in control, so that may be a benificial route- especially if you already have the cards.

You should consider search spells and efficient multicolour control spells to enable your big creatures without having to spend so many slots on them, some Stoic Angel, Judge's Familiar or Esper Charm could go a long way, particularly if opting for a Glittering Wish sideboard or somthing. Coldsteel Heart and Fellwar Stone could provide more efficient mana rocks here in the two mana slots. I'd consider dropping to three genju, as it doesn't benifit from multiples like child.All told, good luck and hope the multicolour control setup all works out.

PookandPie on White Power

1 day ago

Drop Karoo (which is actually disadvantageous for you, unlike the Ravnica bounce lands like Golgari Rot Farm, because the land has to specifically be untapped) for Myriad Landscape. Kor Haven is a Maze of Ith that actually produces mana- so that should be worth a look- perhaps over New Benalia.

You could easily remove a couple of lands, going down to 39 or 38, and include more mana rocks and ways to find lands. This would smooth out your early game a little bit and let you establish more quickly in the games you draw multiple rocks (Marble Diamond and Coldsteel Heart aren't bad options, but Mind Stone is good too since you can crack it later on for a card when you feel you no longer need it).

Lilbrudder on The Deckwatch [Home Base]

1 day ago

Oh you have a budget! How about Mana Crypt (edit nvm you have a foil version) and Imperial Recruiter ermm wait...I'm not very good at this. I am obviously all about going fast and pushing things to the limits but I will never go above 32 lands for any commander ever again except maybe for asusa, angry omnath, or turbofroggy. Rocks will always get you there faster. Unfortunately your colors are horrendous for good rocks I will think on this. Mind Stone? Coldsteel Heart? How about you sell your foil copies for regular versions of the cards then buy grim monolith and mox diamond. Blasphemy?

berryjon on Cute Pet - Meet my Eater of Days

2 days ago

I'm confused about the presence of the Talisman of Dominance. You don't need the it gives you. Chromatic Sphere, Chromatic Star, Coldsteel Heart, Mind Stone, Prismatic Lens and Silver Myr all are in the same 2-drop, and provide mana without the damage drawback.

PookandPie on Tribal Vamps

2 days ago

So, I just have a few suggestions real quick, but they are going to require 10+ cards in the deck to be changed.

First, this deck has a fairly high average mana cost, but only 31 lands. Less than 1/3rd of your deck is mana producing land. You'll want 36 land, at least, plus mana accelerators like Rakdos Signet. Even my more casual decks, like Ghave: Baby Makin' and Alimony, uses 35 lands plus 15 cards that ramp or can function as ramp- for a total of 50 cards that care about mana. This results in a deck that always has the mana to make its strong plays and develop early.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Pook, don't you flood a lot having half of your deck devoted to mana production?"

No, I don't. Not with a Commander that has an activated ability, not with lots of mana hungry cards that, once they hit the table, I win. Your Commander also has an activated ability. A very powerful one. You're going to want the capacity to activate her throughout the game in order to change the flow of it-- someone not paying attention and swinging a Blightsteel Colossus at you isn't a big deal if you have 7 mana and Olivia on board (stealing creatures during combat is the best). Notwithstanding, you want Olivia to get big because it only takes 21 damage from her to win you the game.

You don't have to go that far into it, though. Simply having 36 lands + some number of mana rocks to smooth your draws so you are forced to mulligan less would be ideal. For this reason, I suggest these cuts:

Your worst creatures, like Twins of Mauer Estate, Falkenrath Reaver, Furyblade Vampire (he's not good. Spending a card for a minor damage boost isn't great in a multiplayer-centric format where life totals are 40), etc.. Put lands in their places, dropping at least 5 cards.

Other cards that can be cut because they're not great in Commander- Eliminate the Competition (Hex exists for 1 mana more, and doesn't make you sacrifice 6 creatures to play it. Also, it's not very good and no one runs it, so EtC is even worse in comparison). Fiery Temper is meh, 3 for 3 damage isn't exactly great in 40 life formats. Sure Strike (Loxodon Warhammer is better because it sticks around for longer than 1 turn and gives evasion, for example). Voldaren Duelist. Ravenous Bloodseeker. Markov Crusader.... honestly, there's a lot of creatures that could probably be dropped for more efficient ones, but dropping about 6-10 cards for the following will help:

Sol Ring, Rakdos Signet, Talisman of Indulgence, Worn Powerstone, Darksteel Ingot, Commander's Sphere, etc., would be a good start. Ones like Coldsteel Heart, Charcoal Diamond, Fire Diamond, could be useful if you needed even more mana rocks.

Once you get your mana base settled, the deck should start rolling more smoothly and you can see what you're able to do with it. Adding more draw (Phyrexian Arena, Skullclamp) would be important, more tutors are always helpful, and fun stuff like Contamination and Bloodghast could keep your opponents from interacting with you while you beat them down, etc., but I'll save that for another time once your mana situation is sorted, as that's a far larger issue right now (not having mana = you can't do anything, after all).

ay.lobo on Heralds of Ruin

5 days ago

Interesting... How goes the mana in this deck? Especially with a heavier Commander cost... Have you thought about maybe adding more mana? Cards to ponder are like: Marble Diamond, Land Tax, Mind Stone, Coldsteel Heart, and Pearl Medallion.

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

1 week ago

Another small update exploring Ramp and Draw:

In: Commander's Sphere Out: Coalition Relic

In: Mind Stone Out: Coldsteel Heart

I am exploring adding a little card draw, and these were an almost perfect 1 for 1 switch.

In: Mox Diamond Out: Plains

I just acquired the Mox Diamond, and I am excited to see if it will fit here. More Ramp/Fixing and fits the theme of keeping the number of lands in play low.

In: Pristine Talisman Side Board: Angel's Grace

Pristine Talisman may be a great Ramp card that can add some incremental lifegain to offset my incidental life loss from Fetches, Shocks, Mana Confluence, Vampiric Tutor, or various other sources. Angel's Grace went to the Sideboard because I have little combo in my meta, and I have only used it a few times. When going into new metas with more combo, I can put this back in.

In: Knight of the White Orchid Out: Gift of Estates

I am going to explore what this switch. I may regret it, but the addition of real Ramp, the more aggressive nature of the card may be better. I may also just regret it.

In: Damnable Pact Out: Scroll Rack

I am going to explore the addition of a more aggressive card option that gives a net card gain, not just card quality. I rarely get the Land Tax Scroll Rack combo off, so the net gain of cards may be better, and I like the idea of another Burn finisher. Damnable Pact may become Painful Truths if the higher CMC and Burn elements don't work the way I think they will.

nibsey on

2 weeks ago

Added some more mana artifacts Mind Stone and Coldsteel Heart

Also removed Plague Wind and replaced with Altar of Dementia to help reduce tge average CMC.

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