Sakura-Tribe Scout


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Saviors of Kamigawa Common

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Sakura-Tribe Scout

Creature — Snake Shaman Scout

Tap: You may put a land card from your hand into play.

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Sakura-Tribe Scout Discussion

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Borborygmos and His Band of Many Lands

2 days ago

Skyshroud Ranger and Sakura-Tribe Scout could push your lands into play quickly.

A Gruul Turf doubles up on lands drops for an extra land to toss.

luckybob64 on Landfall

3 days ago

Burgeoning will help drop landsSakura-Tribe Scout + Retreat to Coralhelm= spit out what land you have in hand

WrathofCod on Saskia's Blitzkrieg

1 week ago

What about Urabrask the Hidden or Stormbreath Dragon? Urabrask is a great haste enabler that causes opponent's creatures to enter the battlefield tapped, while Stormbreath Dragon is a great beater with haste and superb evasion! Also, have you considered adding in some more ramp? While Bloom Tender, Farseek and Nature's Claim are all fantastic, I feel with all the big 6,7 and 8-drops you have, running a bigger ramp package would be extremely beneficial! Specifically, I would add a few signets, Mana Crypt, Kodama's Reach and a few more mana dorks. Some of my favorite mana dorks are Deathcap Cultivator, Sakura-Tribe Scout, Selvala, Heart of the Wilds and Shaman of Forgotten Ways! Happy deck building!

P.S. Definite +1 from me!

AnonymousNinja7 on Shizuko, Better than Omnath

1 week ago

Yeah, Krosan Grip is definitely a candidate for a slot. But i think I have enough extra land drops with Gaea's Touch Rites of Flourishing and Sakura-Tribe Scout . and you can even use a creature tutor to go get Dryad Arbor so I probably won't use the Terrain Generator . but everyone has their preferences, and im sure it could make a great addition to the deck!

mlydon118 on Kynaios & Tiro : Lots 'o' Lands

1 week ago

Hey thanks VesuvanDoppelbanger, I've been thinking about Sakura-Tribe Scout & Skyshroud Ranger for a while. Just haven't gotten a chance to get my hands on them. I definitely want to test them out. Overburden sounds hilarious, and I'm definitely getting my hands on a Storm Cauldron.

Can't wait to test these out. Thanks.

lagotripha on There's A Snake In My Boot

1 month ago

Coiling Oracle and Mystic Snake are probably my favourite snakes. Hooded Hydra is probably better than anything else in a higher slot here. Mold Adder might be sideboardable, Sakura-Tribe Scout or similar if you look for land acceleration tools. I love you getting your snakes shoes, but you might have gone a little overboard- some light power, toughness or survivability boosts would be welcome here- Slagwurm Armor is pretty close to theme and will help with those end of combat triggers.

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