Divinity of Pride


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Rare
Modern Masters Rare
Eventide Rare

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Divinity of Pride

Creature — Spirit Avatar

Flying, lifelink

Divinity of Pride gets +4/+4 as long as you have 25 or more life.

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Divinity of Pride Discussion

QuantumSkies on GW Life Gain

1 hour ago

This deck looks more like a Bogles deck rather than a life gain deck. (https://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/modern-bogles-13756#online)

But if the life gain aspect is something you want to go forward with, cards like Serra Ascendant or Divinity of Pride are things to consider.

As for the mana base, it can can consist of some assortment of Windswept Heaths, Temple Gardens, Razorverge Thickets, and basics.

emrakulinsmugglers on Lifegain deck

3 hours ago

you have a lot of unnecessary creatures, I'd say your creatures should be 24 creatures:

gemmen99 on Extort

1 day ago

my friend you have sentenced your deck to much misery and suffering, life gain in commander is quite hard to do right, but your off to a good start. A few suggestions, Archangel of Thune, Divinity of Pride, Celestial Mantle. Your missing a bit of removal as well, so a Deathbringer Liege would go really far for you.

Snydog17 on First Custom Deck

2 days ago

SecondRate recommend Nip Gwyllion due to it's function, but because it is B and W, Edge of the Divinity is extremely powerful. With the amount of enchantments that you have, Blood-Cursed Knight would not be a bad option, also working with Edge. Divinity of Pride can be extremely powerful as 5 for an 8/8 with flying and lifelink. Tithe Drinker also fits into this category. Hyena Umbra provides some protection for your creatures.

If you are looking for a few more expensive cards, Daybreak Coronet is a good enchantment, Inquisition of Kozilek is good hand removal. Fatal Push isn't that expensive, but provides some of the best removal. Stony Silence will shut down all artifact decks, and Surgical Extraction is pretty great to remove reoccurring threats.

Hope that that helps, and good luck with your deck.

xyr0s on Black/white life gain

5 days ago

Martyr of Sands is not so great alone in a deck that isn't monowhite, but it would help if you had 4 Squadron Hawk. Other than that I'd add an Ajani's Pridemate and remove a Divinity of Pride.

Lands look fine, but there could be space for 1 or 2 Shambling Vents.

the only card, I'm really sure shouldn't be there, is Vampire Nighthawk. It's lightning bolt range, and doesn't do anything for your lifegain plan until it can attack. Maybe they should be Raise the Alarm?

Darth_Savage on Black White Life Gain Deck

1 week ago


So I note you haven't considered lands as yet. For casual play the common/uncommon tap lands are ok, however the rare lands can get expensive. For your deck and theme I would suggest Scoured Barrens and Blighted Steppe.

Soul Warden is a card you will want, probably over Deathgreeter alternatively Perimeter Captain might be an option. Falkenrath Noble is probably too slow, consider cards like Lone Rider  Flip, Gifted Aetherborn, Blood Artist, Ajani's Pridemate or Voracious Hatchling. For a finisher a card like Blood Baron of Vizkopa or Divinity of Pride would fit.

Last but not least non-creature spells. At simplest buy a set of Duress and Despise for disruption alongside Journey to Nowhere and Victim of Night for removal.

If you don't mind spending a bit more Westvale Abbey  Flip or Athreos, God of Passage are fun cards... I hope this is of help!

JaysomeDecks on Kambal's Advisory Board

1 week ago

I'd definitely include a Rhox Faithmender. Doubling any life you gain in a lifegain deck is just about the best thing you could wish for. Especially when you start gaining 4 life for every non-creature spell your opponents cast.

Divinity of Pride is a powerhouse in EDH, since your life both starts at and will, in this deck, likely remain above 25. Just treat him as a flying, lifelink 8/8 for 5cmc.

Serra Ascendant is absolutely amazing in a lifegain deck. One mana for a 6/6 flying lifelink. You get this out turn one and you'll almost always get in at least two hits with it before someone is forced to waste an answer on your one-drop creature. The downside, and literally the only downside, is it'll run you about $15-18. It's a good long-term goal though.

Exquisite Blood. Any life loss is your gain. It doubles the lifegain your commander does for you, (as you now gain life off of the damage he does), but any time one opponent hits another, or loses life for any reason, you gain it. And if you hit someone with a lifelink creature, you gain it twice: once for the lifelink and once for the life they lost.

Ok, the big 3: Sanguine Bond, Defiant Bloodlord, and Vizkopa Guildmage. In a lifegain deck, these can become your ultimate wincon. Say you swing your Divinity of Pride at an opponent for 8 damage. Well, with lifelink, you gain 8 and they take another 8, for a total of 16. If they block, they still take 8 because of the life you gain. Or better, with your commander, they are losing 4 life for every non-creature spell they play, 2 from him, and 2 from the life gain.

The Guildmage may look like the worst of the three, as you have to pay to activate the ability, but keep in mind that you can activate it multiple times. If you're gonna gain 10 life in a turn, pay 6 to activate it twice, and each opponent loses 20 life.

Some other cards that are on theme for your deck are Polluted Bonds and Sunscorch Regent. Ok cards, but fun and really fit the theme.

strangecharm on Why do people hate netdecking?

2 weeks ago

I have a friend who plays sealed because he objects to net decking and tuning, because it requires too much time and money. I have a slightly different approach.

  1. I find a mechanic I like. I'm going to use Soul Sisters as an example because it's my first true attempt at a competitive deck, and I've been tuning endlessly.

  2. I look at established sources on the deck to compile an initial list. In this case, the Soul Sisters, Ajani's Pridemate, Martyr of Sands, Path to Exile, and Serra Ascendant.

  3. Adjust the net deck for your budget. Serra costs $50 for a play set at minimum. I therefore opted for Chalice of Life  Flip because it has similar effects for about 5% of the price. PTE (pre-reprint) is about the edge of what I'm willing to pay, hence the two-of in my deck.

  4. Adjust for the meta. First, the Artifact hate, and second Fatal Push, AKA Bane of the White Weenie. The Chalice is immune to Push, as it is an artifact, and any pumped creature traditionally in the deck falls easily. Therefore, I have chosen Divinity of Pride. It is within budget, and impossible to destroy with a 1-drop. It's a little bit slow, but my wallet doesn't really want anything faster.

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