Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Scars of Mirrodin (SOM) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Artifact Creature — Construct

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Memnite Discussion

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Artifact Deck

1 day ago

I have a similar deck, I might put it on TappedOut soon (but without infect). If I do, I'll post the full decklist here :)

I recommend more Master of Etheriums, also, Mishra's Factory and maybe a few Chief of the Foundrys.

Some good cards from my deck are:

Warden of the Wall, Helm of the Host, Pentavus, Frogmite, Energy Chamber, Tezzeret's Simulacrum Tezzeret's Touch Memnite, and Sharding Sphinx.

Deadpoo111 on Storming on the Seven Seas

5 days ago

Rude, but yes I do you're missing Memnite

moulcarve on Thopter Maniac

3 weeks ago

Here's my list for a mono blue modern legal version. Feel free to incorporate any of these cards.

4 Drift of Phantasms

1 Laboratory Maniac

4 Memnite

2 Mirran Spy

4 Ornithopter

4 Riddlesmith

4 Traxos, Scourge of Kroog

4 Bontu's Monument

2 Cathar's Shield

4 Dizzy Spell

4 Retraction Helix

23 Island

SynergyBuild on Dang Son! It's a Shiny Rube Goldberg Machine!

3 weeks ago

+1 for the deck...

But this deck doesn't really show how to rube-goldberg Machine it all up.

Here's how:

Paradox Engine + untapped Arcum Dagsson + any artifact creature:

Tap Dagsson to sacrifice the creature, fetching Citanul Flute, tap the flute, fetch any of the at least 2 other 0 drop artifact creatures (Phyrexian Walker, Ornithopter, Shield Sphere, or Memnite) in the deck to hand, cast it, untapping dagsson and the flute. Fetch Gilded Lotus, tap the lotus for , then the flute to fetch the last 0 drop in your deck.

Cast the 0 drop, untapping dagsson, the flute, and the lotus, get 6x with the flute, sacrifice the 0 drop to fetch Thran Dynamo, tap it for 6x and . tap the flute, paying to fetch Myr Moonvessel, cast it, untapping your rocks and the flute and dagsson, tap the flute and pay to fetch Scrap Trawler, leaving 9x and left floating, cast it, untapping your rocks, and the flute, leaving up 10x and .

Pay the mana to fetch and cast every single creature in your deck in this method, by tapping and untapping the rocks, then loop sacrificing Myr Retriever bringing back two 0-drops with Scrap Trawler, casting them, and sacrificing Junk Diver to bring back a 0 drop and Myr Retriever, then casting them and sacrificing Myr Retriever bringing back Junk Diver and a 0 drop, you may repeat this infinitely until you get infinite mana and every non-creature artifact in your deck except for Grafdigger's Cage. You may "fail to find" an artifact so you can get more sacrifices than non-creature artifacts.

With infinite mana, dump it into Staff of Domination, drawing all of your deck. Use Capsize to bounce all of your opponent's permanents. Hold your countermagic, and Capsize or any other number of cards you want, and Scroll Rack the rest onto the top of your library.

Because of Aetherflux Reservoir and your infinite casts, you have infinite life, you also have infinite mana, and infinite bounces, etc. You can pass the turn, and repeatedly Capsize your opponent's lands, or counter any real spells they cast, all while they slowly mill out, and whenever you draw the last card of your deck, Scroll Rack it all back in. If you are ever about to lose, Aetherflux Reservoir them to death, or just let them mill out.

Now that is a rube-goldberg machine!

RedmundR2 on Thassa'sDriving!

1 month ago

I like the idea, it definitely is cool to see some recent cards have good spots in a modern deck, however I think this deck could get a big boost by adding in more affinity cards into it, and having more artifacts matters cards along with it. The Judge's Familiar and Glint-Nest Crane slots can be used for cheaper artifact creatures to power up a Mox Opal, allowing you to potentially get enough mana to get your powerful vehicles out and manned quicker than you would on curve. Having the birds pilot stuff is hilarious but stuff like Memnite can accomplish the same thing while helping you ramp. This would change this deck from tempo to more of a pure aggro deck, but has a different top end with vehicles. This kind of hand-dumping strategy could make your looting with Smuggler's Copter even more powerful, and can make Jace, Cunning Castaway's +1 more viable on turn 3.

As for the sideboard I would consider Spell Pierce over Stubborn Denial just because the Ferocious effect doesn't work unless your vehicles are crewed and later in the game its too easy to play around if ferocious doesnt go off.

Don't turn this into a pure affinity deck tho as that would be a dumb suggestion on my part and ruin the soul of the deck on your end. I think you can take some of that deck's core and infuse it here and have success.

Amoebamantis on Jhoira's Sentient Cereal

1 month ago

I have a Voltaic Key, and if I could attain a Sensei's Divining Top, that would be the best, and would really work well with the deck. Memnite, Mishra's Bauble, Helm of Awakening, Inventors' Fair, Windfall, Voltaic Key, Sensei's Divining Top, Saheeli Rai, and Nettle Drone are the ones I most want to fit in. Thanks for all the suggestions peeps!

DrkNinja on Jhoira's Sentient Cereal

1 month ago

So if you add Nettle Drone you have infinite storm triggers using Retraction Helix and any 0 drop artifact.

Also instead of Windfall I suggest Molten Psyche, it's a wheel at the same cost with spice!

Here are some cards from my Jhoira deck that I think are gonna be worth while in yours:

SynergyBuild on Ancestral Animar

1 month ago

Making your opponents spells cost 4 more doesn't make you win with Ancestral Statue, so... yeah idk.

And and a card giving one counter on Animar isn't exactly worth it. Memnite is infinitly better if that is all you want.

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