Thopter Spy Network


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Thopter Spy Network


At the beginning of your upkeep, if you control an artifact, put a 1/1 colorless Thopter artifact creature token with flying onto the battlefield.

Whenever one or more artifact creatures you control deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.

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Thopter Spy Network Discussion

landofMordor on Sen Triplets or Breya Etherium ...

2 days ago

Hm. Under the radar suggestions for artifact synergy...I have an Oloro, Ageless Ascetic deck that I've geared toward artifacts (no pun intended) and here's what I've learned from piloting that deck:

Recursion is easily available in Black for any artifact creatures, such as Phyrexian Reclamation, Unburial Rites, etc. Artifacts are also good at recurring themselves, like through Scrap Trawler and Myr Retriever. So I wouldn't worry too much about recursion in Esper colors. Furthermore, you've got insane tutors in your colors, from Sphinx Summoner to Thalia's Lancers to Djeru, With Eyes Open...and since you're in the best flicker colors, you can use Conjurer's Closet, Ghostly Flicker, etc to re-use those abilities and other ETB abilities like Sharuum's or Filigree Angel.

I really love playing Chief Engineer and Inspiring Statuary for hidden little mana advantages. You could also go Thopter "tribal" with Sharding Sphinx, Thopter Spy Network, Efficient Construction, etc. All of that kinda lends itself to an "artifact aristocrat" deck of sorts, but other synergies just depend on how you want to build the deck. However, if you get a list put together, I'd be glad to take a look!

My comments lean away from combo, since that's not my playstyle, but you can also build using the aforementioned infinite combos.

Flagellum on Tibor and Lumia Build

1 week ago

Hmm, didn't even think of Thopter Spy Network. But then again if I'm running a lot of fliers then Coastal Piracy/Bident of Thassa might also work for the draw.

I did actually think about Akroma's Memorial but thought it might backfire. I will say that T&L is a double-edged sword lol unless you run fliers or Levitation. AK would protect my creatures from Blasphemous Act with Repercussion on the BF...

enpc on Tibor and Lumia Build

1 week ago

It's a bit of a double-edged sword, but you could run Akroma's Memorial in your deck. It means you can't take advantage of a lot of double-strike spells, however your creatures also wouldn't take damage from Tibor and Lumia.

Cards like Thopter Spy Network are good in that they churn out flying tokens, and you're going to be in red/blue, meaning you're going to have a bunch of artifacts.

DarkMech on Breya, Etherium Combo Maker

1 week ago

Hey man!

Overall, the deck looks pretty solid. There's only a few changes I would suggest you make:

1) 40 lands is probably too many. If it's been working out for you then fine, but I would suggest that you trim a few, for either more mana rocks, more tutors, or extra combo redundancy. I would also suggest you re-examine the color spread of your lands (you don't need so much red).

2) There are a couple cards you could replace with more efficient options. For example, Rewind could be swapped for Arcane Denial, Mana Leak, or good old Counterspell. Etched Oracle could become Thirst for Knowledge or a similar draw spell. Thopter Spy Network can be Necropotence if you find you can reliably hit triple black.

3) You mention the Sharuum the Hegemon+Phyrexian Metamorph combo and acknowledge you don't have the piece to actually make it lethal. I would include at least one way to make the combo lethal; standouts include Disciple of the Vault, Altar of the Brood (which has the upside of being an artifact but doesn't kill if your opponent has any Eldrazi titans), or Reckless Fireweaver (run Disciple before this one). If you choose to include this combo I would also run a Sculpting Steel to have a backup for the Metamorph.

Other than that, the deck looks strong (as supported by my experience playing against it). If you're looking to slim down the list you can pick a combo or two to focus on and replace the rest of the combos with tutors and draw, but you don't have to do that.

GoodLuckGuy on Flappers

1 week ago


Thank you for the suggestions. Here are my thoughts on them.

Thopter Spy Network is actually one of my favorite enchantments and I can't believe I missed it. I'm afraid their may not be enough artifacts in the deck to properly enable it, but I could always add more. This list is mostly Timmy anyway so running stuff I like is sort of the point.
I really like Nobilis of War, and I'd put it in if I thought I could actually cast it on turn 5, but it really sucks to have a spirit avatar in hand with the wrong five lands in play; I generally avoid using them in 3+ color decks.

Prognostic Sphinx is a decent card, but doesn't really offer much to the deck. The scry 3 is nice, but for the same amount of mana I could be running Dragonlord Ojutai, Sunscorch Regent or Thundermaw Hellkite.

As for Serra Aviary, it's symmetrical, so it benefits my opponents' creatures too. While I like that it's on theme, there are plenty of anthems in white that are strictly better.

Mxyzptlk on Flappers

1 week ago

Some things that could be good: Nobilis of War, Thopter Spy Network, Prognostic Sphinx, and Serra Aviary.

CommanderEesha on A Literal Ton of Locusts

3 weeks ago

I like this deck a lot, I really do. Skullclamp could be hilarious, but I don't know how will I fits into your casual meta. Cards that draw for attacking like Military Intelligence or Windreader Sphinx could be fun, same with Thopter Spy Network, but that is more with artifacts. Something that gives universal haste could also help.

Cragon18 on Help with more competitive modern ...

1 month ago

Hey all! I have been playing magic for just over a year now and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game. Since I started fairly recently I have mostly stuck with Standard and more recently started playing Commander. I have dipped my toe into modern on mtgo with a super cheap stompy deck, but that ultimately isn't really my play style. It also just couldn't compete most of the time in modern. I have started building a UR Thopter control deck centered around Thopter Spy Network. I love Thopters and have been playing around with several ideas that utilize my favorite Token. I know there is the Thopter/Sword combo but I am not a fan of playing infinite combos so I eliminated that deck immediately. I tried a more aggro build which has potential but needs some ramp as many of the Thopter generators worth playing are above 3 mana. So that is how I ended up with a UR control list you see below. After some playtesting I feel that is missing something but can't place my finger on it. I would appreciate any and all help in tuning the list. The only real "untouchable" card is Thopter Spy Network, but I will consider cutting anything else for a good reason or good replacement. Thanks in advance!

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