Duelist's Heritage


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 Rare

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Duelist's Heritage


Whenever one or more creatures attack, you may have target attacking creature gain double strike until end of turn.

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Duelist's Heritage Discussion

redace10 on Dragonlord Ojutai The Improviser

1 day ago

Thanks for commenting on my deck, I appreciate it. Open the Armory is a search card, but Recall is an interesting card. I'll think on it.

I'm just going to list off a bunch of cards that I think would benefit this deck a lot -

Fabricate, Grand Abolisher, Path to Exile, Sun Titan, Commander's Sphere, Irrigated Farmland, Duelist's Heritage, Expedition Map.

Also I see you have a grand total of five cards that keeps Ojutai untapped. Brave the Sands, Always Watching , Ajani Steadfast, Minamo, School at Water's Edge, Angelic Field Marshal, Heliod, God of the Sun are among the good ones in my opinion.

I'm finding I change a few cards in my deck once or twice a week, cause Ojutai isn't terribly synergistic. I'll be in touch as the deck changes/grows.

You're deck is very controlling and artifact centric, I like it a lot, there's room for refinement though. Impressive gear regardless, this deck works when it hits a few key cards I'll bet.

precociousapprentice on Cunning Queen

2 days ago

Nice deck. I love Queen Marchesa. She has become my favorite commander, and my version has become my favorite deck of all time, and considering I started playing in 1994, that says something. I am happy with where my deck has evolved into, and I will be following your development to see if you take yours in a different direction that mine. As is stands, it looks like a lot of the differences are mostly based on my arbitrarily chosen low CMC limitation, and your desire to maintain theme. My biggest advice would be to limit your group hug style cards to ones that only give a bonus for directly forwarding your agenda. Cards like Duelist's Heritage function similarly to Avatar of Slaughter, but is only a benefit to your opponents when you choose, which can be whenever they attack one of your opponents. That will keep the guns pointed away from you. Check out my deck, there are lots of cards similar to that. If you want something that is more like Avatar of Slaughter, check out Gisela, Blade of Goldnight. Still keeps all the guns pointed away from you, and is attached to a large evasive body. Anyway, +1 from me, and I will keep watching.

The5lacker on Avengers: Age of Voltron (Zurgo EDH)

1 week ago

Given this is a Voltron deck, I'd recommend Blood Mist or Duelist's Heritage over Berserkers' Onslaught. You only need to buff the one creature the majority of the time, and these'll help lower your curve a bunch. Being able to give Zurgo double strike the turn you play him is pretty good.

I'm also curious as to what Glory of Warfare and the like are doing in this deck. They don't really make much sense if you aren't going wide, which given you're a Voltron deck, you probably won't be doing most games. I'd recommend whittling down your token support in favor of some more reliable lifelink for Zurgo (Who needs defense with that lifegain train?) and perhaps a Marchesa's Decree and the like. Maybe even some of those "Whenever another player attacks this player" curses like Curse of Shallow Graves.

DespairFaction on Boros Angels

2 weeks ago

I have an Aurelia angel deck that performed well. Try adding Quicksilver Amulet, and Belbe's Portal. How has Curse of Stalked Prey been? I would try True Conviction or Duelist's Heritage instead. Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran seems like an underperformer since only a few creatures are red.

freakingShane on The Titans of Theros

3 weeks ago

Duelist's Heritage could be another nice addition, possibly better than Battle Mastery and is lower CMC than Blood Mist, although I am not against having redundancy.

Rogue's Passage is a must include because it is inexpensive, grants evasion, and only takes up a land slot. Mother of Runes could be a good addition, providing your commander a bit more protection. Iroas, God of Victory is just extra benefit for you, plus he adds to flavor.

Overall I might suggest having a little more focus in archetype. I'd say the deck could thrive in three main ways:

These are just suggestions, some of which may be too expensive, but I hope this helped a little!

DespairFaction on Angel Tribal (work in progress)

4 weeks ago

Quicksilver Amulet and Belbe's Portal are awesome for this style of build with a lot of high cost creatures. You can flash in your creatures on the end step, which is a pretty big deal, and paying 4 on turn 4 and 4 again on turn 5 is much different than paying 8 on turn 8 (assuming no mana rocks). I haven'tried explanar, caged sun, or gauntlet of power because my mana base is setup different. I use Coalition Relic, Thran Dynamo and Gilded Lotus and the 2 cost mana rocks.

Sunscorch Regent and Taurean Mauler are awesome definitely run Sunscorch if you aren't married to angel tribal. I don't care for Malignus that much, it really needs trample to shine, and it will get smaller as the game goes a long.

I have had the same problem with Marshal's Anthem where it sits in the hand. Reya Dawnbringer is good, but I haven't been able to get Emeria Shepherd into play with the right situation, but it seems good against board wipe heavy opponents. I haven't tried out Dawnbreak Reclaimer I am interested to check it out though, but it does seem situational.

For this style of deck I personally wouldn't run Adriana, Captain of the Guard, Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas, Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder, orHellrider. Kalemne, dies too easily and doesn't have evasion, plus gets worse as the game goes long. Instead of Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder I would Duelist's Heritage you lose the lifelink piece but its much harder to remove. My problem with Adriana, Captain of the Guard is that you have to attack everyone to get max value, and that makes it so everyone at the table hates you. I haven't played with Adriana at all, but ive use the myriad cards, and its similar.

Tajic, Blade of the Legion is solid. If you gives a blocker against the big dumb creature on the board, and when you get battalion online it gets huge. Iroas, God of Victory seems reasonable, but may not be necessary with all the protection spells you have, but maybe you cut a protection spell for Iroas, he offers decent utility.

I haven't used Crown of Doom but it actually seems pretty good, I will need to check that one out as well.

It will interfere with your curve a bit but True Conviction is good for a deck like this, if the curve can support it.

How have Slate of Ancestry Tamiyo's Journal and Blinding Angelperformed for you?

Mana cards to check out Gift of Estates I run instead of Armillary Sphere its more conditional the mana savings is pretty big. Another interesting card is Oath of Lieges, I am still undecided on it, since its awesome if you are behind on lands, but a dead card if you are head or tied on lands.

bigreid57 on G/W Cheapies

1 month ago

Also, Get rid of Duelist's Heritage as it is a win more card. Add Prey Upon or another removal spell.

Bxbx on Dinotopia

1 month ago

Hi, I'm also currently building a Gishark EDH deck. Some cards you might consider:

Duelist's Heritage It creates funny situations in multiplayer and helps to get an extra gishark-trigger.

Ajani, Caller of the Pride His minus-ability for an extra gishark-trigger.

Congregation at Dawn lets you get all the right dinosaurs for the gishark-trigger (as does Worldly Tutor to a lesser extent).

Urza's Incubator Basically an auto-include for tribal decks.

Cryptic Gateway Maybe it is too conditional but a cool way to get big dinosaurs into play that would otherwise be stuck in your hand.

Scroll Rack In my opinion this is the coolest tech for this deck, because it lets you get rid of all the useless dinosaurs in your hand AND places them on top of your library ready for your gishark-trigger.

Strionic Resonator, again, gives an extra trigger of gishark. But it's also useful because most of the other dinosaurs seem to have triggers on entering the battlefield.

Warstorm Surge and Where Ancients Tread offer you some extra damage from your dinosaurs entering play.

For ramp I would prefer land-fetching sorceries over artifact ramp, because the former thins out the library.

You also might consider the respective scrylands from Theros for manipulating the top of your library.

Ok, that's all for now. Let's hope for some sweet dinolords in Ixalan :)

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