Duelist's Heritage


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Rare

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Duelist's Heritage


Whenever one or more creatures attack, you may have target attacking creature gain double strike until end of turn.

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Duelist's Heritage Discussion

RumAndCoke on Atraxa, Angel of Proof

12 hours ago

I have a few suggestions that I think would help speed this deck up and make it even deadlier than it already is.

Cards I think you could live without:

My first suggestion is to add 4 or 5 more land. 31 land is very low, especially for a four color build, and missing land drops will hinder your game plan significantly.

Land suggestions:

Second suggestion is to consider more mana ramp. Having great ramp is essential to a quick, efficient start. Starting off slow will usually get you killed.

Ramp suggestions:

Third suggestion is cards I like for this theme. Just a few badass toys for your deck to mess around with.

Fun card suggestions:

Warxuaroz on Of Hate-and-a-laugh Tales

17 hours ago

Sadly, I hardly ever get to keep my fox in play as well. I need the Cavern of Souls as well...

AiD IS an auto-include, of course, but my meta is very fast and I hardly ever get to 7 mana, not even dreaming of painting any lands. If I ever ramp the Fox up enough or the meta slows down, I will have it in definitely!

The Fiendslayer is just as good as any of the new additions just being resilient to point removals. The idea seems to work so far.

Duelist's Heritage doesn't need more than one creature to trigger. Moreover, we play 2HG now so I can always give the double strike to my teammate's creature.

Divine Reckoning looks good! I seem to never have noticed it before. Need to try it out as well! As to the Austere Command -it is pretty great, but not in my deck. I'd usually cast it only at creatures and that can be done with 2 less mana. I don't want to destroy my artifacts, nor do I want my enchants removed since I find them extremely useful and my opps don't use them usually.

What do you think of Containment Priest? I need it most against my girl's Kaalia, but it is very supportive against tokens and grave-recurring as well. Also I love the flash! Plus it nicely fits the Eldrazi Displacer.

schulle on Atraxa Counter Stacks/P-Walkers EDH

20 hours ago

Hey,my first question to this deck is,does it feel clunky when you play it?If you have bought the pre-con,I would defintely put back Astral Cornucopia and maybe 2-3 Signets,because you have a couple of lands that come in play tapped and some colorless wich can colorscrew you in early to midgame,

Things i would cut:Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker was in my experience to slow to really matter in game,and when he got relevant after a couple of turns,he was mostly destroyed or bounced,same would apply to Managorger Hydra

Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper I'm pretty biased on this one,it never worked really out in my games,so in my oppinion it's a really unexciting card in this deck.

Duelist's Heritage I'm biased here as well,you don't have that much trample,so often the one doublestriker would just be blocked away.

I don't know your Meta,but these point's held me back with my deck.

Siq6Six on Of Hate-and-a-laugh Tales

3 days ago

Well, I've just got one on order, so I have no idea how Pentarch will play out in mine. I expect it'll be a flop, honestly. Triple white - i have a hard enough time finding double white. However I don't plan on 'exploiting' with white. My meta knows better than to let that kind of thing happen and they're quick to murder 8.5.

All Is Dust is an auto include, IMO. It may be costly, but it takes care of the board & gets around ALL protection outside of 'Can't be sacrificed'. Also the first time you wipe out your opponents artifact collection, or key lands, you'll realize why its a key piece in all 8.5 decks.

Fiendslayer was cool in standard. I had a deck that really loved taking advantage of him. In commander I doubt it'll be very good. It's 'protection' is also half-assed.

Do you often have multiple creatures attacking? Duelist's Heritage seems like it could be sketchy. I know for me it would fail to trigger more often than not.

I'm also going to try Divine Reckoning. It's not a complete wipe, as 1 creature survives per player, but it does have flashback. That's something you may consider. 4CMC for initial cast. Otherwise I still recommend Austere Command. Great modal-removal. Options are good.

Daedalus19876 on God sent Anya and her army to destroy

3 days ago

sigh I wrote you a long, detailed comment, then my computer decided to delete it. Long story short, here was my suggestion:

Make sure all of your equipment and creatures will have an impact. I'd look to the equipment I'm using on my deck for some suggestions, but the most important ones you're missing are O-Naginata, Champion's Helm, and Inquisitor's Flail. Also, of the Swords of X and Y, I'd play exactly the opposite ones from the ones you have, lol.

More tutors are vital in Boros colors. Open the Armory, Stoneforge Mystic, Relic Seeker, Enlightened Tutor, Stonehewer Giant, etc would be my first choices.

Double strike and extra combat steps are helpful. Duelist's Heritage, Silverblade Paladin, Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder, Temur Battle Rage, Aggravated Assault (goes infinite with Sword of Feast and Famine).

Better removal and draw. Swords to Plowshares, Chaos Warp, Oblation, Reforge the Soul, Scroll Tax.

Protection is vital. Mother of Runes is the best, but more hexproof is always good.

Hope this helps! :)

xrex479 on Operation Ground and Pound

5 days ago

I know most people don't look at lands but I think Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion is a good card for double strike. Duelist's Heritage can be useful too.

Teleshar on Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | *PRIMER*

5 days ago

I love the deck and it might encourage me to play some Boros every once in a while. I played a 4-player game vs Freyalise, Breya and Roon. Roon got taken out by Freyalise and Breya, Breya got taken out mostly by Freyalise, I just dealt the finishing blow. Then I wiped the huge Elvish board with Blasphemous Act and protected my Archangel Avacyn  Flip with Boros Charm to end the game two turns later with 21 commander damage thanks to Duelist's Heritage. I never flipped Avacyn that game, I cast Winter Orb early and just kept beating the manascrewed people with Archangel Avacyn  Flip equipped with Champion's Helm and Basilisk Collar. When Orb finally got removed, I wiped the board with the aforementioned combo.

This deck really is sweet, though I do feel kinda guilty for playing it :P I guess it's a guilty pleasure then!

xrex479 on Zurgo's Donkey Punch

6 days ago

Duelist's Heritage is a great for giving zurgo double strike every combat. Tainted Strike and Phyresis are fun for those cheap infect wins. I built a deck that also aims to "donkey punch" or one punch every opponent. Zurgo's toolbox of death

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