Nulltread Gargantuan


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Alara Reborn (ARB) Uncommon

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Nulltread Gargantuan

Creature — Beast

When Nulltread Gargantuan enters the battlefield, put a creature you control on top of its owner's library.

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Nulltread Gargantuan Discussion

cplvela0811 on

11 months ago

Hi, +1. I personally like Hooting Mandrills. Elvish Visionary, and maybe Nulltread Gargantuan could be what you are looking for? Rattleclaw Mystic is alright, too. There's also Shaman of the Great Hunt. Hopefully these help.

Rzepkanut on The Eternal Reign of Rashmi (Budget)

1 year ago

Hey you should look at my Simic deck for inspiration. I use a different commander, but the ways you said you wanted your deck to be, described my deck pretty well. I have some higher impact ways to distribute counters and lots more ways to use them. Too many ideas to make specific card suggestions to try out. My deck list is sorted by custom categories for ease of reading.

As far as cuts a few of your cards seem low impact like Vigean Hydropon, Nulltread Gargantuan, Geist of the Archives, Invert the Skies, Lens of Clarity, and Skill Borrower. Also you could find more space for +1/+1 counter synergy cards if you cut some or all of the pump spells that only work until end of turn. Cheers.

The Energy Experiment: Kraj's Prolific Power Plant

Commander / EDH Rzepkanut


RieBread on Rashmi, crafter of value

1 year ago

@YoungLink4Like the ideas. I started with Burgeoning in the list but cut and through testing is can agree that it needs to be in there. I already have cards that return stuff from the grave so I am a little hesitant on Reclaim. Lens of Clarity seems a little too weak compared to cards like Scroll Rack and Sensei's Divining Top. Nulltread Gargantuan looks interesting and i will have to try it out reusing ETB's and Rashmi's cascade effect.

YoungLink4 on Rashmi, crafter of value

1 year ago

Brewing one myself at the moment. It's still a mess, cause I basically only added cards that might work in it. Still might wanna check it out.

You seem to lack a good chunk of ramp. We even have a couple of options for that. You can go with Burgeoning and make use of the lands you draw with her effect. Or, as I plan to do it, do some creature ramp and (hopefully) chain a few mana dorks into each other.

Other than that, Reclaim, Lens of Clarity and Nulltread Gargantuan seem like good options as well. Especially the last one turns a down-side ability into a pretty neat tool to trigger etb effects again while putting a 5/6 onto the battlefield for little cost.

thewyzman on pauper EDH

2 years ago

Decent primer, I'll keep it in favorites for a while.

Commanders I'm looking at are Aerie Mystics or Bant Battlemage and building a controlish tempo deck with a pack of fatties to threaten combats, Naya Battlemage in a more creature-heavy -but similar- fashion (maybe even taking an Impact Tremors/token route)... Mistmeadow Witch in a U/W Control archetype... Blood Cultist cruel control... Nulltread Gargantuan is an idea since a 5/6 commander for effectively 4 mana doesn't seem bad in a combo-friendly guild, or Selkie Hedge-Mage in tempo... enchant voltron Ascended Lawmage seems perhaps the most powerful deck... Grixis Battlemage gives inherent card and combat tricks, so a tempo deck seems plausible... and lastly Woolly Thoctar, like Nulltread above, is an all-beef patty for chump change.

thewyzman on Pauper EDH Primer

2 years ago

I'd love to know what success people have found so far, and/or see some sample lists. You've got Bloodbraid Elf listed as Tier 1, but I'd love to know how this deck can win? Ascended Lawmage sounds fun as I'm still working on Sigarda, Host of Herons hexproof/auras deck simultaneously. Mistmeadow Witch also looks like a control cmdr, but would like to know if it works?

I also found... Hellkite Hatchling, Boggart Ram-Gang, Nulltread Gargantuan, Selkie Hedge-Mage, Jhessian Infiltrator, Qasali Ambusher (could always be a free cast), Wasp Lancer, Inkfathom Witch, Thoughtcutter Agent, Murderous Redcap, Ashenmoor Gouger, Blood Cultist, Gwyllion Hedge-Mage, Ichor Rats, Battleground Geist, Thrummingbird, Llanowar Mentor, and Tatterkite possibilities?

pesimitee on Experiment Kraj Commander

2 years ago

I suggest that you take out Ooze Flux and Nulltread Gargantuan as they have negative synergy with +1/+1 counters. Both remove counters from your creatures! Check out my build of the deck for more ideas here.

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