Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis

Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis

Legendary Creature — Avatar

You can't spend mana to cast this spell.

Convoke, delve (Each creature you tap while cast this spell pays for or one mana of that creature's colour. Each card you exile from your graveyard pays for .)

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Set Rarity
Modern Horizons (MH1) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis Discussion

kcoorev on jehan en petriek

1 week ago

Thanks for the suggestions! if i get hold of an extra Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord (my other copy has a home in my Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis deck, which also contains a Lord of Extinction), i will add it to the deck. Never thought about the syngergy with Blade of Selves and Reyhan, Last of the Abzan, i have one laying around without a home, so i will add it shortly. Rite of Replication is a very good card, but i don't think that this card is necessary in the deck, and i have already a few decks where that card feels much more at home :). Bramblewood Paragon and the unicorn are good suggestions, but you can imagine that it is hard to select cards to remove for them. I did remove the Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest since it is very slow and unreliable (in my experience) and often feels a bit like a win-more. Doubling Season obviously costs a pretty penny, so that will come in when it gets a decent reprint.

Coward_Token on Pet cards/combos you'd like to ...

4 weeks ago

Elemental Resonance + Ghalta, Primal Hunger / Karador, Ghost Chieftain / Tasigur, the Golden Fang / Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis

Basically, take advantage of commanders who can circumvent their own big CMC for more or less huge amounts of mana (I dunno if I missed any that have a + color identity). As it's kinda slow and paints a big target on your commander, I realize it's not for everyone, but for casual games I think it deserves to be in more than 7 decks for these commanders.

Ziusdra on Card creation challenge

1 month ago

a.... zero-mana commander? An... Ommander? :D

Klooniox, the Restoration

Legendary Creature - Spirit Angel

Flying, vigilance, lifelink

You can cast Klooniox, the Restoration from exile without paying its mana cost.

: Exile target permanent. Activate this ability only if Klooniox, the Restoration is in exile and only once per turn.

4 / 4

So, I wanted to go in the direction of Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis in the way I made the commander "zero cost", only I wanted to do it with different colors and abilities thematic to those colors. We have plenty of ways to exile things opponents control, but this commander makes you think about how you exile your own stuff (and not just flicker, but permanent exile).

Same challenge, maybe someone else can get closer to a pure zero-cost commander

moremanawins on ☣ sтσяяεv, вσσм-тεη∂εя - $50 ∂εcктεcн ☣

2 months ago

Sweet deck. A few possible bombs and things that would be synergistic. 1. Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis 2. Sisters of Stone Death 3. Leyline Prowler 4. Ambush Viper 5. Tetzimoc, Primal Death aka the gift that keeps on giving. 6. Harvester of Souls 7. Terastodon or as my friends call him T-Nasty. 8. God-Eternal Bontu anyways +1

Namulith on Hogaak: My Favorite (Infinite) Combo Deck

2 months ago

I'm glad you like the Desecrated Tomb line. Instead of a third-party discard outlet, if you have tapped creatures that already cast Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis you can sacrifice them to draw whatever quantity of card and discard 3, then once you have successfully cast him via tapping bats once you can just sacrifice a tapped bat to Greater Good , still netting one tapped bat each loop.

SueMe on Hogaak: My Favorite (Infinite) Combo Deck

2 months ago

As always, thanks for the suggestions!

Hmm. So, I've been getting a lot of Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord suggestions, and I guess the reason I haven't been including him is the high mana cost. Sure, 4 mana to play him, and 3 mana to sac Hogaak for 8 damage to each opponent doesn't sound like a lot, but it is. It'll take five Jarad activations to kill everyone outright, and this is assuming you have 15 mana, as well as at least 8 creatures and 20 cards in the graveyard to replay Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis 4 times. If I have that kind of board state, then I'd probably do something else with it.

And I'd imagine, that if you'd intend to use Jarad over multiple turns, that he'd paint a target on your back as soon as you dealt the first 8 damage to each opponent (but I guess, for me at least, just playing this Hogaak deck paints a target on my back. My playgroup has seen it win a bit too much, unfortunately).

Now the Corpse Dance is an interesting suggestion. I don't think I've ever seen this card before today. Would you mind elaborating the "clever tricks" this card can do? I can imagine an infinite combo with a Priest of Gix , a Panharmonicon and any sac-outlet.

On first glance, it looks like an investment that already requires infinite mana, but I could be wrong.

Funkydiscogod on Grixis Undeath Mechanics

2 months ago

That ability reminds me of Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis , except his was "Exile 5 other creature card from your graveyard and tap two untapped black or green creature you control: Return ~ from your graveyard to the battlefield."

Seraphim7 on Vraska's Tyranny

3 months ago

If you want to have a commander, you can go to the page where you would add new cards, and add CMDR to the end of Vraska, Golgari Queen and you will a spell that you can cast from the command zone (an Instant or Sorcery), if you want to do some good zombie shenanigans, you could add Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis . I don't have much experience with Oathbreaker either, but I know that you have a planeswalker as your commander, and can cast it from the command zone, you can have your commander return to the command zone when it would leave the battlefeild, and you have an Instant or sorcery that you can cast from the command zone as well, but can only cast it if your commander's on the battlefeild. Both the commander and the spell cost 2 mana more to cast from the command zone for each time they've been cast from the command zone. Another card I would add is Casualties of War .

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