Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2018 (C18) Common
Archenemy: Nicol Bolas (E01) None
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Common
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora (DDO) Common
Worldwake (WWK) Common

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You may play an additional land this turn.

Draw a card.

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lagotripha on Door to Nothingness goof deck

5 days ago

Usually when I'm goofing with door to nothingness its best to focus on making as much mana as possible. Early Harvest or Dictate of Karametra. Casting a bunch of wraths is probably an effective tactic, although I'd run Sakura-Tribe Elder for the free blocker. Bounce lands and Amulet of Vigor was ok, although bloom's banning stopped the titan variants, you can still make a decent go of Explore as a cantrip/ramp style.

GodRedSands on The Mono-Green 5 Color Deck!

1 week ago

Thuggy The main reason why I used Terramorphic Expanse is that I want to proc some of the landfall from the deck, it also allows me to filter some specific cards from the library so I can draw my key cards from the deck. I've removed Khalni Heart Expedition from the deck as it served no useful features in the mid/late game. It doesn't have any presence and is a wasted card really. I've updated it to run 2 Explores instead.

GodRedSands on The Mono-Green 5 Color Deck!

1 week ago

I found out about Explore while I was making the actual deck irl! Its a very good card and I still have some tweaks to do for the deck, such as make a sideboard.

fuster on Life is Like A Hurricane

1 month ago

Cloudius Sorry, I didn't think you were really budget oriented here since I notice you're running Monolith and Mana crypt. I can understand not trying to run cards because of cost though. I already personally run cards that pull lands from the deck, but I like Explore just because it cantrips.

I forget we've built our decks very differently here. Now that you discuss it, Baral does seem better for your particular build. Snap, E-wit, and Life from the Loam seem to be better for my particular list though.

Cloudius on Life is Like A Hurricane

1 month ago

fuster You're welcomed! Don't forget to throw me an upvote too if you like my list.

Lucky you! Dryad Arbor is so expensive now let's hope it gets reprinted soon.

I had Explore at the back of my head too but I generally prefer spells that fetches land from library than those that put lands from hand into play. Just a personal preference.

Baral, Chief of Compliance is insane in a spellslinger deck. The cost reduction allows me to chain multiple spells together in a single turn and either have an explosive turn or directly win the game there and then. I did consider Snapcaster Mage but with his hefty price tag, I've settled for the cheaper Regrowth, Eternal Witness and Noxious Revival.

fuster on Life is Like A Hurricane

1 month ago

Cloudius Glad you like my list!

Fair enough that you're only including cards that you own. I just checked and the price on Arbor has multiplied over 5 times since I acquired 2 copies for legacy elves a long time ago.

I still like the fact that Burgeoning lets us use our commander's ability on our opponent's turns as long as we have land. That's the one reason I haven't axed the card in my own list. I might end up working a copy of Explore into my own list at some point down the line though.

In context with Baral, Stroke of Genius makes sense, but I'd personally rather run Snapcaster Mage instead of Baral. Snapcaster seems much more useful than Baral with this specific commander since re-using ramp spells and counterspells becomes very valuable here. I personally prefer Blue Sun's Zenith because it's reusable.

Spirits on Budget Xenagos, God of Revels - EDH $50

1 month ago

Armed // Dangerous another CMC2 Double Strike, $0.21. Downside is it's Sorcery.

Archetype of Aggression, gives all your creatures Trample, $0.39. 6 ground + 4 flying (partial evasion) don't have trample, thats 1/2 your available hitters, including 1 infect.

Gruul Signet, CMC2 Rock, $0.30.

Thud, Another Fling for CMC1 but Sorcery speed unfortunately, $0.20. Really need more Soul's Fire to Infect.

Farseek, CMC2 Ramp!!, $0.27.

Flameblast Dragon won't get his doubled. Timing is off.

Slagstorm scary because it wipes out the dorks, but I understand the thinking, with Cats/Snakes/Vampires.

Arbor Elf, CMC1 Dork, $0.26.

Beastcaller Savant, CMC2, But he has Haste, $0.40 though.

Heart Warden, annoying at CMC2, but can draw a card if late in the game if he's a dead draw, $0.20. Modular is sometimes nice, especially in longer games.

Explore might work pretty well with 40 lands, and it draws a card, so maintains your card-advantage and ramp advantage. I also feel you have quite a bit (too many) lands with all the additional ramp/dorks you have? Might try 38 instead.

Thunderfoot Baloth $1.69, but has trample, with Xenagos is 14 Trample, and gives all other creatures Trample. The best of the Trample enablers mentioned for sure.

Deus of Calamity $1.40, only 6/6 trample, but fills your Xenagos, God of Revels devotion, so he really enables a 6/5 Indestructible attacker as well.

Tyrant's Familiar feels better than a Flameblast Dragon ($1.28), because he can potentially blow away a flying blocker, $0.44.

Fyndhorn Elves ($2.03) can free up some cash for a Thunderfoot Baloth if he's an Arbor Elf $0.26.

Sakura-Tribe Elder ($1.25) is really good, but a Farseek can be effective $0.27, free up $1

Artisan of Kozilek he is 10/9 (20/19 with Xenagos), Returns a creature from your graveyard to the battlefield (not hand), and has Annihilator 2 (Opponent sacrifices 2 permanents, with haste from Xenagos) for $0.43. I have lots of this guy, I'll bring you one.

Maybe with some shuffling of mana sources you can free up cash for Malignus, but he's quite expensive. Tough for budget.

Fierce Empath tutoring Atarka, World Render or Soul of the Harvest or Siege Behemoth or Spinebiter Etc. gives consistency, I feel like its doubling your Atarka, World Render chances.

Phyrexian Hydra another Infect guy. Makes it easier to kill 3 players.

Khenra Charioteer more trample, hes a 3/3 so he's not shabby for CMC3. Probably don't need that much anyway.

Life's Legacy could re-populate your hand and stabilize your life. Feel like the cards better than the double life on Predator's Rapport.

Talisman of Impulse best non- non- mana source available for $0.33.

Explosive Vegetation is good, but $0.92 and CMC4, I'm not sure. Might look for another lower CMC one to ramp a little faster for that $. Go a bit faster.

I haven't seen this one work yet, See the Unwritten and at $0.82, I'd probably just draw another creature like a Artisan of Kozilek. If you get lucky and the stars align, maybe you get 2, but one might be an Elf. I'd rather just draw another key creature, instead of the randomness. If it was CMC5 or CMC4 and casting a CMC8 maybe, but it's CMC6 probably casting a CMC6 or lower (based on probability, I can calculate it when I have some more time)

Living Hive is in Main and Maybeboard.

I only like Momentous Fall (too expensive $), Deus of Calamity (enables Xenagos), Kavu Predator could be interesting in our Pod (vs cats/vamps anyway). Malignus if you can budget him in. Steel Hellkite good utility again CMC0 Snakes/Vampires for example. Thunderfoot Baloth.

Don't like anything else there.

I think, less lands -2 perhaps, cheaper ramp (and maybe 1 more), 1 more creature (infect guy preferably), reallocate some cash to make sure each creature is a finisher, like Avatar of Fury is kind of blah, if you can cast for 2 he's ok, but what you doing with the other mana that turn anyway, would rather pay the 6 for a finisher. Siege Dragon feels a little underpowered too, but can board wipe (cats/vamps/snakes), would rather use Steel Hellkite instead, better control, lower CMC.

Inquisitor's Flail not sure equip is right, but it is only equip so maybe? Rancor instead?

Living Hive feels small for CMC8! Wtf, not sure what your doing with the 1/1 insects, that don't even fly.

That's about all I have for now +1.

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