Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora Common
Worldwake Common

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You may play an additional land this turn.

Draw a card.

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PG7m on Pauper Landfall

2 weeks ago

Thanks to everyone who took a look and especially those who up-voted it.

I've made some changes;



x1 Forest

x1 Lightning Bolt

x1 Temur Battlerage

x3 Swell of Growths

x1 Harrow


x2 Mountains

x2 Fiery Tempers

x3 Tormenting Voices

Going down a land to 26, I think will be good for consistency. I'm trying to speed up the deck by going down 3 Sorceries and adding 5 Instants. I also have 16 tap abilities that can play at Instant speed. I've found the previous list didn't have a lot of answers to spell-centric decks. I think this may be the answer. I removed the Tormenting Voice - Fiery Temper "madness" thing out because, just those 5 cards were not consistent enough to play off each other. I'd either never draw one or the other and I was just never happy when they were in my hand all alone. I have high hopes for the extra Temur Battlerage, the Harrow and the 3 Swell of Growths that are taking their place. I've been on a quest for some number of cards that act as an engine to Unsummon my lands so I can follow up with an Explore and draw a card. We'll see how it goes. With the new list I've got only 4 ways to return lands to my hand and 16 ways (including Evolving Wilds & Terramorphic Expanse) to put an extra land onto the field. Ya, those numbers are a little lopsided and I'm fully aware of Firewild Borderpost but it doesn't do enough. I think some kind of card draw may be the answer but I don't know where I would put it in. Maybe, in place of Swell of Growth but, that just seems bad. Possibly, Commune with the Gods? IDK.

Side B.


x3 Pit Fights

x1 Flaring Pain

x3 Electrickerys


x3 Prey Upons

x1 Relic of Progenitus

x1 Zektar Shrine Expedition

x1 Pyroblast

x1 Ancient Grudge

This is my Paper Pauper list so the Board, of course, is highly dependent on what you see in your local meta. And that not withstanding, not playing at least 1 Relic of Progenitus would be like playing Red without Lightning Bolt, you just don't leave home without it. I think Pit Fight is better than Prey Upon even though it is more costly. Of course, it's possible they're both worse than Vines of Vastwood. We'll see. Spring Cleaning is here to fight against Boggles. I don't know if it's the best card but, come on, just look at it. It's got to be sooo much fun to play, and the art is just plain silly.

Hope you like and choose to Up-vote. As always I love to hear comments and suggestions.


tage0808 on Vorinclex, Hungry Elderazi

2 weeks ago

Myriad Landscape and Blighted Woodland could make for some good excel and colorless mana if you need it.Mosswort Bridge is a great land, and having big creatures make is combo great.Magus of the Candelabra really really does do good in sir Clex right now, I don't see a good reason to ditch him or not much.- list text hereI notice you also took out Search for Tomorrow, and you only have one spell worth casting on turn one(Sol Ring would be good for this too).I think Explore would be really rather decent too, it's also card drawing, so worth thinking about.I also think having a few more lands would be really a good idea, I know you love your cards, but Animist's Awakening, and anything that adds land plays are only good with having land in your hand.Journey of Discovery is also one you had before I don't see now.Beast Within is probably some of the strongest removal out there, and I feel it is definitely better than Titan's Presence which while okay, is only good if you have your titans in your hand... where you'd rather they not be. Option is Song of the Dryads which(while a sorcery) can take out commanders or anything at all.Vedalken Orrery is in some ways better here than in Jin, because of how strong how safe it makes you.Now, those are some suggestions, let's do some take outs.I feel that Nylea, God of the Hunt really isn't the best you can you use for it, the trample is gotten from Akroma's Memorial and the pump is strong but there should be other options, and you have some pretty massive butts as it is. Another idea(that could be terrible), would be Ursapine. He is a little odd, but with a straight mana buff to your commander, I can easily see you one shotting people by attacking with him, and he already has trample. In addition, Pathbreaker Ibex and Overwhelming Stampede really can just win you the game, works similar.Courser of Kruphix is only really good if you have land in your hand... something that doesn't look like it will happen too much(maybe late game, but I feel you can have better actual excell).Rampaging Baloths... disappoints me... it should be so strong... but... meh, I don't even run it in Karametra. Regal Force is made stronger by the Baloths, but I don't think you need to depend on your green creatures. Another Soul's Majesty kinda card would give you more cards most of the time.Horn of Greed Just has to go.Defense of the Heart is really a great card, but I don't think you need it... at the same time I can't just say take it out.I agree about Garruk, Caller of Beasts.I think that should be a good dose of feedback. Any questions?

Uncle_jesster on Mono-Green Hydra tokens

2 weeks ago

Firebones675 I have none of first three cards you recommend. I do have 2 Explore but that's as close as I come. It may not help fill my hand but, it will potentially help me ramp mana faster. I was worried about creature removal and do have 4 Prey Upon. Now the question really becomes, What do I remove to make room?

I could remove maybe 2 Aim High, 2 Naturalize, 1 Gnarlwood Dryad, and 1 Vastwood Hydra. This would give me the extra space needed. My idea was to keep an opponent busy until I have enough mana to start dropping Hydra larger every turn.

elonth on Omnath swarm

2 weeks ago

i think there are 3 fronts your deck needs to improve its chances. 1. you need better stall. You need something that comes down early and just says WOOOOO hold up while i get more mana.Wall of Roots is a relatively cheap card that does that. it comes with the added bonus you can get it out on turn 2 and it would let you play it as well as another elf for turn 2. Meaning your turn 3 (provided they don't stop you) you should have 3 lands+2 elf dorks and wall of roots as a 0/4. thats 6 mana you're almost there to omnath! Ideally you would play a Courser of Kruphix and 1-2 other cards to let you ramp a bit then look to drop on omnath+ more lands on turn 4. or an atarka to stablize (2 of her could really help). For this undergrowth champion has just got to go.

  1. accelerating your ramp even more. using Utopia Sprawl with arbor elf could be a massive game changer for you. another card that would help is Overgrowth so how this would work is. Turn 1 play arbor elf. Turn 2 hope to god your opponent doesn't kill your arbor elf for what you are bout to do. Tap a forest to play Utopia Sprawl on the forest you aren't tapping. tap the 2nd forest if you have Explore, Wall of Roots, another Utopia Sprawl in hand you attempt to cast them off that arbor elf. If not you can use the arbor elf and 2nd land to cast Overgrowth on the 2nd land. in the event your opponent lets you enchant the 2nd land with a 2nd utopia sprawl you untap it with arbor elf. you now have 3 mana 2 of which is any color to cast the following cards i can recommend Somberwald Sage (i wouldn't recommend more than 2 of her as she dies to literally everything, if any at all. Overgrowth on the 2nd forest. (this will give you 11 mana next turn turn 3! 4 of which is any color) Explore so plans didn't quite go exactly how you wanted! at least you get to draw a card play another land and hopefully draw into another utopia sprawl to enchant with the extra land you are about to play.

Cut cards that are sadly just not reliable/outclassed. Undergrowth Champion everyone had hopes for him. The fact he doesn't regenerate means he dies to everything except red damage. 3 coursers will do a better job. Caravan Vigil you being reliant on a creature dying is such a massive hoop you can't jump through early with your deck. You are hoping that your opponent kills one of your creatures on your turn to get its morbid trigger. It also is bad lategame. A healthier alternative is Explore maybe 2 explores and 2 Traverse the Ulvenwald this card lets you get lands early tutor for omnath/atarka late! Another good card Lead the Stampede this card literally fills your hand up with your creatures. It won't always hit your Omnath or atarka but it will be a heck of a lot of card advantage. Between it and Traverse the Ulvenwald i think you have a good chance of getting omnaths when it counts.

Last suggestion i can make? 2-3 lighting bolts. If you can't afford them (10 bucks apiece) then go with shocks or galvanic bombardments. You will have opponents that just play so fast and aggressive that you are dead before you even get your turn 3. (naya burn/naya zoo are primary culprits of this. there will be games where you just have to lightning bolt one of their dudes or die. again why Courser will do wonders for you.

megonia on Temur Creativity

1 month ago

Explore over A. Command

Kuroyukihime6 on Nissa's Living Jungle

1 month ago

I have found having one artifact that can shufflenyour library is more then enough. I would recommend some Explore. Adds another landdrop plus another draw. For Modern, he seems to fire off late. Not sure why you have an anti-nonland creatures board clear with no land creatures. Does sound like a fun deck.

Sarimas on Stay Hydrated

1 month ago

For counters I'd personally would go with Simic and profilate spells like in this deck I made Simic training grounds.

Also I'd say cut down Heartbeat of Spring and put in one more Hardened Scales and Nissa's Pilgrimage, maybe add Explore mainboard too.

Since this is mono green, there's an elf that taps for X mana that depends on your devotion to green tho I don't remember his/her name.

I like the theme of your deck, hope this helps.

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