Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Zendikar vs Eldrazi Common
Tempest Remastered Common
Commander 2014 Common
Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. The Coalition Common
Zendikar Common
Invasion Common
Tempest Uncommon
Promo Set Common

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As an additional cost to cast Harrow, sacrifice a land.

Search your library for up to two basic land cards and put them onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.

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Harrow Discussion

GolgariGravedigger on Landfall Deck

19 hours ago

Oh nice, I've never seen Grove Rumbler before. I really like that it has trample, but I wonder if it will be a bit slow since the CMC is 4, maybe try play testing it. You could use 4x Rancor for trample instead. Not really the cheapest card price-wise, but it does some serious damage. Sometimes you can get them for $1.50, great card to own regardless. And to trigger extra landfall's you can add a few deck:Terramorphic Expanse in addition to your Evolving Wilds, although since lands enter tapped this could slow down the deck too much. I thought you had Harrow in the deck before, which I thought was great, double landfall trigger and instant speed. Swell of Growth is a pretty sneaky card that you might consider also, since it's instant speed. I'm not sure about Llanowar Elves since they don't do anything for landfall, but I really love Lotus Cobra. Lastly, Makindi Sliderunner is a red Snapping Gnarlid with trample. Just throwing out some ideas to consider.

Panas on Chemo Ramp

4 days ago

Alright! I gave the deck a quick look and it looks relatively good overall. I understand you are not in a very competitive meta (or at least, not a very cutthroat one at that) and that budget is a concern albeit not a very crazy one.

I see enough card draw and cards that replace themselves. I also liked that you built the deck accordingly, avoiding enchantment and artifact inclusions to fit the theme of blowing all of them up.

With that said we reach the greatest flaw in the deck. Without any strong, early ramp and so many high costed cards doing what you want, your deck is left slow and clunky and will often durdle and fold to early advantage gained by other people through the same things you hate. Breaking a Sylvan Library on turn 5 means that opponent already has gained all the value in the world out of it and probably doesn't care too much that it's being destroyed.

A second point I want to make is that although you do have a lot of big mana plays, a LOT of them are inefficient considering the resource investment into them (mana cost Vs effect + P/T). Here's a list of which ones I didn't like too much and the reasoning behind it:

  • Avatar of Might is a vanilla trampler in your deck. Unless you are facing against a fast aggro deck or token generator, you are the one playing the creature deck so I wouldn't expect to cast it on the cheap side often.
  • Deus of Calamity is an awesome card but it needs the proper enablers (double strike/constant buffs) for it to work as intended and even then it's a "win more" card. In effect it does a hell of a lot under certain conditions, but those are hard to come by and when you are behind you'd prefer playing something else.
  • Domesticated Hydra a very high investment just to get a trampler. Evasion is good but when you compare these kind of cards with enablers like Thunderfoot Baloth and Siege Behemoth they are very lackluster.
  • Havenwood Wurm: 7 mana for a 5/6 trampler? You can do a lot better than this. The instant speed doesn't warrant this investment as it is essentially asking you to skip your turn to play this.
  • Stonebrow, Krosan Hero would be a lot better in a shell where mass trample and Overrun effects ran rampant. This is not the case so quite often he will be giving you an extra 2-4 damage on swing. He's not that bad though.
  • Blunt the Assault is a heavy costed fog effect. If life gaining is that important, running Shamanic Revelation is better. If the fog is really needed then just run Fog or Lull or Respite or Winds of Qal Sisma.
  • Devil's Play is a very flavourful card and I do like it, but I think it's a bit small for commander. Fall of the Titans or even better Comet Storm do a much better job at finishing people.
  • Scrabbling Claws is not good enough for graveyard hate. There exist much better alternatives (i.e. Relic of Progenitus)!

And here are my suggestions for you, including some notable omissions. Some have already been mentioned by others.

I would choose a number of these as replacements prefering their versatility, efficiency and power.

Those are my thoughts. :)

ps: since tappedout doesn't let me mark my most suggestions through the checkboxes for some reason, i'll put an exclamation mark next to them...

Izu_Korasu on Which of these 3 Golgari ...

1 week ago

Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest feels like a good budget general, the key is Permanent.

you get powerful utility out of cards like Sakura-Tribe Elder, Harrow, Fleshbag Marauder, Tribute to the Wild etc

while being able to focus on either Grave Pact style play, or Winding Constrictor style play .... or both. (and the lists of commonly played cards on EDHrec-Mazirek are "mostly" in the 0-1 dollar range)

Savra, Queen of the Golgari seems okay but she requires more self sacrifice of specifically creatures, which can be more costly (see Grave Pact)

and Skullbriar, the Walking Grave tends to want powerful cards to boost him into commander damage kills, which tend to get pricey.

Genswift on Tokens and Life Gain (Needs Help)

2 weeks ago

This is a decent deck for the powerhouse that is Trostani. However I noticed some issues. Trostani works well with all tokens, but big tokens in particular are where she excels in my opinion. I would remove some of the little creatures that don't produce tokens inn favor of ramp cards, token powerhouses and fatties like Desolation Twin, Rampaging Baloths, Avenger of Zendikar, Darien, King of Kjeldor, Kazandu Tuskcaller and Serra Avatar. In the ramp department, Harrow, Skyshroud Claim and Cultivate/Kodama's Reach will do for land ramp while any mana rocks will add additional acceleration.

If you want to look at my trostani deck for additional inspiration or explanation of card combos listed here, the deck is called Trostani mk11. I hope this helps!

nhyreach on My first deck, I need ...

2 weeks ago

I'm new to MTG and I'm trying to build a deck just for fun. I don't wanna spend so much money on this, but i want it to be an annoying deck. I'm accepting any suggestions, even if they are a little expensive.This is what i got:

Pump This Soraia

My Idea is to make Gladecover Scout (i'm think Silhana Ledgewalker would be cool to) as strong as possible using Increasing Savagery and Fireshrieker. I'm playing Deadly Recluse and Giant Scorpion because they are low mana and with their deathtouch i can block and kill stronger creatures, and use Prey Upon to force them as well. Harrow is helping me with the mana grow and I thinkMutilate would easily deal with spawn decks like fungus. I'm playing Naturalize to deal with annoying enchantments or artifacts.

I don't know a lot of cards so my ideas are very limited

MegaMatt13 on Kynaios and Tiro, Lovers of Landfall

2 weeks ago

wasianpower, i agree that lifegift could be replaced. I think I will go for Harrow as opposed to sword of the animist though. It fits the land sacrifice sub-theme and works at instant speed. Thanks for your suggestion :)

Grind on Our Lord and Master Gitrog

3 weeks ago

playable: Harrow, Jund Panorama...
also how about Diabolic Servitude or Phyrexian Arena over Palace Siege? siege seems like 5 mana is a lot for something kinda slow like that. servitude actually reanimates repeatedly for 4 mana.
and Sol Ring is missing! i think you could run a little more ramp but idk. i always like tons of ramp.

darleen on I've Got Worms!

3 weeks ago

How about Crop Rotation, Zuran Orb, Scapeshift, Dredge, Dreamscape Artist, Harrow, Merciless Resolve, or Reprocess to help put lands in your Graveyard? Other lands to consider are Terminal Moraine, Warped Landscape, Cephalid Coliseum, Mirrorpool, Petrified Field, Ash Barrens or Blighted Woodland. And perhaps some fetch lands if its in your budget. Have you considered The Gitrog Monster, Thundering Wurm, Fallow Wurm?

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