Fungal Infection


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Common

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Fungal Infection


Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn. Create a 1/1 Green Saproling creature token.

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Fungal Infection Discussion

maydaymayes on Green Black first deck

1 week ago

I'm happy to help!

Just based on the keywords I've read, I'm going off of In your face swarming, but don't want to be put down by board clears.

The board clear portion, to be safe against that when playing an aggro deck- 9/10 times the deck won't do it for you. You have to know when you have a satisfying/adequate amount of pressure on the board, and hold back a little so when they do happen to have a board wipe, you can just flood it again with the remaining cards again.

If you're wanting to stick with black green and have things not Incinerate your wallet ;)

Then perhaps a fun aggressive saproling deck would be your best bet. Lots of little guys to swarm the board with, and singular cards that make multiple guys which is nice to be able to bounce back from a wiped board. I think the deck (again, low budget in mind) would look something like this

3 Fungal Infection

4 Sporecrown Thallid

4 Yavimaya Sapherd

4 Saproling Migration

3 Spore Swarm

4 Slimefoot, the Stowaway

4 Tendershoot Dryad

4 Vicious Offering

2 Cast Down

3 Song of Freyalise

2 Torgaar, Famine Incarnate

4 Woodland Cemetery

4 Evolving Wilds

8 Forest

7 Swamp

I did a pricecheck for the deck on my local game store's website and it came out to something like 50 USD

If you cut Woodland Cemetery and Tendershoot Dryad you're looking at about a $20 deck

If this doesn't suit your fancy don't be afraid to throw away ALL MY HARD WORK and we can try for something else

I'm teasing, honestly if you don't like it we can keep trying!

jdmcdowell93 on It Came From The Woods (FEEDBACK)

2 weeks ago

Annexus I'm playing the Fungal Infection mainboard rather then vraska's due to the little one drops in game right now. If they swing with a 2/2 like Captain Lannery Storm, Fungel infection breaks that off with a -1/-1 and a free saproling. or if i need an extra sac for either the Demon of Catastrophes or Rite of Belzenlok

MurderForBrunch on Unblue Unblockable

3 weeks ago

Hi! It looks like a cool idea. Although I would probably suggest to go even deeper in the unblockable sinergies. I think I would add stuff like Blossoming Defense to protect your creatures from removal, and increase damage, and also maybe Titanic Growth to pump even more. Also, other great stuff to consider could be See Red for example.

On the other hand, I think I would cut the Tilonalli's Skinshifter. The greatest downside of that card is that it only copies a base version of the creatures, with no aura or equipment effects, and it's a 0/1 in your opponent's turn. Something like Goblin Chainwhirler kills it, and even Fungal Infection kills it! haha

Finally, although I like Skirk Prospector I don't think this deck is taking all the profit it has. I think a couple more Llanowar Elves would be better, or maybe even Draconic Disciple which is a pretty good mana sink in the late game.

Anyway, those are my comments. In general I would say is a cool deck idea, have fun brewing! :D

Dumgoldfish124 on Mono Black Aggro

1 month ago

Great deck, especially for someone new to magic! However, I do recommend swapping out one swamp or the Aether Hub for either a second Vicious Conquistador or a second Vraska's Contempt. Secondly, I find Fungal Infection kinda meh. I suggest swapping them for more Golden Demises, though if you like them and they work for you, then keep them in! Finally, if you want to get to exactly 60 cards, I recommend dropping either a Cast Down or a Bone Picker.

Chasedrk1 on Rat black

1 month ago

From testing against GB snakes, mono-Red, Rakdos midrange, mono-black Control, & UW approach-

there isn’t many ways that the straight on attack is going to succeed. Tetsuko dies to every single removal spell except Magma Spray, Shock, and Fungal Infection which makes it hardly a bomb against any competitive deck. It’s upside is rarely going to have an effect on the board state before being handled. Mastermind inquisition is slow, but it’s also a game 1 lost legacy against UW, UB, or help digging out a contempt to deal with a threat.

Ixalan's Binding is not a turn 4 play for any deck. So Spell Pierce is at best 1 possible success +3 dead cards. In that way Censor is stronger .

magicsheep on Explore tokensv2

1 month ago

Nice variation Lerijie.
I don't think Cast Down is the best removal to only run 4 of, as there are some legendary creature that you probably want to be able to hit. I would run at least 1x Vraska's Contempt for planeswalker removal and God removal (i.e: Hazoret the Fervent). Fatal Push is a GREAT removal spell for the early game, would probably use at least 1x. Through drafting I've found that Fungal Infection is a great card for eliminating your opponent's mana ramp and smaller, pesky creatures.

magicsheep on Explore Saproling Gift

1 month ago

Apologies Lerijie, Fungal Infection is the wrong color. Disregard that suggestion please.

I meant to say that Savage Stomp is realistically the only playable removal spell in green.

magicsheep on Explore Saproling Gift

1 month ago

Lerijie I playtested this deck several times against competitive standard Tier 1/Tier 2 decklists. Panharmonicon is a little slow against aggressive decks but generally works in the meta.

I would consider adding Fungal Infection, as it worked well against aggressive decks for me when placed in the sideboard.


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