Icehide Golem


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Horizons (MH1) Uncommon

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Icehide Golem

Snow Artifact Creature — Golem

( can be paid with one mana from a snow permanent.)

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Icehide Golem Discussion

BMHKain on legendofa

1 week ago

Sorry to post here out of the blue, but I still wanted your opinions on the terms representing each Color Identity.

1: Now the Ravnica Pairs are implemented, I've yet to find a term that is based on definition of the stuff I wanted to mention, but couldn't find anything of the sort. Any ideas for them, and/or can you find any better?

2: 4 Color Groups don't seem to have any idea for exactly 5 Traits each. What do you think those 5 Personality Traits should be each?

3: For , I refrained from using Artifice, & Walkers. Only Eldrazi (If they have color, they must also have Devoid.), & stuff like Scion of Ugin , Ugin's Conjurant , but NOT Morophon, the Boundless (Said Genderless Mass of Nrvnqsr-Chaos/Nero-Chaos Primordial Godhood); its Five Colors technically. But I'm still unsure about two terms in this case: Metaphysical (Not sure if this means it isn't compatible w/ reality; & if not, what word does?), & (Some Word defined as "Existing outside of our understanding of the world."). Yep, just 2 of Ugin's Apparitions, Devoid users, nothing Walker, of Artifact based; at all. But what Eldrazi-Esque Personality Traits Names would work for Non-Artifact/Walker cards?

4: If has no Personality at all, should I keep it? At least Arcum's Astrolabe 's only Mana Cost should do some Justice... (UPDATE: there is another mana cost; & has legs: Icehide Golem . Can't believe I forgot this Marshmallow .)

5: I wanted each trait to be different for each Color Identity as a whole. Do you think this is possible, or should other Color Combos have an already existing trait from another identity? I just want this to be as unique as possible; that's all.

6: If you do plan to do 3 Color Identities' Personality Traits also, then I'll be very damned if one can find an alliance for all 5 Conventional Colors at one time (). Don't worry, I'll still give you credit for your help on this. :D

Sorry I've been asking you a lot; I'm just interested in this; I hope you didn't reject my offer to finish it here; I do apologize for being a nagging fool. So, is the project still alive? Y/N?

GarrettTheGreat on Winter Wonderland Budget

2 weeks ago

I agree that Into the North has proven to be a bit of a slower card, but without it it's difficult to have a functional mana base. Glacial Revelation has definitely earned it's place in the deck though. Even if the opponent is answering all my Marit Lage's Slumber and Abominable Treefolk , Glacial Revelation is just overwhelming card advantage. I've had games where the first time I'm finally able to get a hit in with Abominable Treefolk he's a 20+/20+ lethal. If you really wanted the deck to be more competitive I'd put in Prismatic Vista , Scrying Sheets , A few Fetch Lands and Replace Into the North and Icehide Golem with Dead of Winter and your counter spells of choice.

Serriten on Winter Wonderland (Modern Snow Deck)

3 weeks ago

wallisface Icehide Golem isn't there just as bait. If he dies: great, he counts for two types. If he doesn't: still a 2/2 body on turn one that counts towards growing Abominable Treefolk or unlocking Marit Lage. Boreal Druid counts as a snow permanent towards the main win cons and a mana source I can use for Icehide or Arcum's Astrolabe to keep mana open for counterspells. An alternate one drop I'm considering using is Rimebound Dead . Do you have any recommendations?

wallisface on Winter Wonderland (Modern Snow Deck)

3 weeks ago

Some thoughts:

I think your assumption that Icehide Golem will have a spell spent to kill it is wrong. In 90%+ matchups it’s not going to be a threat. I think there are better choices than a vanilla 2/2, considering you’re not an aggro deck.

I don’t get why you’re running Boreal Druid - there’s nothing that you’re really ramping for here so he doesn’t look like he’s giving much value

Entity97 on A Cuberino

4 weeks ago

Cards to consider from modern Horizons and M20:
Mox Tantalite
Arcum's Astrolabe
Cabal Therapist
Elvish Reclaimer
Giver of Runes
Icehide Golem
Nimble Mongoose
On Thin Ice
Scheming Symmetry
Knight of the Ebon Legion (1/2 Vampire Bro)
Collector Ouphe
Corpse Knight
Cordial Vampire
Cunning Evasion
Eladamri's Call
Legion's End
Lesser Masticore
Marauding Raptor
Marit Lage's Slumber
Mother Bear
Saddled Rimestag
Scour All Possibilities
Season of Growth
Starfield Mystic
Unsettled Mariner
Voracious Hydra
Wrenn and Six
Winds of Abandon
Angel of Vitality
Archmage's Charm
Aria of Flame
Ayula's Influence
Bogardan Dragonheart
Dead of Winter
Etchings of the Chosen
Force of Negation
Generous Gift
Good-Fortune Unicorn
Kaya's Guile
Lightning Skelemental
Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer (new blue walker)
Rotting Regisaur
Shatter Assumptions
Seasoned Pyromancer
Sword of Sinew and Steel
Sword of Truth and Justice
Splicer's Skill
Ajani, Strength of the Pride
Drawn from Dreams
Force of Virtue
Kykar, Wind's Fury
Omnath, Locus of the Roil
Ravenous Giant
Sling-Gang Lieutenant
Serra the Benevolent
Urza, Lord High Artificer
Yawgmoth, Thran Physician
Blizzard Strix
Cavalier of Flame
Golos, Tireless Pilgrim
Rienne, Angel of Rebirth
Yarok, the Desecrated
Atemsis, All-Seeing
Echo of Eons

this is a lot of cards, and more are sure to come out that I want to include. I'm considering making a modern cube in addition to my legacy cube, or maybe expanding the cube altogether. I really don't want to go to 720, and honestly I would prefer 360 with a regular rotation of cards, but I don't play the cube often enough to justify that so for now it sticks to 720.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Weather Outside is Frightful

1 month ago

To be fair, this isn't really what I had in mind for a snow deck. This is more like what SynergyBuild had in mind. Personally, I don't see the upside to adhering strictly to snow cards. Abominable Treefolk strikes me as a bad magic card. Icehide Golem isn't very compelling - and certainly clashes with the likes of Ice-Fang Coatl . A 1 mana 2/2 is usually an aggro card, but Coatl is most certainly a midrange card. And plenty of decks can deal with the Marit Lage token. Humans has Reflector Mage or Deputy of Detention . UW has plenty of removal for it. Tron can exile it with ease. Even Phoenix plays a fun-of Echoing Truth these days. And those are the top 4 decks. Sure, the next few decks like Dredge, Titan, and Burn can't deal with it, but then again I think all of those decks can kill you before you get the token.

In what way are any of the snow creatures besides Coatl better than Tarmogoyf ? I don't mean to be harsh, but I just don't see the payoff cards. Scrying Sheets is real, but Skred demonstrates that the card is fully playable without maxing the number of snow permanents.

lagotripha on Modern Snow Mill?

1 month ago

Iceberg Cancrix is interesting in that it can be extra copies of Hedron Crab -the question is what that means and how to use it. Crab is amazing because fetches become mill six, while cancrix still only mills two.

Scrying Sheets is a great payoff card for moving to slow, but it does point to a slower, more control deck style.

This means that non-land snow cards need to be looked at- Coldsteel Heart , Skred , Into the North , Boreal Druid , On Thin Ice , Marit Lage's Slumber , Dead of Winter , Ice-Fang Coatl , Arcum's Astrolabe & Rimebound Dead / Icehide Golem .

They don't exactly scream 'we have planned an archetype'.

I feel the most likely list you might build would be a sutai self-mill list looking to cast Splendid Reclamation / The Mending of Dominaria to put 10 lands onto the battlefield milling six cards each, with a Scapeshift backup plan. Just lots of instants, scrying sheets and hall for value and a lot of exile effects.

dingusdingo on Weather Outside is Frightful

1 month ago

Scrying Sheets is free, reusable card advantage from a land. The only downside is that if you up fetchland density (which you should for deckthinning purposes) it has less effectiveness.

23 lands is really high. You can cut down to 20 rather easily, especially with the scry/draw you run. Frost Marsh should 100% go, ETB tapped. I would also cut Watery Grave Breeding Pool and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth , your color intensity really isn't that high and they aren't snow permanents. If you up Coldsteel Heart to 4x, you should not have any problems with color requirements, especially with fetches.

Consider Rimefeather Owl as a possible 1x or 2x finisher. Its like the Treefolk except it flies and can generate further snow advantage. I'm also surprised you aren't running the Treefolk as a 4x.

I think Icehide Golem or Rimebound Dead both are better than Phyrexian Ironfoot . You aren't using ironfoot to combo with the untap + payload, so it just means it becomes a mana sink. Icehide is better if color intensity is too high, Rimebound better against aggro decks.

Also peek Centaur Omenreader .

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