Avacyn's Pilgrim


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Common
Innistrad Common
Promo Set Common

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Avacyn's Pilgrim

Creature — Human Monk

: Add to your mana pool.

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Avacyn's Pilgrim Discussion

bamichinees on Fatties into play

4 days ago

total_euphoria says...

''Birds of Paradise should be in any deck requiring ramp and/or mana fixing. Avacyn's Pilgrim will help with the white mana too.''

I was indeed thinking to replace Linvala, the Preserver , Torrential Gearhulk, since they were more of filler cards untill i got better cards. I was also thinking to replace Darksteel Ingot and put in Chromatic Lantern.

''you need a lot more ramp, disruption or counter spells''

I was thinking to remove Rewind for Cultivate. Do you have other recommendations as ramp cards?

Also do you have other suggestions? Which cards should I remove?

total_euphoria on Fatties into play

4 days ago

Birds of Paradise should be in any deck requiring ramp and/or mana fixing. Avacyn's Pilgrim will help with the white mana too.

total_euphoria on If they want war, then we shall give it to them!

4 days ago

Do all your creatures have to be human or soldiers? I only ask because Birds of Paradise is better than Avacyn's Pilgrim in almost every way. The other thing I find with my soldier/angel deck is that I don't actually require any ramp to swarm the battlefield. You're missing some of the best soldiers in the game which you could fit in nicely if you removed all green sources.

Firebones675 on Puck out! (Flicker deck)

1 week ago

Revoker unfortunately has a lot of games where he only is a 2 mana 2/1 and thus is usually a sideboard card.

The trample idea is nice but all of the cheap trample enablers I can think of offhand (Kessig Wolf Run, Archetype of Aggression etc. require red mana or are mono green and have a restriction like having a +1/+1 counter on it.

As for talimsan vs pilgrim, both are decent and I think either could work:

Avacyn's Pilgrim: Can attack and block, only costs 1 mana, and can produce white mana without paying life.

Talisman of Unity: Can produce colorless, or either color of mana, significantly harder to remove as creature removal is common before sideboarding, artifact removal less so (also it's less likely to be brought in against you).

Both are fine options, what it comes down to is which of those qualities you value most. Talisman gives you more flexibility and can be safer for the long game whereas pilgrim allows for a faster start by having accelerant on turn 1. If you want to have a deck that goes off a turn faster, i'd use pilgrim. If you want a safer long term investment i'd go with talisman. I might personally lean slightly towards pilgrim but as it's only a 1 turn difference i'd probably playtest with both and see how it plays.

xaerusblade on Puck out! (Flicker deck)

1 week ago

Firebones675 thanks for the feedback. I was going to replace the command/charm with Path to Exile one day. once i have acquired the card. Luckily i have acquired 3.

Now regarding the Noble Hierarch i would really LOVE to have 4 copies of those running 4 and 2 to 3 Birds of Paradise but a copy of noble cost an arm and a leg not to mention 4 copies. I was thinking of puting in Avacyn's Pilgrim as a replacement. What do you think?

Also i think the Talisman of Unity is really good. How about 4 copies of birds then 2 to 3 copies of the taliman rather than the avacyn pilgrim?

I would also like an input in which i can replace my Eerie Interlude. Thanks.

Nefashu on Ajani Elspeth Stuffs

1 week ago

Hunting Grounds is not modern legal. Just a thing. Also, I wouldn't run Hunting Grounds unless you can easily achieve threshold with some self-mill. Vessel of Nascency would be a prime choice. Also, the cheap fetch lands like Evolving Wilds help a lot for threshold.

Brawn isn't really worth it for 3 copies. Mikaeus, the Lunarch doesn't make a whole lot of sense as a 1-of.

You need more ways to regain the tempo of the game. And more heavy drops on the back end to utilize the mana acceleration.

-2 Brawn

-1 Mikaeus, the Lunarch

-1 Llanowar Elves

-2 Hunting Grounds

-4 Plains

+1 Avacyn's Pilgrim

+1 Stirring Wildwood

+1 Nissa's Pilgrimage

+4 Drownyard Temple

+2 Polukranos, World Eater

+1 World Breaker

MoonTurtle7 on Here I Come Again Asking ...

2 weeks ago

Cmasa435 Honestly been looking at Meren for awhile, debating on her, Gitrog, Jarad, or Mazirek. They all have value and can be strong, but I was waiting on commander anthologies and then I was gonna play with that pre-con and see where to go. As for Sakashima the Impostor it's interesting to say the least, but I'm not sure if I'm feeling it, there are plenty of possibilities there. It's on my radar, and I'll do some digging.

schmugluglu I've heard of doing Rafiq of the Many support before, But the clone Idea is pretty friggin' sweet actually.Also 10 out of 10 love that bird of paradise, reminds me of an old aura deck I made where I won with a 26/26 trample, vigilance, first strike, hexproof Avacyn's Pilgrim, good times...

Unlife nice seeing you again. Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge is an interesting choice. Though the more I've looked into it she's not something that would really be effective in my playgroup (very creature heavy), great choice, so much so it's crossed my mind 10/10. Yet again a commander I've looked into with a very serious interest Borborygmos Enraged, my biggest problem is he can take a bit to get out, and even then becomes either a huge target or removed instantly. The deck I designed was probably super janky, but funny if it went off. I ultimately gotta pass on him as much as I hate to say it. Ezuri, Claw of Progress This one is a tricky one, I've been on the fence about him forever, in one hand if he sticks your doing good, if he isn't my deck is crippled. I feel with him I would just have to play him, but I'm just not sure, he doesn't "Pop" in my head if you get what I'm saying? Anywho you've had some fantastic suggestions. Sorry I feel like I'm shooting down.

Errast beard is always a plus, and I've honestly never really thought of doing Feldon of the Third Path He's certainly different, I'll do some digging see if he sparks anything for me.

griffstick I seriously feel like a broken tape recorder saying this, I have done plenty of digging and playing with Selvala, both iterations. She's one I could never settle on how I wanted to build her and every iteration I was never ever happy. She's a great character and a pair of cool cards, but I was just never happy playing it. Kaervek the Merciless is pretty sweet, never really thought of the Political options with him. Idk if I will dig super deep with him, but he's definitely worth looking into.

landofMordor Oh Rashmi, sweet Rashmi. Both her and Yidris have been on and off projects for me. She is just such a value engine, but DEAR GOD! I can't decide or really be happy with any of the decks I've thought up on TappedOut It's easily in the double digits for her and Yidris each. Hence why I come to you guys for a little clarity, she's one where I more need suggestions on what kind of build. Clones is a neat one, but she's been a headache to me I've dropped time and time again. Ok... Sorry my head hurts a bit thinking of her again, Lazav, Dimir Mastermind is neat-o, but isn't he more of a mill/voltron thing? I could do clones, but I don't wanna force something that the deck isn't.

As for Stealing

I should have kinda expected this. I like taking things, and copying things. It was meant as a general statement, and I thought I was kinda clear with saying the deck doesn't have to. So suggest random goblins or vampires or merfolk or trombones or whatever please don't feel restricted by the fact I like to clone/steal things.

I'm also sorry, I've done a lot of research on stuff like EDHREC so I know a fair bit of commanders. Please don't be offended that I've seen the commander before, I have a hard time choosing thing like this. And my friends as much as I love them, are always sarcastic with this kind of thing. ("you should make a boardwipe tribal deck with Child of Alara as the commander" that is an actual suggestion I was given once)


Trust me the suggestions are great and I write the ones I don't know down and look 'em up. You guys are awesome

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