Simic Sky Swallower

Simic Sky Swallower

Creature — Leviathan

Flying, trample

Shroud (This permanent can't be the target of spells or abilities.)

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Set Rarity
Ravnica Allegiance: Guild Kits (GK2) Rare
Iconic Masters (IMA) Rare
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Rare
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora (DDO) Rare
MTG: Commander (CMD) Rare
Dissension (DIS) Rare

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Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Pioneer Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Noble Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Standard Legal
Arena Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Casual Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

Simic Sky Swallower occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

Simic Sky Swallower Discussion

DemonDragonJ on Elemental Storm

2 months ago

I have replaced Borborygmos with Sunder Shaman and Simic Sky Swallower with Winged Coatl , which lowered the average converted mana cost of this deck from 4.23 to 4.11, and those creatures are also better when copied.

I still feel that there is room for improvement in this deck; specifically, neither Ral Zarek nor Sarkhan Unbroken contribute to its overall theme, so I may possibly replace them. I already have Prophetic Bolt in this deck, but Ral's Outburst would be nice for its redundancy. Izzet Charm is nice, but Growth Spiral also is would be great for this deck. I also am hoping to find a way to put either Eternal Witness or Mulldrifter in this deck, and I wonder if I should replace Akroma, Angel of Fury , Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind , or Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir , as well; Bloodwater Entity would be a nice addition to this deck, since its abilities are cumulative when it is copied. What does everyone else say about that?

DemonDragonJ on Copying a Creature With X ...

2 months ago

Boza, thank you very much; I have an EDH deck whose general is Riku of Two Reflections that contains Simic Sky Swallower , and now I know to not replace that creature with Hydroid Krasis .

Liscom on Red/Blue/Green (1.Entwurf)

6 months ago

Bitte ändere den Decktyp mal von Standard zu Commander. Ansonsten bekomme ich immer eine Warnung für jede Karte, die ich empfehlen will, die aber in dem Format nicht legal ist

Hier noch einmal ein paar Kreaturen, die ich eigentlich sehr geil und günstig finde - besonders, wenn dein Commander sie noch mit Trample ausstattet: Altered Ego , , Zameck Guildmage Gruul Ragebeast (nette Kombo mit Foe-Razer Regent ) , Ravager Wurm , Stonebrow, Krosan Hero (die Kombo ist wohl offensichtlich)

Progenitor Mimic , Simic Sky Swallower sind sehr solide. Gerade Hexproof/Shroud finde ich unglaublich wichtig.

Vessel of Endless Rest warum willst du das spielen? Wenn du Mana-Ramp willst, gehe am besten gleich zu den Signets: Gruul Signet Simic Signet Izzet Signet . Dann gibt es auch noch die Cluestones: Gruul Cluestone Simic Cluestone Izzet Cluestone

Deine Kreaturen sind teilweise recht teuer. Du musst natürlich austesten, wie das Deck läuft, aber ich würde zumindest zu Anfang die Daumenregel nutzen, dass man 38 Länder und 6 - 8 Mana-Artefakte spielt. Ich würde bei den teuren Kreaturen lieber mehr Mana als weniger spielen und dann vielleicht noch Karten spielen, in die du überschüssiges Mana pumpen kannst, wie River Hoopoe (nur als Beispiel, dass mir gerade einfällt). Ansonsten finde ich Hydras recht cool. Die kann man mit viel oder weniger Mana spielen und viele freuen sich sehr über das Trample, dass Surrak ihnen gibt. Außerdem kann man in viele Hydras auch später noch Mana pumpen. Schau mal hier:

Wenn du mit Paleoloth ein wenig in die "Power Matters" Schiene möchtest, wären vielleicht folgende Karten eine Sichtung wert: Drumhunter , Exuberant Firestoker , Mossbridge Troll (Wenn du Kreaturen mit Wachsamkeit nutzt, wird der völlig absurd), Mouth , Shamanic Revelation , Spearbreaker Behemoth , Where Ancients Tread .

Was mir auch aufgefallen ist: Du hast kein Removal. Ja, im Mehrspieler ist es immer besser, wenn man die anderen Spieler dazu überredet, ihr Removal zu nutzen, aber du wirst selber was brauchen um Bedrohungen die nur dich angehen zu beseitigen - oder einfach, um etwas zu tun wenn keiner der anderen Removal auf der Hand hat: Klassische Karten: Acidic Slime , Artifact Mutation , Beast Within , Blue Elemental Blast , Decimate , Krosan Grip , Manglehorn , Meteor Golem , Natural State , Nature's Claim , Pongify , Thrashing Brontodon Meine Geheimtipps: Bramblecrush , Broken Bond , Cindervines , Hull Breach , Hoard-Smelter Dragon , Descent of the Dragons (Damit kannst du auch deine eigenen kleinen Kreaturen zu Drachen machen), Unstable Obelisk (völlig unterbewertet), Storm the Citadel (deine Kreaturen haben Trampel, was ziemlich vernichtend sein kann)

atanosiskandar on Emrakul, Save Us!

6 months ago

I usually use Polymorph on my Coiling Oracle in hopes of getting usually a Simic Sky Swallower or something better if I'm lucky.

Unlife on Neoform "reanimator" potential targets

9 months ago

Bane of Bala Ged if you think you'll have an opportunity to attack may be worth looking at

Gaea's Revenge as another beatstick they probably can't deal with

Plated Crusher comes with its own built in protection

Simic Sky Swallower would require a board wipe to remove

Sphinx of the Final Word would prevent them from countering your own spells

colton815 on Need Help Creating Simic Deck ...

1 year ago

i've never seen a merfolk deck in simic colors actually be played at modern fnm. its always mono blue. modern is a pretty fast format and anything with a cmc of 5 or higher needs to be able to provide immediate impact on the game in the same turn its played. the other big drawback of your plan is that you have to dedicate space to mana ramp when you could be using that space for removal spells. you'll spend your early game ramping instead of interacting with your opponent, then even if you do drop something big, it gets hit with Terminate or Path to Exile. if budget isn't an issue, Tarmogoyf can come down big if you use fetchlands and Thoughtseize, and Death's Shadow can also get pretty big. in a simic colored deck, they can turn Stubborn Denial into a hard-counter right away while being cheap enough to allow the use of the Stubborn Denial in the same turn.

Kvothesixstring: Simic Sky Swallower is 7 mana and doesn't do anything the turn its played. not worth it in modern. with the ramp you suggested, it is actually extremely unlikely to have 7 mana available to use turn 3. EXTREMELY. that would require a 1-mana mana dork on turn 1, and 3 more on turn 2. by turn 3, a player will have seen 9 cards from their deck if they're on the play, and to have 7 mana on turn 3, 4 of those would have to be 1-mana mana dorks, and 3 would have to be lands. that only leaves 2 cards in hand. and 18 lands is FAAAR too few for a deck trying to cast spells with a cmc 5 or higher. you want 24 minimum to ensure a land drop for the first 4 turns. by a players 4th turn, they'll have seen 10 cards from their deck if they're on the play. if you want 4 of those 10 to be lands, 4/10 of your deck needs to be lands. 4/10 of 60 is 24. also, Birds of Paradise is strictly better than Llanowar Elves or Elvish Mystic considering this deck isn't mono green or elf tribal.

Kvothesixstring on Need Help Creating Simic Deck ...

1 year ago

I find it boring that most Simic decks are also Merfolk Tribal decks, and I love playing Simic. Here are a few creatures I run in my simic EDH deck.

Simic Sky Swallower is a big baddy. Flying, Shroud, and trample at a 6/6?? Worth it.

Kruphix, God of Horizons is a mana winner, as is Prophet of Kruphix.

I'd throw in 4x Llanowar Elves 4x Arbor Elf and 4x Elvish Mystic then run only 18 lands. And maybe a couple of Farseeks.If you get the right hand, and draws, you could potentially have 7 available green mana on turn 3. Enough to fetch your library for an island or two, and put out a decent sized creature.

The last "staple" card I'd put in would be 4x Alpha Authority: hexproof and a little bit of unblockablility is nice.

Then maybe find run some Spreading Seas in case you have islandwalk creatures or need an extra island on your end.

Scion_of_Darkness on Quest For Ula's Temple

2 years ago

Remove the 4 Dakra Mystic and add 4 Opulent Palace. Your deck LITERALLY cannot cast Simic Sky Swallower or wrexial the risen is what he is telling you. You have 33 creatures and 19 land, and you're playing expensive creatures that require a copy of 1 particular card to make your deck cohesive. You'd almost be just as well off if you took out Quest for Ula's Temple and just fixed your mana base.

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