Verdant Haven

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant land

When Verdant Haven enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life.

Whenever enchanted land is tapped for mana, its controller adds one mana of any color to his or her mana pool (in addition to the mana the land produces).

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Verdant Haven Discussion

ThatBlueMage on verdant haven.. help

1 week ago

No, you may use Verdant Haven s ability for as long as you control it, whenever your land becomes untapped.

ThatBlueMage on verdant haven.. help

1 week ago

Oh, this is a fun post.

First off, rules questions like this should be asked in the MTG Q&A section, linked up top.

Secondly, link your cards in threads by putting the name in [ [ ] ] double square brackets.

Thirdly, Verdant Haven doesn't find lands. An example of a card that does find lands: Rampant Growth . Unless the card specifically states that it's looking for a land card, you do not get a land. V Haven instead adds mana to your mana pool (collection and representation of how much mana you have available). All basic lands have the ability : TAP: Add (1 colroed mana) to your mana pool. V HAven makes your land, in essence, say: TAP: Add (2 colored mana) to your mana pool. This is mana that you have available, but is not a land card. Does that make sense?

FalahNorei on Turn 4 13/13 YOU CAN'T BLOCK

2 weeks ago

I'd consider running some kind of mana acceleration instead of the spear. your mana curve looks fine on paper, but you basically have only 8 2drop creatures and another 2 3drops. Abzan Ascendancy is quite amazing, but very very harsh on your mana, as it needs 3 specific colors with no fixing - and you only run 6 sources for TWO of the colors needed. so, its a safe drop when, turn 7 if even that? you have no draw to quickly dig through your deck to find that swamp or forest you need desperately... I'm not entirely sure how to do that though.

could try to run Market Festival , but thats really slow, on turn 4. I feel like you want more tempo. Elvish Mystic requires green and only gives green as well, but you're quite well set with 1 green source, so its basically useless. you could consider the Abzan Banner , Astral Cornucopia , Opaline Unicorn or Verdant Haven . all of those are 3 mana though, and more or less reliable. Karametra's Favor might be an option as well, as it'd trigger the Phalanx Leader ontop of mana fixing. it'd also take an attacker though.

other than that, I'd consider running non-standart lands, as its better to wait a turn than be mana-screwed IMO..... not entirely sure though. scrylands would be an option, painlands would probably be nice as they enter untapped, especially Llanowar Wastes - it fixes for both green and black if nessessary. Mana Confluence might be another idea, but that has a very obvious downside, as it WILL ping you for using it. Unknown Shores is slow, but doesn't hurt for using. I'd probably not run the obvious Sandsteppe Citadel as long as you run that many basic white sources either.

all in all, I'd say use 4 Llanowar Wastes and 4 Temple of Malady , taking out 4 forests and 4 swamps. also I'd probably replace the 2 Spear of Heliod with 2 Abzan Banner . you give it some thought and decide yourself.

gjohnson on STD - Rampbo

2 weeks ago

Ohey you're ahead of me on the Verdant Haven bit, only you're using Market Festival . Fair enough. I like the prospect of gaining life a little more than the extra mana, but if you're playing Market Festival it's silly not to play the full nut of 8 Kiora's Follower + Voyaging Satyr .

gjohnson on STD - Rampbo

2 weeks ago

Why choose between Sylvan Caryatid and Kiora's Follower ? Play them both, and go up to 16 mana dudes. Hell, I play 18, with Elvish Mystic and Voyaging Satyr .

You don't even need to cut that many spells. With 16 mana dorks you could go to 19 land.

The fundamental combo you are abusing here is mana dorks untapping with every spell. When you have 1 mana dork, any noncreature spell you cast is essentially discounted by 1 mana. When you have 5 mana dorks out, your spells start generating mana, and you go infinite. So why not really abuse it?

Point is, the larger your fraction of mana tied up in mana dorks instead of land, the better. This has the added benefit of accelerating your mana, giving you enough mana to combo off earlier.

Also, once you're up to 6 or more untappers, you can start to consider Verdant Haven . With an Voyaging Satyr and a land with a Verdant Haven on it, every Satyr generates 2 mana when tapped instead of one. Go GEOMETRIC! :)

Randomzz on Help deciding/modding a GWB Standard ...

2 weeks ago

So I've been running a fun little GW deck that uses Ajani's Pridemate + Nyx-Fleece Ram and Mistcutter Hydra to make big swingers, then uses Sylvan Caryatid and Verdant Haven to splash Garruk, Apex Predator out of nowhere. Literally no one expects it, it's hilarious. But with the new set, I want to incorporate more black.

I've built two decks on here, one that uses my same general strategy as before, one that diversifies the threats more. Both use a deathtouch + trample combo to win if the beat down is taking too long, but go about it different ways.

Which would the all knowing internet suggest, and what improvements could be made?

G/W to Garruk Playtest

Standard* Randomzz


Abzan Special of the Day Playtest

Standard Randomzz


sujrondc on 2014-10-20 update of Digging for ...

3 weeks ago

Mass amount of playtesting and goldfishing happened tonight. Here are my thoughts:


Your suggestions were great. I freaking love Burning Anger . Now on to this batch..

Verdant Haven is definitely interesting. My only problem is that it's a little bit slow. The mana fixing is nice, and the life gain could definitely help, but in playtesting I found it didn't quite have the punch I would want.

I've thought about Embodiment of Spring , but I actually won't be able to sac him T2, assuming I played a mana dork that turn. He costs 2 to sac, which I would rather be able to spend on a mana dork anyways, or even a Negate . I see him as insurance for if you miss drawing a caryatid or follower, in which case why wouldn't you just run more ramp creatures?

Which brings me to...


I was totally wrong about Elvish Mystic . I did a ton of testing with him, and when run alongside Sylvan Caryatid and Kiora's Follower , he actually increased my chances of having 6 mana available for See the Unwritten by T4 by a significant margin. I tip my hat to you for showing me the light.

I did as you suggested and took counter spells out to make room. I'm not sure if this is the right call yet, but it's gone well so far so it will most likely remain this way.

The recent changes have made this deck MUCH faster and sturdier, thanks to everyone who contributed. If anyone else has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Sharpeimagine on 2014-10-20 update of Digging for ...

3 weeks ago

Glad you took my suggestions! You still need some mana ramp. If anything run Embodiment of Spring as well as Verdant Haven . Turn 1: An 0/3 first turn blocker for haste creatures, end of both turns. Turn 2: untap, play land, cast Follower or carytid, end turn, sack Spring for land, end opp turn. Turn 3: untap, play land, play verdant haven gain 2 life from any damage you took along the way. Each turn you should be able to do something and by turn 3 you can start countering using negate or dissolve and even add in Stubborn Denial . I say get rid of Keranos and AoI. By turn 4 you should be able to See the Unwritten and pull off a Leviathan of your choice. if Knuckle is out there, then you can use the Ferocious part and get an extra Leviathan out there. Turn 5 you can Burning Anger one of them. Turn 6 attack with Stormtide, untap him with Follower, Burning Anger. If you have another Follower out then it will be overkill. Price

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0.02 TIX 0.02 TIX
Color(s) Red Black Blue Green White
Cost 2G
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 8.49
Avg. cube pick 2.45


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Common
Magic 2014 Common
Gatecrash Common


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