Verdant Haven


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Common
Magic 2014 Common
Gatecrash Common

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Verdant Haven

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant land

When Verdant Haven enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life.

Whenever enchanted land is tapped for mana, its controller adds one mana of any color to his or her mana pool (in addition to the mana the land produces).

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Verdant Haven Discussion

Techjustice on Mono Green Elves

2 months ago

Ok, here is the feedback I promised you in June.

1) Change your Deck type to one of the following - Modern or Casual

2) Look at Fauna Shaman to search for your big bad Cards.

3) Ditch Verdant Haven it is worthless in a Mono Deck. Also Market Festival is a waste of a card for the mana. Look into Llanowar Elves/Fyndhorn Elves or a similar card to act as a mana source. Also look up Farhaven Elf.

If you really want to spend money go with Oracle of Mul Daya.

4) Look up Lignify, Utopia Vow, Desert Twister to help you with Creature Removal

5) You need some more Card Draw, Look at Elvish Visionary.

Start with that...More feedback when your done.

debook454 on

4 months ago

I like how you can get to a board state where all your shit is hexproof from Archetype of Endurance or Sigarda, Heron's Grace and indestructible from Avacyn, Angel of Hope. If you switch your commander to Sigarda, Host of Herons, your stuff cant be sacrificed either! I personally think you should get some tutors like Worldly Tutor, Tooth and Nail (pretty pricy unfortunately), Altar of Bone, Brutalizer Exarch, Chord of Calling, Citanul Flute, Congregation at Dawn, Eladamri's Call, (you get the idea) so that you can tutor up avacyn and then drop your commander and GG. Anyway this takes your deck in a rather specific direction of getting a untouchable board. This would go well with some ramp and big creatures, and maybe some card draw like Shamanic Revelation and Harmonize (I don't know any white draw spells off the top of my head). That would turn your deck into this machine that gets to the op board state with those 2 creatures(3 if you add Sigarda, Host of Herons), then you drop everything you can. If you get a draw spell you can refill your hand and continue to make your board massive. Then you just add like 7 board wipes in that say "destroy all creatures" and your board is fine cuz avacyn. Anyway i would REALLY love to add ramp to this deck to get you going really fast, possibly turn 6 you get the 2-3 creature combo (in an ideal scenario). There are 3 kinds of ramp, you can go for land tutoring (Rampant Growth, Harrow, Cultivate, Kodama's Reach, Explosive Vegetation, Tempt with Discovery, Nissa's Renewal, Boundless Realms,), which has the advantage of thinning your deck of basics to the point where you have to cut nonbasics to have more basics to tutor for, and you draw nothing but powerful cards late game. Then there is creature ramp, with the elvish mystic and Elvish Archdruid, but the only good thing about that is it gets going very fast and is good if you run elves. Other than that it fills your deck with pretty useless cards and makes your mana base vulnerable to board wipes (imagine top decking a f***ing elvish mystic late game). Then there is a rather unused form of ramp, land buffing. This is by far the most powerful form of ramp and will allow you to get to 20-30 mana. It runs cards like the bounce lands (Selesnya Sanctuary, Karoo, Jungle Basin, Temple of the False God), Creatures that untap your lands (Voyaging Satyr, Argothian Elder, Krosan Restorer, Stone-Seeder Hierophant [who by the way, if you tutor for 10 basics off of boundless realms, you get 10 "untap Stone-Seeder Hierophant" triggers to untap any land 11 times], Ley Druid, Juniper Order Druid), AND FINALLY, cards that make your lands tap for additional mana (Wild Growth, Verdant Haven, Fertile Ground, Dawn's Reflection, Market Festival, Zendikar Resurgent). This last method is vulnerable to land destruction, board wipes, and it doesnt thin your deck. I personally run land tutoring and land buffing together. Also if you can get some instant speed removal put it in, Beast Within is great in commander, also path to exile and swords to plowshares, but those are very expensive. Also Terastodon is great. Anyway hope that helps if you decide to put some ramp in your deck, other than that I want to build a version of this deck very focused on the avacyn-arctype-sigarda combo, it seems very fun and very disgusting, it might just turn into a "make your opponent concede" machine >:D. Anyway good luck and have fun!

Karzalar on Vorel's Hydra Ramp

5 months ago

I don't know if it's because you want to make it budget (if that's the case, well done! 60$ is pretty good budget for a commander) but there's a LOT of cards that could be switched.

Let's start with creatures (and to switch to better alternatives) :

Amphin Pathmage -> Thassa, God of the Sea : Indestructible enchantment for 3 mana, can become an indestructible creature with devotion, and has the same effect as the pathmage. And you can scry!

Battlefront Krushok -> Nylea, God of the Hunt : Yet again an indestructible enchantment that gives trample and buff creatures.

Caller of Gales -> Levitation : I know, that's an enchantment, but that's the effect you want. Coralhelm Guide -> Wingcrafter : Gives good evasion.

Dirgur Nemesis -> Khalni Hydra : Since you want more hydras for your commander.

Gladehart Cavalry -> Mistcutter Hydra : Uncounterable hydra.

Living Totem -> Oran-Rief Hydra : Another hydra.

Noble Quarry -> Gyre Sage : Evolving mana rock!

Siren of the Fanged Coast -> Control Magic : Because people will anyway pay the tribute : it's easier to remove a 4/4 flying that to comeback from having your commander stolen, in most cases.

Now, let's continue with non-creature spells :

I'd remove Culling Mark, Epic Confrontation, Hunt the Weak, Incremental Growth, Predatory Rampage, Wild Instincts, Mutant's Prey, Curse of the Bloody Tome, Sheltered Aerie, Verdant Haven and Slip Through Space.

That makes 11 cards to add some kind of removal effects that are better than ''target creature fights another target crature'' because a Pacifism effect can screw you over.

I'd suggest some of these cards : Beast Within, Krosan Grip, Disperse, Cyclonic Rift, Garruk, Primal Hunter, Kiora's Follower (Untap your commander to double the effect!), Kiora, Master of the Depths, Boomerang, Kiora, the Crashing Wave, Garruk, Caller of Beasts, Capsize, Vapor Snag, Into the Roil, Repeal...

If you want some more suggestions, i'd be glad to help.

rauwman on 5-Color Dragonlords of Tarkir

6 months ago


thanks for you suggestions.

Yeah you are right with Balefire Dragon (he was just sleeping in my cards). I will buy 2 Dragonlord Kolaghan.

I played the deck 3 times yesterday. And i worked not bad. But its not so easy to get the right mana in the first turns.... When you want to cast Sylvan Caryatid you need the green mana and cards like Haven of the Spirit Dragon won't help you then.

I was thinking to change the 3 Bloodfell Caves to 3 Savage Lands.

With Shaman of Forgotten Ways is the problem that you can only cast creatures, i will take 3 Rattleclaw Mystic, cause the instants, sorcerys and entchantments in my deck are also red, blue or green

Then i will remove the 2 Negate to 4 Mana Leak, its an easier way to protect dragons or planeswalker

Now, the cards i will remove:

Cards i add:

Zap_Rowzdower69 on visonary's

6 months ago

Why Verdant Haven? Why not Overgrowth if you still want to spend 3 to cast or Fertile Ground if you want the extra mana for a cost of 2 to cast. Does 12 mana really work? That seems way too low to me but I've never tried a deck like that before either

luisserpa on Entering the Dragon's Den

6 months ago

But since you now have the Arbor Elfs and Voyaging Satyrs, you can take out some other cards that would do the same thing similiary:

This makes you with 59 cards. A dragon that I would consider is Thunderbreak Regent, it has a low CMC to your deck and it's a real powerhouse.

King_Tut on THE HYDRA OF DOOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 months ago

Okay, first of all get rid of Elvish Archers. Also, replace Nylea's Presence with Verdant Haven. And really? Get rid of Nissa. Get rid of two Forest and two Mountain.

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