Walking Atlas


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Worldwake (WWK) Common

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Walking Atlas

Artifact Creature — Construct

Tap: You may put a land card from your hand onto the battlefield.

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Walking Atlas Discussion

nicochulo on Sindbad's Infinite Adventure

1 week ago

DragonGodKing90 Thanks for the feedback! It is mostly very good criticism (I mean, I don't expect this to be a tier deck or anything close. Also I got two retreats for the combo, I just forgot to mention both were necessary), but what I do want to say is that this combo has turn 4 potential:

T1: land

T2: land, Walking Atlas

T3: land, Retreat to Coralhelm, tap Walking Atlas, play a land, untap him, repeat another time and play Sindbad

T4: Second copy of Retreat to Coralhelm and combo

Appart from that, I just want to make a few land adjustments (mostly), because that's the main area I can improve

DragonGodKing90 on Sindbad's Infinite Adventure

1 week ago

you would actually need to have 2 Retreat to Coralhelm to draw through the entire deck. honestly though, this is not a combo that can be made to be viable. the combo requires a high land count, which just isn't doable due to the fact that you need tutors to search your combo pieces, and interaction with the opponent just to survive. theres also the fact that its a 4 card combo, all of which are very vulnerable to removal. at best, your combo goes off turn 5, in a turn 4 format.

T1: land

T2: land, Walking Atlas

T3: land, activate Walking Atlas for another land, play Retreat to Coralhelm

T4: land. now that you have 5, use 2 for Sindbad, the other 3 for Retreat to Coralhelm.

T5: combo off.

the problem with this is that this line of play requires 9 specific cards by turn 4. 5 lands, 1 Sindbad, 1 Walking Atlas, 2 Retreat to Coralhelm. by turn 4, a player will have only seen 10 cards from their hand if they're on the play.

Permafrost on Kefnet, The Handful

2 weeks ago

Yeah, making cuts for this list has been really hard. There is a major balancing act between a good amount of control, equipment, draw and utility. I totally forgot about Training Grounds, Its been on my radar for a while and I intended to put it in, I just dont have a copy. As for Kefnet's ability, returning a land is a may ability. It comes in handy when I need an extra card in hand to attack, but that part doesn't get used too often. However, Walking Atlas would be a nice include to give me another Terrain Generator option. I've also considered running an Expedition Map, but as we've talked about, making cuts is really hard.

ShikiTen on Kefnet, The Handful

2 weeks ago

Regarding Seat of the Synod with your Trinket Mage - aside from the 3 targets: Mana Crypt, Sensei's Divining Top, and Sol Ring, O-Naginata will be a valid target once it's added. But I get wanting more options.

I did not consider a 1st turn play of Saprazzan Skerry, and I suppose in that regard it's all right, but I think you're right about Crystal Vein being a better option for ensuring a 2nd turn Kefnet.

Sphinx of Magosi's draw is cheaper than your commander's, but in thinking of that - what would you say to good ol' Training Grounds. Normally I wouldn't recommend it for a deck with such few activated abilities with colorless mana in them, but Kefnet the Mindful is your commander, so it would be relevant at almost every stage in the game. Again, not sure what I would suggest to cut for it though.

As for Nezahal, Primal Tide being cut for Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur, that might be a good idea. However, Nezahal, Primal Tide is almost impossible to get rid of. In that regard it might warrant playtesting each to see which one outperforms the other for you.

I also read Kefnet the Mindful and I did not realize he returned a land as well. Patron of the Moon or Walking Atlas could kind of off set the negative side of that. Still stumped as to what to suggest to take out.

VanDerTroll on Sir Bounce-a-Lot

4 weeks ago

Cloudstone Curio + Retreat to Coralhelm + Budoka Gardener / Llanowar Scout / Walking Atlas + a land to draw whole deck and win with Laboratory Maniac (which is missing atm) / Sunscorched Desert to kill all opponents. Alternatively you can use Words of Wind to bounce your opponents permanents.

Ghostly Flicker + Peregrine Drake + Archaeomancer / Eternal Witness for infinite mana which can lead to a kill with Blue Sun's Zenith or pumping lands with Kamahl, Fist of Krosa .

Gain ridiculous amount of turns with Walk the Aeons + Crucible of Worlds and cards that allow you to play extra land drops.

These are the main lines. You can also do shenanigans with Trade Routes to draw lots of cards.

Let me know if you test this build or a build of your own!

Legendary_penguin_of_death on What does Benthic mean anyway...?

1 month ago

Exploration is super great

Tideforce Elemental, Storm Cauldron, Freed from the Real all allow for some fun infinite combos with Walking Atlas, Sakura-Tribe Scout, Llanowar Scout, and Skyshroud Ranger.

On there own each card is reasonably good especially Storm Cauldron since you break the symmetry being able to play more lands per turn.

Icbrgr on Artifactssss

1 month ago

maybe somthing like Sphinx of the Steel Wind would be a suitible alternative to Brilliant Ultimatum and something like Walking Atlas could help with putting more lands out. Baleful Strix is a great deterrant with deathtouch as well as draw.... and Ethersworn Canonist is a sinister way to slow down a non artifact deck.

legendofa on Sultai Battle of wits: theorizing ...

1 month ago

cdkime That's what I like to hear!

So now, back to seshiro_of_the_orochi and some injudicious suggestions from an outsider:

Crystal Ball is, in my opinion, the best top deck manipulation this side of Sensei's Divining Top.

Since you want to get to 10 mana fast, Explore is gas. Rites of Flourishing is more budget, but also gives your opponent gas. (Juvenile humor FTW) Walking Atlas can also work, as can any of the ritual cards.

Control: Abrupt Decay is awesome but expensive, as is Maelstrom Pulse. Pernicious Deed is something to keep your eye on. The usual suite of Negate, Mana Leak, and Counterspell are all available.

Darkness and Fog are in. If you choose to add white, Ethereal Haze is the best option, and Dawn Charm can go in, depending on what else you have.

Recursion: for when things go bad, Eternal Witness, Noxious Revival, and Regrowth are all reasonably cheap options.

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