Eidolon of the Great Revel


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Hero Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Magic Duels Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Journey into Nyx (JOU) Rare

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Eidolon of the Great Revel

Enchantment Creature — Spirit

Whenever a player casts a spell with converted mana cost 3 or less, Eidolon of the Great Revel deals 2 damage to that player.

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Eidolon of the Great Revel Discussion

lukas96 on Boros Burn

1 week ago

HeyHere a few suggestions:

You dont want to have spells in your maindeck that dont deal damage to your opponent. Thus you should put Path to Exile in your sideboard.

Always play 4 Eidolon of the Great Revel its one of the best cards in your deck.

I wouldnt play any Non Mountain Basics and i wouldnt play Blood Moon in Boros.

Searing Blaze should be better than Searing Blood if you have fetches.

Have you considered Grim Lavamancer?

lamoynet on Spirits Say Boo!

1 week ago

Match Report Date Unknown

Overall Record

Games 4 - 5

Matches 1 - 2

Match 1 - Result - Burn

In the two matched I lost I just felt too slow to do anything and didn't have a Path to Exile for his early creatures. In the game I won he actually died to his own Eidolon of the Great Revel because most of my creatures are 3 cmc.

Match 2 - Result - UB Mill

I basically won by putting my whole sideboard into my deck and playing with 75 cards in the last two rounds. Those extra cards had some creatures and good spells but were mostly thereu to make it hard for the opponent to win. I got out a Geist of Saint Traft and killed him before the mill.

Match 3 - Result - Death's Shadow

Grixis Death Shadow and Luca.... Ohhh. He's so not fun to play. Goes too fast and thinks he's all that. I won once but don't remember the games.


Don't remember since it was a long time ago.

clayperce on Ponza Evolution Testing

2 weeks ago

I don't have a ton of experience with Eldritch Ponza (21 matches so far, with a variety of builds) yet, but with all the usual caveats, here are a few thoughts:

  • Evolving for a Magus of the Moon is AMAZING, and probably the best thing about the sub-archetype. Evolving a Kitchen Finks for a Finks-with-Persist, a Huntmaster, a Wolf Token, and 4 life is a couple of blockers is a close second. Colossus and Stormbreath for Protection from-whatever were superb too.
  • I really hate playing Eldritch Ponza vs. counterspell-heavy Control though. Sac'ing a Creature and opp countering Eldritch Evolution is by far the worst thing about the sub-archetype. It's also rough vs. removal-heavy Control. Top-decking an Evolution with an empty board is a close second-worst.
  • I've tried builds with 2x and 3x Evolutions, and I'm not sure which I like better. I think 3x in the 75 is correct, but it rots to have one in hand and no small Creatures available ...
  • I didn't get enough games in to be sure, but I think I like Eldritch Ponza with an extra Birds of Paradise or maybe a Sylvan Caryatid. The extra ramp is great early, and it's an easy sac' late.
  • Eidolon of the Great Revel is intriguing. If UR Storm pilots run counterspell-light at the Pro tour, it could be amazing. But at their current levels I think I'd rather have another Trin' ... getting a Trin' bounced to hand with a Remand or yard with a Swan Song feels better than sac'ing a Dork and having Evolution countered. :-\
  • Looking at your maybeboard: I tried Carnage Tyrant in a different build and every time it was in my hand I wished it was a Thrun instead. I found Furystoke Giant to be lame except vs. Lantern Control, where it's absolutely amazing. Though Acidic Slime (to kill Ensnaring Bridge) might be better. In a world with Path to Exile, I'm not a fan of Wurmcoil Engine ... at least with Titan we get to Bolt something before getting Pathed. In a world with way too much Path though, Chandra, Flamecaller is excellent ... I will periodically use here vs. Titan when it seems like White decks are everywhere. Finally: Reclamation Sage, maybe?

As always, draw well!

Oloro_Magic on Lightning Reckoner

2 weeks ago

Hey so the list certainly has changed, with that said there are a few cards I don't particularly like (not saying they shouldn't be here but from a personal standpoint they are not worth it in my opinion).

Honored Crop-Captain is first and foremost on that list. The effect seems nice however in practice it feels underwhelming in my opinion, especially considering there are better things to be doing turn two.

Before I get into all that however I feel like the deck needs to be given a re-defined identity:

Boros Reckoner is a powerful effect and an aggressive card however it works best with cards like Blasphemous Act to deal massive damage, and really is a different deck entirely. Your deck is not really set up to support it in this way and as such, though a good aggressive card, it feels like it isn't reaching it's full potential.

The number of burn spells also demands note. 13 Dedicated burn spells and 15 total is high for a creature based agro deck. All four Magma Jet and, in my opinion, 1 Lightning Helix are surplus to requirements in the list's current composition. With this said the list could easily be transformed into something that more closely resembles a burn deck by adding more burn spells like Boros Charm and Rift Bolt (and replacing Magma Jet with Lava Spike eventually). Playing burn also means the amount of creatures would fall to a small number of core creatures, notably Monastery Swiftspear, Goblin Guide (or basically any haste one drop you have lying around Guide is just the ideal card), and Eidolon of the Great Revel (personally don't feel this card would be necessary especially given its absurd price). If you stick with the high number of spells then Monastery Swiftspear is a great include, otherwise I would cut a few for some more creatures and if possible at least one more Path to Exile.

The other more outlandish identity this deck could take on is Jeskai delver/tempo. Currently you have Skyknight Legionnaire (which regardless of what you do I would recommend upping unless you go jeskai as evasion is always valuable especially on a hasty threat) however this card is pretty much a strictly worse Mantis Rider. If you stay in Boros then Legionnaire is fine but Mantis Rider and some other cards make jeskai tempo an interesting prospect. The possible cards in question are: Delver of Secrets  Flip, Mantis Rider, Spell Queller, Mausoleum Wanderer, possibly Young Pyromancer, Geist of Saint Traft (personally believe this card lends itself more to control than tempo but worth mentioning) and then a number of smaller cards like Remand and Serum Visions/Opt for more interaction. Jeskai agro could be an interesting deck however as boros the deck stays fast and doesn't have to worry about a three colour mana base.

Other than that the most definitive thing I can say is to cut the Firstblades they are decent for a turn and then just below curve dorks, Legionnaire can replace them.

As for the sideboard, to help you the most I need to know what decks you are playing on a regular basis. Right now your sideboard is more like cards that didn't fit. Ideally you want it to be a place where you have cards that hate on other decks.

lukas96 on Boros Burn

2 weeks ago

Hey I have a few suggestions.


Dont play Vexing Devil. It gives your opponent the choice which is always bad and is the worst topdeck a burn deck could ever have. You dont want any spell that doesnt deal damage to the opponent. Replace it with a playset of Eidolon of the Great Revel which is absolute brutal for most opponents.

Mana base

Id play about 8 fetchlands (playsets of Bloodstained Mire + Wooded Foothills ).Inspiring Vantage is awesome so why not have a playset.If you dont want to splash green for Destructive Revelry you can maybe play with one basic Plains but you dont want to have more of them because the majority of your deck only requires red mana.


If you have an optimal mana base Blood Moon kills 8 of your own Maindeck cards so i wouldn't run it.Also Pyroclasm kills most of your own creatures so you shouldnt run it either.Every Modern deck needs graveyard hate so you should definitely play some.

Grubbernaut on Naya Burn w/ Ball Lightning! Advice Please!

3 weeks ago

I'll just have to disagree, there; If you've got no gas but a Magma Jet in hand and your opponent has a Death's Shadow, a Gurmag Angler, or a Geist of Saint Traft staring you down, you don't benefit by drawing any of your creatures; you need direct damage or removal.

Conversely, you can also have situations where you don't want your direct damage spells. Lava Spike doesn't help if you're going to die next turn to a human, an opponent's Goblin Guide, or any other midrange threat.

You also don't usually want an Eidolon of the Great Revel late game; sometimes it's an entirely dead draw because your life total is too low to make use of it.

Basically, burn is a pretty inconsistent deck to begin with, and the scry can prevent you from losing to dead draws a lot of the time.

If you're dead-set against Magma Jet, it might be worth looking at Wild Nacatl in this build

Squirrelbacon on Budget Esper control

4 weeks ago


Unfortunately, control is not an easy list to make competitive on a budget. The main way that we can keep the budget down is changing our style of control. For example, instead of reacting with Snapcaster Mages and Cryptic Commands, we can be more proactive in our approach and use hand attack! As Hannibal said above, Inquisition of Kozilek will be a HUGE upgrade, and with seeing so many reprints lately is a cheap pickup now! Alongside of inquitions you'll want to run 2 Thoughtseize. However, that's still above $15 so you could swap that out and use Duress as a budget option. They hit mostly the same cards anyway, 75% of the time I cast Thoughtseize, Duress would probably do that same thing.

The next thing that we can do is run awesome removal. In esper colors, we have access to a lot of good spot removal. Path to Exile and Fatal Push are the best out there, but both are a bit pricey at this moment. In their place, we have access to Go for the Throat, Condemn and Ultimate Price. Those should help to shore up some creatures that might be an issue in your games.

Lets talk blue now. Cantrip City! Opt is a must add in my opinion. Instant speed draw a scry/draw? Yes please. Turn 2 leave up mana for a kill spell, opp doesn't play a creature? Plan B is draw a card, which was actually plan A you just didn't know it! I'd definitely run 4 of Opt, it's too good not to. Also, Serum Visions works in a similar manner, just worse for control but better for aggro. If you want a control route, go 4/2 split. Then we can talk about counterspells.... There's a few cheap ones that come to mind. First, Remand. It's a tempo play that lets you draw a card. Not the best for hard control but when just trying to buy a turn, it works real well. Next is Mana Leak. These two cards don't belong in the same deck, so I'd only pick one. Leak is a better answer, since it is permanent, but remand lets your draw a card at the expense of being temporary. Take your pick. Next, a little more expense in the $ section, but Spell Snare is amazing. Dark Confidant, Tarmogoyf, Scavenging Ooze, Eidolon of the Great Revel and so many more important cards are in that 2 drop slot that you almost always hit something relevant with this card. It doesn't look like much, but man does it do work. Another option is Countersquall. Counter a noncreature spell and deal damage? Sure thing, that's fair.

Lastly, 4 Dragonlord Ojutai might be a bit excessive. Legend Rule sucks... Speaking of her though, Ojutai's Command is something I've always wanted to play in modern but never had the chance to. Maybe that would be a good alternate to a few copies of her.

Best Wishes! Sorry I gave you so much to think about, If you have any questions let me know, I've played decks all my life!

antacidbrn on Storm hate in mono red?

1 month ago

Xica, do you have a link to the deck you are building so that the suggestions are more relevant?

Also, I actually like using Eidolon of the Great Revel in all situations when working with Red. He is my favorite Red 2 drop vs other red players when going first because he does damage right away. He alone would be a good sideboard for that reason alone and forces your opponent to deal with him.

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