Field of Ruin


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Field of Ruin


: Add to your mana pool.

, , Sacrifice Field of Ruin: Destroy target nonbasic land an opponent controls. Each player searches his or her library for a basic land card, puts it onto the battlefield, then shuffles his or her library.

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Field of Ruin Discussion

DragonKing90 on Budget Tron

4 hours ago

ToolmasterOfBrainerd: I don't think i really need Relic of Progenitus. the only graveyard based strategy that shows up to FNM is Grishoalbrand and the guy playing it isn't a regular. Thragtusk would only be castable after the Urza lands are already assembled anyway, but maybe 5 life helps against goblins. the fetches and shocks aren't as much pain as you'd think since i'll likely only get 1 or maybe 2 in a game. i've not seen anybody at my FNM use Field of Ruin.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Budget Tron

12 hours ago

Yikes, that's a really rough field to play Tron in. Goblins, in particular, will be very tough to beat. And you can bet your 7-mana @#$ that the Jund player will be as prepared as you expect.

The real advantage of red is access to Firespout, or Anger of the Gods if you think you can manage the colors, although that might be tricky. Pyroclasm is also something to keep in mind. The general meta has so much aggro right now that sweepers seem much more effective than Banefire to live until Tron is online. Firespout isn't good in the tron mirror, but it's still something that you should consider.

In budget tron I would absolutely be playing 4 Relic of Progenitus. And maybe even some mainboard Thragtusk - casting them shouldn't be too hard and they're especially great vs Goblins and Jund.

Wooded Foothills and Stomping Ground are a lot of pain. And you can rely on facing Field of Ruin often enough to warrant at least 3 basic lands, if not more. Karplusan Forest is a decent way to get your colors, although Grove of the Burnwillows is definitely the best.

As for beating the tron mirror... I admittedly have few ideas. I'm a grixis player. I don't know how to beat tron. I don't know what it feels like. I probably boast a 5% lifetime winrate vs Tron, if not lower. I can literally only think of one match that I've won, and only a few times that I've taken them to game 3.

SynergyBuild on Sultai - The Gifts that Keep on Giving

14 hours ago

Paper, and Tron was originally my nightmare, paying for my Rune Snags and still obliterating my loops, but I sleeved up a pair of Field of Ruins for the mainboard and a Ghost Quarter sideboard in case of Scapeshift, which I only know one person plays at my LGS.

Otherwise, Jeskai contol is a bit of a game of luck, and my matchup against aggro is, favored me, but still rough, my best matchup are the decks like Abzan and Jund, the real midrangy decks that a good loop with Academy Ruins will grind to death.

Affinity and Lantern Control are a lot of fun. I have a white splash for Dispeller's Capsule for a lock against them, blowing up their mana, creatures, equipment, the whole thing. Making it 4-color is actually pretty good, sinc ewhite has the best sideboard options IMO. Path to Exile is a good addition too.

kamarupa on No returns.

23 hours ago

Looks pretty well thought out to me. Seems like with all the combo parts, there's not a lot of room for other spells left. Given the nature of instant win combos, the more disruption you can pack in the better. When I brew here, I often use the "Play Test" feature and just see how often I can get to the win-con within a 5 turns or so, depending on how much disruption I'm running. It helps me gauge the decks consistency and speed. Aside from that, I like playing against my friends on Cockatrice (free) - I further test new brews that seem decent there before I buy a list in paper.

Ramp options: There's not really much in the way of ramp for black - Crypt Ghast is pretty much it, and at 4CMC it won't really help you much. It does combo nicely with Liliana of the Veil which would offer you some added utilities, too, but together, that's a lot of mana spent on non-wincons. There's also Cabal Stronghold, but again, not really going to accelerate your game much. I suppose if you had more Goblins, Skirk Prospector might be an option. There are, of course, other red ramp spells, but at low CMC, you typically only gain 1 extra mana.

Lands: Perhaps you could make a little more room or create greater consistency running some Bojuka Bog (or Scavenger Grounds) over or in addition to Tormod's Crypt. 1xGhost Quarter/Field of Ruin will throw a wrench in Tron. 1xBuried Ruin will bring back destroyed Coils, which will probably useful sometimes.

Tutors: Another tutor to help you get Harmless Offering might be good - Dimir Machinations seems to fit the bill. Mastermind's Acquisition might also be a good idea. With no CMC tutor requirements it's got broader applications and not revealing the tutored card is probably worth the extra 1CMC unless you're confident your opponent has no removal ready.

Other useful spells: I imagine something like Geth's Verdict would be good in your sideboard against Indestructible/Hexproof threats that slip past your Divests. Dash Hopes - not really very good, but it seems somewhat relevant to your game-plan.

Ashmouth Hound seems like the least-essential spell in the list. I'd cut that in favor of more tutors, removal, discard, etc. (or just to get the list down to 61). After that, I'm looking at Gnat Miser as the next card to cut. It's a cool card, but only great against certain decks - blue control would suffer, while green ramp might not even notice it.

Hoschie on Abzan Value with Assassin's Trophy

1 day ago

hey Eilel

I think Leonin Arbiter won't work. At least won't work when we play fetshlands, if we get a Manabase without fetshlands it would be perfect here.

I had the same thougt about Field of Ruin but not shure it its better to be abit more flexible whith the mana. Paying the 2 could be relavant.

I love Shadow of Doubt but I can't see it Maindeck

Eilel on Abzan Value with Assassin's Trophy

1 day ago

I think you're missing Leonin Arbiter, works perfect with your gameplan. I think Field of Ruin should move to the main, with Aven Mindcensor you yourself are still allowed to search.

For a fun blowout I'd say maybe 1/2 Shadow of Doubt. Replacing it self as well

Demarge on BW Knights

1 day ago

Make a Stand works as both a swing boost and a board wipe counter.

Ajani's Last Stand is also an interesting card as bodyguard makes turning it into a 4/4 flyer very easy.

I would also suggest maybe running Field of Ruin over some of your swamps, mana bases will be very greedy and you could possibly knock out an opponent's access to one of their colors while also keeping marshal just as castable.

pjeseb on Golgari Super-Aggro

1 day ago

Hello scottHH and nrwinning, thanks for your feedback. I took your advice and swapped Steel Leaf Champion for Jadelight Ranger.

This deck is spilt almost evenly between green and black, so if Golgari Findbroker can't be cast reliably in it then I don't see how it could be cast reliably in any deck with a standard mana-base.

I don't want to run any Field of Ruin because even if I took out Findbroker, our mana requirements are super strict: 4 black one-drops, 4 green one-drops, 8 black-and-green two-drops, and a lot of double-back and double-green. If I absolutely need land destruction I can just use Assassin's Trophy.

Dire Fleet Poisoner is primarily used as a removal spell that's also a creature, so it has synergy with our Nullhide Ferox and Charnel Troll. In an ago deck like this I prefer it over Ravenous Chupacabra because it's more efficient and it's instant-speed, so it's a lot easier go on the beatdown with it when we need to. However, Chupacabra could be the better choice overall; might need to do some testing and see.

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