Trace of Abundance


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Alara Reborn (ARB) Common

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Trace of Abundance

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant land

Enchanted land has shroud. (It can't be the target of spells or abilities.)

Whenever enchanted land is tapped for mana, its controller adds one mana of any color to his or her mana pool (in addition to the mana the land produces).

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Trace of Abundance Discussion

Adamconda on eleMENTAL Tribal

2 days ago

to stay budget, Trace of Abundance for more ramp, you have alot of high cast, Mwonvuli Acid-Moss might be fun as well, if you're lucky you'll find one in a box at a card shop so you wont have to pay the 5$

Darth_Savage on Mana Love

1 week ago

Hi Xeb (star wars rebels reference?)

You really want more forests so you can fully leverage Arbor Elf alongside 2x Voyaging Satyr replacing the Viridian Emissary. The reason for that is Utopia Sprawl or if budget is a concern Fertile Ground and maybe Trace of Abundance note the shroud though, so you can't untap it.

Next Blood Sun it isn't Blood Moon, but you aren't using fetches and it can be a menace to those that are... You also possibly want 2x of Koth of the Hammer in your sideboard as an alternative wincon or maybe the Spreading Algae Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth combo, though not if you decide to run Blood Sun.

ultimateVman on HWRG

1 week ago

Interesting, I'll take more Trace of Abundance into serious consideration. Otherwise the problem with Naya is that she's shroud the moment she comes in seeing as that everything is multicolored, even the nonbasic lands. She would lose her usefulness almost immediately. That is of course unless I'm missing something obvious you're trying to tell me.

TheRedGoat on HWRG

1 week ago

I would argue you need more of Trace of Abundance really. Maybe cut your high end auras out for 2 more?

Since you're not strictly laying a "bogles" style build that plays to be resilient against removal, you should want to emphasis speed and instant value over collective power I'd say. Less lords and more hasty creatures. Or you could run Naya Hushblade and then you really could play like that.

AlphaAuthority on Competitive 5C Constellation

2 weeks ago

SufferFromEDHD first of all, thanks for taking time replying and discussing this with me :) Utopia Sprawl might end up as a dead draw early, and I need early consistency, and the sorc supply that in this instance. Trace of Abundance is super fine, and I probably would never not be able to play it. Only reason I'm not going to shove it in here instead of one of my other 3 ramp spells, is because with Farseek can fetch me shocks and lands are just more reliable. Cultivate gives me to lands, which is better. If I was in need of more ramp, those two have always been my go-to ramp stables though :)

SufferFromEDHD on Competitive 5C Constellation

2 weeks ago

Swapping sorcery ramp out for enchantment ramp in a build like this makes sense. Your mana base is competitive. You run 8 forests plus Prismatic Omen, Utopia Sprawl is another Wild Growth, which you seem to like. Trace of Abundance is 2 mana but 3 colored. You disagree but these are barely restrictions. The sorcery thin your deck but the aura trigger your decks main theme/engine. Something to consider.

SufferFromEDHD on Competitive 5C Constellation

2 weeks ago

Yea, was thinking that. Few other suggestions...

Tutor: Academy Rector

Ramp: Utopia Sprawl and Trace of Abundance

moldycrow83 on In Mists Lain Thick, Monsters Reign

2 weeks ago

Hey there,

Excellent work on the Uril deck! I run one myself and it's a ton of fun. I gotta say, I love the Bear Umbra + Aggravated Assault; need both to keep the juggle going, but good god that's gotta be fun to pull off.

Anyway, here's a few cards you may want to consider!


These are low cmc cards to help get past creatures to trample right through them.

  1. Asha's Favor
  2. Gryff's Boon
  3. Giant Spectacle
  4. Shield of the Oversoul
  5. Messenger's Speed
  6. Mob Mentality
  7. Imposing Visage
  8. Primal Frenzy
  9. Tilonalli's Crown


These I like because they help remove a blocker. Potentially can be chucked considering the amount of evasion and trample, but once and a while someone has something that is worth tapping or preventing from blocking.

  1. Cartouche of Zeal
  2. Grasp of the Hieromancer
  3. Hammerhand


NV_1980 had some good suggestions, as did others. I've got some more :)

  1. Cataclysm
  2. Wildfire
  3. Hull Breach
  4. Destructive Revelry
  5. Destructive Urge
  6. Chandra's Ignition, +1
  7. Razia's Purification, +1


Not sure how you're doing on mana, but it never hurts to get more! Keep in mind utility enchantments help boost Helm of the Gods and others.

  1. Land Tax
  2. Exploration
  3. Fertile Ground
  4. Trace of Abundance
  5. Utopia Sprawl
  6. Wild Growth

Enchantment Protection

  1. Fountain Watch
  2. Sterling Grove

Hope some of the suggestions help. Again, cool deck. Hope you have fun smashing people's faces in!

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