Decimator of the Provinces


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Mythic Rare

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Decimator of the Provinces

Creature — Eldrazi

Emerge 6 (You may cast this spell by sacrificing a creature and paying the emerge cost reduced by that creature's converted mana cost.)

When you cast Decimator of the Provinces, creatures you control get +2/+2 and gain trample until end of turn.

Trample, Haste

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Decimator of the Provinces Discussion

ZendikariWol on Eldrazi Tokens Deck Standard

1 day ago

Get yo self a Decimator of the Provinces, you have a bunch of vanilla creatures with high CMCs. Abuse it. Sac a vanilla guy, shave off 3-6 mana from its cost.

BioProfDude on G/W Exerted cheats (beats zombies!)

1 week ago

Yeah, the more I think about it the more I'm just leaving Decimator of the Provinces in the deck. It's a very good card. If the game goes long, I can indeed get to 10 mana and hard cast it, potentially even for the emerge cost, and get the anthem effect. A 7/7 with trample and haste is a good card. Even if I cheat it in, it's still a 7/7 with trample.

HeavyR, thanks for the clarification (i.e., I was being silly and not knowing how to play this game and you gently helped me understand my mistake) and for the suggestions! I'll consider them as I continue to play test. I think Linvala, the Preserver might be a good "one of" in addition to Ulamog and the Decimator. For now, though, I'll keep chugging with the current deck list and see how it goes.

BioProfDude on G/W Exerted cheats (beats zombies!)

1 week ago

HeavyR, actually, you can use Decimator of the Provinces the turn it is cheated-- it has haste and trample (see text at bottom of text box). That's exactly why I chose the Decimator-- it can come in and attack same turn.

Brood Monitor is good for ramp, but I really don't need that. Otherwise, Just cheat out a 3/3 (and 3x 1/1 scions, quite admittedly), but the overall effect isn't that great. Greenwarden of Murasa (though it doesn't have trample) and Plated Crusher are also fine targets-- thanks for the suggestions. Same with Linvala, the Preserver-- good potential target.

I tried Ahn-Crop Champion in the deck and it just doesn't work quite as well as you might think. I'd rather get a flier for 4 mana, which is why I have other cards I'm also considering (e.g., Gisela, the Broken Blade). I'm also pretty stacked at the 4 mana spot already, and I'm trying to keep the curve fairly "low to the ground" and keep it stocked with more 2 and 3 mana cards.

Djeru's Resolve is definitely better than Synchronized Strike in that it costs less to cast and can be cycled if it's not needed (e.g., if Always Watching is on the battlefield). Also, adding indestructible to a creature is pretty good.

Ya, I know that the cast effects aren't there with Champion of Rhonas, so only 1 copy of Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger (that and I only own 1 copy).

Thanks for the comments!


1 week ago

Points of this deck : budget, consistent, aggro . It's a nice one. Something though, doesn't feel right. I would def cut a card to put in Decimator of the Provinces . it is a game changing card!! . I would also seek some removal. The best i can think in green, is Nature's Way, plus it gives trample and vigilance. Do i have the permission to copy the deck and work on it? xD

+1 for the deck nevertheless. It is pretty nice!

bushido_man96 on Mamma Said Knock you out

1 week ago

I don't know if you can get one or not, but as for lands, a Gaea's Cradle should definitely have a home in this deck, especially since you've got opportunities to abuse Palinchron and Great Whale with Sakashima the Impostor.

You've got some nice cards that take advantage of creatures being the top card of your library, so some library manipulation would be good. I think you might benefit from Sylvan Library, Mirri's Guile, and Soothsaying.

Anger might work better for you than Concordant Crossroads, but either way, to make room for it, I think I'd cut Hardened Scales. Yeah, you've got some creatures that do some nice things with counters, but I'm not sure its going to do that much more for you.

I really like cards like Lurking Predators, and other options like it are Call of the Wild, Zoologist, and to a lesser extent, Game Preserve. If you really wanted to stomp some heads, you'd use the Gaea's Cradle to activate Soothsaying's second ability, get some fatties on the top of your library, and then start bouncing your Palinchron to untap the Cradle to pay for Call of the Wild's ability, and pretty soon, you'll be drawing out the fatties in your library and really messing stuff up.

Cuts: Woodland Bellower - it seems and expensive critter to tutor for a mana-dork or Man-o'-War or something like that. Draining Whelk - not sure it fits well here. I can see how it could be useful, but if there are other options more useful for what you want the deck to do, it could be cut. Maybe that's the spot for Deadeye Navigator. Decimator of the Provinces - I like him, but I'm not sure he's necessary.

These are just my thoughts, so take them for what they are worth there. Remember, I'm recently back into Magic, so I'm relearning a lot, and there's a lot I still don't know about that I missed out on.

One more thing I'll add; with here, you've got access to the best creature tutors available: Worldly Tutor, Natural Order, Defense of the Heart, Survival of the Fittest, Pattern of Rebirth, etc. If you can find some slots to fit tutors into, it can really help to speed you up if you find the deck needing it.

I really like the build here. If I had access to all those sweet Eldrazi, I'd consider it. +1, and let me know how this plays out for you.

I hope all this helped!

osiris2 on Bontu's Glorified Death Triggers

2 weeks ago

I love the Awakening Zone recommendation!!! I will make the change right away! I am hesitant to put in more bombs but I am really intrigued by the Decimator of the Provinces Bone Picker interaction. I will pick up a few and test it out. I also like the Animation Module idea.

Thank you for the recommendations! Really cool synergies you brought to my attention.

pjeseb on Bontu's Glorified Death Triggers

2 weeks ago

Since you aren't running any big Eldrazi, why not use Awakening Zone instead of From Beyond?

Speaking of big cards, with all of the extra mana you are generating, you may want to consider adding some of those. As is, the most expensive cards you have are Bone Picker (which you will most of the time cast for one black anyway) and From Beyond (which can be replaced by the cheaper Awakening Zone.

Some big cards/mana sinks you might consider putting in include Animation Module, Rishkar's Expertise to refill your hand, recovery cards like Baloth Null or Greenwarden of Murasa, or big finisher cards like Decimator of the Provinces (a good emerge sacrifice for the Decimator is your Bone Picker, since the ability looks at converted mana cost).

pytawidmo on Bring Out 'yer Dead

2 weeks ago

Why not get some Evolving Wilds? simplest way to trigger revolt and with most creatures at 2 mana cost it won't slow you down (and will filter some lands out, 24 for a 2 CMC average sounds like too much, imo).

I agree that Nest of Scarabs or at least Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons would work great. Scrapheap Scrounger also seems to fit very well in here.

I would probably consider adding some Baleful Ammit at least as sideboard, for its lifelink.

@TheNotoriousIPD - Decimator of the Provinces actually does not give the +2/+2 trample effect to itself, because it triggers when it is cast, therefore not yet on the battlefield. Still, a decent way to break stale.

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