Genesis Hydra


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Genesis Hydra

Creature — Plant Hydra

When you cast Genesis Hydra, reveal the top X cards of your library. You may put a nonland permanent card with converted mana cost X or less from among them onto the battlefield. Then shuffle the rest into your library.

Genesis Hydra enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

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Genesis Hydra Discussion

solarPULSAR on

5 days ago

Heroic Intervention for board clear / targeted removal protection

Leatherback Baloth for a big body, great value card

Harmonize best card draw in mono-g

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx for devotion / mana ramping. This is a requirement for a devotion deck reliant on ramping.

Utopia Sprawl + Arbor Elf for 4 mana on turn 2

Primordial Hydra or Genesis Hydra or Hydra Broodmaster for more big beaters.

You might wanna consider splashing black if youre intent on making this a +1/+1 scales deck, so you can add Winding Constrictor or Corpsejack Menace. Right now it doesnt look too focused, you should either focus on counters or on making big beaters with trample.

Mono_Land on Bow before My Hydra legions!

2 weeks ago

i feel Mistcutter Hydra would be great in this deck it would be interesting if you added Vigor Doubling Season and maybe Genesis Hydra

RudeCanadian on Ever Growing

2 weeks ago

The thing is I'm making this deck online to later buy and use IRl. The guy I'd be playing against is a ruthless control player that runs a five color legendary dragons/elves/Planeswalker deck(s). I'm talking Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker, Teneb, the Harvester, Kessig Cagebreakers + Wren's Run Packmaster , the Tarkir clan charms (Mardu Charm+Jeskai Charm+Temur Charm...) and the like. This guy is that one MTG player you HATE playing because he just loads his deck with legendary/Mythic cards and wrecks shop.

Anything that doesn't work 100% with this deck is useless, that's why I replaced Genesis Hydra and Foe-Razer Regent with Kalonian Hydra + Managorger Hydra and Cultivate with Nissa's Pilgrimage. Anything less then perfection will get boardwiped with this guy.

TheSpiritombEnthusiast on Age of Hydras

4 weeks ago

Protean Hydra, Genesis Hydra, and Hydra Broodmaster all fit here. Splashing red might be a good idea, as there are some great R/G hydras. Rosheen Meanderer can be added without changing anything. I have a hydra deck myself if you want to take some ideas from it! Good luck! +1 from me.

Argy on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

1 month ago

It's very underwhelming compared with past Hydras.

Stuff like Managorger Hydra and Genesis Hydra.

-Orvos- on Hydra's Menace

1 month ago

Mutant's Prey: for one mana you can use a hydra of yours to kill an opponents creature

Blossoming Defense: hexproof defense or +2/2 offense for 1 mana (there is also Ranger's Guile that is the weaker version of this)

Genesis Hydra: let's you dig into your deck for creature cards that you need

I don't get why you have the life gain in this deck. It slows down your ramp. If its there to keep you alive to play your hydras, just about any Defender with mana generation would do that better. Sylvan Caryatid would be my suggestion.

You also have some mechanics in this deck that to me seem just flashy, or "win more". Corpsejack Menace for example costs 4 to get out. That same 4 mana could be used on a hydra or to get more ramp out. Corpsejack is a late game or commander card in my opinion and you dont want this deck to go too far into the late game.

solarPULSAR on Unstoppable Hydra

1 month ago

I love Cultivate and Rampant Growth, but the truly explosive ramp combo is Arbor Elf + Utopia Sprawl. Asceticism is a great card, but its very expensive CMC wise when you can swap out something instant like Heroic Intervention or Vines of Vastwood or Blossoming Defense. I believe adding the combo of both the protection spells with a faster ramp will improve your deck. Good stuff regardless. Also, Managorger Hydra would be a good replacement for Genesis Hydra which in my playtesting tends to miss or be too expensive to get something worthwhile (7 mana to get Kalonian Hydra, and you cant get Primordial Hydra due to the X mana cost.

zephramtripp on Card creation challenge

1 month ago

Extraplanar Warrior

Creature - Human Warrior


~ gets +2/+2 if you have anything other than a legendary creature or a planeswalker in your command zone.


Make a card that riffs on one of the cards from Magic 2015 that was not made by Wizards, e.g. Genesis Hydra, Aggressive Mining, Goblin Kaboomist, Xathrid Slyblade, Waste Not, Warden of the Beyond, Avarice Amulet, Hot Soup, Spirit Bonds, Yisan, the Wanderer Bard, Ob Nixilis, Unshackled, Master of Predicaments.

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