Felidar Guardian

Creature — Cat Beast

When Felidar Guardian enters the battlefield, you may exile another target permanent you control, then return that card to the battlefield under its owner's control.

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Felidar Guardian Discussion

amhood on 4c Panharmonicon (help)

12 hours ago

Why Elder Deep-Fiend??? It doesn't work with Panharmonicon and this deck seem more of just a Saheeli Rai + Felidar Guardian combo deck. No need for Panharmonicon if that is your end goal. Just seems like you are trying to do 2 things in one deck. Just my 2 cents.

Stephencliffe on Jace, Unraveler of Dynavolt Hulks

3 days ago

I think it's also worth noting that Engulf the Shore might not be very good in standard right now. There are tons of creatures that have ETB effects, like honestly tons of them. Felidar Guardian, the gearhulks, Rishkar, Peema Renegade, Thraben Inspector (revolt is a thing). You'll set them back momentarily, but this isn't a deck that wins in the few turns that their board would be stalled out. So their gonna come back, and it they'll likely have an advantage.

My suggestion is to take out Deadlock Trap. It's a decent card, but maybe only run one of them, if you run any at all. You need more instants and sorcery's to trigger Dynavolt Tower, of which you should have four. I would put in two more gearhulks, because they're freaking gearhulks. Enough said. And I have no idea why you have 3 Aether Hub in a mono colored deck. So maybe change that.

Hope the deck works out for you, have fun at FNM's.

Shad0wRaz0r on Red/Blue (Help!!!)

3 days ago

I do not think you need Saheeli Rai. She does not work that well in an artifact deck like this. If you would like to use her, use her in a copy cat combo deck with Felidar Guardian.If you want to go mono blue artifacts with a Metalwork Colossus and Mechanized Production, condsider taking Padeem, Consul of Innovation. She will give your colossus(i) hexproof as they duplicate to win you the game. If you want to go for a R/B deck with fast artifact aggro, you can look at my RB Artifact Aggro Deck for suggestions. But if you do want to make that deck, then you should probably take Scrapheap Scrounger. It is a powerful aggro card that is very hard to get rid of.I believe that RBU is usually run as a control deck, so I don't think you'll find that many good options for artifacts in these combined colors. From your options right now, it appears that you have either a mono blue control deck to back up a Mechanized Production combo, UB Artifacts, or R/B aggro. You can probably make individual decks from these ideas.

StopShot on How would you order triggered ...

4 days ago

@pskinn01, Could you clarify your answers to each question better? Question 1 and 2 ask whether it occurs before or after. Question 3 also asks before or after and if Animate Dead can still bring back Felidar Guardian. Thanks!

StopShot on How would you order triggered ...

4 days ago

I have three different question for three scenarios that are related with each other.

Question 1: Let's say I have Enduring Renewal on the battlefield along with a creature and a Swamp. I decide to cast Mind Swords for it's alternative cost sacrificing the creature to pay the cost. Would the creature return back to my hand due to Enduring Renewal before or after Mind Swords resolves?

Question 2: Similar to question 1. Let's I have Skullclamp equipped to a creature I control and a Swamp. I decide to cast Mind Swords for its alternative cost sacrificing the equipped creature to pay the cost. Would I draw the two cards from Skullclamp before or after Mind Swords resolves?

Question 3: Felidar Guardian is in my graveyard and I decide to cast Animate Dead targeting the Felidar Guardian. Once Felidar Guardian is on the battlefield I then use its enter the battlefield effect to exile or "flicker" the Animate Dead. If Animate Dead is exiled in this manner would Felidar Guardian be in my graveyard before or after the Animate Dead comes back into play? Would the Animate Dead coming back into play be able to return the same Felidar Guardian back onto the battlefield?

Thank you for the help!

idsivak on Golgari Eldrazi Aggro

4 days ago

Medley The Warping Wail counters sorceries (like Fumigate and Radiant Flames) and exiles 1 power/toughness creatures (Felidar Guardian), so I have them there working double duty against Copy Cat. Unfortunately, it looks like Kozilek's Return is their removal of choice now, so I may need to reconsider it... The Grave Birthing is for exactly that - Kozilek's Return. Three mana to draw a card, create a Scion and exile a Kozilek's Return or Prized Amalgam is a pretty sweet value. It was initially there for U/R Emerge because it scared the death outta me - not sure if Grave Birthing is playable against Copy Cat. And now that I read it, they get to pick to the card to exile... I will be removing it haha. Open to suggestions on the sideboard. :)

Trap7x on Disappearing Torrential Gearhulk

4 days ago

After looking at this deck for a while and reviewing your game day results it looks like you will have some trouble stabalising a board if an opponent runs a low curve deck that can play 2 creatures a turn. IE anyone who can turn 1 Toolcraft Exemplar turn 2 Thraben Inspector and any other 1 drop. trying to catch up on that board with 1 for one removal becomes a hard race against your own dwindling life total, since you're in 3 colors it might be worth main decking the 2x Radiant Flames as a catch all board wipe to stabilize against aggressive decks, so often with 1 for 1 removal you end up behind when the opponent spent less mana for the creature or got some ETB effect or a few damage out of them before they were delt with. for dealing with the Saheeli Rai Felidar Guardian combo you should be alright runing all those maindeck counterspells, providing you play around that possibility when the opponents mana indicates they may be on that combo, if you want it might be worth subbing Shock in for either of your other red dmg spells, the first time Felidar Guardian bounces Saheeli Rai she returns with 3 loyalty they can -2 her to copy Felidar Guardian and you Shock in response targeting Saheeli Rai since Shock can hit players, 2 damage is added to the stack her counters are removed and the board state is checked killing her before the Felidar Guardian copy hits the board to bounce her.

JaysomeDecks on Brago, King Eternally blinking

1 week ago

Arguably the best card you can run in Brago, is Reality Acid. It lets you enchant /any/ permanent, and forces that permanent's controler to sacrifice it whenever the enchantment is bounced with Brago. Then the Reality Acid simply enters enchanting its next victim. This removes lands, indestructible creatures, pretty much anything. And even if they manage to destroy it, they still lose what it's currently enchanting.

Act of Authority let's you keep the board clear of artifacts and enchantments. Because it enters new each time, it's second ability is never required, and you just exile something every turn, for good.

Lavinia of the Tenth locks down your opponents to a large degree. It shuts down their mana-rocks, almost all utility creatures, it's really quite incredible.

Felidar Guardian lets you double the ETB of whatever permanent you want. Just flicker it and Felidar Guardian with Brago, and then again as it and the Guardian enter. Works great with cards like Reality Acid.

Tangle Wire. Early on especially, this can shut down your opponents while you flicker to keep your things untapped. And it's vanishing counters never decrease.

You may also consider running more mana rocks. Especially cards like Basalt Monolith, that become pure value when you bypass their untap cost.

Anyhow, it looks like a really solid deck. I hope some of this helps.

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