Felidar Guardian

Creature — Cat Beast

When Felidar Guardian enters the battlefield, you may exile another target permanent you control, then return that card to the battlefield under its owner's control.

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Felidar Guardian Discussion

Argeaux on Emergency Ban Update: So Long ...

3 hours ago

They normally DO announce all bans at the same time.

The Felidar Guardian ban came down at a different time because it started to dominate the MTGO Standard format right away.

The problem with Felidar Guardian has nothing to do with Haste.

Wizards have already said that they should have made it only able to flicker Creatures.

FhyrDrake on OMG how is this legal!?

3 hours ago

Looks like WotC heard you and put an end to the shenanigans & tom-foolery of the Felidar Guardian x2 combination.


insertcleverid on Day Traders: The official buyout ...

6 hours ago

Felidar Guardian emergency ban, 2 days after announcing no standard ban. As annoying as that is, I'm reading there's opportunities with Aetherworks Marvel, Noxious Gearhulk, Always Watching (which already spiked) and various Zambies.

I don't play standard but I'm pretty skeptical that now is Marvel's time to shine when its already failed to live up to the hype multiple times. Also Gearhulk doesn't deal with vehicles, so I'm hoping some underdogs will pop.

Cragon18 on Vizier of the Negative Counters

6 hours ago

MadMadison crosstiger23 Tremblayk19. Any thoughts on the sideboard now that Felidar Guardian is banned?? It leaves the meta kind of wide open. This deck can do fairly well against Mardu Vehicles, but certainly doesn't win every game, especially when they get a nut draw. R/G Hellbent will likely be a deck so perhaps some cards that fight that? Thoughts are appreciated!

Argeaux on Playgroup After Banning

6 hours ago

DEDmaster your understanding of why Felidar Guardian was banned may not be as comprehensive as you think.

Wizards admitted that the card should only have flickered other Creatures, not any permanent.

That way it wouldn't have infinite comboed with Saheeli Rai, and could have helped you make kittehs.

HolySeadramon on Impacto

7 hours ago

El mazo esta mejor que antes, pero me da la impresion de que tiene como demasiadas cartas que hacen efectos demasiado pequeos. Hoy mismo han prohibido el Felidar Guardian (por fin!!!), asi que al no haber mas combo con Saheeli Rai creo que los Shock se pueden cambiar por dao directo o removal mas potente. Harness the Lightning, Cast Out, Stasis Snare, Incendiary Flow o Hungry Flames son algunas buenas opciones.

No se muy bien que pensar de los cartuchos. Pueden ser muy buenos o muy malos dependiendo de la situacion. Dependiendo de lo que juegue la gente, podria ser que pasasen al banquillo.

Lo mismo le ocurre al Bloodlust Inciter. Robar uno pronto es increible. Robar mas de uno es bastante malo. No se si el numero quizas sea 3 para esa carta, porque por una parte es mejor cuanto mas pronto toca, pero por otra robar varios te deja sin mucho que hacer con ellos.

Creo que al mazo le falta un poquitin mas de gancho. Creo que un tercer Always Watching podria venir bien para dar mas contundencia. Djeru's Resolve es otra carta que no se muy bien que pensar de ella. Si no tienes Always Watching puede servir para enderezar una criatura, pero es otro efectito pequeo mas en un conjunto quizas un poco grande de ellos, y el ciclar casi nunca deberia darte tiempo en un mazo rapido. No estoy seguro de si cabe en el mazo o no. Es otra carta que habria que probarla a ver que tal va.

Un coste 1 que podria valer en el mazo es Thraben Inspector. Por si misma no es muy buena, pero tienes varias cosas que la pueden dopar (Always Watching , Honored Crop-Captain, Consuming Fervor), y te permite robar una carta un poco mas adelante. Es una carta que podrias probar si te gusta ese tipo de efectos, y si no, creo que puedes pasar de ella tambien. De esta tengo a patadas, te puedo dar 4 sin problema, las uses despues o no.

Red_or_Dead on Zombie Pain and Drain

7 hours ago

Since Felidar Guardian is banned, Authority of the Consuls should be taken out of the sideboard and Selfless Spirit should be in its place.

I would also drop a Throne of the God-Pharaoh as it is legendary. Maybe just put another grasp in its place.

Another change I recommend is removing 1 Dusk / Dawn from the sideboard as the match-ups it will excel in will be less frequent than those were having an additional Transgress the Mind, Fragmentize or Selfless Spirit is important.

Venersis on Izzet an Easy Win? Yes.

8 hours ago

Vergil_Redgrail the deck is still in testing, currently im seeing if As Foretold will be good or not, Also since Felidar Guardian was just banned vehicles is likely gonna be more popular so ill adjust the deck accordingly

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