Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Uncommon
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska Uncommon
Ravnica: City of Guilds Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Counter target spell. If that spell is countered this way, put it into its owner's hand instead of into that player's graveyard.

Draw a card.

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Remand Discussion

acht_deck_manager on Evasive Ephara Draw

5 hours ago

Tuning Notes:

  • Requiem Angel (Out) for Restoration Angel (In). Restoration has flash with a flicker effect. Fits the theme better. Requiem's CMC is higher and the second ability (while possibly useful) is arguably unnecessary
  • Vassal Soul (Out) for Wall of Denial (In). Wall is harder to remove, establishes earlier solid blocking against a commander, and can become a viable guardian with an anthem creature or two on the board
  • Latch Seeker (Out) for Mirror Entity (In). Mirror Entity can be a great win condition in this deck.
  • Judge's Familiar (Out) for Venser, Shaper Savant (In). Venser is a better "counterspell" since it always hits in the form of Remand. With plenty of creatures that bounce permanents/creatures back to hand on ETB, and now that I'm adding Crystal Shard, it's nice to have a repeatable Remand. Not to mention his recent reprint in MM17 makes him an affordable option again
  • Murder of Crows (Out) for Thistledown Liege (In). Test playing shows I have plenty of cards in hand. Anthem creature to win faster / make my creatures beefier seems like a better choice. Also the 3 devotion of Thistledown's not bad
  • Invisible Stalker (Out) for Crystal Shard (In). So much utility in the shard for either bringing my own back to hand or making an opponent pay for overplaying their hand. Can slow up aggro decks from early all-out taps to get creatures on the board
  • Uninvited Geist  Flip (Out) for Mist Raven (In). More bounce on ETB effects on a flying body to fit the theme

DHWorlds on Budget Mono U Faeries

16 hours ago

Wow! Nice feedback, thanks for the thoughtful considerations!! I would test Tweeking with the Remand, Vapor Snag and Mana Leak. I really like both remands and Vapor snags, they give you a lot of control over you opponent's drops and can use it to predict movements and such. Mana Leak is a weaker version of Spellstutter Sprite, it get's rid ov something permanently BUT does not swing for 1 or 2. Remember that ninja can also be used to abuse triggers and ETB effects from the Faeries.

-2 Mana Leak-1 Zephyr Sprite

+3 Ninja of the Deep Hours, test it out, give your thoughts, i really think it may be worth it!Thtanks for the feedback :)

TheVectornaut on Does Remand let you go ...

16 hours ago

Here is the relevant ruling on storm: "502.30a Storm is a triggered ability that functions while the card is on the stack. 'Storm' means 'When you play this spell, put a copy of it onto the stack for each other spell that was played before it this turn. If the spell has any targets, you may choose new targets for any number of the copies.'"

When you play Grapeshot or another storm spell for the first time, storm triggers and puts the appropriate number of copies on the stack. Because copies must be countered individually, countering the original spell will not affect any of the copies. Therefore, you are free to Remand the original to your hand and cast it again for more copies. Questions about popular cards like Remand and Grapeshot come up often enough that it may be worth doing a quick google search to find answers before creating a new post. It's probably good practice in general.

Raging_Squiggle on Does Remand let you go ...

16 hours ago

Remand, Grapeshot.

Yes. Remand doesn't counter the storm trigger nor does it counter the copies which the trigger creates. It will essentially "bounce" your original Grapeshot spell back to your hand to cast again, and trigger the storm again.

Rhadamanthus on Does Remand let you go ...

16 hours ago

You can use double square brackets around a card's name to link it. It's the easiest way to make sure everyone reading your question understands what's going on: Remand, Grapeshot

Yes, that works. The Storm ability triggers when you first cast the spell, not when the spell actually starts resolving. Removing the Grapeshot from the stack doesn't do anything to interfere with the Storm trigger (this is why you usually need something like Mindbreak Trap or Flusterstorm to actually counter a Storm spell). The Storm trigger will use the last-known-information about Grapeshot to make its copies.

ghoul_Legion on Made in Heaven

17 hours ago

While card drawing Is usually really, REALLY strong, With miracles I would say it goes on the weak side unless you can draw on your opponent's turn.

Electro is fine because it's an instant, so you can play it on your opponent turn and still pay miracles if needed.

See Beyond seems like the obvious removal choice here. Perhaps Lightning Bolt - Path to Exile Mana Leak - Remand could all work. Perhaps, with the amount of instant-sorcery you are playing Thermo-Alchemist could see some work done as well.

goodluck with your deck

SavageGaul on Esper Salt Mill

1 day ago

Glad to see another Esper Mill player. Here are my thoughts:

I'm amazed that you're having success with just 19 lands! I run 21, with a lower curve and cheaper cantrips, and I still consider myself to be playing with fire by not running 22+. We've got a painful landbase and we benefit from landfall, so don't be afraid to up the land count if it's impacting you negatively. But if it's working for you, keep on keeping on.

Is Extirpate in over Surgical Extraction due to budget issues? If not, I'd make the swap. Split Second can be relevant, but the ability to extract when necessary regardless of mana access is just more widely applicable.

Since you splash white, Ghostly Prison might be an option over Ensnaring Bridge against go-wide decks--Bridge is amazing, but Visions of Beyond cripples it to a degree. If you're against more of the decks that cheat out big goons--especially Emrakul, the Aeons Torn--keep Bridge, and also consider Hide/Seek, which is a little-known card that can turn a nearly unwinnable matchup (Nahiri Control) into a favorable one.

Any reason Mesmeric Orb isn't a 4-of? Since you're more control oriented (and rightfully so), Orb puts in massive work over the course of even a moderately long match. If you take this advice, the first cards I'd look to cut are Breaking/Entering and Tome Scour. Neither is terrible, but Orb puts in so much more work. Fatal Push is also certainly worth considering--it's inferior to Path for our purposes, but in an aggro-heavy meta 4 spot removal might not be enough. I personally run a 4/2 split of Path/Push (check out my deck here: Esper Mill).

Leylines from the side are a nice touch, as are Remands in the main. I personally haven't gone that route, but there's nothing wrong with them whatsoever. Consider a sweeper or two if the go-wide decks really get out of hand in your area. Supreme Verdict and Damnation are both viable.

+1, and good luck to you! I'd welcome any feedback on my own build.

GlistenerAgent on How is scapeshift pairing lately ...

1 day ago

Depends on which variant you are talking about. The blue versions featuring Cryptic Command and usually Bring to Light are very weak, as Cryptic and Remand much worse than they used to be.

RG TitanShift is much better, as it has slightly favorable or even matchups against Eldrazi/Tron decks, as well as being reasonable against Death's Shadow. With the right sideboard cards, that matchup can be very good.

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