Greater Gargadon


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters Rare
Time Spiral Rare

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Greater Gargadon

Creature — Beast

Suspend 10-(Red)

Sacrifice an artifact, creature, or land: Remove a time counter from Greater Gargadon. Play this ability only if Greater Gargadon is suspended.

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Greater Gargadon Discussion

TheRainbowCow on Mardu Tokens

4 days ago

I believe that one of the more powerful aspects of token decks in modern is to make very common mb removal spells such as path, Terminate, Fatal Push, Abrupt Decay, and even Lightning Bolt. I feel that a card like Greater Gargadon somewhat takes away from this dominant aspect. Instead of more non-creature spells to trigger your token producer, the gargadon is a sac outlet that produces a large body that has no protection from the Path to Exile that has been sitting in your opponents hand all game. I really enjoy Mardu tokens, and it is a great deck for so many different directions, and pulling the deck towards more tokens is usually more of my personal style.

metalevolence on Maelstrom Wanderer: Kills 99.9% of Decks!

4 days ago

did a gatherer search of cards with cmc 8 or more for my own amusement

what about Dig Through Time with fetchlands? potentially giving you something to do before you have 8 mana, maybe helping find blasphemous act or something

or even Temporal Trespass, if you manage to play 5 fetches/evolving wilds/whatevers you could actually get an Explore

you could suspend Greater Gargadon and eat your lands in response to your jokulhaups to maybe have a faster clock post-wipe? If you have to kill 3 opponents, this could actually significantly cut down the number of turns they have to rebuild before they die. Maelstrom alone takes 9 swings to kill 3 opponents at say, 30-35 life apiece. Even if you have to wait like 2 turns for the rest of gargadon's counters to come off, it can still cut down that turn count by 2 turns or more.

If you drew gargadon a couple turns before, While maelstrom is swinging 3 times at player 1 and then moves on to player 2, greater gargadon has swung at player 3 four times and killed them.

Zillabrony13 on That'll be one Zirilian dollars, please.

2 weeks ago

More recommendations.

Belbe's Portal. Another way to cheat Dragons into play.

Greater Gargadon. A great sac outlet to keep your dragons from being exiled by Zirilan that eventually gives you a 9/7 beater.

High Market and Rishadan Pawnshop. More ways to keep your dragons from being exiled.

Sword of Feast and Famine, Sword of Fire and Ice, and Sword of Light and Shadow. Aggression, utility, and protection. They cost $20+ for a reason.

Sword of the Animist. Speaking of swords, this sword ramps you and gives you more power on board.

Solemn Simulacrum. Ramps you, blocks early game, and draws you a card when it dies.

Basilisk Collar. Works very well with cards like Balefire Dragon, Scourge of Valkas, and Scourge of Kher Ridges.

Buried Ruin. Gets back an artifact that was destroyed or discarded.

chosenone124 on Can I stack the trigger ...

2 weeks ago

Suppose I control a Young Pyromancer, own a suspended Greater Gargadon, and have a Bitter Ordeal in hand.

Can I cast Bitter Ordeal then stack the triggers such that Young Pyromancer generates a token before the Gravestorm trigger, then sacrifice the token to Greater Gargadon before Gravestorm resolves?

lagotripha on Mardu Crawler (competitive modern league)

1 month ago

Interesting setup. K-command will help with the affinity matchup, but I'm trying to figure out where it'd fit. Personally, I'd swap the scullers for Rotting Rats, freeing up some space with the Faithless Looting self discard for more hand disruption- likely 3 rotting rats, a Nezumi Bone-Reader 2 k-command and 2 thoughtseize in the looting/sculler slots. It might not suit your meta, as you've already cut the higher cost card slots.Eidolon of the Great Revel/Nether Traitor/Shared Animosity/Topplegeist might work more solidly if you're planning on rushing your opponent down before they can react to all the disruption, but its super gimicky and loses out to exile effects.All told, it looks like a really solid attempt at that low cost Dark Confidant/discard aggro archetype, and I can't really suggest any flat upgrades. It feels like it could abuse sacrifice effects, even just to dodge path, but I'm having trouble finding a slot for Greater Gargadon. Really nice setup +1 Keep tinkering.

TheDuggernaught on Help with Modern Mardu Bridge ...

1 month ago

Bridge from Below is a super fun card. However, it has yet to really be exploited in Modern. So I developed a deck which I think does a fair job of doing so: The Hellbringer. It plays sort of like a dredge deck -- without the dredge. But it utilizes discard outlets to get Bridge from Below into your graveyard. You can then start amassing an army of zombos faster than your opponent can play creatures by repeatedly playing gravecrawlers and bloodghasts and sacrificing them to Greater Gargadon, and Viscera Seer. If your opponent blocks a zombo and would die from the combat damage -- or attacks and you block with a zombo (bad for bridge from below), just sacrifice the zombo... thy are disposable anyways, and you can always make swaths more on your next main or fetchland activation.

Speaking of making sure we keep bridge form below in your graveyard, that is why the Path to Exiles and Anger of the Gods are main board. They provide interaction and the exile effects keep Bridge from Below safe. They also rarely effect you as you can just sacrifice your recursive creatures to get them safely into the graveyard (to return again) before they get exiled. Nahiri, the Harbinger is included for similar reasons and she can also help filter and discard Bridge from Below. The extra added win-con of Emrakul, the Aeons Torn can also sneak a few wins that would be otherwise hard to reach -- especially in games 2 and 3 when some graveyard hate might get boarded in.

tl;dr: I am looking for insight. I love the deck as it plays a lot of my favorite cards in a fairly cohesive deck. I have toyed with different iterations of it (mainly with and without Nahiri), and and looking for fresh eyes and thoughts on the deck to make it run smoother. Would adding some actual dredge be beneficial? Maybe I could drop the Nahiri plan and white all together? Would another color be better than white? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Phoenix-2063 on Restore Balance To The Force

1 month ago

bridge doesn't quite suite the deck as it also kills off our win con - Greater Gargadon however Ghostly Prison is an option for sideboard against aggro over Firespout as the tax really stings when you have no land ;)

Alexasmaoao on The Trashmanâ„¢

1 month ago

Collateral Damage and Fling are reasonable cards here. Greater Gargadon would be interesting aswell.

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