Greater Gargadon


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Rare
Time Spiral (TSP) Rare

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Greater Gargadon

Creature — Beast

Suspend 10-(Red)

Sacrifice an artifact, creature, or land: Remove a time counter from Greater Gargadon. Play this ability only if Greater Gargadon is suspended.

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Greater Gargadon Discussion

tikitree on Modern Donations? (v2)

2 weeks ago

For Gottsplitter

WOW, thanks for the really quality post!

I got to say I like your deck you have made, and your post has made me really think long and hard about the recommendations you have given me. So here are my thoughts on all of them.

Relic of Progenitus you are correct about it not being perfect, but it never really caused problems as I would just pull off a donation before triggering the ability, however the first effect on it helped a little with the exile 1. But all in all the main reason I was keeping it in was its draw effect, and as Nihil Spellbomb also has draw I am totally down to add it and see how it plays out at my next FNM.

Terminate and Go for the Throat as stated are mainly here to remove the Abyssal Persecutor, but I cant see me taking them out or changing it to Greater Gargadon for the simple fact of the kill gives me way more survivability. I find that I have enough donation in the deck that I rarely need to use them on Abyssal Persecutor and instead I use it as a kill to take out my opponents shenanigans. So I will not be adding Greater Gargadon but I do have to say I really like that combo and would have never see using it like that, such a good idea though.

Sign in Blood is something I was looking at, however the deck is already tight fitting in all the cards I need for my combos aswell as the cards that let me live long enough to pull off a win. And so there is just no room for Sign in Blood, and as for Street Wraith mostly the same reasoning as Sign in Blood but also it does not really fit the theam and idea of a donation deck.

As for more Fetchlands, I really want to... but that shit is expensive yo, and I am already way over budget for what I wanted to spend on this deck. (100$ was how much I was originally looking to spend, to give you an idea for how over budget this has gotten... but I do have to admit it has been really fun to play.)

Also this deck list is a little out dated after Juppe recommendations I have actually created a V3 of this deck witch I played last night at my local FNM, but after your recommendations I have created a V4 of the deck witch I hope to play next week.

Here is the links as well as the changes between each version.

Deck link: Modern Donations? (v3)

Changes from V2 to V3 Show

Deck link: Modern Donations? (v4)

Changes from V3 to V4 Show

Damn another long ass reply, well hopefully I did not ramble too much and got my point across, if you have any other ideas or recommendations feel free to place a comment and I will get back to you... also I will try and remember next Friday after FNM to make a comment and tell you how the Nihil Spellbomb play out.

Gottsplitter on Modern Donations? (v2)

2 weeks ago

Nice Deck!

I build something alike (but in Casual). Came here for inspiration and got some :-)

Two Things came to mind:

I love your Death's Shadow-Idea. It seems very nice with coil if you find a quick way to fill your graveyard and trade life for something good like cards. Phyrexian Arena fits very well to this plan as does Sign in Blood and the like. Maybe something works with Street Wraith and more Fetchlands.

My Decklist: Grixis Coil Trader

Greetings from Gottsplitter

jwkeel on Starke of Rath EDH

1 month ago

Greater Gargadon or other sac outlets allow you to sac Starke while his ability is on the stack so that you don't have to give him to an opponent.

Philoctetes on Lord of the Flies

1 month ago

Hey there harbingerofduh, thanks for the comment and suggestions!

First of all, very nice deck, I really do enjoy the rock-style choices you've made. There are some similarities with some parts of my own deck, but ultimately we went different directions which is very cool to compare and contrast.

I like the Greater Gargadon suggestion, that is a really nice un-interactable sac outlet for sure. I will consider it, added to the Maybeboard. In regards to Nim Deathmantle, I certainly see some awesome scenarios for it, even in my own metagame where we only allow 5 cycles per turn of a demonstrated infinite loop. I do think it fits better in your deck, trying to grind out the opposition. The card is great, albeit slow, as a value engine, but after some thought on it I don't know if it will be a fit for me.

Fleshbag Marauder and his cousin Merciless Executioner - great cards, which I actually had included in past iterations of the deck, but with so few slots for interaction currently they were tough cuts. I like them as miniature board wipes for sure, there could be a spot for 1 in the future. In that same type of slot would go Shriekmaw, basically creature tutorable removal. It's definitely on my radar as a possible change to make.

harbingerofduh on Lord of the Flies

1 month ago

I've found Greater Gargadon to be absolutely essential in my own Sek'Kuar deck, What the Hell Are Graveborn?, and it's one of my favorite turn-1 plays. It's a great sac outlet, of course, but unlike most sac outlets, it's worth the investment even when you don't have fodder for it because it'll always be counting down to the turn when you get a 9/7 haste creature. Opponents always seem to underestimate just how fast the suspend counters come off once Sek'Kuar is online.

I'm also surprised to see no Fleshbag Marauder, which I've found to be a nice early play to help control the board while setting up. And once Sek'Kuar is online, Marauder is basically free.

epajula on Prossh's Workshop

1 month ago

I like the build, and write-up. +1. You can check out my build at That's so Prossh. I run more of a steal/sac build. I have 9 Threaten effects (3 Creature, 3 Sorcery, 2 Instant, 1 Planeswalker). Then I run 8 sac outlets (Including Prossh). It has been effective so far.

I understand your build is in a slightly different direction, but I would recommend Greater Gargadon, High Market, Bloodghast/Bloodsoaked Champion, Champion of Lambholt/Rogue's Passage, and Fulminator Mage/terastadon to get rid of Maze of Ith lands.

How well does Somberwald Sage, and Fecundity work for you? I've seen both in lists, and always feel like there is a better value card for the slot.

Zaane2 on Marchesa the Immortal Rose

2 months ago

@Jaefarlii I appreciate you linking the credit to me in your description and I'm glad you've gotten Marchesa to a place that you can enjoy. As long as Marchesa is complete, all of my changes and updates will always be displayed here.

For starters, I think that the number of sac outlets you have is completely reasonable. I actually added even more to my list because I realized how heavily reliant I am on having one in play. You can't loop creatures and do shenanigans without a sac outlet, and having more than one in play makes it much harder to stop the value loops. I also stopped counting Sidisi, Undead Vizier and the like as Sac Outlets because they're not repeatable. The value loops only happen if you have one that's repeatable. It appeared that I had a lot more than I actually did because I was counting non-repeatable sac outlets into the total number. Once I added more repeatable ones, my loops became much more consistent.

A few things in that thread are also outdated. I had to cut Grimgrin, Corpse-Born and Greater Gargadon because, while they were fun, they weren't insanely good. As my list has become more and more tuned, I've had to drop things that were more fun than good when looking for space. You can see my current list reflecting that.

Lastly, I wouldn't consider Expedition Map as Ramp. Map acts as Mana-fixing rather than Mana-ramp. However, I do think it's always a good idea to run Map in Decks that really want to abuse Cabal Coffers.

If you need anything else, just let me know.

Mardu_Maniac on

2 months ago

Love that little trick you found here... but why is the Greater Gargadon yellow??

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