Ankh of Mishra


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters Rare
Masters Edition Rare
Classic Sixth Edition Rare
Fifth Edition Rare
Fourth Edition Rare
Revised Edition Rare
Unlimited Edition Rare
Collector's Edition Rare
International Collector's Edition Rare
Limited Edition Beta Rare
Limited Edition Alpha Rare

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Ankh of Mishra


Whenever a land enters the battlefield, Ankh of Mishra deals 2 damage to that land's controller.

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Ankh of Mishra Discussion

chirz2792 on I'm Looking for Enchantments Like ...

2 weeks ago

Manabarbs is one of my favorites. Not really the same as painful quandary but it can really mess up ramp strategies. Same with Ankh of Mishra and Zo-Zu the Punisher.

TogbusPrime on Troll Revenge Deck (Stax)

3 weeks ago

I half agree with zorsmobile, you should add those tutors to the deck, but not at the cost of removing Lili. It seems to me the deck needs more tutors, not less, as it looks pretty inconsistent what with the close to 0 search and no additional draw effects. That said, I agree with those above me who've told you to double down on similar effects as this too will make the deck more consistent.

That said, I've got a bunch of random thoughts for you. First and foremost, Mana Echoes is a one card combo with your general that generates infinite slivers and generic mana. Granted Torpor Orb shuts it down, but you could easily swap it for Echoes. If you're too attached to removing triggers, I'd try and add Hushwing Gryff. Granted, Humility shuts off Echoes too, but that's WAY too important to remove.

Speaking of, did you know man-land layers stack so they retain their power, toughness, and abilities? Seems like they'd help fix your mana AND be a good creature whenever you need one. It's also hilarious with Reverence and Powerstone Minefield. On a similar note, I'd favor things that make it impossible for people to attack you or pay to attack you, like Elephant Grass, Propaganda, Ghostly Prison, Collective Restraint, Norn's Annex, and Sphere of Safety, over fog effects like Spike Weaver as they're constant and not generated by a creature.

And for our next point of interest: land hate. I'd recommend.adding Devastation and Decree of Annihilation to wipe them and cards like Ankh of Mishra, Manabarbs, Citadel of Pain, and, if youre feeling especially sadistic, Storm Cauldron.

Finally, some unrelated suggestions of Wheel of Sun and Moon for longevity and Sundial of the Infinite to really abuse Stax.

All in all, it looks like a fun deck and I hope these helped.

Cerradura on Planning for forcefeed

1 month ago

Nice list you have complied here. Great to see the span this deck theory can reach.I'll try to post to Reddit in the future to have a better hub to brew up the ideas!

A few things that may be worth looking into

Ankh of Mishra
Zo-Zu the Punisher
Tunnel Ignus

To try and go the 'give land' route ( unsure if possible atm )

Either way hope to keep bouncing ideas back and forth!

chirz2792 on

1 month ago

You might want to up your land count. Most EDH decks run between 35 and 40. 32 means you're probably going to struggle with your land drops.

Anyway it looks like you're trying for an aggro punisher type deck. If that's the case then something like Savage Beating and Hellkite Charger would be good for being aggressive. Furnace of Rath is good for more damage doubling. Also Zo-Zu the Punisher; Ankh of Mishra; and Manabarbs are all really good. Price of Glory is good at stopping people from countering your spells and removing your creatures at instant speed. Lastly I'd recommend Chromatic Lantern for color fixing.

Peanut3181 on "Diversity"

1 month ago

Hmm...good list. I like the white good stuff you stuck in here. A card I desperately need is Weathered Wayfarer. I would highly suggest putting in about 35 or 36 land. Maybe include Ancient Tomb in the mix to get the ramp and the 2 damage. I know you aren't all in on Darien but some would be good. Also Ankh of Mishra is hilarious.

I notice you have quite a few early game token produces that are sorceries. Maybe instead put in Mobilization so you can recur the effect? Catapult Master can be pretty sweet as well.

As far as utility goes I would include a bit more ramp and card draw, with your low mana curve I would think it would be likely that you would run out of cards pretty quickly especially if your opening hand curves out decent. But you did say you were gonna build it differently, just some suggestions.

Overall, have fun with it.

MagicalHacker on Please? Can I Give You a Free Hug?

2 months ago

Lol by types of hugs, I just meant like different types of ways to group hug, like making everyone draw cards, or giving everyone tokens, etc.

And by unfocused, I just mean that there's not really a clear synergy or a way for you to use the group hugging to your benefit. For example, if you want to group hug by way of giving opponents creatures and buffing up creatures, then you can capitalize on that by playing a lot of pillow fort (the type that protects you without protecting your opponents).

I think that example makes sense, but since your commander cares about drawing cards and helping more lands enter, maybe capitalizing on when opponents/you draw cards and when lands enter would be the best direction. So I was thinking like Consecrated Sphinx, Mind's Eye, and Psychic Possession to get an advantage from helping everyone draw cards, Lifegift and Shattered Angel to get an advantage from helping everyone draw extra cards, and Ankh of Mishra, Tectonic Instability, and Zo-Zu the Punisher to punish opponents for getting extra lands even though I wouldn't run punishing cards in a deck like this.

I do notice a few cards related to triggering when you draw cards, and I think those are fantastic. Three other ones are Horizon Chimera, Moonring Mirror, and Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind.

If you want to abuse those cards, I could suggest a subtheme of wheels, but those arent really group hug cards.

In conclusion, my suggestions regarding focusing the deck are to cut any group hug card that doesn't help your opponents draw cards or get more lands out and add cards that give you advantages when they do that. If you have more room, maybe add more cards that help opponents get more lands out or draw more cards.

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Kaervek Punishes Their Excess

3 months ago

Dictate of the Twin Gods is a powerful sidegrade to Furnace of Rath; flashing it in at the right time could win you the game, cating your opponent at a disadvantage.

Phyrexian Arena ought to be included for extra card advantage. There aren't too many ways for Rakdos colors to draw extra cards, plus it goes with the enchantment subtheme.

Too many lands: Polluted Bonds, Manabarbs, Zo-Zu the Punisher, Ankh of MishraToo many creatures: Mogis, God of Slaughter, Decree of Pain, Archfiend of DepravityToo much card draw: Underworld Dreams, Sire Of InsanityToo much lifegain: Tree of Perdition, Tainted Remedy, Erebos, God of the Dead, Sulfuric VortexToo much tutoring: Ob Nixilis, Unshackled, Stranglehold

Vandalblast is probably worth mainboarding; very few EDH decks don't utilize powerful artifacts, or at least tons of mana rocks.

Unlife on Land Hate help (4 color)

4 months ago

I've decided to build a non group hug deck with Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis. I want to help my opponents ramp while simultaneously dropping land hate that makes them suffer the more lands they play, things such as Ankh of Mishra, Burning Earth and Zo-Zu the Punisher. What other land hate cards are there I could run? I'm looking for about 14-18 for the deck.

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