Ajani's Chosen


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Rare
Magic 2014 Rare

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Ajani's Chosen

Creature — Cat Soldier

Whenever an enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, put a 2/2 white Cat creature token onto the battlefield. If that enchantment is an Aura, you may attach it to the token.

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Ajani's Chosen Discussion

SynergyBuild on Blue Pill: Turn 3 Combo **Primer**

3 weeks ago

The trick is to not play Aether Vial at all. That is where we went off track xD

Political Azorius is a bit less of a joke. It uses rule 104.4b and breaks normal gameplay. It is the most confusing deck I have seen, but I will break it down.

It uses 2 main combos, Ajani's Chosen and Enchanting Evening, as well as Pariah and Stuffy Doll, the trick is to ask your opponent not to attack you, so every game, you get a draw and both win. Ajani's Evening combo can kill with Blasting Station, and the Pariah Doll can with naming the opponent with Pariah. They both can also draw. If Ajani's Evening activates without Blasting Station, the game is a draw. If Pariah named the owner of the Stuffy Doll, and Stuffy Doll is dealt damage, it is a draw.

The deck draws the first two games, gaining trust, and then switches the combos on the third round, right as the combos go off, and then they win. They gain trust by revealing their hand the first game and explaining the combos. The third game they go hold their cards a bit higher and get a bit more mana, then they win. It is a mean, in fact sometimes a cruel way to win.

The deck is political, and so they can simply draw every game if they want, or be combo every game. It is up to them.

GoodLuckGuy on CP#12 Kambal with Your Life

3 weeks ago

Part Two

You gotta run Phyrexian Arena, you just gotta. It's too good to not run. Bloodgift Demon also has this ability, but on a big ol' beat stick; it's crazy value for 5 mana.

Greed is a better version of Erebos' already very strong activated ability.

Tamiyo's Journal can be pretty great in a slower matchup, the utility of choosing to draw or tutor makes it good in multiple different scenarios.

Crawlspace totally stops go wide strats, which I would think this deck could have trouble dealing with otherwise. Ensnaring Bridge can similarly make you hard to attack, and having both out makes you practically unassailable.

Having No Mercy in play means your opponent can only really ever afford to attack you with lethal damage if at all.

Also you should throw in a Kor Haven, it's just a crazy good land.

Ajani's Chosen and Sigil of the Empty Throne reward you with tokens for doing what this deck is already doing.

Ethereal Armor lets you finish strong with one creature, no matter which one it is.

Torment of Scarabs and Painful Quandary put constant pressure on your opponent's resources, these can allow you to focus entirely on defending yourself as your opponent slowly erodes away.

Sorin Markov does so much here, particularly setting your opponent to 10 life, meaning if Kambal is out, they can only cast up to 4 more non-creature spells before dying.

Ward of Bones can lock your opponent out of playing creatures, and because of your pin-down auras, what creatures they do have out may be worthless.

BONUS: Grand Abolisher stops all sorts of counterspells and insant-speed nonsense.

Rurara_Rahura on Diplomatic Immunity

1 month ago

Thanks MrSilk, I'm glad someone is having as good a time as I do with this deck.

Your alterations are all great. The main reason my version is composed this way is mostly due to the time that I chose to build it. Then, Beseech the Queen was a little difficult to get my hands on because it hadn't yet been reprinted. On top of that, the only reason I'm not running Fiend Hunter + Reveillark is because they didn't exist until several months later.

I originally had three Scour in the deck but I moved them to the sideboard and eventually they fell out of rotation. Since I picked up the Snow-covered basic lands though, I may sneak it back in. Basically, the deck plays a very hard game and I was getting a lot of guff for gutting people's decks.

I'm sure the reason people are not as threatened by Ajani's Chosen + Enchanted Evening is because they've forgotten the horror that is the Shadowmoore block, lol.

Pariah + Stuffy Doll is meant as a back-up. I can only think of one game I've played that it was absolutely necessary, wherein a player removed all my Enchanted Evenings from the game. So Stuffy Doll threatened a draw until I could find three Oblivion Ring to manually kill them. My Stuffy Doll plays are often on turn 5 when I don't have Enchanted Evening.~~~~~

In regard to your questions:1, There are exactly 33% lands in the deck. This is for my comfort mostly, but if you're using the deck in an online game then that may be the issue. Most shuffling algorithms will shuffle far better than we might by hand so the land-to-non-land ratio can get sidelined. I can't guarantee that this will fix it, but you can try to pair down the following cards to three copies each: Stuffy Doll, Echoing Calm, Oblivion Ring, Pariah. If your composition is still similar to my version then that would give you about 40% lands, which I consider to be "flooded" lol.

If you're not using it online then the above suggestion could still work, but I would just spend some extra time shuffling between games.

2, The best opening hand in my opinion is:Angel's Grace (or Providence), Blasting Station, Pariah, Ajani's Chosen, two Plains and a Swamp. With this composition you have an equal probability (7% + 0.2% per card drawn) to draw into either Stuffy Doll or Enchanted Evening.

During the game you only have two options every turn. Either A, Continue with your own plan and get closer to finishing the combo you want; or B, Disrupt your opponent's plan by removing one of their important permanents. If you are doing either of these things then you're on the right track, but don't get discouraged if you have to keep spending your turns on dealing with your opponent because the more turns you spend the higher probability that your winning draw is on the next turn.

On turn 5, if you don't have a complete combo (given the opening hand in this example) then you should have just under 20% probability to draw what you need and anything you draw that isn't part of the combo can be used to control the field, save your lifepoints, or tutor for the missing piece.

Beyond turn 5 your focus should be on disrupting your opponent. So hold on to Angel's Grace as long as possible and concentrate on removing threats. Do not hesitate to throw Pariah on one of your opponent's creatures if you're in the shit. That one enchantment has saved me more times than any other card in the deck!

In the future I'm going to improve this build with a set of Inquisition of Kozilek for sharper removal. So use those if you have a few copies and your first three turns should be very comfortable.

MrSilk on Diplomatic Immunity

1 month ago

Hey, so I've been play testing this deck a LOT.

I've made a few (not many) changes to my version and am looking into resolving a few issues.

So for my version I side-boarded 1x Diabolic Tutor and replaced it with a Beseech the Queen simply because of the mana cost.

I also side-boarded 1x Echoing Calm and replaced it with a Scour and also side-boarded another scour. This is mostly because I want to destroy all basic lands in my opponent's deck with the Enchanted Evening combo and I also have a few friends that play Relentless Rats decks that this would basically be a wincon for. I figured I could tutor for the Scour if need be.

I've also side-boarded Reveillark and Fiend Hunter to use as a backup to the Cataclysm Engine combo as they create the same infinite combo for Blasting Station and at one less mana cost. I've won a few games by putting these guys in and side-boarding the 4x Ajani's Chosen and 2x Enchanted Evening, people don't seem to feel as threatened by this combo as the other one.

Now, my really only issue with this deck so far is that it seems to be very slow (or at least there is something I'm failing to understand) The Pariah+Stuffy Doll combo is godlike, but Stuffy Doll requires 5 mana and Pariah another 3, so that means turn 6 is like the earliest I can get this combo out IF I don't miss a mana drop.. Is there something I'm missing there?

Mana has been really the biggest issue for me so far, especially getting Stuffy Doll and Enchanted Evening out.

My questions for you are:

1.) How do you get past the slow mana state that I seem to be running into?

2.) Could you go through what you'd consider your perfect game, turn by turn? Like opening hand with certain cards/lands up until you get the Cataclysm Engine out? I'm just looking to sync with your thought process.

I'm definitely in love with this deck's play-style and I'm looking to take it to competition and/or make it as competitive as possible. Thanks for your insight!

KingMathoro on Selesnya Harvest

1 month ago

Alrighty then. For starters I think you are too concerned with mana fixing. In my experience in playing many games of commander what you have is straight overkill. So I would ditch the panoramas and the Warped Landscape, the Transguild Promenade, Shimmering Grotto, Rupture Spire, the Manalith, and Selesnya Keyrune. You really won't need them. I would replace the lands with basics/ and lands like Fortified Village,Canopy Vista, Temple of Plenty, Temple Garden, Selesnya Guildgate. And then for the Manalith and Keyrune drop them for Kodama's Reach and some other enchantments that I will mention below. You will probably want to run as few artifacts as possible for an enchantress build also. I say this because of one of the recommendations that I have. And now onto the card recommendations

First off for the 11 missing cards I will recommend the following as options (emphasis on options, some of these are pricey which is why so many options): Solitary Confinement, Sylvan Library, Exploration, Open the Vaults, Replenish, Green Sun's Zenith, Worship, Ajani's Chosen, Enlightened Tutor, Eternal Witness, Commune with the Gods, Blind Obedience, Authority of the Consuls, Eladamri's Call, Abundant Growth, Utopia Sprawl, Witchbane Orb , Ground Seal, Grand Abolisher, Nyx-Fleece Ram, Sigarda, Host of Herons, Nylea, God of the Hunt, Heliod, God of the Sun, Seal of Cleansing, Kismet, Soul Snare, Sigarda, Heron's Grace, Courser of Kruphix, Prison Term, Starfield of Nyx, opalessence, Overgrowth, and lastly Stony Silence. Stony Silence is a powerful card that excels in commander. Although at the cost of your artifacts activations. I personally like it for an enchantress build. And remember I am not saying that these are end all be all cards but they are in my experience very useful. And since you have options you can just pick and choose what you like and don't like

I also have some ideas for things you should cut from the deck. Things like Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip, yeah she's cool and all but she doesn't really fit well with the deck and she can die easily and that can be a hassle. Another card which I would cut is White Sun's Zenith, it takes a lot of mana just for some kitty cats and I it does not perform that well in general. Another card I feel is under performing is Archetype of Endurance, personally Asceticism is better if you are concerned about that. And lastly I feel torn about Celestial Archon. I feel like he has potential but I am uncertain.

Ok that is all I have to say! I think anyways... regardless take some time and think about what it is you want to do with what I have recommended. Of course as always the final choice is yours. Please tell me your thoughts after you have mulled it over!

Rurara_Rahura on Diplomatic Immunity

1 month ago

Thanks for the kind words.

The reason that cats keep entering the battlefield is because Enchanted Evening causes them to enter the battlefield as Creature-Enchantment, it also causes lands to enter the battlefield as Enchantment-Land, and anytime an Enchantment enters the battlefield Ajani's Chosen creates a token. So Enchanted Evening allows Ajani's Chosen to feed it's own ability.

reeljazz7 on See Here Meow

1 month ago

Have you thought about adding Enchanted Evening for an infinite tokens combo with Ajani's Chosen? If you do, make sure you have some way to interrupt the combo or you'll end up in a draw.

Some other cards I think might work well here are, Honor of the Pure, Brave the Elements, Oketra's Monument, and maybe Whitemane Lion.

If you want a Planeswalker or two, I'd suggest, Ajani, Caller of the Pride or Ajani Goldmane.

Auriel on Bruna Transform!!!

1 month ago

I have a Bruna deck as well and some cards I find very helpful are Kor Spiritdancer, Starfield of Nyx, Hero of Iroas, Ajani's Chosen, Enduring Ideal, Celestial Mantle, Sphere of Safety is almost a must run until you can get her going, Nomad Mythmaker, Winds of Rath. Bruna can be removed and if she is it's important to have backups!

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