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Pauper Metagame Cube

By arekdahl

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I've never actually drafted a Pauper or Peasant cube, but it's something you hear a lot about. Being a Pauper player, I had assumed these cubes were mostly Pauper constructed staples. I was disappointed to find they were generally more like most cubes and contained archetypes that were common in limited formats.

This cube aims to have players draft Pauper constructed decks for the most part, or maybe find some fun interactions between different decks for a new brew. I'm going to try and stick with the singleton restriction, but I may have to bend this rule for decks that rely on having more than one of a card, not just for consistency but to actually make them work. (Artifact lands for Affinity/Urza Lands for the Tron decks, Squadron Hawk, etc). We'll see how things go and edit as needed.

The cube is now in a "beta" phase. The following decks/archetypes are supported -

Mono Green Stompy Mono Blue Delver Burn Goblins Mono Red Sligh Mono Black Control White Weenie Mono White Soldiers Izzet Blitz Izzet Control Dimir Control/Teachings Turbo Angler Elves Selesnya/Naya Slivers Mono White/Boros/Selesnya Tokens Kuldotha Boros Golgari Tortured Existence Affinity RUG/5C Tron Bogles Domain Zoo B/W Midrange Grixis Control

Obviously these are the "established" constructed decks in the list, and many of these share cards that are a 1-of in the cube. There are also other possibilities not listed here as with any limited format.

Currently the only cards that have multiples are - 2x each of the Tron Lands 3x each of the artifact lands 4x Squadron Hawk.


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Date added 1 year
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