Two-Headed Sliver


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral (TSP) Common

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Two-Headed Sliver

Creature — Sliver

All Sliver creatures have "This creature can't be blocked except by two or more creatures."

Two-Headed Sliver Discussion

Darth_Savage on Karma

8 months ago

One way to look at this is; assuming you have made your land drop each turn, then on turn 3 you could have 3 mana available. On turn 3-4 there is around a 50% chance you draw Karma anyway, assuming it wasn't in your opening hand. if you cast Night's Whisper then you still have 1 mana, so there are other things you can do that turn, like play a creature. If you cast Idyllic Tutor you have 0 mana available. Just looking for a card in either scenario doesn't change anything other than your hand, the tutor isn't even card advantage, just replacement, you want to be able to cast something that same turn, which effects the board state, or you have done what amounts to nothing. Let me try and illustrate:

You play Weathered Wayfarer / Your opponent Striking Sliver

You play Marsh Threader / Your opponent Predatory Sliver

You play Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Idyllic Tutor / Your opponent Sinew Sliver

You play Karma / Your opponent Two-Headed Sliver

Your opponent on turn 4 can swing with 3x 3/3 first strike, menace creatures, you can block one of them. Now it isn't just Slivers that can build that sort of presence; Humans, Elves, Spirits, Zombies, Merfolk and others can all do it. You will take 6 damage, next turn your opponent takes 8 damage, but so do you on your next turn. Unless you draw Wrath of God you will lose. Modern is loaded with aggro decks which kill on turn 4 or 5, heck I play one Power 4 is Ferocious a Hollow One offshoot.

You need either life gain Sovereign's Bite , damage prevention Intervention Pact , removable lands (already mentioned) or a way of avoiding losing the game. You also need to realise that the only life that matters is the one from 1 to 0... So avoiding losing the game, Phyrexian Unlife + Solemnity essentially with these both in play, you can't lose the game for having 0 life and you can't get poison counters. The thing is the best enabler for a deck so heavily in need of enchantments is probably Commune with the Gods , oddly green also has swampwalkers and ways to search up lands.

I'm going to finish off here, as I've written more than I intended...

scapegoat_tom on 5C Fetchless Slivers

8 months ago

Darth_Savage I've finally managed to put this deck together IRL and will start playing it soon. I will hold off on accepting or passing on your suggestions until I've had some real world results. That said I do already happen to have a play set of Sidewinder Sliver and a couple of Two-Headed Sliver in a binder so if I do make the switch it will be quick and painless.

SaltyCaptain on Modern Slivers

8 months ago

Darth_Savage I appreciate the input! In my last comment I talked about the Hivelord and Sliver Legion being overkill, I considered them and for a bit had the Legion in my sideboard, but the card costs ~$50 and isn't an essential thing. I also brought up my main Modern deck, Merfolk, and how the two remind me of Master of Waves and how they're either a "I already have lethal/more than enough on board" card or a "crap I needed another merfolk lord or something else because I'm in a tight spot" card and there's no in between without expending all mana and leaving yourself vulnerable to removal/etc spells. Two-Headed Sliver isn't bad and I've considered it, but there's so many 2 CMC slivers I need out as well, that being said it was a card I heavily considered and will playtest/order and play with to see how it feels and make a final decision. Sedge Sliver I've also looked at, but the biggest cause for me not to is manabase. It's only a guarantee if you get Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth out unless I really rearrange my manabase around, and I feel as though that would throw stuff off quite a bit. I think my manabase is in a pretty good spot as of right now. Speaking of which, Ancient Ziggurat was actually in mainboard and I playtested it for a while, but the biggest problem is counter/removal spells. A lot of times when playtesting I was doing okay on mana with a Ziggurat on the board, but on T2 or T3 I can't even play a Mana Leak , Spell Pierce or otherwise because even though I could play another Sliver, chances are my other 1 or 2 land(s) wouldn't be blue and I would essentially be manaless for counterspells, which makes me 1) vulnerable and 2) kind of at a loss for even putting Mana Leak , or even a Spell Pierce or Swan Song in for counters, and would basically be like having dead cards unless it came to maybe T4 or later which usually I've already missed what I needed to counter or don't really have much on board. Throne of the God-Pharaoh looks like a really interesting play, idk how much use it would be but I had never heard/seen the card before and will most likely end up picking up 1 or a couple copies of the card and playtesting it in heavily to see how useful it is. With my modern dragon's deck ( I ordered pretty much every modern legal dragon (or numerous copies) because they were all SUPER cheap and just built the deck and would play my friends decks with it to see how this felt, how that felt, and then adjust lands/creatures/etc. until it felt about as consistent as a dragons deck would/could be in Modern. THANK YOU!!!!

Darth_Savage on Anointed Procession Deck with Cats

9 months ago

The scenario you are describing is literally why I don't like Idyllic Tutor and is a perfect example of board state...

You play Sacred Cat Your opponent Striking Sliver

You play Sylvan Caryatid Your opponent Predatory Sliver

You play Idyllic Tutor Your opponent Sinew Sliver

You play Anointed Procession Your opponent Two-Headed Sliver

Now it isn't just Slivers that can build that sort of presence; Humans, Elves, Zombies, Merfolk and others can all do it. If it played out in a similar way to above then I'm sorry, essentially you spent 2 turns doing nothing. It isn't that your opponent got lucky, searching for Anointed Procession in that scenario wasn't a good choice. Had you used Commune with the Gods on turn 3, you are likely to have found another creature and choosing the creature over Anointed Procession would be the correct play in the above scenario, assuming you can cast that creature this turn or next.

Welcome to Modern, you can and will die on turn 4 or 5. As I've said previously your deck isn't really built around Anointed Procession, it's a cat tribal deck, which happens to play it, so you can generate multiple 4/4s with double strike. As you experienced though, turn 4 can be decisive Anointed Procession doesn't do anything for you until turn 5, if you are in a position to generate a token...

Darth_Savage on Modern Slivers

9 months ago

The two that stand out to me as missing are Two-Headed Sliver (menace) and Sedge Sliver (+1/+1 if you have a swamp), of the two Two-Headed is the more important to add, since if you wanted more, unconditional pumping you could use Metallic Mimic .

Eldritch Evolution could get you to the mana cost for Sliver Hivelord or Sliver Legion , which are modern legal, but are probably overkill. A more interesting plan would be Throne of the God-Pharaoh , you would need to cut Sentinel Sliver for it to make sense though...

Hope this was of help, have fun brewing your deck.

Darth_Savage on 5C Fetchless Slivers

9 months ago

The only change I'd make is Sentinel Sliver to Two-Headed Sliver and Striking Sliver to Sidewinder Sliver, I think menace and flanking are probably more relevant than vigilance and first strike. Honorable mentions Metallic Mimic and Throne of the God-Pharaoh could work. Hope this helps, have fun brewing your deck.

Darth_Savage on Sliver Beat Down

9 months ago

Fun fact Sinew Sliver, Two-Headed Sliver and Sidewinder Sliver might be old but they are modern legal and honestly preferable to Thorncaster Sliver or Megantic Sliver. A good sideboard sliver would be Harmonic Sliver for obvious reasons. I'd also suggest Metallic Mimic, Throne of the God-Pharaoh and a couple of copies of Unclaimed Territory could be good.

Hope this is of help, have fun with your brew.

LVL_666 on Slivers... Because someone has to be that guy

1 year ago this is a pet peeve of mine so take it worth a grain of salt but -always make your deck description as detailed as possible. As I'm looking at your deck and what you wrote here my only guess is that your game plan is to swing wide, and swing often. However, your deck doesn't seem to exactly have alot of focus to that end. You include some slivers with parasitic mechanics and/or (in my opinion) don't function well when there is only a "one of":

These Slivers are bad inclusions in an EDH deck because their abilities don't have much direct interaction with the other creatures in your deck. Additionally, when there is only one copy of them out on the battlefield their presence doesn't really make much of an impact - case in point Frenzy Sliver. With only one in play, your Slivers will only deal +1/+0 if they get through. That's it. If you had 4, that changes dramatically to +4/+0 - forcing the opponent to always block if possible. Can you honestly say that there is a situation where you would want to tutor for one of the previously mentioned creatures? Again, this is all my own opinion - but I would cut these Slivers for additional spells or permanents that could support you, but more on that later.

The inclusion of non-slivers is a bad choice given your commander. Overlord is designed to enable you to tutor for whatever answer you need. If that answer isn't a Sliver and is a creature - then what's the point of having Overlord as your commander? Speaking of lack of inclusions - why not have Amoeboid Changeling? It's a Sliver, and it interacts directly with Overlord's 2nd ability enabling you to steal enemy commanders. That's more of a control oriented play, but is a Overlord staple.

I'm starting to think that maybe you should swap out commanders for ether Sliver Hivelord or Sliver Legion. Your deck, as it is currently built seems to support a more aggro playstyle - which is completely viable within Slivers. Including the previously mentioned, I would cut the following cards:

Now, what cards do I think you could use?:

Sorry to write you a whole book lol, but those were my thoughts. Please let me know what you think and when your tournament is. I look forward to your response! Also, here's a +1 for you!

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Two-Headed Sliver occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%