Mutagenic Growth


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition (MM2) Uncommon
New Phyrexia (NPH) Common

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Mutagenic Growth


( can be paid with either or 2 life.)

Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn.

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Mutagenic Growth Discussion

Squirrelbacon on Infect

5 days ago

Hey there, if your store runs a lot of events, they should have a few bulk or dollar boxes, so I'm going to throw several cards at you real quick for infect!

Might of Old Krosa --> Probably the hardest card to find in a store on this list, but just super powerful.

Groundswell --> Second most difficult to find, and definitely better with fetchlands, but still a very effect card in any infect list.

Blossoming Defense --> This is probably the easiest card to find here. Pump + Utility is amazing in infect. Protect a dude and kill a player? I like it.

Vines of Vastwood --> I swear my store has an infinite number of these...

Mutagenic Growth --> This card is insane! Please try to get more.

Become Immense --> If you find them, I'd only get one. Without fetchlands and a TON of cheap spells, it'll be hard to cast. If cast though, it's a game winner.

Shapers' Sanctuary --> Great sideboard card for infect.

Might of the Masses --> Probably the least effective/variable card on this short list, but for budget reasons might be worth a shot.

Best of luck!

Zarathoustra on Mono-Red Prowess

1 week ago

I also run Insult in my mono red burn deck, it is insanely powerful if you can suspend Rift Bolts the turn before you play it. But I wouldn't run 4 of them, 3 is enough since it will end the game in most cases.

If you want to maximize the double damage effect, I may suggest Quest for Pure Flame, it is real fast to trigger.

You already have solid creatures and 12 is fine, but maybe you should consider Guttersnipe, which I also run in my deck (Guttersnipe's Burning Rage). With Insult on, he will shoot for 4 damage 2 or 3 times a turn...

I agree with previous comment, Thud would be a nice addition if you wanted to throw Kiln Fiend over your opponent's defense... but as you say, the question is : do you want to physically hit your opponent, or burn him down from distance ? Thud would fit nicely in the second case because you wouldn't need many creatures on board, not so much in the first one where you would have to add more of them.

Mutagenic Growth may be removed if you go for the burn option, and replaced by some spell like Lava Spike or Magma Jet.

+1 !

SliverKing815 on “Before Damage” instants and graveyard

2 weeks ago

always let buff spells resolve before playing another. in this particular case, if you try to cast Mutagenic Growth and then immediately follow up with Become Immense, your opponent can then just Lightning Bolt your creature away before either buff has a chance to resolve. furthermore, these 2 buffs only get your Glistener Elf to 9 power.

cdkime on “Before Damage” instants and graveyard

2 weeks ago

You can do this.

After blockers are declared, the active player gains priority - this means you can cast any spells or activate any abilities you can legally use. In this case, Instants can be cast.

You start by casting Mutagenic Growth, and pass priority to your opponent. They may cast/activate in response. On everyone passes priority, the spells on the stack resolve, last one in, first one out.

The final stage of an instant or sorcery’s resolution is being put into the graveyard.

Once a spell resolves, you, as the active player, gain priority and can cast another spell. Here, your Mutagenic Growth resolved and is now in the graveyard. You can now pay the cost for Become Immense, allowing you to cast it.

msmahaj722 on “Before Damage” instants and graveyard

2 weeks ago

Currently I’m attacking with Glistener Elf. There are 4 cards in my graveyard and 1 forest untapped on the battlefield.

Before damage I cast Mutagenic Growth on Glistener Elf by paying 2 life. Will I be able to follow up the Mutagenic Growth with a Become Immense considering I would need 5 cards in the graveyard? Or would Mutagenic Growth and Become Immense go to the graveyard at the same time? And this is all before damage. Attackers and Blockers have all been declared.

Rushsilver on UR Nivmagus Instants (Vers. 2)

2 weeks ago

ok SO it's looking better, but definitely still needs some changes. Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like you're new to competitive modern and deckbuilding (no offense intended. I built a lot of bad decks before I built any coherent decks) so I'll go back to a little bit of the basics l. The sideboard should NOT be cards that just aren't good enough to be in the mainboard. All sideboard cards should be for making certain matchups better. For example, Kiln Fiend and Nivmagus Elemental being met with an opposing Fatal Push, Lightning Bolt, or Path to Exile can be game-losing. To prevent this from happening, sideboard cards like stubborn denial, spell pierce, and apostle's blessing work great! Many of the cards in your sideboard don't perform that duty (desperate ritual, Mutagenic growth). Stubborn Denial is a great card but apostle's Blessing is better in your deck; I would have 0-2 in the mainboard and 1-2 in the side (Apostle's Blessing is pretty amazing as a 1 or two of mainboard due to the fact that it deflects removal and makes the creature unblockable to the chosen color). Also, the omission of Mutagenic Growth is definitely a mistake. It's a free spell which is exactly what your deck wants. Easy 4 of. Manamorphose is a must-have for the same reason. Crash Through and Warlord’s Fury are ok since they draw a card, but Distortion Strike is way better and basically draws you a card since it's 2 in 1. You have too many creatures too. Guttersnipe is too much mana, Soul Scar Mage and Swiftspear are too many creatures. Kiln fiend is your best card, so not having 4 is weird. Thing in the ice, Nivmagus, and Kiln fiend should be your 12 creatures.

tonjonas on Paradoxical Mentor

2 weeks ago

Maybe Apostle's Blessing or Mutagenic Growth, but I dont like any of those in maindeck. Any suggestions?

Boza on Opinions on my first legit ...

3 weeks ago

The creatures and spells do not match up - niv magus wants you to have a lot of spells, even if they are copies, while guttersnipe/enigma drake want you to cast spells even outside of combat, while kiln fiend benefits you for casting spells right before or during combat. I would stick to one plan:

  • If you want a good kiln fiend deck, kick the other dudes, add Monastery Swiftspear and Mutagenic Growth and win in one big and fast attack.

  • If you want to be meticulous and controlling, add 4 Young Pyromancer and 4 Thing in the Ice  Flip and kick out every non-guttersnipe creature and focus on those.

  • If you want to be an even faster combo deck, add niv magus to a storm deck shell and play some large Ground Rift to eat with elemental and attack for the win.

Doing a middle-of-the-road thing just makes every strategy weaker.

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