Mutagenic Growth


Not legal in any format

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Mutagenic Growth


( can be paid with either or 2 life.)

Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn.

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Mutagenic Growth Discussion

Catalog9000 on Card creation challenge

20 hours ago

Jodah, Eternal Completion

Legendary Creature - Preator Wizard

Flying, Infect

You may pay rather than pay the mana costs for spells you cast.

Whenever you pay life in place of mana for a spell's casting cost, you may deal that much damage to target creature.


So the higher casting cost and extra colors offsets the ability to pay for it outright. The second ability also allows for a decent burn package. This turns spells like Dismember and Mutagenic Growth into powerhouses.

Let's do the reverse. I'm curious as to what the five Preators would have looked like before their completion. I'm not 100% up to date on that story so idk if they even existed pre-oil or not.

So take your favorite one and uncomplete it.

We don't have to make this a cycle. I know you guys hate those.

greySynapse on D's - Pauper Dimir Control ( NEED HELP )

1 day ago

I'd remove Bump in the Night to help your deck focus on protecting your creatures and getting more creatures into your deck altogether.

Damage from Psychic Venom can be ignored by low CMC decks like Burn and U/R Delver which can play off their other lands or MBC which mitigates life-loss with Gray Merchant of Asphodel.

I'd cut those 6 and bring in: 4th copy of Vapor Snag, 3 copies of Mutagenic Growth to protect your creatures from burn and get in for more damage, 2 copies of Elusive Spellfist which has a mini-prowess effect and becomes unblockable when you play any non-creature spell that turn.

Since you're playing U you have access to cards like: Preordain, Ponder, Brainstorm, Gush, and Daze to perform a variety of functions like helping you draw/filter cards.

UB gives you access to: Soul Manipulation (can be played as a 1-of or 2-of) and potentially Probe as a 1-of.

DreadnoughtMTG on Hydra Module

1 week ago

Diabolic Edict totally isn't legal in modern.. neither is Pernicious Deed actually.

I think some combination of Metallic Mimic with less Animation Module would be real strong. It just floods the board with 2/2s for all the mana you have. Also, Avatar of the Resolute should likely be an auto include.

Mistcutter Hydra is probably best in the sideboard as maybe a 2 of. Primordial Hydra, although stupid strong, often just doesn't cut it in modern. He's maybe still worth a try, but I'd stick around that 2 mark. Managorger Hydra might benefit extremely from some phyrexian mana spells like Dismember or Mutagenic Growth just to instantly negate lightning bolts flying at it.

Are you set on green and black? It could go either way (Mono-Green or B/G); you definitely get better removal with black and maybe Winding Constrictor.

xyr0s on Burn baby burn

1 week ago

And then, if Sulfuric Vortex was modern legal, it would fit this deck very well.

Wild Guess and Tormenting Voice aren't good, unless you can use cards in the graveyard (you spend 2 mana, you lose 2 cards, then draw 2 cards). If you had a bunch of madness cards, they would be ok, but it's still a cumbersome way to card advantage, since you need to have both the discard-enabler, and a madness card in hand for it to be any good.

Currently, you have too much Kiln Fiend. It's a good card, but a bit of a build-around - you should play free spells (like Mutagenic Growth and Gut Shot) to take advantage of it, otherwise it's too fair.

MurderousPanda on Black Green Infect

2 weeks ago

I would suggest running Mutagenic Growth over Become Immense because you don't need mana to cast it, and you will be able to cast more pump spells overall. I have a similar mono-green list to this. Another worthwhile include would be Groundswell.

Sargeras on Modern 1Drop

2 weeks ago

Blistercoil Weird should definitely be played in a blitz style deck like this one. Assuming you'd want this deck to be really fast, Kiln Fiend is also fantastic at killing your opponent.

Surprised to not see Apostle's Blessing or Mutagenic Growth as well, they are both very cheap and help your game plan of winning fast and quick.

Any other suggestions can be found here:


Modern Sargeras


Mdmaster13 on *Incoherent Angry Screaming*

2 weeks ago

I think the addition of Noxious Revival is clever, and solid if you hit the right card. Mutagenic Growth into Opt into Noxious Revival into Mutagenic Growth is a flipped Thing in the Ice  Flip for 6 life and 1 mana. Apostle's Blessing isn't bad per say, but if I still have to pay 1 for it, Blossoming Defense remains better in my eyes. Even if you do simply run Izzet over Temur, Dive Down remains a viable option, they both have merrits and I think it comes down to a judgement call, blessing can help prevent blocking but DD ensures safety against removal in multiple colors.

ZaneOlric3 on "Mono-Red" Burn

2 weeks ago

Well, I’ll leave a list of suggestions I personally run inmy mono red, and let you pick out of them.

Kiln Fiend

Searing Blaze

Young Pyromancer

Bomat Courier

Temur Battle Rage


Mutagenic Growth

Rift Bolt

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