Mutagenic Growth


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Uncommon
New Phyrexia Common

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Mutagenic Growth


(G/P can be paid with either G or 2 life.)

Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn.

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Mutagenic Growth Discussion

Miracles-and-Charms-of-Alara on Glint-Eye Strix

1 day ago

cplvela0811 - Thank you for taking the time to comment on my deck. I think I be a bit more aggressive, especially with Glint-Eye Nephilim. What do you suggest I take out and what to consider? Your feedback will greatly appreciated.

Mcsweeting - I see you are attempting to woo me over with your pumping biceps and deltoids. On a more serious note, I did take in to account of adding some pump spells, Mutagenic Growth in particular, but I'm at a standstill on what to take out. Maybe there is no need for pump. Who knows...

Oloro_Magic on Neheb Discard

1 week ago

Though not entirely on flavor, Hazoret the Fervent is a big body that fits well in the deck. Also Kolaghan's Command should be mainboard, Mutagenic Growth isn't doing anything very much useful here.

n0bunga on Blue-Red Spellboost

2 weeks ago

Glad you enjoy it! I feel like you could get some awesome inspiration but you were absolutely on the right track with Street Wraith.

"Free Mana" is the best way to pump him up, hence why you see things like Noxious Revival and Mutagenic Growth. You'll never use green mana, therefore you'll always have land open for other spells.

You were also right on track with SSG.

'Glasscannon' is a term for any mtg deck revolving around high potential, but could be easily disrupted (like glass).

Your biggest threats here are things like Fatal Push. I'd consider protection like Dispel Spell Snare, Remand, etc.

thebigjoo on Boros Prowess - Pass into the Fury

3 weeks ago

Mutagenic Growth would be good since it's free +3/+3. Brute Force is also really strong. Apostle's Blessing is good because it can give protection from artifacts in addition to colors, and still can cost 1. Manamorphose for combo.

franjimen421 on Modern UG Infect

3 weeks ago

if you're on a budget, you should put "budget" in the hubs, it would help people to understand.

nice deck, btw. i'd cut dome lands (preferrably Rogue's Passage and Evolving Wilds, and some basics) because your avg CMC is really low, and it'd help you.

also you should arrange the instants like this (that is my opinion, of course. there are other versions):

4x Mutagenic Growth

3x Vines of Vastwood

3x Blossoming Defense

4x Groundswell

4x Giant Growth

sorcery: +1 of each.

that's it. hope I helped!

BryanAnthony on Unsympathetic Intellect

1 month ago

in a deck like this, you want complete consistency with the tempo. my suggestion is to go down to 12 creatures, and just awesome free spells like Gitaxian Probe, Mutagenic Growth, Manamorphose, pretty much anything phyrexian free that helps you pump up your dudes. in a deck like this, i would use Delver of Secrets  Flip, Monastery Swiftspear, and Snapcaster Mage, or Young Pyromancer. with a deck that fast, you can also run about 17-19 lands. sometimes less, depends on how confident you are with the deck.

GabeCubed on Insert "Insert Izzet pun here" joke here

1 month ago

I run UR Delver/Prowess found here (budget only because I have no Scalding Tarn yet, nor think I need em yet) - Finding New Treasures: UR Delver

The big thing I think you are missing is cantrips. Serum Visions, Thought Scour and Sleight of Hand are the top 3 you really should add.

Besides that, as Wurmlover said, your mana needs work. Increase those duels, or your deck is really gonna suffer.

Another fun prowess addition is Bedlam Reveler, but you are gonna need cantrips for that to work better.

In my opinion, Jeskai Ascendancy is not great here. Just run more spells. 3 mana enchantments that don't necessarily do anything right away, and not a guaranteed win, is not worth the slot. You can cast 3 spells in the time you cast one of those. Just my thoughts though.

Final suggestion, Mutagenic Growth. It's fun, "free", and can beef your creatures pretty well.

Hope that helps, even a bit.

Frimbleglim on (Re)building modern all-spells

1 month ago

You could also run say 1x basic forest? 4x Treefolk Harbinger and 4x Search for Tomorrow?

You could run Devoted Druid and Become Immense/Mutagenic Growth and get to Eldritch Evolution that way?

You can't really play modern without lands.

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