Slip Through Space


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Common

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Slip Through Space


Devoid (This card has no colour.)

Target creature can't be blocked this turn.

Draw a card.

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Slip Through Space Discussion

18ths on Taigam, copypasta mastah

5 days ago

I considered him, but I found that most cases when its ability would trigger in this deck would also result in creature dead, exiled or in owner's hand. This makes Path to Exile even better, but nonbos hard with Fractured Identity. There are some three repeatable options - Will Kenrith (the best one actually), Niblis of Frost, Mother of Runes and seven nonrepeatable - Mirrorpool, Artful Dodge, Rite of Replication, Saheeli's Artistry, Slip Through Space, Stolen Identity and Valorous Stance. But I usually use Artful Dodge, Slip Through Space, Valorous Stance and Mother of Runes to protect Taigam and enable the deck.

It's a very good card and feels like an auto include in this strategy, but in this particular deck it works with only 10 cards, 4 of which I will probably use on different occasion. In case i dont have any of those 10 cards in hand, it will be a 5 mana dead card. I dont think it's worth it right now, but I'll add it to maybeboard. My decks change a lot over time, so maybe it will become better later. :) Thanks for the suggestion, though!

enpc on Launch the Fleet

2 weeks ago

How good is Parallel Lives here? it feels either winmore or underwhelming. I would have thought you would just want more raw token production rather than something that does nothing by itself, especially for 4 mana. At that cost, I would have through something like Zada, Hedron Grinder or Monastery Mentor or even Young Pyromancer would have been better.

Also, I'm surprised you're not running cards like Slip Through Space. I also think that Lightning Bolt is worth a slot here.

chilbi on Kill this to kill you (<$30 DECK)

3 weeks ago

Hi there, I feel like I'd go and drop the from the deck at first since it stretches your manabase a lot and Cursecatcher / Negate which could relatively easy replaced by discards spells such as Duress while / Slip Through Space could be turned into Korozda Guildmage and/or Rite of Consumption.

In case you feel like keeping a third color in, I'd rather concider going with white since it offers stuff like Promise of Bunrei and the like. Also, you might want to add one more Nantuko Husk clones such as Vampire Aristocrat or Bloodthrone Vampire for consistency. Cheers!

Argy on Sarkhan's Dragon Den

1 month ago

If you're bored, come over to the Sizzle Archive with me and read how many people tell me to put Goblin Bushwhacker, Slip Through Space, and Titan's Strength in the deck.

It makes one hell of a drinking game.

That was what made me decide to start making my Descriptions more comprehensive.

I guess I could be REALLY diligent like clayperce and actually say WHY I have rejected certain cards ...

... sounds like too much hard work.

rjphilla on Izzet Control

1 month ago

Take out delver

You need Manamorphose, Titan's Strength, Slip Through Space, Assault Strobe, Serum Visions and obviously Mutagenic Growth and Gut Shot; FREE spells.

probably run two TiTi. And if you real want another creature run Elusive Spellfist

You Don't need to run Opts as you want all the triggers in your turn to kill them faster.

Darth_Savage on (Needs help!) Eternal Punch-up

1 month ago

I'd agree that you want to add redundancy to your game plan, as Lagotripha said Living Lore is a good option to do this, you could also consider Chandra, Pyromaster, though getting to the ultimate is a challenge. You might want to consider evasive spells like Distortion Strike or Slip Through Space...

I've seen a deck similar to this before Wildfire Exploits(U/R Control With a Twist) might give you some ideas...

Mr._Peepers on Optimized UG Fetchless Infect

2 months ago

Silverdrake, thanks for the suggestion and the upvote! I have tested with Slip Through Space in the past and though the card draw is nice, infect is generally the aggressor in the matchup (especially game 1), so it's a bit slow. Distortion strike is also great because it has rebound so it is effectively +2/+0 for 1, and you are sometime able to cast it the turn before you need it to set it up and save mana.

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