Swiftwater Cliffs


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Common
Duel Decks: Mind vs Might (DDS) Common
Commander 2016 (C16) Common
Eternal Masters (EMA) Common
Commander 2015 (C15) Common
Fate Reforged (FRF) Basic land
Khans of Tarkir (KTK) Common

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Swiftwater Cliffs


Swiftwater Cliffs enters the battlefield tapped.

When Swiftwater Cliffs enters the battlefield, you gain 1 life.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Swiftwater Cliffs Discussion

slvstrChung on Overhead

1 month ago

I'm using the ring menu displayed by the site to do this, so there's no reason you can't do it yourself next time. ;) But let's see.

You only have 4 spells each in White, Red and Green, so one solution is to halve the number of Plains, Mountains and Forests in the deck and add on six more Islands (or maybe 7 Islands 1 Swamp). However, that also leaves you in the position of maybe drawing those colors and not getting the colors you need.

Another solution would be to trade out ALL the non-blue lands for taplands: 3 each of Tranquil Cove, Swiftwater Cliffs and Thornwood Falls, 4 Dismal Backwater, and 7 Islands. This is a fairly slow mana base, but you probably won't be caught unawares. Another option in this vein would be to run 4 Dismal Backwater, 4 Jungle Shrine and 12 Islands, but this leaves you jammed if you end up with more than 4 R, W and/or G cards in hand. (It's statistically unlikely that you would, but our job in mapping out the lands is to plan for everything that can happen... especially the unlikely stuff.)

A third is mana-fixing. Rupture Spire essentially has a casting cost, but it still gets you any color. Shimmering Grotto is standard mana-filtering. Those, 12 Islands and your Birds of Paradise would probably be sufficient.

Finally, as to what to replace the Cloudfin Raptor with: Cloud Sprite, Faerie Squadron, Jace's Phantasm, Zephyr Sprite or -- my personal recommendation -- Judge's Familiar.

Dismal on red blue combo deck

1 month ago

Personally, I would switch out the Blighted Cataract and Blighted Gorge for some red/blue dual lands, maybe a Shivan Reef or Swiftwater Cliffs. Besides that, I love the deck.

dadbeaver on My first deck

2 months ago

Just so you know Disdainful Stroke, Izzet Boilerworks, Nivix, Aerie of the Firemind, Swiftwater Cliffs, and Clone Legion are not legal in standard.

Mandalorian on Aggro Red U/R

2 months ago

Its pretty hard to run counters like Mana Leak in a deck like this because it creates tension within the deck. What do you do on turn 2, leave up Mana Leak, or play Stormchaser Mage? If you want to be agro then its probably Stormchaser Mage but then this kind of puts Mana Leak in a weird spot because you're trying to pump your creatures and get ahead and probably aren't leaving up 2 mana very often. Something like Spell Pierce is much better in this kind of deck because it allows you to do more on your turn and still leave up protection. I would cut the Charm, Leak, and Surgery, for 1-2 Spell Pierce.

I'm also pretty skeptical about 18 lands and 7 of them are tapped lands when you are trying to be agro. If you really need tap lands for mana fixing then make sure they are both your colors like Wandering Fumarole or Swiftwater Cliffs which also have a little utility. Probably should only keep it to about 2 a piece and make the rest Islands and Mountains.

Not terribly impressed with Bloodwater Entity, Illusory Angel, or Spellheart Chimera, but there are cheap alternitives that I think you should look into for a U/R spell based deck!

Bedlam Reveler (refill your hand, almost always cost )

Young Pyromancer goes wide

Cryptic Serpent (Almost always cost )

Kiln Fiend kills very very fast

In a U/R spell based deck you're gonna only want 13-18 creatures and the rest should be instants and sorceries. If you cut some of the subpar creatures I mentioned and the Charm, Leak, and Surgery. You should have plenty of room for some more spells!

Spell Pierce as mentioned above

Lightning Bolt! Best red spell in Modern, its cheap, effective, and can win games. If its too expensive you could play Lightning Strike though obviously not as good and 2 mana.

Apostle's Blessing. Your never gonna tap for it but you can pay 2 life if your looking for a spell to protect your stuff in response to removal or to push through blockers.

Forked Bolt can pick off opponents little stuff like against Elves or Affinity and can go upstairs

Mutagenic Growth is another free spell to pump and trigger prowess for only 2 life

Serum Visions is a great turn 1 play and helps set up your next couple of draws

A list COULD look like this:


Kiln Fiendx4

Monastery Swiftspearx4

Stormchaser Magex4

Enigma Drakex4

Cryptic Serpentx2


Serum Visionsx4

Lightning Boltx4

Spell Piercex2

Mutagenic Growthx4

Apostle's Blessingx2

Slip Through Spacex2

Titan's Strengthx4

Forked Boltx1

18 Lands

Anyway I hope this was helpful!

BeaudaciousGiebs on American Industrial Revolution

2 months ago

Quite a few standard-illegal cards in here, namely Counterspell, Swiftwater Cliffs, and Izzet Guildgate. Remember that Standard only spans from Battle for Zendikar to Hour of Devastation and everything between. Maybe cards like Spirebluff Canal can replace those illegal lands, and for the spell you could try subbing in something like Metallic Rebuke

puxing on Talrand Patience Deck

3 months ago

I never liked playing Divination early game when i had a counter up. Think Twice is a bit more expensive in the short run but when you think about it you would only spend unused mana on it.
It is also 2 mana cheaper when you have a goblin out. Also you get 2 drakes instead of 1 when you have talrand out!

Evolving Wilds are also not that good in a 2 colour deck. Izzet Guildgate is far better as it gives you both of your colours at the same speed evolving wilds gives you 1.
Or even better Swiftwater Cliffs for some small lifegain.

I don't know about what you play against with your friends.
A suggestion could be Enigma Drake

The big difference between Spellheart Chimera and Enigma Drake is that Spellheart Chimera has trample but Enigma Drake has 1 more health. This could be the difference between surviving a Searing Spear and dying to it.

Talking about Searing Spear , there is also Incinerate if you would like more burn spells.
Other burn spells that you might want are Magma Jet or Lightning Strike

The hardest part about deckbuilding is taking cards out. Flames of the Firebrand and Unsummon both seem to be a little less powerfull than the rest.

Also you better keep playing that kick ass Stormtide Leviathan ;)

gravitydefyinghair on Surrak Dragonclaw EDH

3 months ago

Torrent Elemental is not a legal card with Surrak as the commander. Both colors of the hybrid mana in either the casting cost or ability activation cost must exist in the commander's color identity. So, for example, you could play Giant Solifuge in this deck (not that I would, but it is legal to do so) but it would be illegal to play Nightveil Specter.

I would replace Destructor Dragon with Trygon Predator.

I would take out Frost Walker, Cyclone Sire, Torrent Elemental, Gruul Turf, Gruul Charm, Lightning Strike. Seer's Lantern, Nissa's Renewal, Devour in Flames, and Izzet Boilerworks.

Here's why:

  • Frost walker and Cyclone sire are more 60-card format cards.

  • Torrent elemental is illegal.

  • Gruul turf and Izzet boilerworks seem good, but they're really just strip mine/wasteland bait.

  • Gruul charm is bad. Be greener and invest in trample.

  • Lifecrafter's Bestiary or Thassa, God of the Sea are upgrades from Seer's Lantern.

  • Nissa's Renewal is late game ramp. That's bad. Early game ramp is better.

  • Burn is bad in EDH.

I would suggest (these are all just good cards for your consideration, I know there are probably more than I suggested taking out):

For a 3 color deck, the landbase would also be improved by taking out basics and putting in things like:

Ideally, for a landbase you'd have shock lands such as Steam Vents, fetch lands such as Scalding Tarn, and regular dual lands such as Volcanic Island, but those things are expensive and this is a game.

DaringApprentice on Leaves on the Wind

3 months ago

Thanks, hoardofnotions! Yeah, in general this deck typically tries to kill with commander damage as quickly as possible, but has other beats as backup, so Mistfire Adept is good for giving evasion to Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest.

I don't have any Snow-Covered Mountains in this deck because the average price for each version is above $2, and that's the limit for my local budget playgroup. You make a good point about artifact lands, which I had in the deck to synergize with Metallurgic Summonings. I replaced the Seat of the Synod with Faerie Conclave and Great Furnace with Swiftwater Cliffs (often better than Izzet Guildgate). My deck is mostly blue, but I'm keeping all the vivid lands since fixing for a three-color deck can be challenging.

I agree with you on Arcane Denial over Hindering Light. Oona's Grace seems a bit weak, and since I don't think I'll typically have more than 4 cards to exile from my graveyard, I think I'd rather have Plea for Power than Treasure Cruise.

What do you think? And thank you for the recommendations!

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