Standard Bearer

Standard Bearer

Creature — Human Flagbearer

While choosing targets as part of casting a spell or activating an ability, your opponents must choose at least one Flagbearer on the battlefield if able.

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Set Rarity
Apocalypse (APC) Common

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Standard Bearer Discussion

tumamaenmondongo on Orzhov Reanimator

7 months ago

Altoman, there are good points in your input. Firstly, yes, it intends to be not necessarily a control strategy, but a midrangey strategy. That's the reason I'm packing Rotting Rats instead of Stinkweed Imp , along with removal. I know ub and br reanimator are somewhat established archetypes, but that's not what I'm trying to achieve, I've played turbo exhume on RB and Ub Reanimator with Striped Riverwinder for a while and got bored of them. The concept of this new intent is to play WB since is the only color combination which allows you to play more than four reanimation spells in your deck, even up to 16 if you feel like doing it, and that's the very reason I wouldn't like to move from white (although I could think about splashing a third color as the professor did on his Mardu Reanimator deck

That said, I agree I might need either some protection for the reanimated creatures, a faster deck, or (IMO) even more reanimation spells. On protection, I can stay on white and pack a couple Benevolent Bodyguard s, Standard Bearer s, Apostle's Blessing , Emerge Unscathed , or hand interaction as Duress .

Ulamog's crusher is no Emrakul, but is probably the best reanimation target on pauper right now, and it can win you a game on its own on early turns (mid to late game is more difficult, depending on what you're facing), and that's why is the founding concept of the turbo RB variant. I could very well pack 1/2 copies of Dragon Breath which are proven to steal a couple games every now and then (but for any decks playing unsummon, assuming you win g1, they still only have to leave 1 Mana open to ruin your plans).

What I was thinking about is playing more resilient biggies as Walker of the Grove , Striped Riverwinder , or anything with hexproof, shroud, regeneration or with an interesting ETB/leave the battlefield effect. I'll probably keep crusher, because of his raw power is worth it, then probably cut some stuff like horror of the broken lands, nightstalker, and cycling creatures for either more symmetrical discard, hand filtering\drawing ( Night's Whisper , Dusk Legion Zealot and friends come to mind) or hand disruption along with the aforementioned resilient critters. I believe V 2.0 might have something of that. What do you think?

tumamaenmondongo on Guilty Dinosaurs

9 months ago

mal099 I'm gonna goldfish a version with some Pentad Prism , Sandstone Needle and the aforementioned cards. I believe you still need to pack some Faithless Looting for card filtering, or at least Thraben Inspector since it's really necessary to have some card draw/filtering for combo pieces. Also you should have some mainboard protection like Standard Bearer , Benevolent Bodyguard or Apostle's Blessing (try not to get rid of yer own auras against white decks) since there's plenty of non-destructive removal around. Also, keep in mind that it's a 3 card combo so on an optimal build you're packing 8 copies of each combo piece, which leaves you little room for removal, protection, ramp, lands, reanimation or whatever you want to fill your deck with.

Dete on A Swarm of Humans (And other Stuff)

1 year ago

Afterlife is a really good removal for white so you might want to add it, Angelic Purge too.

Battle Screech , Captain's Call give you more of a swarm strategy without costing too much, i would add screech to the main.

Emerge Unscathed gets you 2 triggers costing only 1cc and protection, Test of Faith is a neat combat trick for killing pretty much any early creature and giving you a neat early clock as well as triggering and saving your cmdr, Dawn Charm , Benevolent Bodyguard , Standard Bearer give you protection to every creature and Palace Sentinels gives you a bit much needed card draw in white.

thats all i got.

xaarvaxus on Scion of the Ur-Dragon Aristocratic Shenanigans

1 year ago

Well, this is an ambitious game plan but let's see if anything below is something you think might help:

Zur the Enchanter could fetch the Arcane Adaptation and put it directly into play. It looks like the deck really relies on this or Conspiracy being on the board to function optimally so with that little redundancy of effect, more search is good.

Because those 2 enchantments are so important, I would add some ways to protect them from being removed from play: Privileged Position , Sterling Grove , Spellskite , Negate [or other counterspells of choice], heck, even a Standard Bearer would suck up things like Beast Within or Chaos Warp that targeted what was making every creature a dragon. The deck looks like it can limp by without them but why go through that?

If your creatures are all going to be dragons, your boardwipe of choice is probably Crux of Fate .

I play a couple of decks in this style and Fauna Shaman is a tool I rely on to pull together creature combos.

As for the mana base, well, 5 color is tough without true duals but green does give you Farseek and Nature's Lore which might be better plays than the signets as you could tailor what color combo you needed. Cavern of Souls is of course an upgrade but also expensive so probably out of reach. YMMV but I don't know how you are able to play with only 31 lands.

Peoyogon on Pauper EDH: You've goat to be kidding me.

1 year ago

Your deck looks fun to play with! You could consider adding Standard Bearer to help redirect removal away from other key creatures. Dawn Charm might also be something you could look at. Its versatility has helped me out in a lot of games.

Osbert on Kaalia of the vast edh

1 year ago

A few points:

Please use paragraphs and space out your description so it is easier to read. I'm no Grammar Natzi and don't mind reading through spelling mistakes but a wall of text is rather hard to read continuously.

"Target standard bearer it will do just that returning it back to my hand but in my kaalia deck I have cards that can give standard bearer protection from blue meaning it can Target it all it want but I will not have to return it to my hand lol."

Unfortunately this is not how this interaction works. After Standard Bearer gains protection from blue it is no longer able to be targeted by blue sources and since it's text says "...that COULD target.." the player with Venser is no longer obligated to target it because they can't. Sure the Venser player can't touch your creatures this turn but nothing is stopping them from bouncing all your other noncreature permanents like all of your lands and artifacts preventing you from paying for Glory to protect your remaining creatures.

This may not be prevalent in your meta but in mine there is a lot of spot removal and almost none of it simply destroys the target unless the card itself has a major abusable upside or is versatile. I see a lot of Swords to Plowshares, Anguished Unmaking, Crush Contraband, Chaos Warp, Song of the Dryads, Reality Shift, etc. Also graveyard hate is ever so present in the forms of Nihil Spellbomb, Bojuka Bog, and Relic of Progenitus so keep this in mind while I give you my suggestions.

I like that you identified the decks weakness and strengths but I can see your deck has very little interaction which can sometimes lead to major problems. If you have more spot removal (like some listed above) that are versatile and can remove any problem card your deck will become that much more resilient.

If you want to set up for some game busting turns like dropping Avacyn, then cycling Decree of Annihilation you're going to need a few things to get there: a way to get Avacyn into play, enough mana to cast an Armageddon, and probably a way to prevent your opponent from interacting with you you.

I feel like a strong reanimator strategy usually follows strong Kaalia decks. Sure her combat trigger lets you drop them in but if an opponent doesn't let you have her you should have a backup plan. Reanimate Dead, Strands of Night, Exhume, and Necromancy all let you put huge creatures into play sometimes faster than Kaalia will let you if you have one in hand and Entomb.

Mana is pretty tight in Mardu colours making mana rocks your only solution, or is it? Many people overlook the rituals these colours have access to: Mana Geyser, Dark Ritual, and Cabal Ritual all gives an extra few mana when you really need it.

I see you have Grand Abolisher to protect your plays and prevent counter spells but there are also other options: Silence is a one off effect but can deny a player a turn or be used to protect one of your plays if played beforehand. Equipoise is new white tech I just discovered that really makes the playing field fair against one opponent. It's strength lies in your ability to choose what phases out, primarily to hit that blue player's untapped islands, maybe an annoying creature that is preventing you from playing or keeping Kaalia in play, etc.

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