Grave Scrabbler


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Future Sight Common

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Grave Scrabbler

Creature — Zombie

Madness (1)(Black) (If you discard this card, you may play it for its madness cost instead of putting it into your graveyard.)

When Grave Scrabbler enters the battlefield, if its madness cost was paid, you may return target creature card in a graveyard to its owner's hand.

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Grave Scrabbler Discussion

Randomguy006 on Esper Zambambos

1 minute ago

MTGgoldfish has an article about building a budget mana base that you should check out. One thing it suggests is using painlands, which will always come into play untapped, over checklands, which will come in to play tapped most of the time for you.

Remand isn't good in this deck. Counterspells are best in decks that play at instead speed, and this one doesn't do that. Get a few more creatures and removal spells over that.

Overall, you should use efficient removal over versatile removal. Anguished Unmaking and Oblivion Ring can get rid of anything, but they also cost 3 mana. Better to go with Doom Blade, Go for the Throat or Ultimate Price instead, and keep Anguished Unmaking in the sideboard for when you're up against some deck that has enchantments / artifacts that you need to remove. Better yet, use Fragmentize in the sideboard for that purpose.

Lastly, Prized Amalgam isn't great here. In your deck, 90% of the time it's just a 3/3 for 3 mana, which really isn't good enough for modern. If you want to REALLY take advantage of it, you want to be discarding or milling it and then get it back for free along with something else. If you wanted a deck that was focused on this you'd want 4x Zombie Infestation, 4xGrave Scrabbler, 4xDread Wanderer, and maybe some Haunted Dead and Necromancer's Stockpile along with your amalgams and gravecrawlers. Imagine a game where you cast Zombie Infestation turn 2, discard an Amalgam and a Gravecrawler, and cast the gravecrawler from the graveyard next turn to bring back the amalgam!

plusmental on

1 month ago

Seems similar to the brew I had back in the day, except I was running Rotting Rats, Grave Scrabbler and Gravecrawler

Sjorpha on Inspired Madness

2 months ago

landofMordor Thanks for the feedback.

Alms of the Vein is great in certain matchups, but IMO not good enough to mainboard. As you can see I have it in the SB here versus burn and to swap for Fiery Temper against decks without small creatures.

The synergy of Demigod of Revenge in this deck is with Disciple of Deceit, when you untap Diciple you put one god in the grave and get the other one to play for putting both (or more) on the field, or if you need Voldaren Pariah or any of the 5 CMC sideboard cards you get that the first activation, then on second activation put Pariah on the field with madness and get a new god. Demigod also has great synergy with self discard in general, and is awesomw against control since the cast trigger can't be countered. For me it has been super good.

Bomat Courier is a discard outlet and hand refiller that's also aggressive, plus he turns on our Skirsdag High Priest on demand and flips liliana heretic healer, it is also a very good card against Living End which is no the rise in modern. Vexing Devil is good early pressure, turns on skirsdag, flips liliana and comes back the same turn, and can be picked up with Grave Scrabbler for more pressure. This deck goes for burn/aggro and aims to pressure the life total fast, and the self sacrifice effects are an important part of the synergy with making sure there are creatures dying and put in the grave to recur.

So far in testing the copters, skirsdag and attacks have been enough to tap my stuff, but I'm considering adding a 1-off Cultivator's caravan or a 4th copter, you don't really want more than 1 vehicle in play though, so they are often bad topdecks which is why I run 3 and rely on looting and Diciple activations to find one. I used to run this with 4 Caravans and Asylum Seeker for crewing, but I like this version better since the copters doubles as a discard outlet.

rafaelmv7 on Discard this and that

3 months ago

Bom... talvez te faa falta a mais um Lupine Prototype, porque o deck parece bom para rapidamente ficares sem mo. Dark Withering parece-me essencial como removal instantneo. A Drana, Liberator of Malakir no est a a fazer nada no maybe. Pode ser gira e boa, mas no tem sinergia com o deck. Jagged Poppet para jogar com 4 cpias. 1 Vengeful Pharaoh tambm fica a ninduh.

Outras coisas boas para este deck seriam por exemplo Lingering Souls ( branco, mas s o irias jogar com mana preta), Faithless Looting ( brutal, como disse o outro senhor), Bloodghast (at j tens e brutal para fazer sinergia com quase todas as cartas que tens); Gathan Raiders tambm seria uma ideia gira. Tombstalker um bicharoco interessante para meter no campo por uma ou duas manas. Tens um bom one drop no Big Game Hunter, devias ouvir o senhor e meter o Squee, Goblin Nabob, tens o Extractor Demon (tenho a carta) para descartar, 4 Grave Scrabbler seria OP, Gobhobbler Rats seria giro, Mindslicer seria engraade, Rakdos Augermage idem e Rakdos Pit Dragon tambm e uma boa ajuda seria teres um ou dois Call to the Netherworld.

Por fim, se quiseres ganhar jogos: Ensnaring Bridge. Gg

-Sylex- on ''Zuberaristocrats'' ( Pauper )

4 months ago

payn9677 : Tortured Existence is a really good card, but it requires a dedicated build to fully take advantage of it, with cards like Grave Scrabbler, Crypt Rats and Golgari Brownscale.

Unfortunately, including those cards would take too much space in this deck. However, you could try to build some sort of UB or Sultai Tortured Existence deck, you might have a very good idea !

lagotripha on Sad Keanu

5 months ago

I'd consider Delirium Skeins mainboard- it just sucks the fuel from an opponent, even if it is expensive to cast madness from. I don't feel you have enough creatures to support the use of Grave Scrabbler over Asylum Visitor, especially with the net card loss on Call the Bloodline- Profane Command provides the bonus with a host of other tools, or Call to the Netherworld does it for free without a body.Time for more interesting suggestions- you could up the count of Faithless Looting and run Raven's Crime for Spellweaver Helix, enabling some combo/control. You seem to know where you're headed, so mostly its gonna be searching out and deciding on how to use that discard efficiently. Good luck.

bobtoll on Volrath the Risen

6 months ago

Also, Grave Scrabbler. Not a big boost, but helps get strong creatures back.

chaosumbreon87 on Volrath the Fallen (Stepping back in)

7 months ago

There is no distinct amount for ratios as each commander ratio will be different. Cards I can suggest at some point: Grave Scrabbler, Grim Harvest, Living End (6.52 tcgplayer)/Rise of the Dark Realms (6.23 TCGplayer). Really the only way to know is to play test with the numbers and different cards and test which cards work. For some commanders, the path and ratios are already set but that is mainly for the commonly used commanders.

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