Echoing Truth


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Common
Modern Masters Common
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret Common
Darksteel Common

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Echoing Truth


Return target nonland permanent and all other permanents with the same name as that permanent to their owners' hands.

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Echoing Truth Discussion

slayingmatt1234 on Izzet Midrange on a Budget

1 day ago

I think the best way to free up space for your sideboard is to reduce redundancy. For example, Vapor Snag and Echoing Truth are both very similar cards. The same with Dispel and Spell Pierce. What matchups in your local meta are you having trouble with? Some of your sideboard cards make little sense to me because I'm not sure what matchups they are used for. Lava Spike seems like a very narrow reach card, and Harvest Pyre is hard removal but it nonbos with some of your other cards (also Enigma Drake if you put him in).

Oloro_Magic on Who needs a library anyway?

1 week ago

Okay so the idea of a sideboard in a combo deck should always concern protecting the combo in difficult matchups. Because you are playing blue, a number (probably 2 of each) of Dispel and/or Negate should be there. Propaganda feels more like a mainboard card that gets sided out against creature light decks, Leyline of Singularity while cool has no place on the sideboard. Tormod's Crypt to deal with reanimate decks (3 copies). Echoing Truth is a good choice on your part. That puts us at 9 cards (not including Propaganda). From there the choices are up to you, options could include something as simple as Unsummon but I wouldn't use it. I would suggest putting 3-4 copies of Delver of Secrets  Flip on the sideboard, its a card that could find a home here and also speed up your clock making you less reliant on the combo. Your opponent is likely going to bring in some hate during the sideboard games, I know I would side in a Torpor Orb if I saw this list beforehand to avoid the instant win Leveler. Other than that the deck is pretty solid.

Arakismo on Where is your hand now? (U/B Discard)

2 weeks ago

apiwarski I replaced 2x Echoing Truth with 2x Vapor Snag, it's a really good card for the mana cost, thank you for the suggestion!

Lordfelmet on Chronic Blue-Balls (Update)

3 weeks ago

I love this deck, it plays really well and is pretty cheap to boot!One of the biggest problems with Mill is that there is no real way around Leyline of Sanctity. that said, Mesmeric Orb and Chronic Flooding can get there. I'd consider adding Manic Scribe as another way to get around that.


also not super sure about spiral, it just costs too much. that said phantasm is really good.

Ryotenchi on Superion Summoning: Seeking a list ...

3 weeks ago

deck-large:Superion Summoning

So Ive refined this list with the help of others on tapped out and the harsh criticism of reddit.

Ive searched on my own for a few utility artifacts, the best being Ratchet Bomb as I can tutor it with Muddle the Mixture against say tokens.

I can also get artifacts off of Glint-Nest Crane. Too bad it doesnt say lands too..

Other thoughts?

Kezvin on Merfolk

3 weeks ago

1) Run more than 16 lands. Not even Merfolk can properly function on 16 lands. And don't just use basics. Oboro, Palace in the Clouds, Mutavault, and Cavern of Souls fit great in a Merfolk build, and Wanderwine Hub, in addition to entering untapped for two colors, can reveal a threat from your hand that your opponent may need to play around.

2) The tag says this deck is for modern. Brainstorm and Counterspell are nowhere near modern legal.

3) Don't play black in a Merfolk build. If you're absolutely set on using another color, I personally would recommend white for Path to Exile, Mana Tithe, and Brave the Elements. White would also get the most value out of Wanderwine Hub. But, if you insist on using black, the spells you've chosen aren't going to cut it in modern. Dead Weight won't kill Tarmogoyfs, Hero's Downfall is way too expensive, and Appetite for Brains misses 99% of the relevant threats. In modern, the magic number is 3. That's where most of the curves top out. Thus, Appetite misses everything at or below the magic number. Personally, if I had to use black in a Merfolk build, I'd be running Dismember, Inquisition of Kozilek, maybe a couple Thoughtseize, and Fatal Push. I'd also run one or two Gut Shots for insurance, but that's just me. Of course, this all assumes that you play another color in your deck. If it were me, I'd stay mono-blue.

4) Aether Vial. Perfect card for this deck. Put it on two and keep pumping out creatures.

5) Merfolk Sovereign doesn't do enough work in this deck. It's 3 mana for the same effect as the two-mana lords (Master of the Pearl Trident and Lord of Atlantis), and its second ability is useless. Run Master of Waves or Harbinger of the Tides instead.

6) Cursecatcher. This is your one-drop. It kicks ass in this format.

7) I'd suggest maybe running some amount of Vapor Snags mainboard. It's really effective.

8) Hurkyl's Recall is a great sideboard option against Affinity. Ghost Quarter and Tectonic Edge shut down Tron. Gut Shot is great against a lot of faster decks. Tidebinder Mage is great against Burn and anything with Tarmogoyf. Spell Pierce for removal-heavy decks and Relic of Progenitus hoses graveyard shenanigans. Ceremonious Rejection for Tron and Affinity. Unsubstantiate and Flashfreeze if the matchup demands it. Unified Will, Echoing Truth, and Sea's Claim are all viable sideboard options as well.

9) I'd suggest you consult my list as well as the MTGSalvation primer for Merfolk

My list:


Delta-117 on Budget Mono Blue Control

3 weeks ago

Also for your sideboard a consideration of mine would be, Echoing Truth.

eyedehawk on Early Spring Storm

4 weeks ago

Yeah, I really don't know how else to fix anything here. SB also looks pretty solid in terms of dealing with the meta game. Really the only decks that are conceivably capable of killing you fast enough before you pull the trigger on storm are Aura and Infect and Echoing Truth handles both pretty well. The SB is also pretty good in terms of dealing with those control-y cards like Eidolon and Thalia. TBH looks pretty set to me.

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