Echoing Truth


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Common
Modern Masters Common
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret Common
Darksteel Common

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Echoing Truth


Return target nonland permanent and all other permanents with the same name as that permanent to their owners' hands.

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Echoing Truth Discussion

eyedehawk on Heartbeat Storm

4 hours ago

Yeah, I really don't know how else to fix anything here. SB also looks pretty solid in terms of dealing with the meta game. Really the only decks that are conceivably capable of killing you fast enough before you pull the trigger on storm are Aura and Infect and Echoing Truth handles both pretty well. The SB is also pretty good in terms of dealing with those control-y cards like Eidolon and Thalia. TBH looks pretty set to me.


21 hours ago

I think you should be splashing black instead of red. You're only using red for creature interaction and a marginal amount of filtering. Black does both of those things better and you also get access to hand disruption, which is absolutely incredible before you drop a shared fate to ensure they have no way to stop it, and you won't care about your opponents having hand disruption once the shared fate sticks.

Should be playing Fatal Push and Dismember and stuff to deal with creatures. Play Inquisition of Kozilek instead of Peek, which doesn't really do anything. You'll definitely want another though. You can probably get away with Duress and/or Despise over Thoughtseize or Inquisition I guess if you're trying to stay within budget. Maybe Infest if you want a sweeper effect, Night's Whisper instead of Looting, Brainspoil as a tutor for Shared Fate. The upside to black is just so much higher.

You even get way better sideboard options. More hand disruption, more sweepers, more kill spells. Whatever's the best in the matchup. If you still want a LD spell, you have Rain of Tears. If you want a fog against hyper aggro decks, Darkness. You don't have a ton for artifacts and stuff, but a couple copies of Echoing Truth and hand disruption should get the job done.

On a seperate note, I wouldn't play Dissolve or any scry lands. Scrying is bad. Not sure if you've made the connection, but you still have your own library with a shared fate. You draw from your opponents, but you get to scry for your own. That means your giving your opponent access to screwing with your draws, which is awful. Just play Drowned Catacomb or River of Tears or Darkslick Shores or something for fixing. I would recommend playing Deltas and Watery Graves since it's just the best thing you can be doing, but thats fine if it's out of your budget. Deltas also give revolt for fatal push.

This is all just a suggestion, but I really hope you're seeing all of my points here. Black just supports what you're doing so well

Scorprix on Advertise your MODERN deck!

1 day ago

I think the mainboard is pretty solid, It's mostly just the SB that needs help. Leyline and Pact are the only cards i refuse to remove, and Echoing Truth is extremely strong, but could see myself cutting one or two depending on what I'm trying to beat.

HollowYoshi on Gifts Storm

1 day ago

Echoing Truth is basically a catch-all for hate cards. If they have a Leyline of Sanctity or a Rest in Peace, it can get rid of it (usually on opponent's end step before I want to combo).

Jhed1 on Can't Touch This!

3 days ago

You definitely do have some main-deck game against it with Worship - however all of your fog style effects are going to do stone nothing. They do have some pretty good sideboard tech against you with Echoing Truth and Slaughter Pact - so Eidolon of Rhetoric would only buy you time in a boarded game, same with Leyline of Sanctity.

Burrenton Forge-Tender would save you from a Lightning Storm however, if an ad naus resolved, they could just deal with the tender first, then cast it - since you don't have any way to cheat in a creature at instant speed ala Chord of Calling or anything to that effect your best bet would be to just have a board state with a variety of creatures and stick a worship.

Chino90 on Modern Seance hahahah

5 days ago

Pretty cool idea, but you need more control and less tutoring. I would add a ps of Path to Exile, maybe some Mana Leak, Vapor Snag, Echoing Truth, some fog effects or anything alike in order to survive the early game (since you practically dont do anything interactive the first 4 turns, which is more than enough for aggro decks to kill you).

Darth_Savage on Violet Burn

5 days ago

Creature wise I think you should consider Satyr Firedancer, Curious Homunculus  Flip and Thing in the Ice  Flip. Not sure Gelectrode needs to be in this deck.

Pulse of the Forge and Flames of the Blood Hand aren't great, however Everlasting Torment can be a lot of fun, is useful and should be maindecked. In such a low cost deck Shard Volley is worth considering.

My only other concern is how you deal with enchantments, particularly the Leyline ones you only have 1 bounce spell Echoing Truth that can do this. You probably need that ability more than Vapor Snag.

jparker-sartori21 on Hunted Sisters

1 week ago

@enpcI used to play Mercy Killing but it is not very good removal even with Illness in the Ranks.

@the.beanpoleEchoing Truth is good but illness costs less and is permanent.

@HydraxI like beck. I'm worried that it costs too many mana when paired with Hunted Phantasm or Hunted Troll and also that if they counter the troll/phantasm then they get a 1-for-2. I am going to playtest it and see how it fits in. With regard to Curse of the Swine and Swan Song: curse was in the initial deck but it is weak removal even without the tokens (and the tokens are often a pain) and Swan Song used to be a three of on the sideboard but modern sideboarding is very robotic and it doesn't fit well on the mainboard because, unless there are two Illness in the Ranks on the 'field, then the token will be annoying to remove (it would require a full spell to itself).

Thanks for your suggestions and +1s everyone. I am adding Swan Song to the maybeboard because it just fits so well with the theme.

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