Tribal Flames

Tribal Flames


Tribal Flames deals X damage to target creature or player, where X is the number of basic land types among lands you control.

Tribal Flames Discussion

Icbrgr on Titan's Closing Shift (Dryad)

3 weeks ago

Nice! im also playing with Dryad of the Ilysian Grove in Modern but, im going more in the domain-zoo direction with valakut to do direct damage when im out of gas.

any thoughts on making room for Prismatic Omen and or Emeria, The Sky Ruin?.... Tribal Flames/Exploding Borders have also been performing pretty well for me. +1 and good luck!

Flooremoji on The DOMAIN of the Titan

1 month ago

Of all the domain cards, Tribal Flames is probably the best, might be a better include than borders?

Monduck on Shadow Zoo "Shadowcat"

1 month ago

The blue is for Tribal Flames. At that point, I think it just makes sense to take advantage and use some SB slots for countermagic, but I've actually been thinking a lot about cutting The Royal Scions as you suggest so there's less tension in the maindeck prioritizing your 4th-most important color (between U and W).

I'm not really sure what I'd replace Scions with, and I'd like to test them a bit more to see how good they really are, but ideally that slot would be something that can a) push past blockers & b) mitigate flood. Do you have any suggestions?

As for Disdainful Stroke the #1 target is Primeval Titan, but I like that the card has a lot of other matchup applications (like Tron).

Monduck on Shadow Zoo "Shadowcat"

1 month ago

I haven't actually cast it many times so far (new deck, and haven't drawn it all the time when bringing it in), but on paper it's there for pretty much any Noble Hierarch or Aether Vial deck.

For those matchups you'd normally need a sweeper or Temur Battle Rage effect to have any chance of winning since they can usually go wider than you and easily chump large Shadows etc (maybe less of a problem in this build with more threats though). In this build TBR and most sweepers just don't work since some of our creatures are smaller (eg Pyroclasm or Languish which normal Shadow decks could run), but Justice is a nice solution that most decks don't have color access to.

It's generally a straight swap for Tribal Flames since it's at odds with the 'gain 5' clause on Justice.

lagotripha on "Here's looking at Zoo, kid."

5 months ago

I'm not sure about glacial/scrying sheets- Into the north is slow, scrying sheets takes you off of desperately needed coloured mana and glacial refills your hand, but can't pick up gas (most creatures non-snow), so Winding Way or Once Upon a Time might be stronger. They are great cards if you want to be midrange, but this is a zoo list.

Since your creatures mostly care about forests (sorry wild nacatyl), you might look at increasing the forest count and running more artifact fixing ( Springleaf Drum , Chromatic Sphere , Navigator's Compass , Paradise Mantle ), which would also let you pick up Shrapnel Blast to finish games. While I'm mentioning burn options, I have seen Tribal Flames in non budget versions of these lists- representing ten points of burn from flames/blast will win games.

There is also the option of trying to make your creatures mostly playable with green mana (like Sunblade Elf , Lupine Prototype or Soultether Golem ), then cast Lush Growth / Nylea's Presence or get a singleton Sacred Foundry off Flower / Flourish . This is a bit more fragile.

If you want to go harder into snow-matters, Boreal Druid and Coldsteel Heart offer ramp, while Frostwalk Bastion is a decent manland, but that will look more like a midrange value list (eventually becoming another Ice-Fang Coatl list, and less like zoo, and may call for dropping to two colours on a budget.

If you do want to move up in CMC, Knight of New Alara offers multicolour-matters synergy, while the Naya Hushblade cycle isn't awful.

FlintSR on In the Zoo the animals want to burn things...

1 year ago

You have Snapcaster Mage in this list? Wasn't expecting. Is the payoff of only being able to play Tribal Flames worth it in game 1?

kdna on Counter Cat Rawr

1 year ago

Im missing Tribal Flames and maybe Geist of Saint Traft or the new Pteramander .

Evelyn_Bonnie on Hardened Scales Humans (Abzan)

1 year ago

Darth_Savage I originally had this list as one that ran Unclaimed Territory, but the issue with Unclaimed is it's inability to cast Scales. I think that Torpor Orb and the such are not anywhere near staples in the format for SB. Twin being gone opened that door. I love Anafenza, the Foremost, but I have her in the board. It came down to her or Militia Bugler (which has been replaced by Dark Confidant). I liked the card advantage. I have tested with Abzan Falconer but it's always card 76. My hatred of Mantis Rider stems from a time where I had Tribal Flames Zoo, and the card was always a trade of 3 mana for 1. I'm sure it's better now, but I have my petty issues.

Lastly, I agree that missing out on Reflector Mage sucks. I have a version of this deck in Bant, Naya and GW. I am most comfortable with this 75. However, with RNA coming, I am excited to do a massive load of testing.

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