Devour Flesh

Devour Flesh


Target player sacrifices a creature, then gains life equal to that creature's toughness.

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souris on Abzan Midrange (Updated 16.09.14)

19 hours ago

Thanks for the questions and the well wishes! I'll try and answer them point by point:
25 lands for this kind of curve is almost required. 24 is even pushing it. I have to consistently be able to cast Elspeth without my Caryatids as Anger of the Gods is a real card in the format again. Sure, I usually have good fixing, but sometimes I don't, and considering my curve is around 3.5-4 I need that many lands to consistently play more threats each turn.

Fleecemane Lion is a wonderful card. I've been playing GW Aggro for a while now and know it. However, it doesn't have a place here. If this deck were built more aggressively (and there are definitely Abzan lists that are quite aggressive), I'd happily run it. However, I'm not in it for the quick game with this deck; it's built more for the grind. If any 2-drop Cat were to make it into the deck, it would probably be the Rakshasa Deathdealer as it is more resilient to sweepers before 5-mana and can also pump. Brimaz was another choice for this deck that I'm still hedging ideas on. He's good, but I don't know if he's quite good enough. If anything were to take Wingmate Roc 's position, it would be him.

Yes, Siege Rhino is absolutely worth it as a 4x. Playtesting with him shows him to be a bigger threat than you would think. Sure, the 6-point swing is good on it's own, but trample in this format is a huge boost; especially when there will be a bunch of weenie decks running around. This list originally ran Reaper of the Wilds , but was dropped in favor of more Rhinos as Reaper can't get through when Rhino can.

Polukranos, World Eater works fine here. I'll explain more about that in the last point.

Reid Duke is a great player and is entitled to his opinions. And to be honest, I agree with him: creatures do suck, planeswalkers are powerful permanents and there was a reason that Jund Monsters evolved into Jund Walkers, janky as the deck may be. That said: This isn't the current format. Cheap removal (with minor exception) and cards like Supreme Verdict won't be in the format anymore. The best sweeper available to any white control scheme is End Hostilities , a card that is at least one turn slower than Verdict and because of the cost and speed would probably at best be included as a 2-of in any deck running it. Sure, Hero's Downfall is still a card. BWX lists now have Utter End and Murderous Cut to play with. But really, that's it. Ultimate Price is a thing of the past unless you're in the exact colors. Doom Blade and Devour Flesh are gone. Selesnya Charm too. Arguably the best sweeper in the current standard format is Anger of the Gods , a card that doesn't even really affect Polukranos or the other monsters that fell by the wayside when the deck changed. Polukranos is in this deck to be a threat to small, agressive decks that can easily be Monstrositied out of existence and to stand up as a wall against an onslaught of 4/4 beasts. New standard is going to be much slower than RTR/THS standard, and to be frank, I'm ok if they use a kill spell on Polukranos. I think that Siege Rhino is an overall bigger threat in the game as it can't be chump blocked easily and does something when it comes in. tl;dr: There are still places for big, fat creatures in the game. If there weren't, we would all be playing Planeswalker decks and that would be terrible.

That being said, there are only so many walkers to use in these colors. They are: Elspeth, Sun's Champion; Ajani, Mentor of Heroes; Ajani Steadfast; Nissa, Worldwaker; Garruk, Apex Predator and Sorin, Solemn Visitor.
-Elspeth is a huge threat and in any grindy deck running white is basically an auto include. She has more than proven herself effective enough to be in this deck.
-Ajani comes in two flavors; the first of which is better suited for our deck if only because of his +1 counters ability. Steadfast is more of a sideboard card than a maindeck card. Mentor of Heroes may make the cut, but this jury is still out on how effective he really is.
-Nissa, Worldwaker is a strong card in most decks that run a bunch of forests. This list only runs 4. The odds of you ever doing any ramp tricks with her is out of the door. The best she can do is make your lands creatures and in a format where 4/4s are the norm you're basically leading your lands to slaughter.
-Garruk, Apex Predator was considered for this deck but holly crap do you not want to see that guy in your opening hand.
-Sorin has proven incredibly effective in this deck.
I hope that answers your questions for you.

rufio1406 on Sharpnel blast?

2 days ago

so does that mean I will still be hit for 5 damage or can I respond to the sacrifice with a Hero's Downfall . Or what if I respond with Devour Flesh ?

jyork1213 on 1st Place at SCG IQ - Minneapolis

2 days ago

Definitely. I'm liking a lot of the new cards in the Temur and Mardu colors. I think that I will keep playing some variation of RUG Monsters for a while, especially with cheap removal spells like Doom Blade , Ultimate Price , and Devour Flesh leaving the format along with Supreme Verdict and Planar Cleansing . I think that Monster/Control is going to be one of the decks to beat in the new Standard. I'm excited for RUG :D

andrewsmedina on 2014-09-09 update of Dimir Anti ...

3 days ago

what is the replaces for Devour Flesh and Jace, Memory Adept after rotation?

Valmek on

4 days ago

If you look at my other deck, I had 1x Erebos mainboard but wasn't worth having it. Also had Hero's Downfall mainboard but since I faced people with indestructible or hexproof that's why most in sideboard and I have Devour Flesh mainboard and Celestial Flare sideboard. I can't run Nighthowler like you because my deck involves Gift so I can have the 'when they die' trigger and they come back and cycle. For Bogbrew Witch I had 3 but I usually just use it for a search for Cauldron or Newt so I dimmed down to 2 because I usually use for search because they die quick and usually don't give they any care but the -4/-4 for Newt is nice though.

DannyG on Who needs 3 colours when you can have just 1?

4 days ago

Well, the format will probably slow down early on, before meta game stabilizes. People will try to go into 3-color decks etc. The whole deck is basically same as it is in current Standard, with only difference being Bloodsoaked Champion instead of Rakdos Cackler . MBA shown it's strength already, but the biggest factor is, other decks lose some of their most important cards and this is where I see chance to rise with this one. You lose some of cheap removal like Ultimate Price , Devour Flesh . Board-wipe is now 1 mana more expensive, that means 1 more turn to kill the opponent.

I don't expect it to be absolute Tier 1 deck, but definitely a tool to compete for the first few weeks, and a way to snatch few wins at local event.

trentfaris242 on Mardu Charm

1 week ago

I have to wade through a wall of text to respond to you.

Ultimate Price hasn't been main board in MBD in 6 months. That's just a fact. They run Hero's Downfall , Bile Blight , and Devour Flesh to deal with each of the threats you listed.

Golgari Charm sees main board play because of its ability to regenerate creatures in response to Supreme Verdict .

Every mechanic you've listed is absolutely necessary in both the Modern and Standard meta. You're not wrong about that! However, you don't need access to them at all times! You're arguing that you should main board an over costed, jack-of-all-trades card just because it can handle lots of match ups. But the fact of the matter is that when it doesn't have to, it's weak!

Post rotation doesn't have Nightveil Specter or Underworld Connections , but let's assume they did. Instead of side boarding Ultimate Price and some enchantment hate, idk, say Unravel the Aether , you're going to main board a card that could well be useless against GW Aggro (another very popular deck right now). You don't get to benefit by destroying enchants because they barely run any. You don't get to benefit by destroying lots of monocolored creatures because their best creatures are multicolored. That leaves a 3-drop draw 2 and discard 1.

When building a side board, you fill it with cards that help against otherwise weak match ups. You don't try to compensate by finding a way to throw it all into the mainboard in a janky way.

TheHroth on 2014-09-11 update of Champion's MonoB ...

1 week ago

Duress , Devour Flesh , Doom Blade , Ultimate Price , and Rakdos Cackler are all rotating out.

As for Ulcerate in your maybeboard, with all your removal going out I would definitely run it.

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