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Devour Flesh

Devour Flesh


Target player sacrifices a creature, then gains life equal to that creature's toughness.

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Devour Flesh Discussion

Jono9602 on Mind Tricks

1 hour ago

Well it would appear that I am on a budget, so Thoughtseize is deff out of the question. Also, since I have Consuming Aberration I won't be adding the exile counters. I'd most-likely put in Psychic Strike as a x4 to replace all of the Cancel . As I only have x2 Devour Flesh I am also going to add x1 Dissolve .

What's your thought on Gridlock and Rapid Hybridization ?

Harbleboy on Control Dick

3 hours ago

Thanks for the comment! I'm avoiding geth's verdict because there isn't enough black in the deck to make double black anywhere near as early and consistently as something like Devour Flesh . However, I have replaced that slot with Far / Away for the time being due to the versatility.

I'm also trying to find a way to cram Augur of Bolas into there, but alack the refining is taking some doing.

giesemo on Jund Planeswalker

8 hours ago

Devour Flesh G/W agro is dead after rotation gets by hexproof and I'd swap out golgari charm for dreadbore and may I suggest Liliana Vess

CrovaxTheCursed on Best Options Vs Jund Walkers

16 hours ago

I agree that Duskmantle Seer is an underrated card. I'm sad to see it didn't get more play in Standard as it rips apart Green Monsters and its variants. Anyway, back on topic, I would agree with going B/R to combat Jund, Walkers or otherwise. It is very true that most of them rely heavily on mana dorks/rampers so every time I play against Jund that's the first thing I try to slow down. If they have to be on the same mana curve as you, a lot of the times they lose the speed and efficiency that makes Jund so good, thus giving you the advantage. Red can burn away the little dorks (and even Courser with Mortars), and Black can get the out-of-the-reach-of-burn creatures with Downfall, Bore, and even get Caryatids with Devour Flesh /Far / Away . If you focus on disrupting their early game and denying them a chance to build board presence, you already have the upper hand on them. The balancing act is not using ALL your removal on the rampers as they can still get out some mean dudes with little mana (Polukranos comes to mind). Thoughtseize helps a lot with this as you can either make the decision to seize their bomb, or seize their ramp, based on what removal you have in your hand. Now I believe Jund walkers run a lot more removal themselves than their monsters counterparts. The trick, I've found, there is to bait, bait, bait. Never throw out your toughest card in hand just because you can get it out early (a good rule to live by anyway). It's gut wrenching when they Ultimate Price your Desecration Demon because you didn't bait their removal with the lesser creatures on the previous turns. The trick, and this seems to be true with all removal heavy decks, is to act like you're curving out the best in your deck so that they've expended most of their kill cards by turn 5 or 6, then start dropping your fatties at which point they are frantically top decking for another Doom Blade that they wasted on an Wall of Frost on turn 3 (or whatever you plan to run, that's just an example). Btw, would you be planning to go the more removal/counter heavy route? Or more on the aggro side? Because you could go either way with those colors. Blue is surprisingly aggro these days, whether it be mono or otherwise, so there's a ton of options for Grixis colors. The typical convention being the removal/counter heavy Walker build, but I'm confident you could make a good midrange deck out of those colors. Blue might feel a little weird in midrange since they don't have a lot of midrange creatures, but there are a ton of utility spells you could use. Anyway, hope this was helpful.

swingstyle on Mind Tricks

20 hours ago

remove Asphyxiate and replace with Hero's Downfall not as situational with the untapped, also hits plainswalkers. also consider with all the walls to add in 1 more Phenax, God of Deception Also in my experiance Mind Grind never seems to work as well as you want it to so add Breaking / Entering instead a 2 drop to mill 8 never bad ;). If your not on a budget then drop the Duress to sideboard and add Thoughtseize <------very pricey card though. Possibly add in Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver and Psychic Strike , Dissolve , or Dissipate rather then Cancel all the cards same mana cost just get something out of them other then just the counter. finally drop the 4 Dimir Guildgate for 4 Temple of Deceit ........ Doom Blade a situational card as well maybe replace with one of the above removals and put it sideboard. or maybe Devour Flesh since as a mill deck we dont really care about life totals...... also with devour flesh since you target player instead of creature you can get rid of the pesky hexproof stuff.

Zacoly on The closest thing you'll ever see to a squidtribal

1 day ago

Aqueous Form or Notion Thief or Inaction Injunction could possibly make the cut for this deck.

Dying Wish + Devour Flesh could hit pretty dang hard.

AEtherize could side in Vs aggro to fatten up their hands, and provide defense.

Finally Duskmantle Guildmage can hit pretty hard along with Whispering Madness .

Are any of these ideas worth pursuing?

I'd suggest you remove Duress x2 with 4 Thoughtsieze already it looks like overkill.

XTowelie on All you need is in your hands

1 day ago

Ok. Budget I guess. Dissipate is very bad countermagic. I would replace it with Deprive , Dissolve , or Spell Snare , If you don't mainboard you should sideboard Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver and Threads of Disloyalty makes Jund and Junk a favored matchup.

Also Cruel Ultimatum is a win con it is better than AEtherling has a one of. Trust me it will really help in many matchups. Phyrexian Crusader is the choice of mono black control. get that and some Inkmoth Nexus and you can win quickly. The crusader dies to almost nothing and can block well.

Your removal isn't that great. Smother and Smallpox is good. Victim of Night Disfigure Devour Flesh Funeral Charm is good charm. Doom Blade its almost anything. since it is budget you can't turn this into grixis control which would be a lot better because of Terminate and bolt. Sudden Death Sickening Shoal Rend Flesh

Infest is cheap damnation