Devour Flesh

Devour Flesh


Target player sacrifices a creature, then gains life equal to that creature's toughness.
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Devour Flesh Discussion

TheEmgee on ♙♟Tainted Immortality♟♙

21 hours ago

So I've made modifications. I've added a few more cards and removed some:

Added 1 more Beacon of Immortality for that insta-win.
Added 2 Boseiju, Who Shelters All to protect wincons.
Added 2 Chalice of the Void for zero/one drops.
Added 4 Wall of Omens for draw.
Added 2 Dimir Machinations to fetch TR, Ensnaring Bridge, or Ghostly Prison.
Removed 2 Wall of Shards to avoid unnecessary early opponent life gain without TR
Removed 2 Devour Flesh since my opponents tends to sacrifice weakest/token creatures.
Removed 1 Condemn
Removed 2 Blind Obedience
Removed 1 Rule of Law
Removed 1 Overgrown Tomb
Removed 1 Temple Garden

I hope you guys enjoy the changes. Please let me know your thoughts.

tyforthevenom on Sliver all you like you'll die anyway

3 days ago

it's Sinew Sliver/Predatory Sliver number 9, also i play plenty of black creatures and i board into Devour Flesh and Slaughter Pact quite often, as for screwing up my mana base with the number of 5 colour lands i have it's a no risk problem for creature colour fixing

ockhamsrazor on ♙♟Tainted Immortality♟♙

4 days ago

This deck is far too slow, inconsistent, and wacky-manabased to ever be competitive in any format, much less Modern.

First off, I see no actual hard-hitting combos here at all. No infinite loops, not even a spell that heals the opponent for more than a couple life at a time. You are, for some inexplicable reason, spending a lot of time and resources increasing your own life total, rather than the opponents.

Rest for the Weary is the best card in this deck, and you're only going to run 2 copies? What the hell, man?

Up the counts of Idyllic Tutor Rest for the Weary Condemn and Devour Flesh to 4 each, add 2-3 Heroes' Reunion then drop useless distractions like Herald of the Pantheon Myth Realized and Souls of the Faultless

I like Dimir Machinations as an alternative tutor for Tainted Remedyand Ensnaring Bridge alongside Wall of Shards should halt all aggression towards you (or what little gets past your now-increased removal capabilities).

This should primarily be a control deck.

ThatJunkMage on Is my spot removal balanced?

1 week ago

I mean, I wouldn't play it. When looking at edict effects, you need to look at what already exists. Chainer's Edict, Devour Flesh, Foul-Tongue Invocation. Is this card on par with these? These cards would see / did see play.

KillerKorpse99 on First Deck

1 week ago

Run Bloodsoaked Champion, goes along with sacking creatures. If you run 3 Ultimate Prices take out Devour Flesh, Assassinate and Weight of the Underworld.

nobu_the_bard on When is a creature targeted? ...

1 week ago

Generally, if the spell or ability uses the word target, it's targetted. If it doesn't, it's not.

Refocus is targetted.

Devour Flesh targets a player. They "choose" a creature; it doesn't target the creature they choose.

Wrath of God doesn't target anything. Vandalblast only targets if cast normally; if overloaded, it doesn't target.

Edit: Oh. Willbreaker will only break the effect that caused him to trigger (ie cause it to be countered) if his ability causes the creature to become an invalid target. For example, an ability that has "target creature an opponent controls" was on the stack, and now the creature is controlled by you, it will be countered when it tries to resolve on an invalid target.

SirFowler on B/W extortion

1 week ago

I'd recommend Vault of the Archangel instead of the Orzhova lands. Plus, I feel like extortion is too slow for modern. What I might suggest would be to abuse Tainted Remedy. Use cards like Healing Salve, Rest for the Weary, and Devour Flesh to make them lose life rather than gain life. It can also be great against burn decks because you can gain life if needed.

Anyway, hope these help.

cooltonez on Leaf it to Doran

2 weeks ago

Instead of Smallpox You could try:
Devour Flesh
Diabolic Edict
Geth's Verdict

& I'm not sure how useful it would be but they did print Arcane Lighthouse.

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