Devour Flesh


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common

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Devour Flesh


Target player sacrifices a creature, then gains life equal to that creature's toughness.

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Devour Flesh Discussion

roblun on Grixis Delver

4 days ago

Thoughts on Warren Weirding replacing Devour Flesh against bogles?

roblun on Grixis Delver

4 days ago

Do you find yourself bringing in Devour Flesh for bogles or against burn to gain life yourself? If it's for bogles why not bring in Geth's Verdict?

lagotripha on The Black Sacrament (Mono-Black Sacrifice)

2 weeks ago

Mono black player here- I built this to help folks figure out what was available and tinker their decks Mono black deckbuilder's toolbox- I'm not a fan of cards like Disentomb because its functionally the same as running another creature, and some cards like Profane Command will provide that, plus removal, plus game-ending lifesteal. Mutilate is budget sideboard boardwipe, and will work well here. Tormented Soul doesn't provide a huge amount of damage or board presence, so I'd run something like Quest for the Gravelord, Ravenous Rats or Bloodsoaked Champion, unless you choose to also run Lashwrithe strats. Shriekmaw is amazing removal and triggers morbid, Geth's Verdict is neat, Smother I would have reccomended before Fatal Push came out, but people are going to be packing pot black more now, so bear that in mind. Ratchet Bomb deals with token strats, protection and is emergency enchantment/artifact removal. Delirium Skeins is amazing against control with some additional discard. I prefer cards like Erebos's Titan/Endless Whispers to Consuming Vapors- I like my lifegain early for aggressive decks with Devour Flesh/Elixir of Immortality/Gifted Aetherborn and later in the game I prefer ongoing profit as they (should) have less removal.

Main reccomendation Night's Whisper/Sign in Blood/Dark Prophecy instead of Altar's Reap- easier to cast in a tight spot or more persistant. All told, nice start and happy brewing!

smackjack on Abzan

2 weeks ago

Viceroy1 Rhino is worth the 4 mana :).

Kitchen Finks Yup, Finks dies to everything. But it has to die twice. Once they get rid of it they have spent 2 removals and you have gained 4 life. All for 3 mana. Finks is amazing.

Devour Flesh is in no way a substitute for lili. If you are using it as a substitute for lili you need to reconsider. Also, i would argue that Devour Flesh has waaaaaay more limited targeting ability since you don't get to choose the target ;). Whatever you want to kill is safe as long as they have anything else to sac. It always kills the least problematic creature (and gaining them some life).. Devour Flesh is a great sideboard option against Boggles, but weak mainboard..

Considering Boggles is a big thing in your meta, have you considered Engineered Explosives? Or even Ratchet Bomb (for sideboarding) Chalice of the Void is another sideboard option to kill the Boggles deck.

ej133 on Abzan

2 weeks ago

I suppose he uses Devour Flesh against silly one hexproofed creature decks like GW Auras and Jeskai Geist.

And, damn right, if you're playing Abzan, Siege Rhino and Kitchen Finks are totally worth. They generate so much value, that you won't even notice your painful manabase.

ej133 on Abzan

2 weeks ago

Well, let's try to show up some stuff:

  1. Your manabase needs a little fixing. You have too many basics. That's awesome against Blood Moon decks, but you are very likely to get a little mana-stuck with them. My suggestion is 1 Godless Shrine, 2 Temple Garden and 2 Overgrown Tomb.
  2. Putrid Leech is not very good. If you're willing to put a little cash on the deck, I'd recommend Scavenging Ooze. It grows very fast, gains you some life, and deals with Snapcaster Mages and Tarmogoyfs very easily.
  3. Devour Flesh is interesting, but 4 is too much. Since you're playing Abzan colors and already run 4 Path to Exile, you could use 2 or 3 Fatal Push as extra creature removals, and then open up some slots for Abrupt Decay. These cards are very useful in matchups against Jund and/or Jeskai Nahiri.
  4. If you're running 4 copies of Doran, the Siege Tower, Spellskite gets specially needed in your list. A 4/4 for two generic mana is far beyond awesome.
  5. Your sideboard needs a little work too. But I would need to know what you're playing against, and what your local meta is based on.

I guess this covers up a bit. Hope it helped! :)

+1 anyhow, you have a very nice deck here. Check my lists if you want some new card ideas: Bant Titan, Suicide Zoo and Esper..

frogkill45 on Bridge to the Tron

1 month ago

What are your considerations for swapping white for black Path to Exile for Fatal Push only reason I recommend this is because you have things to revolt pretty consistent and it doesn't give the opponent an extra land. Your Sideboard could be slightly different if your still looking for the same effectsWitchbane Orb / Leyline of the Void / Devour Flesh (life gain doesnt hurt your wincons that much) you could also use this on your own guys to gain life in certain situations

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