Devour Flesh

Devour Flesh


Target player sacrifices a creature, then gains life equal to that creature's toughness.

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Devour Flesh Discussion

pskinn01 on Suck blood Eat brains

2 days ago

You have 2 Avatar of Woe's in the deck. This is not allowed in commander.

IMHO, every card in an edh deck should have a major impact in most situations. And single effect cards, should be powerful enough to swing the board. The following are cards that can be changed, and the reason i would suggest doing so. This is just my opinions, and will depend on your playgroup.

Doom Blade - is limited to non-black creatures
Terror - is limited to non-black, non artifact creature
Shrieking Affliction - depending on your play group, this can be played around without hurting your opponent
Dance of the Dead is not very impactful imo for what it does
Skinthinner - a 2/1 in edh is not that big, and costing 5 to unmorph, makes it cost 8 to get rid of a creature
Null Champion - while a decent card in a zombie edh deck, it can be removed it space for a better card is needed
Burnt Offering and Dark Ritual are not that great in edh, I would use Sol Ring, Jet Medallion, and/or Charcoal Diamond
Devour Flesh and Diabolic Edict are not usually that great in edh, as your opponent will not sac the creature you really want/need him to.
Smother - most of the threats in edh cost more than 3
Urge to Feed - not as useful in a zombie themed deck
Gruesome Encore and Postmortem Lunge most of the time, a single turn with your opponent's creatures won't mean much in EDH
Prophetic Prism and Vessel of Endless Rest are not as necessary in a mono black deck, especially if you use the 3 artifacts mentioned above

Here are some other suggested addition:
Swiftfoot Boots and Lightning Greaves - help protect your commander and other important creatures
Volrath's Stronghold - help recur your creatures, but is not a cheap card

FatherLiir on Cloak and Dagger

4 days ago

10 looks scary but so often in my Minotaur tribal deck, filled with pump spells, things like fall of the hammer and Devour Flesh, so totally not standard, but still the latest I ever cast it is turn 6-7 even when I don't get a land every turn. I think those infants fill up your graveyard faster than you think. Plus Stain the Mind will take them out before half of them hit the field... Other than that bombs are about your only other option and the only one right now I can think of that would work would be Perilous Vault

Rayenous on Potentially powerful Modern cards?

4 days ago

Kavu Predator may be difficult to play with effectively. Mainly because you would be having to play a number of cards that give your opponent life... As there are a limited number of cards that give you sufficient benefit from this it would be hard to design. Also, you would need to ensure you can get the Kavu Predator in play early, and protect it... otherwise you're fighting un up-hill battle the whole time.

If you were to do it, I feel it would be Jund colors.

Ideas for cards would include:
Primal Command - Expensive, but fits the theme and gives you options.
Devour Flesh
Sorin Markov - Possibly expensive, but after they gain a ton of life, you drop them straight to 10.
Stigma Lasher - ?? possibly... to shut off life gain after you're setup...?
Rain of Gore - Turn all the life gain for your opponent into life loss... shuts off Kavu Predator, but probably worth it as it's a strong win-con. Grove of the Burnwillows - of course...

FatherLiir on Agro Infect

5 days ago

I'd replace Go for the Throat with Devour Flesh, it gets around indestructible and hexproof, and can target black slash artifacts. Plus it's one drawback isn't so much of a drawback with the whole point of Infect.

killkong1211 on Trade, Trade, Win

6 days ago

Edict effects hose a lot of non-aggro based decks (e.g. Jeskai Control, Jeskai Combo, Tron) that use minimal creatures by eliminating hard to deal with threats.
Maybe some Devour Flesh in the side.
Can edict their threat on the cheap, or eat your own Baron when they pop a wrath effect or similar.

DSHoyt on Karador, Chieftan of My Graveyard

1 week ago

I've been really busy at work leaving little time to try some of these updates, however I am going to start trying a few of them to see how I like them and how the affect the deck, that being said, last night I got home in time and had a buddy come over for a few games so I made one slight change per your suggestions Traveler247
Removed Devour Flesh for Swords to Plowshares.Also switched out Sungrass Prairie for Windswept Heath since I picked one up with a trade from capriom85

Traveler247 on Karador, Chieftan of My Graveyard

2 weeks ago

Your replies certainly make sense. When I evaluate a card, it's based on a few things: efficiency, immediate impact, synergy, and card advantage. Ultimately, it comes down to what you could be running instead. A card being good in one of these areas doesn't make it good; rather, if it isn't good in all of those areas, then it has to be incredible in the other areas.

Mana Reflection is an excellent example of this. This card typically has no to little immediate impact; however, it is so powerful if it stays for a turn, that it's almost always incredible. That being said, I often don't run it because if it gets destroyed immediately, I haven't gotten anything out of it.

Next, when considering a combo, there are two things to consider: Does it win you the game outright, and are the cards in it useful in other situations. I usually say that it has to satisfy at least one of those criteria to be runable. Obviously, that isn't always true. I build fairly tuned, expensive decks, so if you have a lower budget, that isn't necessarily the best for you.

So, when looking at your cards, I typically was talking about it being deficient in one of those areas. That being said, my language is ambiguous: "Too Slow" means it isn't efficient and/or it doesn't have an immediate impact. Lord of the Void and Reya Dawnbringer for example, don't have an immediate impact, while Obzedat's Aid is expensive.

I think the point here should really be made by looking at some alternative cards. Check out the following changes:
Gravedigger -> Deadwood Treefolk (two more mana, but it grabs an additional creature.) or Eternal Witness (obviously better.)
Lord of the Void -> Ashen Rider/Mikaeus, the Unhallowed/Woodfall Primus/Baleful Force (All of these would be better.)
Sepulchral Primordial -> Ashen Rider/Mikaeus, the Unhallowed/Woodfall Primus/Baleful Force (All of these would be better.) Banishing Light -> Utter End (The permanent exile is almost always worth the extra mana.)
Disentomb -> Animate Dead (One more mana, grab a creature from any graveyard into play. Obviously much stronger.)
Devour Flesh -> Swords to Plowshares (This is obviously better.)
Diabolic Edict - Path to Exile (This is obviously better.)
Naturalize -> Revoke Existence (Exile is better. This still isn't great.)
Slice in Twain - Return to Dust (It's usually worth it to destroy another permanent instead of drawing a card.)
Quicksilver Amulet -> Defense of the Heart (This is just more powerful and costs less mana, due to the cost of activating Quicksilver Amulet before it does anything.)
Sword of Body and Mind -> Deathbringer (This is just better for your deck.)

There are less obvious, but similarly better options for other cards, they can just be more difficult to see. Ultimately, I think your deck is quite good, but it does have a few cards (Gravedigger and Disentomb are two obvious ones)) that are significantly below par.

Here is a brief list of excellent re-animation spells you should consider: Animate Dead, Dance of the Dead, Loyal Retainers, Exhume, Living Death, Reanimate, Stitch Together, Victimize, Necromancy, Makeshift Mannequin, Miraculous Recovery <- Instant Speed. You already have Unburial Rites which is fairly strong.

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