Devour Flesh

Devour Flesh


Target player sacrifices a creature, then gains life equal to that creature's toughness.

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Devour Flesh Discussion

TySherwood on Kresh the Bloodbraided

1 day ago

Momentous Fall and Soul's Majesty for absurd card draw, Devour Flesh as removal or to turn a doomed Kresh into absurd lifegain, Fungal Sprouting for absurd saproling armies, Ogre Battledriver and Predator Dragon to turn your unassuming little saproling army into screaming, fiery death. :)

cjk191997 on Modern Banlist Update - 1/19/15

1 week ago

so it was mentioned before but i want to seriously point out the strengths and weaknesses of mill mill has the colors to do almost anything besides ramp effectivly the only deck mill looses the second they sit across the table from is tron but even that they can splash either white for rest in peace or just run surgical extraction or the black layline deals with that easily and in terms of the burn deck mill would probably lose game one but they run blue counters for days in the sb

also i now that boggle is a deck everyone is expecting to see make a come back but why cant mill run either Devastation Tide or Devour Flesh or even Damnation

in the way of storm mill can just laugh at that because storm is drawing so many cards that if theyre out even like 25 cards by turn three, which is not uncomman for mill or an uncomman turn for storm to go off then the storm player may end up milling them self out

storms other weakness is that they run only one win con usually so why not get it milled before their third turn then surgically extract it

in the way of control while they have counters mill against control is in no rush so getting a spell remanded isnt the end of the world

if i missed any decks you need me to explain mills strengths against please comment my name and the deck that you believe will just flat out beat mill

Drean on Orzhov Extort

1 week ago

What about Geth's Verdict rather than Devour Flesh and have you considered Vizkopa Guildmage? Its second ability is always fun to use in an extort deck.

nuklearweasel on Ooga Booga Where Duh Obliterator At?

3 weeks ago

It looks good - fun deck to play - very similar to my own Phyrexian Devotion deck and Metroid's deck. I originally started playing with Leyline to the Void but found it severely limiting. You're going to have trouble against RDW and Delver because they are so fast, it's hard to hold them down to mid-range, because they've typically played out their hand by turn 5. But just play around with it to find what's comfy - I liked more Nykthos Shrine and swamps because I would inconsistently have enough land or drawing power. I would say, forget Devour Flesh and go for Geth's Verdict or Victim of Night for spot removal over Doom Blade. If you want to go heavy on card advantage - use Wrench Mind to empty them out. Otherwise, Geralf's Messenger is good against Red deck removal especially.

anooshapalooza on modern vampire monoblack

3 weeks ago

I understand what you're saying about colorless mana. 5 fetches look fine. Play test and make sure it runs smooth.

Dismember is flexible, thats it's appeal. Another card you could try is Victim of Night or Slaughter Pact for removal that isn't chipping away at life. Devour Flesh is another choice for hexproofs.

Modern meta SB options for burn or delver is Dragon's Claw. Budget but effective.Drown in Sorrow sweeps the whole board against delver but you risk your position as well. Use the symmetrical ability to your advantage.Smother hits man lands and pretty good spot removal.Darkblast is my favorite against delver builds. Gas synergy with your Bloodghast with its dredge ability.

Fatal2498 on InAgain

4 weeks ago

I personally run a B/G infect deck and find that only two phyrexian crusaders are needed. I run 4x Ichorclaw Myr because that and rancor are amazing together. Also i think that 22 lands are a bit much but that is your preference. For artifact hate Nature's Claim or Oxidize are good options. also for creature hate Geth's Verdict and Devour Flesh are good options.

wallacethepig on This Bogle's got mad skills yo! (Modern Meta $100)

1 month ago

@ Zer0w , I think twospires wanted you to run Gelid Shackles not because the defender keeps people from attacking, but because 3 mana or no, the enchanted creature can't block. Unlike Oppressive Rays , where the creature's controller can pay 3 mana to attack or block. Don't worry about things attacking you; just goldfish it and you'll be fine. If your opponent's biggest threat isn't a threat to your creatures, then you're fine. That's what Gelid Shackles does. Oppressive Rays , on the other hand, just requires a heavy tax.

Also, you're screwed against pox decks. Or anything that says "sacrifice a creature" , honestly. If your beefed-up bogle bites the dust, then that's game over right there. You got 3- or 4- or even 5-for-1'd. Token decks aren't fun, either, as the opponent has multiple blockers (with flying, if they're running a spirit token deck) which can easily be sacrificed to kill your dude. Just a taste of the removal that hits all of your "hexproof" creatures: Pyroclasm , Electrickery , Rain of Embers , Smallpox , Cathedral Membrane , Earthquake , Hurly-Burly , Inflame , Marrow Shards , Scouring Sands , Celestial Flare , Cruel Edict , Devour Flesh , Geth's Verdict , Zealous Persecution , Shrivel , and Whipflare . I'm sure there are others, but that's a lot of cards right there that completely wreck this deck. Granted, any toughness bonus you can grant a creature affords you a break, especially Ethereal Armor , but most of these spells are instant speed, 2 mana, and don't care about your sorcery speed enchantments.

I know the deck is supposed to be under 100$, but maybe you could go with a 2/2 split between Lightning Bolt and Path to Exile ? Path is some of the best removal in modern.

And why in the name of Sam Hill is Pyroclasm in your sideboard? In case you don't find a creature by turn 2? Because if that's the case, you've probably lost already. Seriously, Pyroclasm hurts you an awful lot. Put in something like Aegis of the Gods or Dragon's Claw instead.

tl;dr watch out for removal that doesn't say "target," Path to Exile is almost always better than Oppressive Rays (as is Gelid Shackles), and DON'T RUN PYROCLASM. Really, I can't see a situation where that would be a helpful card.

FatherLiir on Rakdos Wither/Infect

1 month ago

I'd replace Murder with Devour Flesh, can hit a lot more things, I don't think the one downside is a big deal when you can deal infect damage or just smash that life away, plus it kind of fits with this deck

"I don't want to turn into a Phyrexian monster, so I'll eat my own creatures to save my life!" The other players will say in terror and fear

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