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Devour Flesh

Devour Flesh


Target player sacrifices a creature, then gains life equal to that creature's toughness.

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Devour Flesh Discussion

Sagi007 on Golgari Mid-Range (needs some final suggestions)

3 hours ago

if you want to make it 12killspells i would go with 3 Abrupt Decay , 4 Hero's Downfall , 2 Devour Flesh , 2 Putrefy and 1 of personal choice Doom Blade if you like the card.

Thoughtseize is an option regardless :)

TheDevicer on Mono B aggro

3 hours ago

No. I play rakdos aggro at the moment and I'm having tons of sucess with Ravish the Meek. I was primarily a control player before playing this deck for a long time. I still am one at heart, but I've gotten to explore aggro a lot.

I have a private deck like this one. Since I'm also constrained by budget, I run the following utility: 2x Bile Blight , 2x Devour Flesh , 4x Hero's Downfall , and 4x Ultimate Price . The Duress is good in some matchups. I run a playset in my sideboard.

MTGfanman on Green/White Hexproof Auras

5 hours ago

@juicytoot and zandl I have Aegis of the Gods in side board which prevents Celestial Flare , Devour Flesh and Far / Away from affecting me. Mutavault is nice but with Aegis I feel like it would be a mute point and just clog up my mana base.

Loccomat on JOU Naya Hexproof

9 hours ago

Sickening deck, Bro. It reminds me of a gangster with heavy golden chains and shit. I would figuretivaly piss my pants, if I went against this monster-duke with my Buuuurn deck.

Though, consider:

Iroas, God of Victory . His second ability may help your voltron survive when someone destroys or exiles some enchantment to block your guy dead. You typically loose, if you couldn't protect your voltron.

More Godsend , for the same reasons as above. Otherwise, more "Cowbell".

Aegis of the Gods in the sideboard against Devour Flesh sideboardings, 'cause thats your enemy.

Replace Oppressive Rays - this sucker is far to slow.

Tilwin on Esper Control (Prototype)

13 hours ago

The Downfalls help a great deal, because they are unconditional removal that handle planeswalkers as well at instant speed. They combine nicely with Detention Sphere .
If you know you are playing in a meta where black creatures don't see much play stick to Doom Blade for creature removal and rely on Detention Sphere to handle the unconditional removal for you. But if you're running against black-heavy decks, Doom Blade is a dead card.
Similarly if you want creature-only cheap removal, you can go for Devour Flesh . It gets the job done at 2 mana, it's an instant, though it is not targeted. It works great until you have the chance to drop that Supreme Verdict .
As for the sideboard, I'd make room for 2 Deicide s and drop the Revoke Existence (no relevant artifacts run rampant right now). I don't really understand the Blind Obedience s... if you try to handle aggro, Fiendslayer Paladin does a better job (I do see you have two of them already).
Lastly, I don't see the point of Ratchet Bomb in your build. Unless you say substantial gain in having one copy in the sideboard you would be better off with Elixir of Immortality . If you know you are battling longrun decks, it will help you win the battle of attrition... making revelations and jace draws much more relevant after a graveyard cycle, while also cheaply gaining you life against burn decks.

Tilwin on Test Esper (Any Ideas?)

15 hours ago

I didn't find Ashiok to be a good inclusion in my matchups against various decks. He is relatively easy to remove by aggro and gruul monsters, while having small efficiency against burn and control before getting removed. Instead I think you'd be better off with 4 copies of Jace, Architect of Thought which is always a pleasure to draw and drop. It immediately comes up with a smart draw, either digging deep through lands (not only once have I ended up with 3 lands drawn by Jace), or giving you a good answer for the current board position. Plus it distracts the opponent just as well as Ashiok (running two times the -2 is very powerful) and can slow down aggro.
I also found that maxing out on the Dissolve has worked wonders against any deck but GR monsters or some aggro builds.
Far / Away is fringe useful (rarely does work as a 2 for 1 but the 3 mana cost of the removal is quite prohibitive), and I'd most oftenly use it for the Devour Flesh like effect anyway. So Replace the 2 copies with Devour Flesh .
Swap Ultimate Price with one Blood Baron of Vizkopa , or drop it altogether. You already have plenty of removal and the sideboard Doom Blade will work great against aggressive and creature-intensive decks.
Make some room for Temple of Enlightenment even though it's quite expensive. Both the scry and the fixing is a real pleasure in esper builds.
As for personal flavor, I'd go as far as dropping Azorius Charm for 2 copies of Banishing Light . It's much more flexible (even though admittedly a 3 mana cost and non-instant) and can deal with a larger range of threats, including opposing Detention Sphere s.
Lastly, control the sideboard a bit better with more diversity. I'm not sure Pack Rat would be a wise choice. Instead go for a combination of Deicide and Glare of Heresy to deal with pesky gods and other annoying threats for good (you will see Athreos quite a bit). I like the Fiendslayer Paladin for the possibility it offers to dealing with burn.

SpaderAce on UW Control (Help)

20 hours ago

Turn 2 Azorius can Celestial Flare and Azorius Charm aggro, turn 3 Detention Sphere , turn 4 and onward Supreme Verdict as necessary. Technically, against aggro, Azorius Charm and Celestial Flare are better than anything black can offer, since with Devour Flesh they can just sac whatever isn't attacking, so you're not warding off any damage there. Doomblade doesn't work against black, and with Athreos, God of Passage coming, there will be a lot more black white aggro decks around. And Hero's Downfall is also worse than Detention Sphere because D-Sphere can be 1 for 2 or 3 sometimes, especially against aggro, and U/W is easier to manage than BB in a deck with majority U/W anyways.

Now, if I think about it more now, you are right that Esper is better against other control, too. Since it has Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver , Obzedat, Ghost Council , and those other hand disruption spells.

Sorry for sounding rude, I don't know why I said that in the first place. But I would say now it boils down to what you can afford and what your local meta is. If it's aggro, play Azorius. If it's control, play Esper. If it's about even, and you can't afford all the lands for Esper, go Azorius.

And my final point, I actually prefer Esper myself, but in my opinion and my local meta, Azorius is better because it's better against aggro.

vincentgalbo on Black Devotion (Help Wanted!)

21 hours ago

Not trying to burst the creativity bubble, but I've been playing Monoblack for a while and it's pretty much perfected. You've basically got one slot to mess around with, which is what used to be the 26th land. Ogre Slumlord is a ridiculous card that will basically never see play when you have Pack Rat in play.

Anyways, do this:

-2 Drown in Sorrow

-1 Whip of Erebos

-1 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

+1 Thoughtseize

+1 Nightveil Specter

+1 Swamp

+3 Devour Flesh

For your sideboard, do this:

-4 Devour Flesh

-2 Ultimate Price

+4 Duress

+2 Erebos, God of the Dead Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.09 $0.25 $0.75 $2.14
Color(s) B
Cost 1B
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 4.92
Avg. cube pick 2.54


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common