Devour Flesh

Devour Flesh


Target player sacrifices a creature, then gains life equal to that creature's toughness.
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Devour Flesh Discussion

Excile2127 on No Gain, No Pain

1 day ago

I really like this deck, +1. My only problem is you are going half with Sanguine Bond and half with Tainted Remedy. I say go full-out Tainted Remedy. I say this because Tainted Remedy is much cheaper. Cut Stuffy Doll (<- WTF?), Exquisite Blood, Sanguine Bond, Hunters' Feast (way to high CMC), Healing Leaves (this and the next cut aren't good enough compsred to some of the life gain cards I've seen), Healing Salve, and Ghostly Prison. Add 1x more Tainted Remedy, and 1x more Vizkopa Guildmage. Try to keep your Average CMC at ~ 3. Good cards to add are: Laquatus's Champion (as a big finisher), Devour Flesh (definitely 4x), Heroes' Reunion (definitely 4x), Condemn (definitely 4x), Life Burst, Soothing Balm, etc. Make sure you have cards that remove all creatures also. Good luck with the deck, its great.

Scytec on The conspiracy lives on...

4 days ago

@klone13 - I really do not want to take this into a quad, or even trip-colored deck...the mana base would cost me too much because I like having a stable system with no mana screw and that many fetches and shocks would kill me and my wallet. Haha. Glittering Wish doesn't fetch either of my combo pieces, and makes me add a I think I will keep it Orzhov for the time being. Thank you for the comment though.

@vault - The number of lands and ramp is so that I can reliably cast Beacon of Immortality, However I am thinking of dropping it in favor of more Devour Flesh or adding in Oust. If i decide to do that, I will adjust my things accordingly...actually, I like that idea...I will do that.

@iCryEryTime - First of all, thank you for reminding me to tab it under the correct format. I love the suggestion of Condemn, what would you replace for it? Make sure you check my new list as of about 5 minutes of completing this post. Vizkopa Guildmage seems interesting...but I don't plan on gaining much life to be honest.

@TheGamer - What do you think of the new list? A little less gimmicky, a lot more consistent.

@Everyone - I changed the deck up to remove the insane amount of mana, and the four ramp cards. It seems much more consistent to me, what do y'all think of it now?

TheGamer on The conspiracy lives on...

4 days ago

More Devour Flesh imo. Its removal and helps your win con, but is kinda weak against Lingering Souls, but you can then side them out for more removal. Oust is great too.

test101 on CT Jund Dragons

6 days ago

Thinking about adding some cheap B spot removal

Victim of the night, Tragic Slip, Devour Flesh, Go for the Throat, Geth's Verdict, and Tribute to Hunger

Maybe Lightning Bolt and Draconic Roar are enough..Any thoughts?

buildingadeck on [Community Discussion]: What do you ...

1 week ago

After spending about a month designing a cube, I realized a lot of what things I enjoy in a limited environment.

First, I enjoy an environment in which things are balanced, in which I can play a range of different archetypes of equal power. With that in mind, I enjoy being able to play multicolored decks effectively and have combinations of colors be balanced as well.

Second, I enjoy environments with a lot of interaction. Gameplay should require high-level decision-making both in combat and in spells. One thing I enjoyed about BFZ sealed was that control was a viable archetype. It was not as effective in say, FRF, unless you pulled Ugin, and even then, you might still die to a fast Gruul deck (I refuse to conform to the new names) or some other aggressive deck.

Third, I like to have creatures with interactive abilities. Blazing Hellhound + Priest of the Blood Rite won me a game at 1 life during an Origins draft because my opponent did not realize that I could sac the Priest to the Hellhound and win. I like abilities like that or like those of Lotleth Troll or Azorius Guildmage that do powerful things. On the other hand, I like having interactions that can deal with the Troll's regenerate, such as Devouring Light, Devour Flesh, Condemn, or some -x/-x spell.

As for mechanics, there aren't any in particular that I really like, excepting perhaps scry. In general, I prefer synergies between cards over particular mechanics, like the Priest/Hellhound synergy I spoke of before, or Lotleth Troll + Slitherhead .

bjanisze on A Gray Merchant's Devotion

1 week ago

So far doing good, put a playset of Devour Flesh to deal with some players in my area that are running hexproof creatures and other indestructible creatures.

ibstudent2200 on Ereboss fight

2 weeks ago

With only 3 'walkers, The Chain Veil seems more detrimental than helpful.

Final Punishment doesn't synergize with the life loss cards you play, since damage and life loss are not the same.

Pestilence might be sweet in here.

Ebony Owl Netsuke seems awful to me. It encourages your opponents to actually play cards, the exact opposite of what you want. You have a powerful card advantage engine built into your commander, which gives you a huge advantage if you can stall everyone out. I'd rather play something like Oppression, since it doesn't hurt you as much as it hurts your opponents.

Platinum Emperion shuts off Erebos, and paints a massive target on your head.

False Cure requires your opponents to actually gain life, which doesn't work well with Erebos.

Sickening Dreams seems perfectly awful to me. Is there a reason you're playing it?

Your creature count is pretty low, and your commander has indestructible. You can afford to play way more boardwipes (such as Nevinyrral's Disk, Oblivion Stone, Decree of Pain, Extinguish All Hope, Hellfire, Life's Finale, or Necromantic Selection).

I really don't like Syphon Soul, but maybe it's fine in this list.

Interesting synergy: Devour Flesh has no upside for your opponent when you control Erebos. I don't know if Devour Flesh is good enough to play in this list, but it might be worth considering.

You should probably play some cheap spot removal to shut down annoying combos. I'm a fan of Go for the Throat] and Dismember, though there are other options.

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