Devour Flesh

Devour Flesh


Target player sacrifices a creature, then gains life equal to that creature's toughness.

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Devour Flesh Discussion

TheRedMage on am a little unclear about ...

2 weeks ago

Yeah, basically shroud protects your creature from

  • Instants, sorceries and triggered or activated abilities that use the word "target" (so, for example Unsummon, Void Snare, Aven Surveyor and Waterfront Bouncer would all be unable to return a shroud creature to your hand, but you can still choose to return the creature to satisfy the triggered ability on Invasive Species or as the recipient of the +1/+1 counters coming from Bolster, because, while these effects ask that you pick a creature, they don't explicitly use the word "target")
  • Auras that are being cast. While Auras do not explicitly use the word "target", the act of picking a recipient for your Aura when you cast it is considered targeting.

However, there are effects that can still affect a creature without targeting. Most notably:

  • Creatures with Shroud are still affected by effects that interest "all creatures" or "every creature" or a subset thereof, if the creature is part of that subset (i.e. if you pick the mode on Temur Charm that prevents creatures with power 3 or less to block, and you control Argothian Enchantress, she still won't be able to block). Wrath of God and similar effects still destroy shroud creatures, and so on.
  • As said earlier, there are effects that force a player to pick a creature without targeting. Most notably, you can sacrifice your Shroud creature to Devour Flesh (And you will have to, if you don't have any other creature). These effects are recognizable because they simply do not use the word "target".

I can think of a couple more corner cases that allow a player to circumvent Shroud, but these are unlikely to be relevant very often. However, you might find yourself playing Commander, where every corner case happens all the time, so I thought I'd mention them.

  • If you somehow put an aura onto the battlefield without casting it (let's say you attacked with Sun Titan and Pacifism was in your graveyard, or maybe you cast Genesis Hydra for 5 and found Spectra Ward) it will automatically attach itself to something that it can enchant. This does not count as targeting and the card will only look at what it says after "enchant" (so the aforementioned Pacifism, since it says "enchant creature", will only be able to attach itself to a creature as opposed to, say, a land, but it won't check if that creature can be targeted - this is as far as I know the only case for which "cannot be enchanted" is does something that "cannot be targeted" doesn't)
  • Voting is also not considered Targeting, so Shroud creatures can still be exiled with Council's Judgment , which I always found incredibly weird.

Harper26 on Oloro, Life Accountant [help appreciated]

2 weeks ago

Wanna get rid of Devour Flesh, I'd say put in Reign of the Pit, it is a higher drop, but they don't get lifegain out of it, and lose a critter. Especially fun if they only have frigging Avacyn, Angel of Hope on their field.

kmcree on how to kill True-Name Nemesis

2 weeks ago

No, Anger of the Gods cannot kill him, because Anger would deal him damage, which it can't because of the protection. Something like Wrath of God is your best bet. Sacrifice effects like Devour Flesh work also.

iceiceiceMTG on Grixis Twin

3 weeks ago

The splash of black in twin is very spicy but if only for hand disruption it doesn't feel complete, black offers you so much more than Terminate and Inquisition of Kozilek . What black gives you but other colors do not is the Edict Effect. Devour Flesh or Geth's Verdict can get around hexproof problem creatures as well as makes your lightning bolts better. I would recommend the Devour Flesh just because of the 1B casting cost but I can see either one being very strong.

USNVox on Glissa the Destroyer

3 weeks ago



  • Birds of Paradise, this form of ramp is out of place in this deck.
  • Plague Boiler, too slow
  • Forced March, done by enough other better cards (Gaze/Ratchet/Pernicious)
  • Wave of Terror, more likely to hurt your own creatures more. Dont have too many wipes, you need your own board presence as well.
  • Devour Flesh, plenty of other sacrifice cards that dont benefit your opponent, including the vastly superior Geth's Verdict

TySherwood on Kresh the Bloodbraided

1 month ago

Momentous Fall and Soul's Majesty for absurd card draw, Devour Flesh as removal or to turn a doomed Kresh into absurd lifegain, Fungal Sprouting for absurd saproling armies, Ogre Battledriver and Predator Dragon to turn your unassuming little saproling army into screaming, fiery death. :)

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