Ichor Wellspring


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 Common
Commander 2014 Common
Mirrodin Besieged Common
Mirrodin Besieged: Phyrexia Common

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Ichor Wellspring


When Ichor Wellspring enters the battlefield or is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, draw a card.

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Ichor Wellspring Discussion

Chuubii on Mono Red Stax (Land Destruction)

4 days ago

Marcus_Licinius_Crassus, thanks for the input. I hadn't played much, so I am replying late. Adding more borderposts really helps. Eight is too much, and I'd rather have one Iron Myr in that slot. Adding more borderposts also allow me to put in a full 4 of all my land removal, as having 2 posts makes all lands negligible.

I don't remember where, but I got a lot of comments about Atog being suboptimal with this little artifacts. He never disappoints - he is a great blocker, eats Ichor Wellsprings, excess borderposts, and even a one time 5/6 can help close out game.

Also shook up the sideboard a bit.

sodanghappy on Pia's Toddler Tantrum

1 week ago


I'm aware that it does lose quite a bit of it's edge without Pia's, but I try to make up for it with other wincons, Inkmoth+Ravager for one. Without Pia's, Trawler and Retriever can recur themselves/each other as blockers, and with sculptor or Ironworks it's more practical. Disciple is gonna have a field day. With 4 or 5 mana on turn 3 or 4, thanks to Opal or Springleaf, I could afford to sink some mana. Sacking 2-3 artifacts and drawing/recurring more per turn with a disciple in play seems like a pretty decent threat. Again, with Sculptor I can play a Pyrite for free and sac for 1 mana. But without it, it's practically like sacking a clue. I could sub it out for Chromatic Sphere, but pyrite comes with a 2 damage threat. it synergizes with disciple for more, essentially a bolt. Other than Terrarion and Ichor Wellspring, there isn't anything else like Star or Implement of Combustion, that I know.

Now regarding Viscera Seer, if I didn't focus more on noncreature artifacts, I'd consider it. I'm already satisfied with my eggs for card advantage. I don't want to sacrifice essential combo pieces, like Ravager or Disciple. Trawler and Retriever make for good blockers, with which I could sac after blocking, but without any of them in play, Seer can only block and sacrifice itself when blocking. It's much better paired with Athreos, which is why I recommended it to you.

I'd like to focus on getting the combo out quicker and more consistently. If there's a way to make this deck more focused, I'm open. As this is just a messy mashup of Ironworks Combo and Affinity with Pia's Revolution as scotch tape, it's doesn't have much individuality. Of the thousands of Magic cards from over the years, I'd like to be made known of anything that can potentially set it apart. It doesn't have to be stuck to Modern, as I'm considering making a Legacy version using Goblin Welder and Ashnod's Altar.

wereotter on Embrace the Great Work

2 weeks ago

Re: Azorius Chancery,

It's not always a bad card to play, it just depends a lot on your meta, really. It's slower than a lot of other lands, but if your meta isn't hyper aggressive, or if people don't run land destruction, then that doesn't matter as much. For me, however, I've replaced the three ally color bounce lands with Fieldmist Borderpost, Mistvein Borderpost, and Veinfire Borderpost since they are not only artifacts for any abilities that care about that, but they can be hard cast on later turns if they're drawn, or can be cast in a similar way to the bounce lands early on.

I will also add in that I think that Ichor Wellspring is better for this commander than Night's Whisper considering that it's an artifact you WANT to sacrifice to Breya's ability, so unlike the previous comment, it's not just "draw two cards" but it's "draw two cards and, choose one: deal 3 damage to target player, target creature gets -4/-4 till end of turn, or you gain 5 life"

As far as my own suggestions: with only 4 swamps in your deck, turning on your Tainted Isle is going to be tough. If you want the black/blue land, Drowned Catacomb is probably better, but even better still I would say is Inventors' Fair since it can tutor up artifacts for you. Marionette Master is definitely a card to consider since it can have an opponent lose 8 life every time you use Breya's ability, and that card alone has won me games. Also I'm not seeing that you have many ways to get your artifacts back once you sacrifice them. I'd suggest at least a Goblin Welder as not only will he get back the things you want, but he pairs nicely with your Pia's Revolution

Petertracy1 on Embrace the Great Work

3 weeks ago

Hey man! I like the deck a lot, you've made a lot of solid choices. Breya is a super fun deck to play, with so many ways to build her and so many lines of play with any given 99.

Just wanted to recommend a few staple cards that I think are pretty incredible in these colors: Anguished Unmaking is always an awesome choice, over Murder for example; Merciless Eviction is a brutal and also flexible board wipe that's always relevant; Reverse Engineer and Thirst for Knowledge are both great little gas spells just like Thoughtcast if you're going for a little more consistency; Scrap Trawler is a mindbogglingly good card in artifact builds like this; and Inspiring Statuary as ramp has definitely made the cut in many artifact decks that I've seen, particularly token-making ones like Breya.

Also, you totally don't have to listen to me but I 90% disagree with this macho guy I think karoo lands are mostly fine, and I certainly can take someone who plays them seriously. Even if they are a little more vulnerable to acidic slimes, honestly if you're playing the game right, you're going to have an artifact or enchantment that's way more threatening than two of your mana. Of course this depends on your meta and how aggressive they are with land destruction. Otherwise, it's actually kind of nice to have lands that make two land drops for one card. Anointed Procession is absurd with Breya and co., Ichor Wellspring is awesome in artifact fodder decks like this, and actually Nihil Spellbomb is also a fantastic card that is going to hose your opponents hard.

Last recommendation is just one or two more lands. Particularly, blue sources are very important in your deck, and nearly 50% of the cards in your deck require blue while only around 30% of your sources produce it. Breya's ability to control the board depends on you being able to keep playing her and having 2 mana to spare, so be generous with mana in the deck.

Best wishes!

TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

1 month ago


Wedge/Shard additions based on our discussion yesterday:







Note: Nothing has been cut yet. Do you agree with them? If not, please let me know which :)


ibstudent2200 on Budget Powerful EDH Cards (Under 2 bucks)

1 month ago

Colorless-Ramp: Star Compass.

Is restrictive but hyperefficient removal like Victim of Night or Vendetta worth mentioning on this list? I would include Go for the Throat in this category, but it's hovering around $2 right now and the price isn't likely to go down without a reprint.

Ring of Evos Isle and Ring of Xathrid are the only rings that protect the equipped creature effectively, and I don't have a problem with them being on this list. The +1/+1 counters are too slow to make a difference unless the deck's theme involves +1/+1 counters (and even then, they're still sketchy). Artifact-heavy commanders like Breya and Daretti are more inclined to play Ichor Wellspring and other niche cards that are synergistic but lack the level of power to make this type of list.

jeremymjp on Liquimetal Destruction

1 month ago

It might be fun to add some Goblin Welder and then be able to target a Myr Battlesphere already in the graveyard. Wonder what benefits might be had with Ichor Wellspring as card draw, as a target for spare destruction cards in your hand for more card draw, and then you can target it with Goblin Welder to bring it back in for more card draw.

TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

1 month ago

Change Log 01/05/17

Added colored artifacts for the Dimir artifact archetype. Thought it would be a good idea to include some Dimir/X artifacts as well for some added variance.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I'm a bit worried that this archetype as it is now builds itself too easily. I would prefer to have more cross-pollination among archetypes and less "this card is only good in the artifact deck". There is a risk that having both goblins (which are basically junk cards if no one is in the archetype) and artifacts (many of which are only good in the Dimir archetype) dilute the cube too much, making the less archetype-driven decks worse off due to fewer playables. What do you think?

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