Golgari Brownscale


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica: City of Guilds Common

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Golgari Brownscale

Creature — Lizard

When Golgari Brownscale is put into your hand from your graveyard, you gain 2 life.

Dredge 2 (If you would draw a card, instead you may put exactly two cards from the top of your library into your graveyard. If you do, return this card from your graveyard to your hand. Otherwise, draw a card.)

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Golgari Brownscale Discussion

Jay on Seeking Modern Dredge advice

1 month ago

My thoughts:

I would mainboard less Conflagrate. It's a great card, but in a matchup like zoo you might not last long enough for it to really get value for you. Early game it's pretty disappointing, especially if you can't pitch it.

Stinkweed Imp is finnicky. It's undoubtedly an amazing dredger, but when you need to actually cast it it's underwhelming beyond belief. I'm not going to say run less, because you would need to make up for it with more dredgers, but personally I prefer less main with some more side for delver.

This is a much grindier strategy, but Vengeful Pharaoh with Golgari Brownscale is a helluva wall against creature-based aggro.

While disappointing to dredge, Abrupt Decay is such a strong and versatile card (especially against tempo) that I usually include it. It's a wonderful thing to pull opening hand.

If you need something to slow down the aggressive decks like zoo, try Lingering Souls. It will mean less explosive starts, but it's a great way to keep non-tramplers in check. Similarly Haunted Dead, but it's less efficient.

Any reason you aren't running Greater Gargadon? He's a pretty stellar inclusion for the churn-out-bodies archetype of dredge.

sylvannos on Potential of Modern Bans?

2 months ago

Golgari Grave-Troll is fine, it's the "free" creatures coming back each turn, specifically Prized Amalgam.

If they ban any of the other cards in Dredge, it still operates the same as it did before. I.e. dump a bunch of cards, play a land, trigger Bloodghasts, get back multiple Prized Amalgams, then beat face each turn, despite your opponent's blockers and removal.

Cathartic Reunion just gets replaced by Goblin Lore or Wild Guess/Dangerous Wager. Dredge was already becoming a problem before Cathartic Reunion was printed.

While not as good, Golgari Thug, Shambling Shell, or Golgari Brownscale just get jammed in where Golgari Grave-Troll was.

You can also do stupid things with Phantasmagorian and Street Wraith.

Without Prized Amalgam, the deck just puts a few 1 and 2 power creatures into play while durdling around for 6 turns.

Modern is also really light on people packing enough graveyard hate in their sideboards. A lot of people are still only running 1 to 3 sideboard cards to hate out graveyards. The solution is more likely to go to 6 cards a la Legacy and Vintage.

It would also be nice if we had an actual control deck to also police the format. This is one of the issues with banning Birthing Pod and Splinter Twin...there's not much left in the format that can just dumpster combo decks game 1 and alleviate other decks' need to fill up their sideboards to answer everything. You have to use a bunch of slots to deal with Affinity, Infect, Scapeshift, Burn, and Zooicide, ON TOP OF your other sideboard cards for Jund, Grixis, Eldrazi, and Collected Company.

Samuel-Frederick on golgari deck

2 months ago

Hey that's totally cool, and the fact you have four goyf is crazy awesome. Look for cards that either have really nice enters the battlefield abilities but aren't exciting when on the field (so you don't mind sacrificing them), or better than that, creatures and cards that you can use from your graveyard, or can interact with the graveyard. If you don't want to spend much, cool cards like Dreg Mangler, Drown in Filth, Golgari Brownscale, Shambling Shell, Varolz, the Scar-Striped, or a little more you get Deathrite Shaman.

Or maybe use your graveyard in a different sort of way as well, run Blessings of Nature, and Revenge of the Hunted, and Reclaim.

Or make it so you get more bonus from the sacrificing, maybe have lots of humans, and run Xathrid Necromancer, and/or Skirsdag High Priest.

Just a few ideas that might help focus the deck in, make full use of Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord, and still keep the awesome theme of pressure and darkness.

AverageDragon on Golgari & Stinkweeds & Gurmags Oh my!

2 months ago

You could use some more discard outlets to get your dredgies in the yard, like Wild Mongrel. Werebear is like the pauper Tarmogoyf, I'd replace Moldervine Cloak with them. Finally, Shambling Shell helps you out more than Golgari Brownscale, in my opinion. The Brownscale acts as more of an anti-aggro card and has a lower dredge count than Shambling Shell. I like the Shell's ability and its stats suit more of an aggressive approach. I like the deck!

skmbc on dredge the day

5 months ago

Could Golgari Brownscale be useful as a 1 of possibly? I played against a dredge deck the other day that also found a few slots for Squee, Goblin Nabob

(Also your list is short a card)

sirbar on DevoidMage

5 months ago

Anything for like a dollar that you need? I was thinking my two Elvish Archdruids for your 2 Golgari Brownscale, 2 Raven's Crime, Shriekmaw, Stinkweed Imp and a Traverse the Ulvenwald. I got another archdruid if you need it or some zen full arts.

Boza on Tortured existence

6 months ago

I have always wondered if Tortured Existence can create an infinite combo.

Carrion Feeder and Blood Celebrant and Tortured Existence on the battlefield.
Golgari Brownscale, Mnemonic Wall in the hand/graveyard.
Songs of the Damned in hand with a few dudes in the yard.

Cast song, gain X black mana, transform 1 of them into blue with celebrant, cast wall to retrieve songs, sac to carrion feeder, repeat. Swap Golgari Brownscale with a card in your hand a lot to gain infinite life. Gain infinite mana and an infinitely large feeder, as well as infinite life.

Wee_Dragonaut on Naya Dredge?

6 months ago

Hello everyone,

My name is Wee Dragonaut and I really like excessively zany deck ideas. Some of my favorite deck ideas have been a U/B Ramp deck, a Monoblue Aggro deck, and a two-colored Bring to Light deck that flopped fantastically at a tournament. In my view, innovation leads to later success, especially when it fails in the most spectacular way.

Recently, I got a playset of Nahiri, the Harbinger from drafting and trading. Because I love graveyard themes and wonky deck concepts, I immediately thought about doing a Naya Dredge deck. Here is how I think it will go:

  • Ramp into Nahiri turn three, through Sylvan Cartarid and/or Sakura-Tribe Elder

  • If the board is clear, do a cool Dredge effect, discarding Golgari Brownscale or another dredge card with Nahiri, the Harbinger, then dredging it back to your hand. This will mill yourself and gain you life.

  • If board is not clear, exile something, or let Nahiri die and play another.

  • If you are lucky and Nahiri does not die, ultimate. Because I play fairly, I do not get Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, and instead get a fairer creature. If I have lots of nice creatures in my graveyard, like Kitchen Finks and Voice of Resurgence, I get Sun Titan, reanimating two creatures just by entering and attacking. If there are opposing creatures on the battlefield or my opponent is at low health, I get Inferno Titan. And if my opponent is an arsehole and is playing a token deck, I get Balefire Dragon. GG.

What does everyone think? Does it seem feasible for casual tournament Modern? Or will it be as successful as a two-colored Bring to Light deck? What creatures would you suggest?

Thanks, Wee Dragonaut

EDIT: Here is my Naya deck! Naya Dredge

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