Sylvan Ranger


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Common
Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas Common
2011 Core Set Common
Promo Set None

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Sylvan Ranger

Creature — Elf Scout

When Sylvan Ranger enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a basic land card, reveal it, and put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

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Sylvan Ranger Discussion

MartialArt on Dark Ecosystem

1 week ago

I would suggest using those with Meren:

Acidic Slime, Avenger of Zendikar, Borderland Ranger, Farhaven Elf, Fertilid, Sylvan Ranger

With those that fetch lands you can ramp quite infinitely and get out those lands so you can draw the important things while not being mana screwed.

I would even add Attrition here.

I hope this helped. Greets MA.

Liscom on Cheap Elves

1 month ago

ok, I will now comment every card somehow. Please take my critics as constructive

Elvish Champion is a nice card, if used well. The +1/+1 is of course nice, but beware, it gives ALL elves +1/+1 - this includes the elves of opponents! Elvish Archdruid has the same mana cost, is a bit cheaper to buy and even gives you tons of mana. here you should look for a mana sink, such as Ezuri, Renegade Leader (maybe a bit over your budget).Imperious Perfect also is a nice 3drop that allows you to create even more elves. Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen is a 4drop, but also gives a nice boost and gives a great life boost. All of these are better than Elvish Champion in most games. There is a tricky way though to make the champion quite nasty: Unstable Frontier! Make other lands to forests and just rush in with your elves!

Elvish Lyrist and Elvish Scrapper are a great sideboard cards. Is there a reason you put them into the main board?

Elvish Pioneer is nice, but I would still prefer Llanowar Elves or Arbor Elf, because they always give you one mana when on the battlefield. Elvish Pioneer's ability is useless if you have no forest in hand (which happens often in the late game).

Elvish Visionary as I said before, great card!

Gempalm Strider underestimated card! I like him.

Lys Alana Huntmaster is also awesome (as said before), but if you want to play him I would focus even more around him/her.

Sylvan Ranger: I still prefer Llanowar Elves or Arbor Elf.

Sylvan Messenger I got mixed feelings here... I never tried him I have to admit, but he looks good on paper.

Tajuru Pathwarden hum... I am not sure if he fits. As finishers, there are better options (maybe also non-elves). If it is important to you to only have elves, I would probably pick others, such as the +1/+1 choices I told you above.

Thornweald Archer also very underestimated and I love him. I would probably put him into the sideboard though.

Wirewood Herald it is like a better version of Elvish Visionary.. so it is even more awesome.

So, to put it in a nutshell, this already fels way better than before I think (if I recall it right), but I still think you have problems deciding for a strategy.

orranis on

2 months ago

Got rid of Uktabi Wildcats in favour of Kalonian Twingrove. Elvish Pioneer was only ever useful on turn 1 so changed to Traproot Kami to combat flying. Sylvan Ranger is same cost as Sylvan Scrying but with a bonus creature to defend with so I swapped him in, which gives another useful combo with Temur Sabertooth. Having 4 +x/+x enchants was good. Having 3 enchants and 3 instants is more versatile, can be done to the same creature, gives a choice based on available mana, just generally works nicer. Skyshroud Claim in there just once gives a chance of a speed boost.

TheMountainLion on Should I run Gatecreeper Vine ...

2 months ago

Say I was to put in 4x Sakura-Tribe Elders and then 2x of either Gatecreeper Vine or Sylvan Ranger.

If that was the case, which would you suggest and why?

Aneximines on Every Time We Wander Cascada

3 months ago

I'm glad to hear World Breaker and Spelljack work for you. They're fun cards, and having room for pet cards is a core perk of this format.

You can make Peregrine Drake work if you use enough of green's search-and-put-onto-the-battlefield cards, but that would alter the whole feel of the deck in a way that I think you've intentionally avoided.

Sakura-Tribe Elder is okay without recursion, but only okay. I think this deck's ramp needs are so great that you want things that get you more than mana, like Armillary Sphere or perhaps Worn Powerstone. If you like the land-fetching chump blocker thing, it's better if the creature sticks around, like with Sylvan Ranger and Pilgrim's Eye. They don't actually accelerate your mana base like the Elder (and that alone might make you want to stick with the Elder) but they're better blockers because you can wait and use them when it's important, and they work better with things like the Spymaster and Ibex since you don't have to choose between ramping and attacking like you do with the Elder.

P4nd3m1c on How Aluring~~ (Competitive Aggro/Combo Elves)

3 months ago

So Cloudstone Curio and all your other bouncing related stuff Wood Elves, Sylvan Ranger, Soul of the Harvest, Gilt-Leaf Archdruid, Dwynen's Elite, Elvish Harbinger, Eternal Witness, Farhaven Elf, Elvish Visionary, Elvish Pioneer, and sort of Devoted Druid really only work because of Aluren I gather...? If so, how effective is that strategy compared to my tapping sub-strategy in "It's Okay. They're just Elves." deck? I definitely have more of an artifact and enchantment thing going on, but you have a lot more creatures.

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