Sylvan Ranger

Sylvan Ranger

Creature — Elf Scout

When Sylvan Ranger enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a basic land card, reveal it, and put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

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Sylvan Ranger Discussion

GobboE on I am Legend [budget]

2 weeks ago

35? If you have mana producing permanents like the selesnya artifacts (Selesnya Keyrune, sigil, and cluestone) and some land fetchers (Sylvan Ranger, Borderland Ranger and such) , this can be okay, though I would advise for 36 land (including the artifacts and fetchers). This change may seem insignificant but it increases your chances of drawing lands. WIth a deck like yours it is important to be able to play sisay early, and if she dies (and she will) that you can recast her.

100 bucks should allow you to build a nice budget deck, and you already have some nice cards in your deck.

And: you're welcome :)

kushinator on kraken fun

2 weeks ago

staright upgrade

Voyage's End ---> Unsummon

Accumulated Knowledge --> Ponder

TweekLost in a Labyrinth + 2x Explore --> High Tide

3x Omenspeaker --> Wood Elves ou Sylvan Ranger

Naturalize --> sideboard, renplace par Fog

2x Evolving Wild + Voyaging Satyr + 1x Kiora's Followerpour des Basic land ou dual lands cheap a 50cent

2x Kiora's Follower --> Jalira, Master Polymorphist

CommentaireTa vraiment pas assez de land, j'ai remplacer tes creature qui tap pour des creature avec des enter the battlefield abilities, qui fonctionne bien avec jalira, unsummom, whelming wave et meme aetherize aussi kiora's follower n'est pas super bon dans ton deck ta pas grand chose qui tap pour autre chose que 1 mana tant qua get des card equivalent a elvish mystic genre llanowar elves

multimedia on Miss Nissa

2 weeks ago

SaniTheCat, I think you need some cheaper land ramping spells to give you a better chance of hitting seven lands faster to flip Nissa. This deck is playing a very high Avg. CMC, having some spells that can get lands faster into play would really help to play your big creatures. Your deck doesn't appear to be budget so my suggestions will not be budget options.

I will first list all my suggestions and then explain my reasoning. Some cards to consider are:

Exploration, Burgeoning, Gaea's Touch, Explore, Summer Bloom, Nature's Lore, Three Visits, Rampant Growth, Primal Growth, Clear the Land, Yavimaya Elder, Sylvan Ranger, Skyshroud Ranger, Sakura-Tribe Scout, Thawing Glaciers

  1. Exploration, Burgeoning, Gaea's Touch all these enchantments are green and cheap, letting you play more lands a turn in the early game is what you want to be doing.
  2. Explore, Summer Bloom cheap sorceries that let you play more lands a turn.
  3. Nature's Lore, Three Visits, Rampant Growth, Primal Growth cheap good land ramping.
  4. Clear the Land for three mana you can potentially put up to five lands into play.
  5. Skyshroud Ranger, Sakura-Tribe Scout one mana creatures that can put lands from your hand onto the battlefield.
  6. Yavimaya Elder, Sylvan Ranger cheap creatures that can get lands into your hand.
  7. Thawing Glaciers can guarantee you get a Forest onto the battlefield each turn.
  8. Another creature that could be quite good with your overall strategy is Baru, Fist of Krosa. He can give all your creatures a recurring source of trample as well as pump them.

Good luck with your deck.

C4X2 on Pauper Jund Midrange

4 weeks ago

Hi Pauper BGx player here, and I have a few suggestions Evolving Wilds or Terramorphic Expanse over Jund Panorama you don't want to pay mana for your land searching effects. Go up to 4 Chainer's Edict's, it is the best removal spell in the format and when you grinding the opponent out it allows to have extra resources to work with. Think about going up on Borderland Ranger/Sylvan Ranger type effects if you want better fixed mana. Also Yavimaya Elder is a card that you strongly consider in any BGx midrange deck. Plus I don't think this is a Bequeathal deck, in that you don't have a high density of cards that sacrifice for value/die easily, if you wanted to go that route I would recommend adding Sakura-Tribe Elder and Ghitu Slinger (removal on a stick) and of course Yavimaya Elder. Plus Flame Jab is more a sibeboard card against decks like tokens or goblins, decks with a high concentration of 1-toughness creatures, you don't want to draw it and it be a dead card! Also in the sideboard consider Tranquility or Naturalize over Quiet Disrepair hope this has helped!

multimedia on Yeva's Forest Elves

1 month ago

EdenGardenz, Nice deck, using Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip is an interesting General choice with Elves. Ezuri, Renegade Leader is the usual choice of General if you want to go Elf Ball. If you truly want to play Elf Ball then you really need to drop your mana curve. Your average mana cost is 3.8, this is too high, it needs to be 2.5 or lower utilizing cheaper faster Elves to overrun with.

Think about adding more land ramp if you really want to use Nissa as your General. Nissa by herself is not very good, once you get the Forest after she enters the battlefield. Where she shines is when she flips into her Planeswalker side. She flips with seven or more lands on the battlefield this means getting more lands pure turn on the battlefield should be a priority.

There are lot of good land ramp creatures and spells that you should consider adding. It is best to add creatures that can land ramp because then they can get the Overrun effects. I see that this is a budget deck so I will leave the more expensive cards at the end to give you more options later on.

Elves that land ramp are: Wood Elves and Farhaven Elf both these three drop Elves are excellent and put lands directly onto the battlefield when they enter. Elvish Pioneer is another option, but he requires that you have a basic Forest in your hand before you play him. Frontier Guide has a repeatable ability to put lands into play, although he is quite slow.

Cheap Elves that get lands into your hand are: Sylvan Ranger and Civic Wayfinder.

Non-Elf creatures to consider: Sakura-Tribe Elder and Yavimaya Elder both are very good.

Some good land ramp spells are: Rampant Growth, Explore, Harrow, Cultivate, Nissa's Expedition because it has convoke which is good with Elves, Journey of Discovery lots of good options and Skyshroud Claim puts two Forests into play untapped.

Good land ramp enchantments are: Gaea's Touch since you are playing a lot of Forests.

Non-budget options are: Oracle of Mul Daya, Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Exploration and Summer Bloom.

Good luck with you deck.

CasualMagician27 on Omnath and the army of big scary critters.

1 month ago
-Scapeshift: Sacrifice your lands, get a lot of triggers in one turn. GG
-Titania, Protector of Argoth: With Scapeshift, sac lands, get two elementals per land sac'd.
-Zuran Orb: With Titania out, this is amazing.
-Perilous Forays: Sac an elemental, bolt, trigger Perilous Forays, search for a land, put it on the battlefield and trigger Omnath for another elemental to sac. Fun stuff.
-Budoka Gardener: Need anything else be said?
-Ashnod's Altar: Sacrifice your elementals, bolt, get 2 per one. Into my next suggestion:
-Earthquake: Kill all opponents. And maybe yourself if you're about to lose anyways. If you can't win, why should they?
-Sword of the Animist: One free landfall trigger each turn.
-Doubling Season: Redundancy is key in EDH. Remember that.
-Nissa, Worldwaker: At worst, your lands can bolt people if they die or she's hardcore mana ramp. At best, well, you've got about another 35 lands and thusly 70 elementals on the field. Think about that. 70 elementals. No one even dares cast anything but mass exile which is far and few between.
-Sylvan Safekeeper: Protection for Omnath. This is basically what your entire deck runs on, so protection is good. Plus, you get a trigger off of Titania.
-Worldly Tutor: Good all around. Get what you need. Probably almost always Titania because she is that good.
-Tooth and Nail: Ever get hit by one of these? It is NOT fun. Especially when your opponent is grabbing a Titania and Xenagod for the win. Or a...
-Craterhoof Behemoth: You need this. Trust me. Read it. Go "Holy crap". Read it again to make sure you read it right, and then buy it and put it in here.
-Fetch Lands
-Verdant Haven: I'm not sure why this is in here.
-Rattleclaw Mystic: Illegal.
-Frontier Bivouac: Also illegal.
-Fanatic of Xenagos: Again, why? It doesn't pertain to what your deck is trying to do.
-Gaea's Revenge: It's good if you're running elemental tribal, in this case you're not and would be much better off with Avenger of Zendikar in its place.
-Whisperer of the Wilds: It's an okay mana dork, but you have enough ramp and he's likely a dead draw late-game.
-Sylvan Caryatid: Same as above.
-Crater's Claws: Good, but only deals with 33.333% of the problem. And on turn 10, where you may have enough mana to kill someone, there's only a 16% chance to draw it. Need more bang for your buck. See Earthquake.
-War Cadence: Something tells me that people already don't want to block your elementals in fear of killing them.
-Sylvan Ranger: This may set up your next land drop, but you have 11 other cards that trigger Omnath the same turn that aren't creatures that make bigger creatures than this. Don't add unless you want to bounce it for repeated effect.
-Yavimaya Elder: Read as above.
-Fires of Yavimaya: Is it Really worth it to give your creatures +2/+2? Probably not when you can be bolting instead. Personally, I'd rather be bolting someone than getting stopped by a Fog.
-Farseek: Search for only a mountain? Meh.
Keep in mind that each of these is going to trigger Omnath twice. Once when you put it down and once when you sac it to search for another land. All-in-all, that's 8 triggers that you wouldn't have otherwise.
-Arid Mesa
-Blighted Woodland
-Bloodstained Mire
-Misty Rainforest
-Scalding Tarn
-Verdant Catacombs
-Windswept Heath
-Wooded Foothills
Here are some other random suggestions, but are much more general:
-Protection: Your entire deck runs off of Omnath being on the field. Why in the world would you not be protecting him? Things like Lightning Greaves or Darksteel Plate and the such would do you wonders and probably save your bacon more than once.
-Recursion: Running Scapeshift and the fetches could easily be broken if you ran simple recursion like Crucible of Worlds or even a simple Regrowth. Other possibilities include Life from the Loam.
-More Lands Per Turn: You run off of landfall triggers? Why no Azusa, Lost but Seeking or Exploration? Other things include: Journey of Discovery, Burgeoning, Crop Rotation (really good), Tempt with Discovery, Terrain Generator, Collective Voyage
I like the deck, but if you really want to make it competitive, cut the stuff that doesn't contribute and add stuff that is harder to answer. Also, redundancy is key. It always was and always will be in EDH.

takepyr94 on Budget Blue Green control (Help)

1 month ago

I made a mistake, don't add Ainok Guide I meant Gatecreeper Vine or Sylvan Ranger

KillTheIslandUser on Dromoka's Army

1 month ago

1 Drop Ramp: Avacyn's Pilgrim, Birds of Paradise, Elvish Mystic, Arbor Elf, Green Sun's Zenith, Sol Ring, Mana Vault, Fyndhorn Elves, Llanowar Elves, Joraga Treespeaker

2 Drop Ramp: Lotus Cobra, Quirion Elves, Nature's Lore, Beastcaller Savant, Devoted Druid, Sylvan Ranger

3 Drop Ramp: Wood Elves, Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Farhaven Elf,

4 Drop Ramp: Oracle of Mul Daya

5 Drop Ramp: Mirari's Wake

That's ramp that should be seeing into your deck, or at least tested especially the 1-3 drop area. Most of those cards are cheap and inexpensive as shit. Things you also need are draw though, cause let's face it... you are playing green white.. you need the draw mechanics.

1 drop draw: Glimpse of Nature, Skullclamp

2 drop draw: Wall of Omens, Wall of Blossoms, Elvish Visionary

4 drop draw: Harmonize

5 drop draw: Shamanic Revelation

6 drop draw: Collective Unconscious

There's a couple other good ones out there, but atm that's just something to get ideas to ya. Also I see you are running tokens.... so why no Squirrel Nest + Earthcraft? Infinite squirrel tokens. With things like Doubling Season it's also infinite mana. You also want your land bumped up to 36 maybe 37-38 with how high your CMC is, even with dorks you might still run that. Consistency is key

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Commander 2014 Common
Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas Common
2011 Core Set Common
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