Bloodfell Caves


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters Common
Fate Reforged Basic land
Khans of Tarkir Common

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Bloodfell Caves


Bloodfell Caves enters the battlefield tapped.

When Bloodfell Caves enters the battlefield, you gain 1 life.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Bloodfell Caves Discussion

sillydecks on All of the creatures pop-pop-pop...

1 week ago


It seems like Avacyn's Judgment and Abandon Reason are meant to be cast for Madness? If so, Bloodrage Brawler is awfully inconsistent here, as there's no way to be sure you'll have a hand with both Bloodrage Brawler, Avacyn's Judgment in a game, and it's even less likely you'll have the mana to cast both of them in the same turn. I'd recommend either replacing the Bloodrage Brawlers with the suggestions below, scrapping Abandon Reason, or both.

Bloodrage Brawler is an incredibly aggressive card, I'll admit. However, there are some creatures that are quite a bit more synergistic with your deck. Nantuko Husk, Carrion Feeder, and Blood Bairn help your creatures die without Distended Mindbender. Perilous Myr and Goblin Arsonist are relatives of Mudbutton Torchrunner.

It seems like Distended Mindbender and Avacyn's Judgment are your sac outlets right now. Your opponent isn't going to block your Mudbutton Torchrunners if they're going to take 3 damage for it - they're just going to let the 1 go through. So, you need ways to power them yourself. Again, Nantuko Husk, Carrion Feeder, and Blood Bairn will all do that job for you, and Artillerize and Fling are cheap, sometimes even better, substitutes or alternatives.

For a budget deck, your mana base is to be expected, but it can be better. Rakdos Guildgate is a dual land, sure, but entering the battlefield tapped without anything else means it's outclassed by others. Akoum Refuge and Bloodfell Caves are gainlands in Rakdos colors. Rakdos Carnarium is a tapland that bounces one of your own lands, which can be bad or good, but helps you stay on curve the turn after, unlike the Guildgate. Temple of Malice is a scryland, which might not be so useful, but it's still better than the Guildgate by virtue of its scry. Dragonskull Summit is probably your best bet for a dual under $5/each, though, because it's not necessarily a tapland as long as you have a Swamp or Mountain.

Soul-Scar Mage and Abandon Reason are really weird cards in this deck. You have no burn spells (which might be something to consider) if you don't hit creatures with your Torchrunner or Showstopper, so I would consider either burn spells or better combat tricks. Red has much better combat tricks than Abandon Reason, like Brute Strength, a red Giant Growth.

Sorry for the wall of text; I hope it helped.

GuardGamer on Kaalia, Death from Above

1 week ago

Platinum Angel, Balefire Dragon, Utvara Hellkite, Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Akroma, Angel of Wrath, Angelic Skirmisher, Bladewing the Risen, Dragon Mage, and Archfiend of Depravity to name a few AMAZING creatures. I would remove your Sarkhan for Sorin Markov or just add him in.

Don't know if Akroma's Memorial would be counterproductive, but would still give your cards a lot of benefits. Armageddon and Wrath of God wouldn't hurt as wipes. Cavern of Souls would be good for counter decks. Blood Crypt and Godless Shrine is more useful for your fetch lands than Bloodfell Caves and Wind-Scarred Crag

Squirrel_of_War on Welcome to the Cult of Rakdos Super Low Budget

2 weeks ago

Maybe Bloodfell Caves instead of or in addition to the guildgates.

Techmage45 on Mardu Minotaurs

3 weeks ago

In term's of your manabase there are so many way's you could improve it, depending on how much money you want to spend.

Some cheap (and really good) cards would be: Nomad Outpost, Scoured Barrens, Wind-Scarred Crag and Bloodfell Caves, Rakdos Guildgate, Boros Guildgate and Orzhov Guildgate to name a few. Even though these enter tapped it doesn't affect you that much since commander is a slower format. Isolated Chapel is a tad more expensive but would complete the cycle of checklands you're already running.

Something else I'd recommend you add would be some basic manarocks, in your case these would be Sol Ring(because sol ring), Rakdos Signet, Boros Signet and Orzhov Signet.

These are just some basic tips that a relatively budget however if you're willing to spend more there are better lands you could use but I'd say these and the bare minimum for a three colour deck to ensure you run well. I'd just cut some of the basic lands and replace them with these no worries.

Darth_Savage on The Night Is Dark

1 month ago

Some thoughts -

  1. You don't want Cinder Barrens or really any land that comes in tapped (for reference Bloodfell Caves is better, marginally) and would probably be better off with basic lands. Also you might not have enough land, maybe add one to take you up to 20.

  2. You don't want Macabre Waltz when you can have Call to the Netherworld for free.

  3. You don't want Tormenting Voice when you can have Faithless Looting for 1 less and get a second use in a pitch. Also with Tormenting Voice you have to discard even if the spell is countered.

  4. You don't want Distemper of the Blood, it targets one creature when you have a swarm of vampires, taking Vampiric Fury to 3 would work better with that tactic.

  5. Terminate might be better as Dreadbore, having a way to kill a Planeswalker outright is useful, even at sorcery speed.

Your creatures need a tighter focus:

  1. Ideally you want to have 4 Stromkirk Captain, to give you space for this cut the 2 Incorrigible Youths, it just won't do enough.

  2. You also want to have 4 Heir of Falkenrath, remove Stensia Masquerade and 1 Stromkirk Condemned, personally I'd cut all the Stromkirk Condemned so you could run 4 Asylum Visitor, and you have the extra 2 Stromkirk Captain.

  3. Stromkirk Noble has surprisingly good evasion against most decks and gives you a better mana curve, afraid it makes sense to cut Furyblade Vampire, I'd also suggest Indulgent Aristocrat as you don't want to be sacrificing vampires when they are being pumped, thus letting you go wide.

  4. I'm not sure where you'd put it but I've rarely seen a vampire list without Gatekeeper of Malakir, you might want to make a space for it.

That's all from me, hope it is of help.

Darth_Savage on A Study in Scarlet

1 month ago

I'm assuming you want to stay budget friendly, so my suggestions are keyed to that idea. That being said, consistency is king in magic, that essentially means you want to run 4x of most cards in the deck. The duel decks are designed to introduce new players to cards and to avoid seeming boring don't run 4 of anything (ok, basic land) but they are rarely the greatest decks. Based on your deck you are familiar with unearth, so lets start there...

  1. Say hello to Hellspark Elemental, if you want quick hits then the elemental is your best friend. Use it to replace the Impetuous Sunchaser and Spike Jester.

  2. Sanitarium Skeleton has a cool effect, too bad he returns to your hand though, oh look what I found Bloodsoaked Champion, but he's so efficient we want 4 of him. Sorry Ember-Eye Wolf and Sanitarium Skeleton you don't make the cut.

At this point you now have a 1 drop and a 2 drop creature, the other side of magic is disruption and destruction, or spells. Now red/black have a weakness to a particular type of spell, enchantments, they can't interact with them. The stock Nixillis duel deck runs 4 of them, luckily none of them are major problems, even still....

  1. Meet Duress and Despise, black gets to take cards away from it's opponent. 4x Duress and 2x Despise would help, Recover, Bolt of Keranos and Bathe in Dragonfire get cut.

  2. Swarm of flyers getting you down, why trade one removal card for one creature when you can Pyroclasm. Sure it hits your creatures too, but you don't mind the creature being in the graveyard. Generally you want removal to be cheaper than the thing you are removing. You don't want to see Pyroclasm too often, so 3x seems right, farewell to Wild Slash and Oblivion Strike

The last thing to think about is land, firstly in a 2 colour deck you don't need more than 24. In this deck 22 might be enough, you also don't want your lands coming into play tapped, if you can help it. Now rare lands are pricy, worth it but pricy...

  1. Bloodfell Caves is marginally better than Rakdos Guildgate or Cinder Barrens so 4 of them make sense.

  2. Terramorphic Expanse or Evolving Wilds can find you the swamp or mountain you need.

Hope this is of some help, obviously it isn't exhaustive and there are further improvements you can make, but that's me for now.

Pocketmouse on Malice

2 months ago

I have a mono red deck that is really quick and aggressive, here are some cards I run, I definitely suggest getting all the 3 damage for 1 mana spells (and of course, Rift Bolt).

-Searing Blood


-Shard Volley

-Rift Bolt

-Monastery Swiftspear

-Hellspark Elemental

-Spark Elemental

-Collateral Damage

-Lava Spike

-Vexing Devil Great in a 1v1 match, not so great for matches with more than one opponent.

Here are some cards I feel your deck could do without:

-Lightning Strike

-Reverberate This card can be useful, I personally would take it out though because spending 3 mana for 2 1 drop spells is inefficient, 2 2 drop spells breaks even at 4 mana spent and 2 3 drop spells at 5 mana is where it becomes worth it, but you don't have many 3 drop instant or sorcery spells in this deck and spending 5 mana with a 20 count land base is risky buisness

-Searing Spear

-Sorin's Thirst



-Havoc Festival Way too expensive without any form of mana acceleration, I'd just go for Skullcrack instead. It may do less damage, but by turn six (the soonest this deck could cast it) your opponents will be able to deal with it.

-Guttersnipe This card is great to have in this deck if you're playing vs. more than one opponent, in a 1v1 match he's not worth it though.

The idea with these decks is to stomp your opponents down before they can get a threatening board state, lands that enter in tapped will only hold you back, so I suggest cutting the Bloodfell Caves for either 2 swamps and 2 mountains or (if you can afford them) 4 Bloodstained Mires or the less expensive Dragonskull Summits (or if you don't mind dropping money I'd get a playset of both and then run 6 swamps and 6 mountains). Another thing I'd like to point out is that in my deck I cut my land base all the way down to 18, 20 might be better with this deck though since you have more spells that cost 2 mana. Hope my comments help.

Argy on Dredgar

3 months ago

I keep my Minotaur deck private but I thought you may be interested in the deck list, just to see another approach.

It's called Herd Mentality

4x Felhide Brawler
3x Felhide Petrifier
3x Felhide Spiritbinder
3x Kragma Butcher
3x Kragma Warcaller
2x Mogis, God of Slaughter
3x Oracle of Bones
3x Rageblood Shaman
3x Ragemonger

4x Bloodfell Caves
6x Mountain
3x Rogue's Passage
5x Swamp
4x Temple of Malice
2x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

3x Flurry of Horns

3x Impact Tremors

3x Cobbled Wings

4x Hero's Downfall
4x Silence the Believers
4x Thoughtseize
3x Whip of Erebos

Flying, Deathtouch Minotaurs. Ouch.

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