Orzhov Guildgate

Orzhov Guildgate

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Land — Gate

Orzhov Guildgate enters the battlefield tapped.

T: Add W or B to your mana pool.

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Orzhov Guildgate Discussion

Zemmiphobiac on In Debt To Teysa

23 hours ago

I'm also wondering why you dropped the Marsh Flats, Scrubland, and Bitterblossom from this deck? All of them do extremely well. If you are going to drop lands, I'd recommend getting rid of theOrzhov Guildgate, Terramorphic Expanse, or Evolving Wilds. Yawgmoth's Will is a keeper too that has won me a couple games so far. It's great for retrieving anything that you need back for your board state or even to recur a board wipe.

Zemmiphobiac on In Debt To Teysa

23 hours ago

You should throw in Altar of Dementia. It's just another win condition with Darkest Hour. I'd throw out Zombie Infestation as well. I'e been playing this deck and it's almost always a dead draw. I would also run Vesuva over Thespian's Stage.There is also no reason to run Orzhov Guildgate instead of Scoured Barrens. I also took out Ogre Slumlord and Pontiff of Blight and they didn't contribute much whenever I played them. Vizkopa Guildmage is another card I'd consider dropping as it doesn't interact well with the rest of the deck. I'd also take out Springjack Pasture. Despite having it out several games, never once did I need to or want to use it's ability. I may drop Dark Prophecy as well as it has kept me from comboing off with Darkest Hour on several occasions. I run a Vindicate and a Mortify as removal helps a lot in my playgroup. I threw in a Grave Titan and he has been performing very well. I'm considering adding Sun Titan too so I can bring back almost my entire creature base to sac again and trigger abilities.

deadguydrew on Karador Graveshadowborn

1 week ago

Keep in mind that my play/build style may be different so feel free to disregard suggestions that you don't agree with. :D

First off, nice deck. I really like a lot of the picks, especially since it seems like you're trying to get away from the beaten path with your build.

I'd recommend cutting most of the lands you have that don't produce black. You mentioned that you're having problems with hitting off colors but there are a lot of lands that you can look at that aren't expensive that produce black/another color. or all colors. A couple that jump to mind are: Golgari Guildgate, Golgari Rot Farm. Jungle Hollow, Orzhov Guildgate, Orzhov Basilica, Sandsteppe Citadel. Scoured Barrens. Tainted Field, and Tainted Wood.

There are a lot of more expensive lands like the painlands, Murmuring Bosk, the shocklands, etc. Also you might want to look at Crypt of Agadeem. It's super cheap and it has great mid-late game synergy once your graveyard starts filling up.

Dread Cacodemon's ability only goes off if you hard cast him so you might not want to include him since the deck looks like it'd have a hard time doing so. Bloodgift Demon might be a better card than Indulgent Tormentor since it guarantees a card drawn. Pestilence Demon is nice but he is a major nonbo, in my opinion, with the apostles.

I would drop Plea for Guidance for another tutor such as Diabolic Tutor or Increasing Ambition. They cost less to cast, are comparably priced in terms of how much it costs to buy them, and offer more flexibility on what you can tutor.

The cards that give you shroud/hexproof are nice but depending on your meta you might get more mileage out of your deck by running more offensive threats instead of those cards. You may also want to consider Leyline of Sanctity over Ivory Mask since it randomly will be free.

I really like having cards that take advantage of when Apostles go to the graveyard such as Teysa, Orzhov Scion. I found Beastmaster Ascension to get some good mileage in, especially if I get it early game. It lets me get some more use out of my apostles when they are just swinging each turn instead of tutoring.

Ulturas on B/W Warrior Standard (Help Needed)

1 week ago

I'd really think about adding the new Mardu Strike Leader from FRF (when it's released) and dropping Caves of Koilos for something like Orzhov Basilica, Isolated Chapel or Orzhov Guildgate. The chipping damage Caves and Herald of Torment does to you really adds up early game especially when there are lands you can get that do exactly the same to avoid it completely. I'd also say Ajani, Caller of the Pride could add some nastiness to this deck.

GlistenerAgent on how to counter white and ...

3 weeks ago

Firstly, you aren't allowed to play more than four of any one nonbasic lands. Let him know he needs to drop an Orzhov Guildgate. Also, I'm not sure what you mean by the "Tokens" section of the decklist. Finally, 82 cards hurts my eyes.

If you want to beat this, play more powerful cards. Lots of the cards in his deck are just plain horrible (Artificer's Hex, Angel's Mercy, etc.), and if you keep laying very good cards that need to be dealt with, you will win the game.

As for what those powerful cards should be, it depends on what colors and playstyle you want. Playing lots of efficient guys (Loxodon Smiter, Fleecemane Lion, etc.) and killing him before he establishes a board presence is one way to go, while playing counterspells and removal and having a small number of hard-to-kill creatures to win with is another viable option.

ToshiI on how to counter white and ...

3 weeks ago

Evertytime i play my friend i get absaloutley thrashed no matter how much i change up my deck to try and counter him. Im quite new to mtg so I'd like some advice from experienced players. What kind of deck should i build to counter his overly annoying life drain deck?

My original deck was bnw but it had no theme to it. I tried to add more life gain as i lose more than half about 10 mins in. I really like black and white but dont have many creatures in this deck just mainly enchanments socery and instants. I have a green and blue deck that can hold out quite long but i still get trashed. I'll put both decks on here. Would a red deck be better to counter life drain?

So what deck would you use to counter this deck?

Friends life drain deck: Swamp x12 Plains x9 Mystic Monastery x1Orzhov Guildgate x5

Creatures: Underworld Coinsmith x1 Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts x1Tormented Soul x2 Mardu Hateblade x2Sybdicate enforcer x1 Chief of the Scale x1Caustic Crawler x1. Phylactery Lich x1Adjani's sunstrikerx1. Tithe Drinker x2

Instant:Harm's Way x1. Riot Control x2Erasex3. Disfigure x1Vile Rebirth x2 Silencex1Whitesun's Passage x1 Pay No Heed x2Reinforcementsx1 Wring Fleshx2Mending Handsx1 Doom Blade x3Angel's Mercyx1.

Enchantment:Stab Woundx3. Sinister Possessionx2Pacifismx3. Artificer's Hexx1Contaminated Bond x1. Mardu asscendancy x1Unholy Strength x1. Gift of Orzhova x1

Socery:Deathmarkx2Psychic Spearx1Increasing Devotionx1Deadly Allurex1Disentombx1

Artifact:Staff of the Death Magus

Tokens:human x10spirit x2Sliver x1zombiex1

Plainswalker:Liliana of Dark Realms

Boza on

3 weeks ago

Saying you do not want expensive suggestions. For some people, Scrubland is expensive, for others, Temple of Silence is too expensive. Try to define a max budget. But anyways, the best thing to do is to consolidate and focus what you already have. Use the rule of 9 as much as possible - 9 cards with 4 copies each and 24 lands make a deck in a simple and effective way. For example:

24 lands - 4 Orzhov Guildgate, 4 Scoured Barrens, 12 swamp, 4 plains. And the 4 of each:

Crypt Ghast, Tithe Drinker, Kingpin's Pet, Orzhov Charm, Orzhov Signet, Tidehollow Sculler, Nightsky Mimic, Edge of Divinity. Then add a dash of bombs to finish it off - 1x Obzedat, Ghost Council, 1 Treasury Thrull, 1 Deathpact Angel and 1 Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts for maximum variety.

Using what you have and building upon it with only commons and additional copies, has created a deck that is flavorful yet streamlined in what it does.

fallenarchetype on Tokens Everywhere

3 weeks ago

Question. Why Orzhov Guildgate when there's no black cards in the deck? You might consider swapping those for Sunpetal Grove.

Color(s) Black White
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Avg. draft pick 11.84
Avg. cube pick 4.48


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze Common
Gatecrash Common

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