Orzhov Guildgate

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Orzhov Guildgate enters the battlefield tapped.

T: Add W or B to your mana pool.

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Orzhov Guildgate Discussion

Boza on Any help would be great!

1 week ago

OK, the thing with intro packs is that they give you a fraction of a deck list, you are the one to fill in the gaps. Start with the following:

1/ Establish what YOU want the deck to do. Do you want to play a control deck, an aggressive deck or combo deck? What are the 1 or 2 key cards you want the deck to focus on? Easiest way to do this is the select a couple of cards from the deck you already have that have SYNERGY, i.e. work well together.

2/ After you have that idea in your head, follow the rule of 9. Select 9 cards, play copies of each and then add 24 lands. Easiest way to build a deck - simple and effective, easy to tweak later.

Let me give you an example. I will choose Grim Guardian and Banishing Light . So, that means 4 of each:

Grim Guardian , Banishing Light , Eidolon of Countless Battles , Underworld Coinsmith , Ethereal Armor , Journey to Nowhere , God-Favored General , Herald of Torment . The final 4 slots are for 2 Heliod, God of the Sun to enable constellation and 2 Odunos River Trawler for recursion of dead creatures. Alternatively, you can go for 4 Spiteful Returned for the final slot for more aggression.

This is a midrange deck (slower than aggro, faster than control, decent against both) deck that relies on removing the opponents blockers and winning either early on with aggressive cards such as Eidolon and herald, but having late game options like Coinsmith and Guardian.

For the sideboard (15 cards), include some more protection and more card draw: 3 Underworld Connections vs control, 4 Apostle's Blessing vs removal and blockers, 4 Spiteful Returned (given they are not in the board already, if they are then include 4 Gnarled Scarhide ) vs control, 4 Nyx-Fleece Ram vs faster aggro and as excellent enchant target.

I have decided to include almost only cards that are no more than 5 bucks a piece (Heliod and Herald are the main cost drivers) to keep the cost low. Most of the deck is also standard legal, so you can swap a few cards and play in a Standard FNM.

24 lands - you can figure those out on your own following this simple rule: 4 Orzhov Guildgate or Evolving Wilds and the other 20 lands can be basics. Count all the numbers of colored mana symbols on your cards. Divide the white mana symbols by the total number of symbols and do the same for black. You will get some percentage values. Apply those percentage values to the distribution of the 20 lands between plains and swamps.

For the decklist above, it will be 28 black symbols and 40 white symbols. 41% black and 59% white. Or 40/60 for simplicity. So, 40% of 20 equals 8 swamps and 60% of 20 equals 12 plains. Any dual lands such as Temple of Silence , Godless Shrine , etc. will help the deck perform better. Land base should always be the first order of improvement.

Also note, this deck is by far not competitive in modern scene, but it is a nice and cheap entry point for playing with friends and building up from there.

Osiris716 on Thank You For Life

2 weeks ago

And if you are trying this to be after RTR rotates then take out Desecration Demon and Archangel of Thune and no Orzhov Guildgate

iheartblue on BW Humans

3 weeks ago

Doomed Traveler , and more w/b dual lands. Maybe some Orzhov Guildgate , Isolated Chapel , Caves of Koilos , Fetid Heath or Temple of Silence ?

RosalieW on So dark the Orzhov Army

3 weeks ago

@Sogatog, thank you for your suggestions! They really made a lot of sense to me. I was already experiencing some trouble with my mana base so your comment came in handy. I indeed really don't need the Ancient Ziggurat and the Orzhov Guildgate so I replaced them with Caves of Koilos , and I already own these cards so I wouldn't have to buy them. I also cutted the Vault of the Archangel . About Despise , let's say that 2 out of 3, it hits, and 1 out of 3 my opponent doesn't have any creatures to discard. But I think it's a cheap discard card, so at least for now I'm holding on to it. I would prefer also Thoughtseize but it is a little above my budget. I'm thinking Mind Rot now as well... So still deciding on this. I used Shrine of Loyal Legions a couple times, each time to spawn usually around 5 creature tokens. But maybe you have a better suggestion? I haven't got enough playing experience with this deck to say something about the planeswalkers. I'll keep you posted on that.Thanks again for your suggestions!!!

Sogatog on So dark the Orzhov Army

3 weeks ago

Interesting build! Since only 6 of your spells are creatures, I'd drop the Ancient Ziggurat right away, I see it getting in your way more than helping you. I'd also drop the Orzhov Guildgate s, with Windbrisk Heights you already have plenty of lands coming into play tapped, and you really need to be dropping most of your stuff on curve with this deck. Windbrisk makes up for it a bit with a pseudo draw, but the Guildgate gives you nothing. I'd get some Caves of Koilos , they're only a couple bucks apiece and don't always hurt you like City of Brass would. I'd also consider cutting one of the Vault of the Archangel , colorless lands are more of a burden when you're lacking a bunch of money lands. Trust me, a solid mana base will serve you very well.
I'm also not sure about Despise , does it end up missing very often? And how has Shrine of Loyal Legions been for you? And out of curiosity, have you found Sorin or Elspeth to be stronger in your games?

graft on Noble Life Gain

3 weeks ago

Soul's Attendant or Soul Warden is a good replacement for Soulmender , Suture Priest is okay too. Ajani's Pridemate is in an entirely different league than Wall of Limbs , so you might consider going up to 4 pridemates. the new Sungrace Pegasus is slightly better than Daggerdrome Imp . Also, consider Orzhov Guildgate or Terramorphic Expanse /Evolving Wilds for mana fixing. Recumbent Bliss and/or Faith's Fetters are worth considering as creature removal.

-Logician on Thune-r Or Later

3 weeks ago

Certainly looks like you've put a pretty interesting deck together here. When building this deck, did you rummage through cards that you already owned and pieced together cards you found, or did you use advanced card searches on here or another website in order to piece together cards from the entire standard card pool?

If you can get your hands on another Archangel of Thune , I'd highly recommend it. It's certainly one of the most powerful cards in standard currently.

Drawing from some cards you've listed in your deck, I would tighten up the numbers and mana base, and my conclusion would look like this. Instead of relying on heroic abilities, I would use extort to synergize with Archangel of Thune.


Generally speaking if you expect to consistently hit 5 mana for Archangel of Thune on turn 5, you'll want 24-26 lands.

Hope this helps, and gives you ideas.

abenz419 on Power of spells

1 month ago

why no Ethereal Armor ? I looked at the list of creatures first and just expected to see it but it wasn't there. Also you'll need to cut back on some cards to get it down to 60 as well. I can suggest some things but it's up to you if you want to do it.

First off, I'd stick with the enchantment thing for your creatures and cut Ajani's Pridemate and Dawnbringer Charioteers and add in 3x Hopeful Eidolon and 3x Gnarled Scarhide . Having one or both of those and an Ethereal Armor in your opening hand can be lethal on it's own. You play the scarhide turn one then on turn two you enchant it with the armor and it's a 4/3 first strike or you also cast the other creature instead of bestowing it later and it's a 5/4 first strike. Instead of Nyx-Fleece Ram I would suggest Spiteful Returned it's just helps you stay aggressive with the enchantment theme. I would also cut the Fate Unraveler and Grim Guardian for 2 more Master of the Feast just to again, stay aggressive. I would also cut all of the current sorcery's and instants you have for better removal options that are still cheaper. Also I would cut Oppressive Rays , Pacifism and Stab Wound , they don't really add to your enchantment theme since your opponent can block and let the creature die which also means you don't get the benefit of the 2 life loss during their upkeep. Pacifism isn't as bad as it'll be harder for them to get rid of so it'll answer a threat and add to your enchantment count but it'll just be better off to have cheap instant speed removal. The last thing that I would cut is Aspect of Gorgon the combination of deathtouch and first strike from Ethereal Armor is really good but I would suggest swapping them for Gift of Orzhova . Evasion, lifelink, and an enchantment... this can help finish games by going over the top and help you win the race against other aggressive decks with the lifegain. The other cards I would suggest adding as the removal I talked about would probably be something like 2x Hero's Downfall , 3x Ultimate Price , 2x Doom Blade and 1x Bile Blight . All very effecive low price tag cards with the exception of the downfall. This gives you ways to remove things at instant speed to deal with threats or clear a path for your guys and enough utility that you don't have a bunch of dead draws every game. Then I would add in 4 more land because 20 is too low. Cheap dual lands like Orzhov Guildgate and Temple of Silence would really help too.

To sum up I suggested taking out a total of 33 cards and suggested adding 3x Hopeful Eidolon , 3x Gnarled Scarhide , 4x Spiteful Returned , 4x Ethereal Armor , 2x Gift of Orzhova , 2x Hero's Downfall , 3x Ultimate Price , 2x Doom Blade , 1x Bile Blight , 4x lands, or a total of 28 cards. Assuming I added everything up right and didn't miss anything that should leave you at 60 cards as well.

A friend of mine is playing a Junk version of this and it's really good, he actually took 1st at FNM last night with it. I know I suggested a lot but I was trying to suggest the things that I know are strong in B/W in this type of deck because of experience playing against it, and they're all for the most part relatively cheap commons and uncommons so if you don't have some of them they should be relatively easy to get. Most shops have boxes of commons and uncommons for real cheap. Sorry if this was long winded but I hope it helps.

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