Foundry Street Denizen


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 (M15) Common
Gatecrash (GTC) Common

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Foundry Street Denizen

Creature — Goblin Warrior

Whenever another red creature enters the battlefield under your control, Foundry Street Denizen gets +1/+0 until end of turn.

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Foundry Street Denizen Discussion

EDedan on "Brewing Decks" in Masters 25

2 weeks ago

maybe Boros goblins will be a deck now ?

Goblin Bushwhacker Foundry Street Denizen Boros Recruit Rally the Peasants

maybe even Impact Tremors for more dmg ;)

xyr0s on Replacement for Guide in 8-whack

2 weeks ago

If it's supposed to play along with some more goblins, Foundry Street Denizen could be useful. Not so much in a burn deck, though.

HQr8rQH on gobos

1 month ago

daNoodalz Hey, thx for the comment, just a few things, Wasn't Ramunap Ruins banned in standard not Modern? Also I really like the suggestions but I feel like Purphoros being 4 mana is a slow (by turn 4 I usually dump my hand) and Foundry Street Denizen is 1 mana and is a goblin, fitting the theme better, Thx for the suggestions!

KINGofORESKOS on gobos

1 month ago

HQr8rQH- I really like your deck, I can see you put a lot of effort into it. A couple of quick things: Ramunap Ruins is banned, so you might want to remove it (I know it sucks, I loved it too). I know it sounds wild, but Purphoros, God of the Forge will do you a lot of good in this deck, as it pings for 2 for every goblin that enters. Kruin Striker cost more than Foundry Street Denizen, but is gets trample as well as the power buff. Great deck, keep up the good work! Hope my suggestions help!

lukas96 on Do you speak goblin?

2 months ago

Honestly Id stay mono red.Atarka's Command is a hell of a card and every color you mentioned gives you a lot of options but they hurt your mana consistency and potentially make your deck weak against BloodMoon, a card which you could play yourself if youd stay in Mono Red.I agree that 8-Whack seems the best Goblin variant in Modern so I recommend playing something like that.

As for Foundry Street Denizen its a pretty good goblin and you need powerful one drops like him to be as aggressive as possible so you should really play 4 of them.

lukas96 on Goblin McFlurry

2 months ago

Hey, you really dondt need the mana accelaration, your curve ends at 3 mana and they are very bad topdecks if you dont have any goblins in hand.

Id play 4 Foundry Street Denizen 4 Goblin Rabblemaster and you can play token spells like Krenko's Command, Dragon Fodder and Hordeling Outburst.

Id also replace Stingscourger with Lightning Bolt its just better removal and one mana less

colton815 on Do you speak goblin?

2 months ago

as far as a splash color, i would probably go green if any at all. lifegain is a hard counter to aggro strategies that run out of gas quickly, and Atarka's Command serves as Skullcrack 5-8. the +1/+1 also quickly adds up if you're amassing an army of goblin tokens.

if you want a 1-drop goblin, go with Legion Loyalist. first strike and trample help Goblin Piledriver and Goblin Rabblemaster a lot. i currently use Foundry Street Denizen in my strictly casual build of goblins (because the only other 1-drop goblin i own a playset of is Boros Recruit) but even when i'm following it up with cards like Krenko's Command, Dragon Fodder, and Hordeling Outburst, it doesnt perform well unless i played him turn 1 and my opponent is unlucky enough to not have a creature within the first 2-3 turns. if i were to take the deck to a modern FNM, i think i would change it to look like this:

also, i'd actually recommend not using Goblin Guide. i know its generally regarded as a good card, so much so that many consider it "mandatory" in any kind of aggro strategy that uses red, but as someone who has played against it many times, i wasn't impressed. it never really seemed to help my opponent win, and the extra lands they gave me was pretty darn helpful. last thing any player wants to do is dig their opponent out of a mana drought.

xyr0s on Do you speak goblin?

2 months ago

I think goblins are at their best as 8-whack. Also, don't plan for much of a mid/late game. It shouldn't be there, game should be over really fast, and that is why I wouldn't believe too much in vial goblins either, goblins just aren't merfolk with 2 cmc lords all over the place. What goblins do have, is some decent/great 1-drop creatures, like Foundry Street Denizen and Goblin Guide. And if you play Aether Vial, that one becomes your priority 1 drop, and the others become de facto turn 2 creatures. They are not quite as convincing turn 2 as they are turn 1.

...and that hits a bit on sideboard/splash choices too: If you sit turn 2 to 4 and hold back 2 mana, in a ca. 18 lands deck, in order to respond to a sweeper with a Boros Charm, you don't really get to develop your own way to winning much. The control/midrange deck threatening to sweep, on the other hand, gets a much better game the longer it goes.

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