Spellstutter Sprite


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Common
Lorwyn (LRW) Common
Promo Set (000) Common

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Spellstutter Sprite

Creature — Faerie Wizard



When Spellstutter Sprite enters the battlefield, counter target spell with converted mana cost X or less, where X is the number of Faeries you control.

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Spellstutter Sprite Discussion

killer_eye on Aztec Death Whistle (Songs of the Damned Combo)

1 week ago

VeggiesaurusRex, thanks! havent't realized that delver decks will have a hard time countering our big mana creatures using Spellstutter Sprite.

i got another set of question: Q1: how do you play/sideboard against mbc? Q2: against mbc, how do you play around a sideboard Crypt Incursion? i may respond with a gnaw before thier incursion resolve but the gain life and exile of all are grave creatures is surely a big hit to our deck

DangoDaikazoku on Yuriko Turns Around

2 weeks ago

Faerie Miscreant also has added synergy with Spellstutter Sprite, and you can also copy it with Sakashima's Student. Although the whole tech with miscreant doesn't appear extremely optimal on paper, you can do some pretty neat things with it.

I'm currently working on a Yuriko deck as well and I'm trying to incorporate Doomsday with turns so I can take a couple routes if I want. One Doomsday pile would be fairly standard in the sense that I would use Laboratory Maniac and deck out, or I could go an alternate direction and use Nexus of Fate with a discard engine to take infinite turns while draining my opponents for 7 life each turn. For consistency's sake I might up focusing on one of these routes rather than including both, but the more I'm toying with this commander the more I'm liking her because there are lots and lots of interesting combos she's capable of dishing out.

catrule3564 on Budget Competitive Legacy - Angry Birds

4 weeks ago

Personally, I would trim some of the enchantment package for Spellstutter Sprite and Spell Queller. It's nice to have your interaction stapled to bodies instead of enchantments.

Remorseful Cleric is another nice card that was printed recently. I would play 0-1 in the main and 1-3 in the side.

This would change how the deck plays, so if you want to stick to the enchantment package I would just recommend trimming an Island Sanctuary. 4 Sanctuary and 3 E Tutor is more than you need for a card that you don't want in multiples.

I would also say Cloud of Faeries too low impact without Spellstutter Sprite

Granipouss on Mono Blue Bouncing Faeries

1 month ago

Hey veeonix, thank you for the advices and analysis. This is super interesting.

  • Zephyr Sprite is really not impressive, and I would gladly cut it for basically anything. But it enables Spellstutter Sprite on turn 2 and there are very few playable 1 CMC faeries in modern unfortunately...
  • Frankly I hesitated a lot for Favorable Winds main board, it is a very good lord here but it is also sorcery speed and a loss of tempo. I am not a fan of Metallic Mimic for the lack of evasion and the sorcery speed also, could be worth trying, tho'.
  • For the lands, I must admit I completely forgot about Choke, I should clearly diversify the mana base. Secluded Glenis indeed a good inclusion that come into untapped. I would avoid Unclaimed Territory as it makes casting spells harder and all the pain lands as we tend to not have a lot of blockers and the loosing the race to ourself is a very real possibility.
  • I like the idea of counting Faerie Conclave as a creature, I will try the full playset.
  • I also thought of Mutavault, it is technically a faerie and it comes in play untapped.

  • So there are indeed a lot of bouncing in that deck, to gain tempo by bouncing the opponent's stuff and saving my stuff, but I also bounce for value. Most of my creatures have ETB effects (Unsummon on Spellstutter Sprite the recast the sprite is a very common line of play), and the soft lock is basically my best out if the game gets long. This being said, may there are too much indeed. Dismember seems nice but I have a big doubt on paining myself for 4, depends on the matchups but it hurts. Pongify seems really bad because again I don't have many ways to block well and it seems to me like the best way to loose the race.

  • On the general balance I see the point on creature vs spell balance, but I don't really know what creature to add. Vendilion Clique is a clear answer but it is not super budget, should I add more Pestermite ? Maybe a third Mistbind Clique but 4 CMC is so much...

  • My sideboard makes no sense for sure, it is a bunch of random cards that I own already and that can be useful at some point. But I really have a hard time make it.

Thanks again for the comment, I will brew it some more, and come up with a new version.

PhyrexianPreator on TempestDelverThing

1 month ago

The best blue creatures for this style of deck generally are Snapcater Mage, Vendilion Clique, Nimble Obstructionist, Thing in the Ice, Cryptic Serpent, Delver of Secrets, Tempest Djinn, Mutavault (creature land), Faerie Conclave (another creature land), Glen Elendra Archmage, Mistbind Clique, Sower of Temptation and Spellstutter Sprite.

Essentially, the creatures you want have built in disruption or impact the game a certain way. Cryptic Serpent for instants may be a vanilla creature for the most part, but it is a big creature that can win you the game for two mana. The creatures you have right now are great. But you need cards like Cryptic Command and AEtherize to make the most of them.

Gronlok on Fishy Wizards

1 month ago

Personally I am shocked that Wizard's Retort is not included in this list. Aether Vial is an extremely powerful card when you are using a lot of enter-the-battlefield effects. I can see you are trying to keep it merfolk, so why skimp on Master of the Pearl Trident or Lord of Atlantis? however, if you are trying to stick more closely to the wizard theme Vendilion Clique and Spellstutter Sprite could prove to be powerful additions.

daseeker25 on Dimir Faeries with a splash of White

1 month ago

You have a good build with good synergy here. I just threw down some thoughts on cards that are hopefully all budget enough to consider. Most of these are super cheap on mtgo which makes that a good program to play on for brewing budget options. You are looking at up to $0.25 a card (usually much less) instead of $2

I like Glen Elendra Liege but why not drop those for two more Scion of Oona? You have no blue and black creatures and all your creatures are faeries so it seems much better. If you want more than 4 of those effects, then I would go to Glen Elendra Liege.

Have you considered Despise or Duress for other turn 1 plays? Inquisition of Kozilek is not too expensive if within budget. You do rely on throwing out creatures and swinging wide so perhaps not playing these is best.

Secluded Glen seems much better than Dismal Backwater but quite pricey. River of Tears may work well for you. Faerie Conclave may be a good option but I wouldn't play more than 2 because you do not want too many tapped lands in this build. Mutavault is a powerhouse in faeries with how it interacts with Spellstutter Sprite and in this case Thieving Sprite. However, 4 Mutavault cost more than the whole deck currently and as much as one Bitterblossom.

Your biggest fear is board wipes post sideboarding. I would recommend Spell Pierce, Negate, or Countersquall. I would also play Nihil Spellbomb in the sideboard for graveyard hate. I love Shadow of Doubt to hit fetchlands or combo decks but Squelch can be a fun budget option. Disdainful Stroke is also a very good budget counterspell.

Another upgrade path for this deck would be to focus on the go wide flying theme and splash white (perhaps use fast lands in esper colors). Key card is Pride of the Clouds while not a faerie becomes huge when you have a few faeries out. Spell Queller is also a good card that you cannot pass up if playing blue/white flyers. Selfless Spirit protects from board wipes. Adding in these cards decreases usefullness of Scion of Oona and may make sense to move back to Glen Elendra Liege

ShikiTen on

1 month ago

@alucardvanguard: Hey, thanks for taking time to look at the deck!

I agree on some of your recommendations about getting in some better creatures. I cut Deathcult Rogue & Keymaster Rogue for Ornithopter & Spellstutter Sprite respectively. Hell, the sprite reminded me of another card to add that I put in the maybeboard until I can find a spot: Familiar's Ruse. Also, I do like Dimir Infiltrator as well but I am not sure what to cut just yet.

Regarding the delve cards Dig Through Time, Temporal Trespass, & Treasure Cruise. I have a soft spot for these cards and would love to use them. My issue with them is they are costly if I have no graveyard yet, resulting in a dead card in my hand early game. Also, the game plan is to mainly secure the Maralen of the Mornsong + Mindlock Orb lock before winning with damage (if they don't forfeit). With that in mind, high damage cards like that would paint a bigger target on my head.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

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