Spellstutter Sprite


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Common
Lorwyn (LRW) Common
Promo Set (000) Common

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Spellstutter Sprite

Creature — Faerie Wizard



When Spellstutter Sprite enters the battlefield, counter target spell with converted mana cost X or less, where X is the number of Faeries you control.

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Spellstutter Sprite Discussion

Pieguy396 on Sky Wizards

6 days ago

@Lumix1640 Hi there! I would love to explain how the deck works!

In the early game, you want to flood the board with some cheap Wizards - Sage of Epityr to give you some card selection (Evolving Wilds is here to shuffle away unwanted cards), Martyr of Frost as a cheap counterspell, Spellstutter Sprite for the same reason, etc., and then play a bomb threat like a Master of Waves to blow your opponents away. As you'll rarely be attacking with your 1/1 early Wizards, you can use them to draw cards with Sky Hussar, too.

Guftders on Frisky Faeries

2 weeks ago

Here's something you can try out: ninjas :)

The best fairies have etb abilities (IE Mistbind Clique, Spellstutter Sprite, Sower of Temptation etc), and pretty much all of them have flying, so you can attack opponents with no flyers, and the ones that get through can be bounced to get ninjas through.

Best one is Silent-Blade Oni, but Ninja of the Deep Hours, Throat Slitter and Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni are pretty cool.

K_Train on Familiar's Ruse : Why Isn't ...

3 weeks ago

Ive found it to be good in my Faerie/Ninja deck: Blue Ninja

In this deck I tend to use Familiar's Ruse as a hard counter a little later in the game, allowing me to re-use a Spellstutter Sprite,Faerie Miscreant, or either of my ninjas.

But Im wondering if there could be a deck utilizing a one-drop like Sage of Epityr, as well as Snapcaster Mage to generate value. Archaeomancer seems a little slow though

IlGuale on Familiar's Ruse : Why Isn't ...

3 weeks ago

A nice deck for Familiar's Ruse is Faeries, because it has a lot of cheap creatures with EtB effects like Spellstutter Sprite.

Force_of_Willb on FaerieOppression.dec [Deck in Progress]

1 month ago

As good as Mistbind Clique is, with so few faeries have you had problems casting and championing another faerie?

I haven't tested this but if you want to be mean I think Mistbind + Faerie Impostor + Quickling or any other creature that requires you to return a creature to your hand (Ex Aether Adept) but Quickling is the best since it has flash.
So for 6 mana you can lock out an opponent. During opponents upkeep have Have Mistbind champion the Impostor, then you can flash in Quickling to return the Mistbind returning the Impostor to the battlefield which then returns to Quickling to repeat next uptap phase.

You are also missing some pretty solid Faeries for a Fae Deck: Faerie Harbinger (tutor), Faerie Trickery (counter), Spellstutter Sprite (counter), Glen Elendra Archmage (more counters), Glen Elendra Liege (lord - great with Oona making 3/3s), Scion of Oona (Lord + Shroud), and just a fun one but Faerie Artisans basically it lets you benefit from all your opponents ETB effects sometimes you get a good creature to attack with but mostly it should be the ETB

elementalheroflamewingman on Favorable Faeries

1 month ago

Get rid of Zephyr Sprite. It's a bad card, even for tribal fae. Smuggler's Copter is an extremely good card in this kind of deck allowing you to sift through your deck for your more important anthems. Also, make space for Mistbind Clique. In addition to allowing you to basically timewalk your opponent past t4, championing Spellstutter Sprite basically makes Quickling a counterspell when you need it, while letting you tap out your opponent's lands again which is an extremely strong tempo play. It also lets you reset the persist from Glen Elendra Archmage, and it also has good stats to close out games.

elementalheroflamewingman on Core of Faeries

1 month ago

rothgar13 I'm playing a monoblue ninja-fae list that runs Elder Deep-Fiend along with Mistbind Clique. You really only have to do a 1-2 punch tapping down their lands once and you get way ahead in tempo, especially with the counterspells you probably play. Spellstutter Sprite is probably the card that allows you to stave off your opponent building up a great start too fast, while giving you a champion target.

sylvannos on Core of Faeries

1 month ago

I guess my point is that with Faeries, it's not a solved list. We should be critical of which choices made and question exactly what a deck is trying to do.

With Faeries, there aren't many low-mana cost creatures to choose from. So does it become more feasible to just play Spellstutter Sprite backed up by removal, then just lock your opponent out from doing anything once you have access to 4+ mana?

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