Ghastly Demise


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Odyssey (ODY) Common

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Ghastly Demise


Destroy target nonblack creature if its toughness is less than or equal to the number of cards in your graveyard.

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Ghastly Demise Discussion

CricketYT on Golgari Hearse

1 month ago

Thanks man! I like a lot of those suggestions; I'm adding Soulshriek and Ghastly Demise for more graveyard oriented interaction, so I wont be using the delve creatures probably. Like It of the Horrid Swarm, they're synergistic and can come out quicker but aren't really the goal of the deck, it can pretty reliably succeed with the smaller dudes. Rotting Rats was in an earlier build of the deck and I really liked it, but I swapped it for Brindle Shoat. I'd like to add it back but I'm not sure what to remove, i think Nest Invader and the pig do a slightly better job. I'm glad you liked the deck!

PrinceofPauper on Golgari Hearse

1 month ago

Very cool build! Seems like a lot of fun when it goes off.

Have you considered 1-2 Hooting Mandrills and/or Gurmag Anglers as potential top-ends? They can drop turn 3-4 pretty consistently if your beetles/feeders are stalling out, especially if you were to swap out some of your Jungle Hollows for Evolving Wilds.

If you're not feeling the Delve, there are some other cool, synergistic cards that come to mind:

Love it as is, just thought I'd share... Happy brewing!

TheChaosVault on GrimsilkSun

1 month ago

Cool! I'm actually in the process of building an existence deck as well. A few suggestions: Ghastly Demise is a very good removal spell in this deck. I don't particularly like Seal of Doom, as I usually try to keep removal under two mana, but I'm guessing it's there for the enchantment synergy. Commune with the Gods is also cheaper than Benefaction. Finally, I personally find Transguild Promenade/Rupture Spire annoying, as it actually lowers the ammount of mana available on your turn. Im not sure that you need any 5-color sources in an only 3-color deck.

dandav0 on Help with Casual UB Self-milling ...

3 months ago

Jace's Erasure can target any player, Ghastly Demise is good against anything but black, and Graveblade Marauder provides some defense and a beatstick.

TheRedMage on [Community Discussion]: What makes a ...

7 months ago

When looking at the quality of a card in a vacuum, there's usually three main qualities I evaluate.

The first, and most important, one is efficiency. Good cards tend to have a low mana cost compared to the effect they produce. Lightning Bolt, one of the most efficient spells ever printed, can usually kill creatures that cost two or three mana more than the bolt itself. As other posters have identified, this is by far the most important parameter. Some cards can have niche effect, and require you to jump through a bunch of hoops in order to be good, but if the effect they produce is strong compared to their mana cost, they may be worth it.

The second one is setup cost. Let's consider for example a card like Ghastly Demise. It's potentially even more efficient than Lightning Bolt, allowing you to kill even gigantic monsters for a single black mana, but few would argue it's a better card. Demise doesn't actually work unless you do some work ahead of time to make sure your graveyard is full - if there are no cards in your yard, it doesn't do anything at all. Jumping through the hoops to make a card work can be worth it if you are adequately rewarded in terms of efficiency (look at the modern Death's Shadow deck, and what it's willing to do to get to cast one-mana 5/5s) but if you can get the same effect without having to put a bunch of work in upfront, that makes for a better card.

Finally there is scope. Good cards are good in a variety of situations. The Lightning Bolt we were talking about before is not only efficient, but also versatile, allowing you to finish off your opponent if their life dips too low. Cards that are efficient, but narrow in scope are not necessarily bad, but the situation in which they are good are few and far between. It's hard to say if Lightning Bolt is better than Stony Silence - the latter has a very specific job and, when it's good, it might be better than any other card in your deck while, when it's bad, it might do absolutely nothing. The fact they are only good so infrequently makes efficient but narrow cards worse cards overall, but don't be surprised if they show in force in your sideboard.

Still, efficiency is king. If a card is overcosted, it often does not matter how easy to make work or broad in scope it is, it's still just going to be bad.

Emzed on The Scarab God, Grave Defiler

1 year ago

Imp's Mischief offers a rather unique effect in black - it can stop a counterspell or protect you from a Swords to Plowshares, Nature's Claim or Treachery. I think it's great and suggest you give it a try.
Personally, i'm not a fan of expensive removal like Silence the Believers. I prefer very cheap ones like Snuff Out, Slaughter Pact, Murderous Cut, Dismember and Ghastly Demise. Their upside is that you can keep casting your expensive haymakers every turn and still have access to removal (to stop that Brago, King Eternal or Rafiq of the Many before they can be equipped with Lightning Greaves or to get a Seedborn Muse off the table before it generates too much value).
Btw, if you are interested in a creature that allows you to interact with artifacts and enchantments, take a look at Steel Hellkite.

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