Sprout Swarm


Convoke (Each creature you tap while casting this spell reduces its total cost by 1 or by one mana of that creature's color.)

Buyback 3 (You may pay an additional 3 as you cast this spell. If you do, put this card into your hand as it resolves.)

Put a 1/1 green Saproling creature token onto the battlefield.

Acquire Sprout Swarm


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Sprout Swarm Discussion

Boza on Bloodthirsty Garden

1 week ago

So, playing suboptimal creatures that take at least 4 turns to generate any sort of advantage? If you do not get any Sporolth Ancients, your creatures are terrible. You have close to 0 interaction with the opponent. If your opponent has a flying unit, you are dead.

The main problem with the deck is the lack of focus. Other than "make a lot of Saprolings" the deck has 0 purpose, and that is a very weak purpose.

The answer to all your problems is splashing a color. Saprolings are good, but weak on their own. Rites of Initiation makes every saproling a scary card. But Gruul does not have enough draw to make Rites a scary card. We need to Keep Watch and be Batman. Temur is the way to go.

20 lands - 4 Terramorphic Expanse

4 Rites of Initiation

4 Keep Watch

4 Scatter the Seeds

4 Fists of Ironwood

4 Utopia Sprawl

4 Nest Invader

3 Kozilek's Predator

3 Brood Birthing

3 Emrakul's Hatcher

4 Growth Spasm

3 Compulsive Research

This is a very rough list that I just made up, but there is a clear focus - make a lot of creatures, attack with them and cast Keep Watch and Rites of Initiation , winning on average on turn 5, which is a good ratio for Pauper, a turn 4.5 format.

Otherwise, just add to your 2 more Scatter the Seeds and 4 Sprout Swarm and it will be better.

seizan8 on Marath. the Huge Beast

2 weeks ago

Also. Lands wur i uf ca 38/39 reduziere. denn no luege dassd 4-6 karte zum rampe hesch. mana isch geil mitm marath abr 42 lands bruchsch ned.
wur striche 3-4 vu dene: Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree, Smoldering Crater, Slippery Karst, Khalni Garden, New Benalia
dri tue wur i sichr:
- Aura Shards - hammer karte
- Angelic Skirmisher - chan life gaine, und di andere sind au teils sehr stark.
- Boartusk Liege - dein commander kann 1/1 token machen, die dann grosser sind. evtl aber noch andere token macher reinwerfen. Sprout Swarm ist toll.
- Bow of Nylea - fiecher mit deathtouch? hammer! du kannst beim attack deine marken vom commander verschiessen und alles killen. zudem kannst du life gainen und hast weitere nutzliche effekte mit dem bow.
- Clan Defiance - super karte. mach 2 fiecher tot und gib einem noch aufs maul. eigch solltest du genug mana haben um vieles zu killeg. geile karte, rein.
- Forgotten Ancient - de isch extrem sick. extrem stark
- Giant Adephage - ich find en lustig spiels. du chasch en grosser mache mitm commander und er macht kopie vu sich selber, yay
- Godsire - er macht ubermachtigi token und isch salber eifach fatze xD
- Illusionist's Bracers - egal was du machsch mitm commander, du machsch es doppelt
- Marshal's Anthem - bin n mega fan vu de karte. sie het value! du chasch fiecher zrughole odr ned. und naher machts all no grosser. goil

- Hydras - hydras chemed sichr geil, lueg abr das si trample hend, denn chunt zeugs wie Hydra Omnivore sichr lustig
- Iroas, God of Victory - wennd aggro spiele willsch chunt de sichr hammer
- Balefire Liege - lieges sind stark. aber am besten ist es, wenn du noch token in den farben machen kannst. zum beispiel mit Legion's Initiative . seine 3 life/dmg fahigkeit ist auch sehr praktisch.
- Brion Stoutarm - starke kreatur. wenn du ihn magst, spiel ihn. merke aber auch, dass du mit ihm auch angreiffen kannst.
- Cathars' Crusade - exrem stark mit deinem commander. etwas ne klische karte und du machst dich total unbeliebt. ich spiels nicht, find langweilig, habs genug oft gespielt.
- Doubling Season - absolute hasskarte. kommt naturlich super bei deinem commander. ich spiel sie nicht, hab sie nicht. hatte ich, ware si in 1-2 decks wohl vorhanden.
- Polis Crusher - find n stylisch. guedi moglichkeit zum enchants handle und er isch gross
- Elspeth Tirel - geili karte, git life, macht token, macht zeugs weg. abr musch si beschutze
- Five-Alarm Fire - wur i meh token sache spiele.
- Kumano, Master Yamabushi - chan huere nervig si. eifach ufm feld ha und 2-4 mana offe. wenn eppis wur sterbe wo di stort, n dmg druf vorher und denn wirds exiled...
- Purphoros, God of the Forge - sichr widr geil mit viel token stuff. wirsch eifach zimli main target si
- Prophetic Flamespeaker - chent effekt gued cho. mitm commander grosser mache, de gaht er go haue und git dr card advantage

das sind mal s paar. am beste wer wenn mer edh direkt bespreched. die e so azluege isch mull. sprich mi druf a wenn mer eus gsend. chunt besser. greez!

Boza on green/white

3 weeks ago

Ok, if the deck is not standard legal, there are a lot more new options available to us in the modern pool of cards. The basis of the deck will be 4 Yisan, the Wanderer Bard and 4 Chord of Calling and 24 lands and here are a couple of different configurations for the other 28 cards:

1 Archangel of Thune + 1 Spike Feeder - our main win condition, these two cards together create a combo for infinite life and infinite +1/+1 tokens on all you creatures.

2 Acidic Slime - general utility.

4 Avacyn's Pilgrim - general white mana dude.

1 Master of the Wild Hunt - an amazing token producer.

1 Magus of the Moat - protects you.

2 Sprout Swarm - tokens!

4 Fists of Ironwood - two tokens for convoke

1 Feral Incarnation - great token producer

1 Verdant Force - great token producer.

1 Armada Wurm - great power for 6 mana.

2 Avenger of Zendikar - great token producer

1 Belfry Spirit - tokens!

1 Rhys the Redeemed - great scott, the tokens!

1 Hornet Nest - great to flash in as a defender!

2 Icatian Crier - great token producer

1 Twilight Drover - great to Chord in when your tokens are threatened with removal.

1 Thraben Doomsayer - terrific token producer, amazing to fetch when you have less than 5 life!

This is just a sample of what can be done. Tell me if you enjoy this style of deck and if i should go to even more extremes - the next one will be either be Tribal or go to even more extremes with Legacy legal cards.

Seismic_Raptor on Farmer Ulasht

3 weeks ago

Possible cuts: Coat of Arms , just as likely to kill you.

Restore , not being abused at all.

Mizzium Mortars , not nearly as good as it's blue counterpart in EDH. It's decent early but late game it's not guaranteed to kill the things you would need it for. Plus you have others.

Genesis Wave . Currently you are running too many spells for me to run this, but the deck could be shifted to utilize it better.

Reincarnation . It's hard to make it work like you want it to without explicitly running a graveyard strategy.

Momentous Fall is a one time effect that you already have the cheaper version of. The life isn't typically that relevant.

Gruul Charm is versatile, but could be replaced with a stronger card. More often than not its relevant mode will be to nuke the skies and there's stronger effects for that.

Where Ancients Tread probably doesn't pull its weight.

Night Soil isn't strong enough without a graveyard theme.

Spontaneous Generation is too conditional for my liking.

Thromok the Insatiable , super cool, but he nukes your board to be good, then dies before he even could swing.

Saber Ants isn't getting pumped or evasive, and isn't pulling it's weight.

Ruric Thar, the Unbowed , isn't on theme, awesome however.

Ivy Lane Denizen , not good enough.

Inferno Titan , not on theme.

Hornet Nest . The deck isn't currently abusing this, adjusted to this could be great.

Possible additions:

If you end up leaning more toward goblins

-Krenko, Mob Boss

More toward Saporlings

Keep your hand stocked- Skullmulcher

Good stuff to be considered:

Rayenous on Infinite elves

3 weeks ago

Came across this deck when looking for ideas on abusing Intruder Alarm .

Have you considered 2 or 3 Dryad Arbor ? (Possibly in place of a few Yavimaya Coast ...)

With Intruder Alarm , it is a land that untaps when a creature comes into play... and a land that untags all creatures when it comes into play.
Combine with your Imperious Perfect , and you've got unlimited 2/2 elf creatures since you will have the mana for unlimited activations.

Sprout Swarm would also be hilarious... pay 5 mana from creatures only (or Convoke)... get a 1/1, and return the card to your hand. - Intruder Alarm untaps the creatures to rinse and repeat.

...Perhaps I'm putting too much emphasis on the alarm?

Deck gets +1 from me.

scopesightzx on Nom Nom Thromock EDH

3 weeks ago

Cauldron of Souls seems like it could be pretty interesting for this deck. Sprout Swarm is also really good.

gundambatman on

1 month ago

A good way to abuse a Card combo in your deck would involve an infinite spam of tokens.Using Cream of the Crop +Into the Wilds + Intruder Alarm + Sprout Swarm creates the card that you want to see next as well as providing a large quantity of replenishable creatures

iSmartMan on Best animal token makers

1 month ago

Why does everyone always forget Sprout Swarm ?

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