Apostle's Blessing


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Common
New Phyrexia Common

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Apostle's Blessing


( can be paid with either or 2 life.)

Target artifact or creature you control gains protection from artifacts or from the color of your choice until end of turn.

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Apostle's Blessing Discussion

MrBamsGoesBoom on Zada's Army on Steroids

1 week ago

Have you considered the combination of Zada with Silverfur Partisan. He gets you a load of tokens and with Zada it's when any wolf gets targeted so you can just swarm the board with wolf tokens. also have you considered Apostle's Blessing? It's absolutely fantastic with Zada for a big swing against mono color decks or even Affinity. Also maybe you could run Gut Shot with the Silverfur Partisan and also Blossoming Defense for decks that try to kill all of your guys.

TaylorMk on Kiln Fiends Claim to Fame

1 week ago


-4 Temur Battle Rage (too expensive to be casting)

-3 Assault Strobe

-4 Young Pyromancer (doesn't work well with all your pump effects)

+1 Apostle's Blessing

+2 Tainted Strike (the biggest reason you play RB over UR is this card, RB trades consistency for explosiveness)

+4 Nivmagus Elemental

+4 Ground Rift

jchudz on Raza-Shoal Combo

1 week ago

You might want to squeeze in an Apostle's Blessing to fetch so your combo doesn't scoop to Path to Exile or Terminate.

clayperce on Modern UG Infect

2 weeks ago

Oops, totally missed the Apostle's Blessings already in your sideboard. Sorry!

clayperce on Modern UG Infect

2 weeks ago

Nice build, at a VERY nice price-point.

A few things I've not seen mentioned yet:

  • Against most decks, Apostle's Blessing offers a nice mix of protection and unblockable.
  • I'm frankly not sure I'd invest a ton of money in upgrades at this time ... I absolutely LOVE Infect, but it's in a really bad place in the meta right now, and it may get even worse (depending on how much play Solemnity sees).
  • 2x Cathedral of War and 2x Birds of Paradise can do a reasonable (and MUCH more reasonably-priced) imitation of 4x Noble Hierarchs. Unfortunately, there's really no budget replacement for the Inkmoths.
  • You may already know this, but just in case not: Vines is worded even better than hexproof, because you can target an opponent's creature too, in response to a pump spell or ability (like Modular or Equip) and prevent them from buffing their own dude!

Wishing you the best of luck (and skill) with the build!

TheRedGoat on I'm Bleeding, Making Me the Victor

2 weeks ago

Okay, so if you're ever so slightly going to be five color, then I'll just casually mention that Orzhov Charm is basically perfect for this deck. Terminate is the most similar card to cut in my mind, but that is without playtesting.

A card I find super hard to pull off, but maybe worth it, is Phyrexian Unlife. It does specifically translate damage only to infect, so straight life loss from say cycling Street Wraith or the above Charm's second ability will not give you poison counters when you get low. See also Apostle's Blessing?

To stop myself from getting too far, could you tell me why you're turning to five colors in the first place? Is there certain cards that drew you to it or is there just some stuff you feel is missing that adding white might solve? Admittedly I do figure you gain some advantage in your land base being more Mana Confluence type cards.

Mono_Land on Green/Black Infect

2 weeks ago

Apostle's Blessing for unblockable for 1 generic

Archegos on Smash Through Eternities

2 weeks ago

I think it's pretty ambitious to run 4 Crop Rotations with only 3 Forest and 1 Wooded Foothills. Since you're not using Green to fill out your sideboard, I'd recommend just going colorless. You're going the aggressive combo route, so you don't really need to go all-in on assembling your Posts. Dropping Green gives you some nice utility lands in Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth which lets your Eye of Ugin tap for real mana, which can ramp out your Eldrazi faster and lets you cast your non-Eldrazi like Lodestone Golem off of it (and this is a corner case but it allows you to actually cast a Leyline of the Void you happen to draw). And if you can get your hands on one or two, Ancient Tomb is a house. Again, if you drop green, the Crop Rotations can be replaced with more creatures (Endless One), more interaction (Dismember), and/or protection (Apostle's Blessing).

Have you thought about running Walking Ballista at all? It seems oppressive with Post mana.

Love Post and love Eldrazi +1

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