Apostle's Blessing


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Common
New Phyrexia Common

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Apostle's Blessing


( can be paid with either w or 2 life.)

Target artifact or creature you control gains protection from artifacts or from the color of your choice until end of turn.

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Apostle's Blessing Discussion

Briandhoffmann on Mein Unblockable

2 days ago

If you want to play infect, you need to go all in with +4 Glistener Elf, +3 Ichorclaw Myr, and Distortion Strike and no other creatures at all for infect


Replace blighted agent with Slither Blade

12-13 creatures is about right

get rid of Inquisitor's Flail, Phytoburst, Latch Seeker, and Muddle the Mixture, use only 2 drops or less for ultra fast unblocking action.

Get 1 more Blossoming Defense and 1 or 2 of Become Immense, and 4 of Might of Old Krosa and 4 of Vines of Vastwood for more protection and pump, maybe Rancor for more damage over time

Yavimaya Coast is a very good land for aggro and is cheap to get.


Dispel, Negate, Vapor Snag, Apostle's Blessing (For more protection if needed), and Wild Defiance (Helps your pump spells go the distance in the long game playing against a controlling and slow deck)

If you really want to go all out: Misty Rainforest with Breeding Pool and Botanical Sanctum for perfect lands, Noble Hierarch for auto pump and ramp for more pump. Use Inkmoth Nexus for maxed out infect

jimmynitos on UW Birds (counters)

4 days ago

You might consider Squadron Hawk to push you up in the mid-late game. The deck is lacking removal, so you may take a look at Sunlance, Journey to Nowhere and Oblivion Ring.

Since you want to buff your creatures, Defiant Strike and Guided Strike are better options than Inspiring Roar, imo. For protection, Brave the Elements and Apostle's Blessing are good options to look at. I don't know how Airborne Aid works for you, but it seems slow, blue has a lot of draw options for a cheaper mana cost, so it can be changed to reduce the cmc if necessary. Hope this helps!

Whiskerbro on Red voltron

1 week ago

I agree with divinagon, running 4 Blood Crypt makes no sense. Really, nothing on the sideboard makes sense at all. You should probably always be running maindeck Apostle's Blessing, no reason to leave it on the side. Gut Shot also seems like an odd choice, as you're already playing red. You want targeted hate towards specific decks on the sideboard, not just random extra removal spells and the infect wincon. Again, I do think that if you want to play a deck like this, it would make more sense just to play Infect, maybe R/G infect if you really want those red pump spells, but U/G or G/B is probably better.

Cooperlogan on Unblockable Infect ($15 budget)

1 week ago

If you're worried about burn spells, why not run Vines of Vastwood, Blossoming Defense, orApostle's Blessing ? They would take you out of the $15 range, but are still pretty cheap cards on their own.

FierceTierce on Red voltron

1 week ago

Gut Shot? Triggers prowess on your Swiftspear and +3 attack for your Kiln Fiend and clears tokens out of the way.

Maybe Apostle's Blessing in the sideboard for control decks that have early removal?

Pieguy396 on $15 Infect

2 weeks ago

Yeah, that's true; for an ultra-budget list like this, Might of Old Krosa is pretty expensive. As for the price tag, TappedOut still has a hard time figuring out that some of the MM3 cards have prices less than their price immediately after release, so its actual price is what TCG lists it as. Whatever floats your boat :)

As for Apostle's Blessing, it not only helps dodge removal, but also prevents creatures of the chosen color from blocking whatever you Bless.

Also, I forgot to list this last time, but Blossoming Defense is also great, as it pumps and protects at the same time.

Pieguy396 on $15 Infect

2 weeks ago

4 Groundswell instead of 4 Larger Than Life? I'd also bring in the Apostle's Blessings from the sideboard, and get rid of the Joint Assaults. Finally, 4 Might of Old Krosa (it's not as expensive as it looks; about $1.33 a copy) can replace Phytoburst and 3 Mirran Mettle.

ellie-is on Ellie's Saproling Army

2 weeks ago

Made some biggish changes to how the deck works. Removed cards that were slow and/or didn't often help me win the game, or whose synergies too rarely came up. Added some new ones.

Echoing Courage: Good finisher and also saves my saprolings from Pyroclasm.
Fresh Meat: Hilarious response to board wipes. "Oh, yeah, I just lost all my saprolings. Too bad I gained an equal amount of 3/3 beasts". Also good for big defenses.
Quest for Renewal: Should go great with Sprout Swarm and Scatter the Seeds, since I can now use them twice as often. Sadly only one in play can ever be relevant, so I gotta hope I don't draw both (unlike Beastmaster Ascension - which is cumulative!)
Ghost Quarters, because every competitive deck seems to have a ridiculous number of overpowered nonbasic lands. So, at least I can deal with them now.

And on my sideboard, Fogs specifically for dealing with Kiln Fiends protected by Apostle's Blessing. Wrap in Vigor will be replaced by Heroic Intervention whenever that thing's price drops.

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