Gather the Townsfolk


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Blessed vs Cursed Common
Dark Ascension Common
Promo Set Common

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Gather the Townsfolk


Put two 1/1 white Human creature tokens onto the battlefield.

Fateful hour — If you have 5 or less life, put five of those tokens onto the battlefield instead.

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Gather the Townsfolk Discussion

dahhahm on U/W Human Aggro

1 day ago

If you're using 4 champions, lieutenants and mass appeals, I'd probably slide in 4 Gather the Townsfolk over deft duelist.

Pieguy396 on Green/White Angel Ramp

2 days ago

Hey, there! I have just a couple of recommendations for you:

First: I saw in the above comments that Path to Exile is too pricey for you, but Oust and/or Condemn are both a lot better that Pacifism or Angelic Purge. Even Path to Exile itself has dropped in price thanks to its MM3 printing.

Second: If you look at the top pie chart in the upper-right corner, you'll see that the cards in your deck require much more than , and yet you run more sources than sources. I'd change that. Selesnya Sanctuary also isn't great; Fortified Village is a cheap and strong alternative.

Third: I'd recommend more token makers such as Gather the Townsfolk as opposed to some of the more expensive cards in your deck. They can act as chump blockers and pump up your Champion of the Parish.

Hope this helps!

xyr0s on Green white human ramp to angle

5 days ago

Lands: your overall number of lands are fine. But more than half come into play tapped, and that is too much. I'd recommend removing the Mosswort Bridges in favor of basic lands.

Creatures: This is "humans ramps to angels" rather than "humans", right? Because there are a few omissions. Grand Abolisher is not quite as strong as Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, especially not against fast aggro. Thalia is better because some decks hate having to pay extra (all kinds of combo, like storm or ad nauseam), and some decks (aggro like zoo and burn) hate a blocker with first strike. And Thalia's Lieutenant also seems to be missing.

Spells: combat tricking with Fog is fun, but it's not really a way to win, except under the strangest circumstances. Keep one, maybe two fog. Why Celestial Flare over Path to Exile? Path can even help you ramp. Rebuff the Wicked belongs in the sideboard, along with Grand Abolisher. Both are cards that are highly relevant in some games and dead cardboard in others. You could also add Gather the Townsfolk, if you just care about having many humans. This can be a bit of a surprise, if played from Windbrisk Heights with a Champion of the Parish and Thalia's Lieutenant attacking.

I don't really know about your Eldritch Evolution-plan. It looks like a way to make a very big angel, but the odds of drawing all the pieces and getting it to go, just seems very low. You have to draw a 2- or 5-cmc creature, one of the pieces of angel, and [eldritch evolution]. If eldritch evolution hadn't been so particular about the saccing fodder, it would have been like having 4 of each half-angel in your deck, but here it just seems less useful than 6 human related cards would do.

Darth_Savage on White Token Tsunami 2.0

6 days ago

Your deck needs to be able to recover from a board wipe and even a minor one like Drown in Sorrow would probably set you back. Personally I'd remove Intangible Virtue and add Mentor of the Meek to give you card draw, though you might consider Leyline of the Meek. Other token spells which are worth using - Spectral Procession and Gather the Townsfolk.

For protection and removal consider Dawn Charm and Journey to Nowhere. Thraben Doomsayer might be too slow, however a couple of Archangel of Tithes could potentially win the game for you.

Hope that gives you some ideas.

PTsmitty on Get Started in Modern. Advice ...

6 days ago

Thanks for the feedback. I figured my original Naya Deck needed a lot of tweaking because I had yet to add fetches to the mix. I have always been told that Modern is a fast format so I figured the Paladin and Rampager was going to have to come out of the deck due to removal threats. The biggest thing I was wanting to make sure of is that Naya Humans is a viable option.

The changes I had first thought of were:
+4 Thalia's Lieutenant
+4 Monastery Swiftspear
+2 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben

-3 Silverblade Paladin
-3 Ghor-Clan Rampager
-3 Rancor

I will make a decision on either Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip or Soldier of the Pantheon replacing the Elites.

Is Gather the Townsfolk something that I should keep in the deck, or should I swap it out for more removal or another creature?

I know Caverns would be ideal for this deck, but that was severely take it out of the budget range that I had in mind. I was thinking I could splurge for Collected Company, but the Caverns are a little steep for my blood.

AteValve on Boros Bean Counters (Human Tribal)

1 week ago

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of your deck, it's definitely cool. I think if you want to really capitalize on etb triggers I'd run Gather the Townsfolk, Metallic Mimic, and possibly Thraben Doomsayer or Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip most of which I see you are considering. I'm not sure what to cut but I don't like Grim Lavamancer personally as it works best with a lot of instants, sorceries, and fetches. Overall a pretty good looking deck!

Sunbrosoulaire on W/B Gideon's Token Army

1 week ago

neosapien Hidden Stockpile is a great card but the only thing it would be doing in this deck is only replace 1 lost token per turn. Now if my deck had a lot of fetches it would be very good. But I don't run fetches as they are uber expensive and the deck is already going to be 500$ by the time I finish my sideboard. Now in the other deck I was talking about it is going to have Death's Shadow, Gather the Townsfolk, Bitterblossom, Phyrexian Arena, and Westvale Abbey  Flip. For this basic deck concept I think Hidden Stockpile would do amazingly well as it would preserve creature count and help sift through my deck for whatever I need on top of the draw Phyrexian Arena would give me.

Sunbrosoulaire on W/B Gideon's Token Army

1 week ago

LeaPlath Thanks for the suggestions. I'll Take out Oath of Gideon in favor of an additional Spectral Procession and Gather the Townsfolk- Reason for Gather the Townsfolk over Raise the Alarm is because I have personally had more success with it in the past in different decks. Not to mention, If I draw Westvale Abbey  Flip and have some Bitterblossoms on the field it wouldn't take too much effort to be able to flip the abbey and Gather the Townsfolk helps with that...Not to mention it has as i've said saved my ass quite a few times.

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