Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Common
Return to Ravnica Common
Worldwake Common

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Counter target instant spell.

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Dispel Discussion

Oloro_Magic on Pauper Kiln Fiend

15 hours ago

If you have any, Pathmaker Initiate sync's well with Kiln Fiend as you can activate the ability before you begin buffing it. You may also want to consider Delver of Secrets  Flip, it's a common that sees play in every format. As far as the sideboard goes pauper is a weird format and it's hard to know what to do when you don't have an idea of the meta. I can however give you ideas for ways to deal with popular decks, notably green stompy and Affinity. Ancient Grudge is probably pauper's best card to deal with affinity, and you also have access to Gorilla Shaman. Relic of Progenitus is a nice one of in pauper because of the format being somewhat unpredictable especially in casual metas. Electrickery is also pretty good against an elf focused green stompy deck. Other than that you want Negate and Dispel for control matchups and U/B mill. Hope this helps.

Also, so you know some of the cards above show up as uncommon but they were printed as commons in the past so they are legal.

gabrielguieiro on Bant Delirium Eldrazi

2 days ago

Hi! If you allow me, I would like to leave here my 2 cents:

The sinergy between Matter Reshaper and emerge it's sweet. But I feel the deck want to do too many different things at same time; reach delirium, ramp, emerge and have a tempo behavior. When looking to the SB, counters complicate even more (require open mana in a deck full of sorcery speed spells).

I would use the KISS method for improve the consistency of the deck (KISS = Keep it simple and stupid). :)

I would cut a colour (white is my vote) and make the deck more simple and direct to the point; play midrange with eldrazis and emerge Elder Deep-Fiend ftw. Replace Declaration in Stone, Fumigate and Spell Queller (I know, Queller it's my favourite card in standard, but doesn't fit the current meta - lots of cheap removals - and specially in your deck; not a good target for emerge, right?) and abandon the 'tempo' aspect.

Replace those cards with more ramp guys, to be sure to cast Thought-Knot Seer on turn 3 (and it deserves the 4th copy, man! A creature that plays Legacy deserves 4 copies in a Standard Eldrazi deck, don't you think?). Fill you 3-mana curve spot (Queller leaving) with one of best cards (our 2nd emerge target favourite) in current Standard; Rogue Refiner. A game plan with a consistent turn 3 Thought-Knot Seer and turn 4 Elder Deep-Fiend or Reality Smasher will do the job.

I would cut the counters in the SB too. When playing big creatures as your deck does, leave to the opponent the task to avoid your plays and not the otherwise. And you don't want to leave open mana when your 2-3-4 curve is so tight. Maybe 2x Dispel to a counter a counter against a control deck.

Hope you like the advices! See ya!

Hyperalgialysis on Cats, cats, moar cats!

2 days ago

Drop the blue dude. Instead of Dispel Heroic Intervention should handle most anything you need it for.Aim High can provide you with a kiora like effect on your cat as well as give you a much needed answer for flying. Ornamental Courage and Djeru's Resolve will also untap exerted creatures, not to mention Always Watching stops it from being a problem in the forst place. I have been there bro, you want to use this one cool card and want your deck to be on theme. I know that feel, but if you want it to be somewhat decent, you need to pick the theme or the card you love. You want a cat deck, listen to those above trying to help. You want a kiora based deck, go hardcore simic maybe splash a third color but she is a mermaid and fish hate cats. I am not trying to come across as mean or anything of the sort, but losing consistently is not fun. Even if you pull out some wins here and there a lot of the tier one decks people will be playing will probably make your life unpleasant. Good luck to you if you decide to keep the blue, maybe an Altered Ego would help but I still suggest selesnya all the way

clayperce on Inphyrexious (infect)

3 days ago

I love Infect, and it's always nice to see a budget build!

  • It's a total meta call of course, but I'd actually disagree with Oloro_Magic for most metas. There is SO much Removal and Hand Disruption in the format now, that I think you're about right on Creatures (I generally recommend at least 12 Infectors).
  • Along those lines, I recommend at least 10 sources of protection lately. Vines is awesome, but Blossoming Defense, Apostle's Blessing, Dispel, and Spell Pierce are all solid too. Of course, never mind if 3x Vines is working in your meta!
  • Rancor maybe, over Temur Runemark?

One more thing on Vines, that some folks don't realize: Because of the way it's worded, it's much better than Shroud or Hexproof. E.g., if you use it on an opponent's creature and then they can't target their own dude with spells (like pumps) nor abilities (like Equip).

Draw well!

djnewellmit on Nissa, Steward of Aether's Impact

6 days ago

I like the idea of a Simic Pummeler build, but I was unable to get a deck that played as smooth as the original RG. I like where your deck is headed and have a few options for you from my experience.

If you're looking to use Negate to counter their instants during your turn, you could save one mana and go for Dispel instead. The only thing neither hits would be a flash creature.

Also, our little robot friend really needs trample to get through any chump blockers. But if you're playing blue, you can simply make it unblockable as you've planned with Open Into Wonder; we also have available Slip Through Space. And Key to the City can also sneak the robot through.

Since you only have 5 trample granting spells (four Larger Than Life plus Rhonas the Indomitable) you're looking at 68% chance of drawing one of those five by turn 5. If you can add 3 unblockable options, you have an 85% chance of getting one in hand by turn 5.

Bolsheviktory on Zur Ad Nauseam Storm

1 week ago

Thanks man! Yep, I wasn't happy with Grim tutor either.

His list is now pretty close to mine, he cut Time Spiral, Merchant Scroll, Notion Thief, a land, Counterspell, City of Brass, Mana Confluence to put in Paradoxical Outcome, Night's Whisper, Dark Confidant, Isochron Scepter, Dispel, tango lands.

I wouldn't say there's a noticeable power difference between our lists now that Lab Man/DD are back in his.

I'm not a fan of the tango lands since they can only be turned on by 2 islands. Playing 2 islands rather than fetches or duals (if you have access to both) in a wheel happy meta seems bad. I think having lands enter untapped T3 in a best case scenario in a fast combo deck is pretty bad too. The tango lands are only useful when you can fetch tapped at EOT and severely hinder development if they are the only on color lands in your hand T1. There shouldn't be that many turns where you take damage off the pain lands, but fixing color issues and entering untapped is huge IMO.

izzetkid987 on MoBlu Spellspam

1 week ago

Adds I would recommend: More lands 35 is pretty risky and generally you would prefer mana flood to mana screw. I would aim for 38 myself. Utility lands Yeah, this list runs Back to Basics but you will not always draw it and a couple dead lands with it out still is not so bad. You exclude a lot of useful effects like Reliquary Tower, Myriad Landscape, Riptide Laboratory (for protecting talrand), Faerie Conclave/Dread Statuary (for emergency blocks) etc. by not running nonbasics and mono-colour decks with no duals have the most space for those. More mana acceleration Most edh decks need ramp and this deck is no exception. With more mana, you can counter more spells per turn cycle. Sol Ring and other mana rocks are staples. I would aim for ten total. More card draw Same deal as ramp. Most of your counters trade 1 for 1 with your opponent's spells so you will need hand refills or you will run out of cards trying to trade 1 for 1 with 1 with 3 or 4 opponents. Pretty basic multiplayer card advantage. This deck prefers instants so it can keep mana up for counters. Blue Sun's Zenith, Stroke of Genius, and Pull from Tomorrow have a big impact. Perilous Research costs little and you can just sacrifice the drake it makes. Board wipes Some games you will fall behind your opponents so you need more reset buttons. Evacuation, Inundate, Crush of Tentacles, and Engulf the Shore all get you out of sticky situations and simulate a blue Wrath of God. Oblivion Stone permanently destroys. Other Curse of the Swine, Pongify, and Rapid Hybridization are all instant or sorcery spot removal. Rise from the Tides gets you a LOT of tokens. Dismiss replaces itself. Propaganda protects you. Brainstorm, Telling Time, Think Twice, Opt and other cantrips do not really give you net card draw since you use up a spell to cast them, but give you card quality instead.Cuts I would recommend: Kraken's Eye is probably bad because cards that only gain you life typically are. Elixir of Immortality is the same unless you are regularly near decking yourself. Backfire, Creature Bond, Feedback, Power Taint, Psychic Venom and other cards that only damage players are typically too low impact in edh. Disperse and Flash Counter are strictly worse than Into the Roil and Dispel. Cancel is strictly worse than s many other options; here is an entire article detailing them: http://articles.edhrec.com/in-the-margins-cancel/ Disappearing Act seems worse than Cancel unless you particularly want to replay your permanents.

PayOneLife on Sure Hit

1 week ago

There are some really weird suggestions here, this thread has me scratching my head.

Firstly, I think your mana curve is a bit of an issue. You have 22 2cmc cards which is really too many. It means that currently you only have two cards in the deck to cast on turn one (Serum Visions) in an aggro deck which wants to race the opponent. That is a problem. Have a look at something like 8 whack - nearly the entire deck is 1cmc cards. It also means that you will usually be only casting a 2 cmc spell on turn three, when if you had a mix of 1cmc and 2cmc cards you'd be able to cast two spells. At the moment you go:

Turn 1: Land, pass.
Turn 2: Land, 2cmc rogue, pass.
Turn 3: Land, 2cmc rogue or 3 cmc card (you've got a 56% chance of hitting one of your 3cmc cards by turn 3 when you're on the play, so half the time you'll only play a 2cmc card).

You're on turn 3 and you have two creatures. If you increase your 1cmc rogues it will look like this:

Turn 1: Land, 1cmc rogue, pass.
Turn 2: Land, 2cmc rogue, pass.
Turn 3: Land, 2cmc rogue, 1cmc rogue, (or 3cmc card), pass.

You end up with 4 creatures in play on turn 3 instead of 2! This is extremely important if you want to get around your opponent's removal (and they all run a lot of it). It will also allow you to cast spells for their prowl cost a lot sooner.

Serum Visions is also not a good choice for an aggro deck as card selection is far less important to your plan than having threats. I think the first thing you should do is drop Serum Visions and possibly Morsel Theft or Inkfathom infiltrators for four Slither Blades. I would also consider playing Faerie Miscreant, as it gives you an evasive body with a minor upside. It can block fliers which can sometimes be necessary to staying alive. If you choose to play Miscreant you'd need to play the full four. If you were just going to play 2 and keep the Morsel Thefts then you'd be better off with Triton Shorestalker as previously suggested (Gudul Lurker is terrible though, not close to worthy of consideration).

I'd also cut Fireshrieker. I get that it gives you double triggers for combat damage, but it's just too slow! You can't equip it until turn 4, and if someone kills the creature you equip it to then you've just wasted all of your turn 3 mana and half of your turn four mana for no benefit. Cards like Sword of Fire and Ice and Sword of Light and Shadow are far more powerful and don't get played in modern because they don't do anything straight away. I like the idea of a single copy of Earwig Squad. It will usually cost you three mana (especially if you take my advice on bringing in the 1cmc creatures) and it's enter the battlefield effect is very strong against some decks in modern. Ad Nauseam combo only runs two cards as win cons, and storm combo usually only runs three. These decks use different cards to win so that they can't get beaten by stuff like Cranial Extraction, but Earwig Squad doesn't make you choose cards with the same name. If you resolve Earwig Squad against these decks you literally win. It's also a 5/3 on turn 3 which is pretty darn aggro AND it's a rogue!

Another card I think could be good is Smuggler's Copter. It helps cards like Frogtosser Banneret and Royal Assassin get in real damage and the looting efect is pretty handy. Also its name fits perfectly with rogues :P

I'm not sure about most of the cards in your sideboard, how did you decide on these? As for suggestions, I would substitute Terror for Doom Blade, which is strictly better and 25c to buy. I also like Faerie Macabre, which is a great uncounterable response to reanimator decks, Snapcaster Mage, Tarmogoyf and Delirium amongst others. It's also a rogue with evasion for the times you don't end up needing to hate on the graveyard. You might also consider Tormod's Crypt because dredge and reanimator strategies are going to be the decks most likely to outrace you. A few Dispel would help nicely against burn decks, Collected Company, Ad Nauseam, Chord of Calling, Cryptic Command and to counter your opponent's counterspells! Having two Negate and two Dispel will help a lot against burn. I would drop Diabolic Tutor, Inquisitor's Flail and Hands of Binding for some combination of the cards I've suggested.

Hope this has been helpful :)

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