Essence Scatter


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Noble Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Standard Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Casual Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Common
Magic 2014 (M14) Common
Magic 2013 (M13) Common
Duels of the Planeswalkers (DPA) Common
2010 Core Set (M10) Common

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Essence Scatter


Counter target creature spell.

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Essence Scatter Discussion

BioProfDude on Mono Blue Meha Control **COMPETITIVE**

2 days ago

This is just my opinion (which may not be worth a lot, I admit), but I think you'd be better with the 3x Essence Scatter in the main over the 3x Bontu's Monument. I get that Bontu's Monument does incidental damage, but I would think it is better to prevent creatures from getting on the board instead of the occasional incidental damage.

Also, you have 3x Tempest Djinn main and 2x in the side-- need to drop one somewhere.

Cool deck-- +1 from me! I'm currently building a mono-blue, though not likely to be as competitive as this. Your thoughts would be appreciated! Mono-blue Tempest Djinn

Pervavita on ARENA Jeskai Approach

3 days ago

I think maybe cut the Essence Scatter and Star of Extinction and add a add another Cancel?

Hobbez9186 on Taking All the Turns and All the Combats

3 days ago

So I took out the Floods and the Entities and replaced them with Negate, Essence Scatter (side), and Chart a Course (can't get away from this damn card). I still can't believe I missed that... I spent so much time reading about the card that I forgot to just read the card lol.

This should now be enough protection and draw for smooth sailing. Most of the cases against using Glorious End were worried about your opponent getting out a board wipe or using spot removal to take down whatever creature was supposed to kill them and then you just hilariously lose the game for yourself. I still have a little wiggle room as Dramatic Reversal is not completely vital, though it has come in handy for either untapping Exerted Celebrants or untapping and blocking with tokens as it was intended.

MunkyKnutz on Sultai Reanimator

1 week ago

built your deck on a whim for standard showdown. changed a few cards, I think exactly 3, but went 4-0 with it. People just weren't prepared for it. Changed Cast Down for another Vraska's Contempt, changed Essence Scatter for a Supreme Will, and changed one Walking Ballista for one more The Scarab God. Put Carnage Tyrant in the sideboard for Dispossess. Deck was super sweet! Glad I came across it/had all the cards haha!

Benwatts14 on The Board is Mine

1 week ago

Thanksxyr0s. Im going to throw in another Mana Leak and Essence Scatter in place of Brainstorm. I agree the scry with Opt is more useful than the mill 2 cards which won't have an affect on the game. Im not sure yet what would fit well in the place of Counterspell. Maybe another Curious Homunculus  Flip or Chasm Skulker?

multimedia on America standard SF

1 week ago

Hey, you're welcome. The changes look good, but consider more lands?

You're right Timebender is not worth it over Hero of Dominaria, not even close, but remember that because of the new Planeswalker rule you can have one of each type of Teferi in play. The new rule cares about the name of the Planeswalker not the type of Planeswalker. You can't really take advantage of Timebender's +2 ability with your current deck, but his -3 and -9 are pretty good with Oath of Teferi. There's a lot of six drops here already with Torrential and Locust, Timebender is the another six drop.

Play your deck like a control deck, but to do this you need a lot of land, you don't want to miss a land drop in the first five turns. Hitting your fourth land drop, turn four is very important to begin to set up the game for your Planeswalkers. Being able to cast Glimmer or Raff turn four can really mean winning the game, or losing the game because you don't have a fourth land. Not only are four lands important, but five lands are also just as important because this lets you play Teferi which is the best card in the deck and the reason to use a super friends strategy.

Control decks traditionally use 26x lands, this is the norm to make sure you make land drops each turn. What can you cut for four additional lands? Consider choosing between Fumigate and Settle the Wreckage and cutting Hour of Devastation? Settle is an instant and now that you've included Raff instants become much better than sorceries because you want to take advantage of Raff's flash ability for historic cards. Fumigate also kills Raff. Consider cutting 2x Fumigate, 1x Hour and 1x Cast Out for 4x more land: 2x Sulfur Falls and 2x Clifftop Retreat? Falls and Retreat both work with Irrigated Farmland.

For the manabase make blue and white the priority and decrease red. Check lands: Sulfur Falls and Clifftop Retreat can really help this manabase because these lands not only make red, but also another color. This is the direction I think you should take with red in the manabase, let the dual lands provide the red and leave the basics with Islands and Plains. Dual lands with red rather than Mountains also make playing Chandra easier because with dual lands there's a better chance of having two lands that can make red mana.

I suggest cutting Fumigate from the main deck, but it's still a very good card in some matchups. That's what the sideboard is for :) There's currently no 15 card sideboard, but when you get around to making one this is the place for Fumigate as well as another Cast Out if you want that as well as more Settle.

A strategy around Teferi really needs to be able to take advantage of his +1 ability: draw a card and untap two lands. Being able to play Teferi and then on your end step untap two lands means making two drop removal or counterspells priority. If you resolve Teferi, draw card and then untap two lands which you can use to kill a creature or counter an opponent's spell this puts you very far ahead in a game. You have the right idea with playing Abrade and Harnessed Lightning since they're two drop removal, but consider expanding on this idea?

Seal Away is the prime removal spell to use with Teferi because it's two mana, instant unconditional removal, only thing that has to happen is your opponent's creature has to tap. Seal is great at protecting Teferi and slowing down aggro getting you in the mid to late game. Essence Scatter is another great card with Teferi, two mana instant counter any creature. Blink of an Eye is another good one, unconditional instant bounce of any nonland permanent for two mana.

Consider this Teferi two drop spells main deck package:

This gives you more versatility of what you can remove. More Abrade can go in the sideboard because in some matchups it's better than Seal. The one/two punch of Seal and Abrade as two drop removal spells also makes Clifftop Retreat a very good land option.

Round out the other main deck removal/counters with 2-3x Settle, 2x Cast Out and 2x Disallow.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Elves of Dominaria

2 weeks ago

Made some changes recently.

Added 2x Heart of Kiran main deck and added a second Nissa, Vital Force to the sideboard. To make room I cut 1x Walking Ballista and 1x Ancient Animus for Heart and 1x Carnage Tyrant for Nissa. These changes are because of a large presence of control right now in Standard especially Azorius Control.

Heart is very good in control matchups. It's a two drop, it can potentially get around a counterspell and Essence Scatter can't counter it. Seal Away and Fumigate can't stop it. Can't seal Heart because of vigilance, it doesn't have to tap to attack. Heart is another legendary creature that can take advantage of Animus. I need another two drop and Heart fills this need.

In Control matchups Nissa is a better card in this deck than Tyrant because Tyrant dies to Fumigate. Can't be countered is nice with Tyrant, but I have no way to stop a Fumigate, so it misses the cut for now. I'm expecting to see Fumigate because of all the creatures I'm playing, Nissa is resilient to Fumigate. All cards I board in for Azorius Control matchup except Brontodon are Fumigate proof: Nissa, Bestiary and Vehicles.

Settle the Wreckage is hard to play against, but I'm not ready to switch to Radiant Elves yet playing white for Shalai, Voice of Plenty. This option is becoming stronger each day though.

Note: Walking Ballista is now a $20 card :(

Kingleil on LICHWATCH

2 weeks ago

nutrun If you have Gideon of the Trials in play, and his emblem ability has been used, and Lich's Mastery leaves play, you do not lose the game at all. The next item on the stack clears then; lets say they kill Gideon of the Trials; but if you're at positive health, you still do not lose the game. The emblem on Gideon of the Trials is permanent once activated; and is in effect as long as he is in play.

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria is not the only win condition, and is really just used as a card draw unit, and buyer of time. He's not a victory condition that you want to use all the time; he's simply a spicy card that is very nice, and your entire deck/win-con does not rely on him at all. Approach of the Second Sun is a win condition, and still not the only one, again, as is Gideon of the Trials because he can just punch your opponent to death. You the entire point of this deck is to have multiple ways to win. Teferi is simply ONE way, not THE ONLY way. He's just ONE single path to victory; when there are many, many, paths with this deck. You can even bring in Lyra Dawnbringer or Knight of Malice in from the sideboard to beat your opponent to death as well as options.

Counterspells are nice, but life gain is better. Having some counterspells like Disallow is great as a taste, but Negate, Syncopate, Essence Scatter, Wizard's Retort, and Cancel all mean you do not gain life, and thus do not get the full benefit of Lich's Mastery card drawing power. Besides that, with spells like Vraska's Contempt, Seal Away, Fatal Push, Settle the Wreckage, and Fumigate board control should not be very hard. Teferi, Hero of Dominaria is simply a pet then; and a disposable asset, thus my comments like, "I've killed him and am using him." Because that's what I'm doing: using a poster child of MTG for abusive reasons.

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